tagInterracial LoveConnie's First Step

Connie's First Step


Connie and I (Jim) have been married for 25 years and have always been totally faithful to each other. Now, don't get me wrong, we are not prudes. We have had amazing sex every which way you can, and in just about every setting, from public to private (being exhibitionists at heart). But it was always just with each other.

Though dry statistics can't give you a real picture of who were are, it might help to give a mental picture. Connie is 42 years old but has the body of a twenty-five year old! She's a beautiful auburn haired, pale skinned goddess. She's 5'7", 138 lbs, and has full 36C breasts that are just barely starting to hang a little lower that when she was twenty (and considering that she's breast fed three children, she's in amazing shape). She is truly a sight to behold.

I'm no slacker either, if I must say so. I'm 45 years old, stand 5'11", weigh 215 lbs, and still have pretty much the same body I had when I retired from the Marine Corps 4 years ago.

Like many married couples, we have often used fantasy to spice up our sex life. We have especially enjoyed the use of a fantasy that involves Connie being fucked by another man (a black man specifically) to spice things up. It was always the same story, a affluent, handsome, well hung, black man fucking her while I was there to watch and enjoy.

Often during these fantasy sessions, at the height of our passion, I'd ask her if she would "really" fuck someone if I asked her to. The response was always the same, "If you ask me to, I'll do anything, with anyone, you want," she's say. But the truth is, I never really believed her, thinking she was playing along with the fantasy.

And that was it. It never went any further. Until today! We were in town having our regular "Friday Night Out" and just relaxing with one another after a long week. Connie taught art at the local junior college and I was a Captain with the Atlanta Police Department, S.W.A.T. team.

We were walking through the mall, window shopping and people watching, when I leaned over and asked her what she thought of a attractive black man that was walking toward us. He was about 6'1", 235 lbs, handsome, well built and bald.

Connie loves bald, black men and said so this time too. "He's really handsome and built... and I'll bet he's hung like a horse." Now, I know my wife well enough to know that the last little part of her remark was for the sole purpose of getting me excited... and it worked. I slowed down a bit so we could watch him as he passed. As we both watched him pass, he seemed to notice and smiled a big friendly grin at us.

And then It happened, before I could really think about the consequences, I asked THE question. "Him, would you fuck him if I wanted you to. I want to see you fuck him!" I couldn't believe I had actually said it. But there was no turning back now. If I did, she'd never take me serious again.

She stopped and looked me in the eye, "Are you sure?" Such a simple response, yet so full of emotion. I could see in her eyes that she saw this as an opportunity to fulfill our fantasy without having to ask for it herself. Yet, I could see she in her eyes that she was scared that I might be offended.

"Yes, he's the one and now is the time," I said. Before I could say another thing, she had turned around and grabbing my hand, began to follow this handsome black man. In ten steps we had caught up with him and were following him down the mall.

I could tell she was sizing him up, noticing his wide, muscular back and strong legs. He must have sensed we were there because he looked over his shoulder and smiled again when he saw us.

"Hey, do I know you two?" he asked.

"No, but I think that might change in just a few minutes," I told him. He looked at Connie and smiled a huge grin. I glanced at her and could see why he was smiling. Her nipples were straining to get out of her pink t-shirt like I'd never seen before. "Seems like someone for sure wants to get to know you," I said. Connie blushed furiously, yet never took her eyes off of our new acquaintance.

Still smiling he asked, "Well, what can I do for you and this beautiful lady?"

I smiled and said, "Do you want the long or short version?" I asked.

"The short version would be a nice place to start," he said, with that "I think I've got this figured out" grin.

"Well, to be blunt and to the point, my wife and I have both had this fantasy of her fucking a handsome, well built, black man, and you're who she picked... or I picked... or whatever," I said with a laugh. Though his face showed no shock, his eyes said a lot.

"That seems to be a popular fantasy among white couples. Seems every time I read Penthouse Forums they includes a little interracial interlude or two. And since those stories always make me horney as hell, I think now just might be the time to give it a try," he said.

Though I hadn't looked at her during the exchange, I could hear Connie's breathing taking on that "oh my god," pace. We invited him for a drink at the TGI Friday's near the food court to get acquainted and start discussing what was going to happen.

"This almost seems too good to be true... you sure you're not cops trying to entrap me?" He questioned. "You don't want money or anything do you? This isn't a prostitution sting, is it" he asked as he looked around suspiciously.

I hadn't thought about it, but if I were in his shoes, I might think this was a setup too. I'm sure that he isn't propositioned like this very often, so his suspicion was justified. "No man, this is no setup," I assured him.

He looked Connie up and down and said, "Well, how about a little good faith gesture to ease my mind."

I think I knew what he had in mind. So as we entered the restaurant I maneuvered Connie so that she would have to sit next to him. I looked at her and said, "Why not give our new friend here a little kiss to show our sincere intent not to entrap him?"

Her eyes grew wide and a touch of fear and uncertainty was evident in her face. She looked at him, then me, then him again. The seconds seemed like minutes, until she finally moved closer too him and leaned in to kiss him.

Tentative at first, their lips met. The kiss was tender and lingering. Gradually, their lips parted as their tongues began to softly caressed each other. Eventually, the kiss became more urgent, with a passion I hadn't seen in Connie for years. She began to deeply and soulfully French kiss this handsome, black, stranger.

During the kiss, her hand came to his face and softly stroked his dark cheek. The paleness of her skin, against the darkness of his rich ebony skin, gave me an instant erection!

Almost in tune with my racing mind, I saw his hand slide up her side to cup her breast in his hand, gently rolling her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The kiss went on for what seemed like minutes and my dick grew harder as each moment passed.

When the kiss finally broke, I could see the familiar flush on Connie's chest that I'd seen hundreds of times before, a flush that said She wanted to be fucked, now! She remained close to our new friend, her left hand rubbing slowly up and down his leg.

"Bobby... my name's Bobby... and it would be my pleasure to introduce you and your beautiful wife to the joys of interracial lovemaking," he said with a grand wave of his hand. His words and gesture had a rather comical flair to them, and helped put us all at ease.

I was impressed with how smooth and articulate this man was. Our fantasy always had focused on someone who wasn't just average. Call it "Southern" prejudice, but I was not going to have my wife making love to just any black man we might find.

"We have a room waiting across the street at the Ramada," I told him. Whenever Connie and I had the chance to get away from the kids, we always got at a room near the mall so we could play out our little mental fantasies. Little did we know that the fantasy would be more than mental this weekend.

We finished our drinks, I paid the waitress, and we left. As we left the restaurant Connie moved between Bobby and I and took each of our hands. What an interesting sight this must have been for those we walked past on the way to the mall parking lot.

We went to the parking lot and got our cars for the trip across the street to the motel. As we separated, Connie stole another brief kiss from Bobby, then joined me in our car. Her breathing had quickened and her palms were sweaty.

Bobby followed us in his car across the street to the motel. We immediately went upstairs to our room and closed the door. It was my intention to set some ground rules for the evening with Bobby.

"Let's set some ground rules from the beginning, OK?" I looked at Connie, surprised that it was SHE who was setting the ground rules for the evening, not me.

"This is the way it's gonna be gentlemen" she began, "yes means YES and no means NO! Mr. Bobby, Jim will be present for everything that goes on this evening." She explained. "And listen closely to me Jim, you can't join in unless invited by Bobby or I. Do you understand?" She asked.

"Yes dear," I said with a smile, noticing the twinkle in her eye.

"By the way, if Bobby is going to make love to me tonight, then he will make love to me exactly like you do... no condoms! Got it?!" She said. Connie was having fun now, so I just let her roll.

"Bobby, you might as well know this from the start... I'm gonna make love to you until you're spent. I might not get a second chance at this, so you had better last a LONG time!" She said. "You are representing every black man in Atlanta, so you have a lot to prove."

I was laughing out loud at this point and Bobby had a huge grin on his face, trying not to snicker, but doing a poor job at it.

"One last thing Bobby," Connie took on a very serious tone. "You have got to remember, no is NO! I've been with Jim for 26 years and know him well enough to know that he'll kill you if he thinks you're hurting me in any way. Don't make the mistake of thinking 'No' means 'Yes.' The consequences would be very severe."

And she was right, this was to be fun and consensual. Anything more and Bobby would get hurt... badly!

With the ground rule set by my wife and agreed to by her soon-to-be black lover, Connie approached Bobby and began to undress. He had worn a pink spaghetti strap tee with no bra, a pair of skin tight jeans, a pink thong, and heels. She looked amazing!

When she took off her top both Bobby and I both drew in a raspy breath. She was so sensual in the way she was moving. In no time she had removed her tee, jeans and thong, and was standing naked in front of the object of our fantasy.

I did notice she had kept her heels on. I loved making love to her with just heels on and I guess she was going to treat Bobby to the same experience.

Bobby seemed to wake from a dream at this point and hurriedly began to undress. Shirt, slacks, shoes and socks, and finally his underwear hit the floor... and so did our jaws!

Now, I know all about the racial stereotypes about black men and the size of their cocks. But my god, his cock was impressive! Bobby was cut, every bit of seven inches long flaccid, and almost as big around as Connie's wrist.

Now that Bobby was naked, Connie moved over to him and sank to her knees. Her eyes were wide as she looked for the first time on a real black cock. She took it in her hands and began to move it and stroke it, as if she was trying to capture ever detail of his magnificent cock in her memory.

As she stroked her first black cock, it began to stiffen and grow! Before her eyes what had been seven inches grew to over ten inches of ebony pleasure. Her gaze never deviated from it, either.

Bobby saw the look of awe in her eyes as she looked at his large cock. He bent down and gave her a tender kiss. When he stood up straight again, Connie moved in for a taste.

Now, I love my wife, but she has never been able to take all of me down her throat, so I knew she was gonna have trouble with Bobby. But on a night filled with surprises, my beautiful wife surprised me again. While holding this massive dick in her hand and gently stroking and licking it, she promptly took all ten inches down her throat, burying her nose in Bobby's pubic hair without so much as a gag!

What a sight...the blackness of that huge cock between my wife's pink lips. I stepped back a step, and sat down in a bed-side chair. My mind was awake with the sights and sounds of passion.

With a gusto I've never seen before, Connie gave a blowjob a porn starlet would be proud of. I've never seen a woman suck a cock with the passion and force that I was seeing before me at that moment.

She continued to suck and stroke his massive cock until his knees began to tremble. Briefly removing his ebony rod from her mouth she said, "Don't you even think of shooting your wad, Mr. Bobby!" With a wicked look in her eyes, she matter of factly said, "You cum now... and I'll hurt you!" All the while staring down her new black lover.

Now, I'm sure she was probably joking, but from the look in her eyes and the tone of her voice, I wouldn't want to find out. And I don't think Bobby did either. He just smiled and tried to keep his legs from trembling.

Bobby sat down on the edge of the bed and drew Connie up to her feet. He grabbed her ass and pulled her mound to his mouth. He lifted her leg over his shoulder so that he had better access to her clit and went to work.

Now, again I know the stereotype that black men don't like eating pussy, but you couldn't prove it by the way Bobby was licking my wife's pussy. His long tongue worked her clit and pussy lips like a master.

Again, the sight of his dark skin next to her pale belly was a huge turn on for me. I was so enjoying watching my wife be pleasured by another man.

He must have licked her clit and pussy for 10 minutes and 2 or 3 orgasms, when Connie's knees began to buckle. "Don't you even begin to think you're gonna wimp out on me, baby!" Bobby said to her with a huge grin on his face.

Though exhausted from her orgasms, and holding tightly to Bobby's bald head, Connie started to laugh. "Don't you worry about me lover, I can cum for hours and still keep up with you!" she shot back. This was taking a fun turn as we all relaxed into the moment.

Bobby laid back on the bed and motioned for Connie to join him. Connie crawled sensually up the bed and they embraced and began a slow, sensual kissing session.

I must say, the look of another man... a black man, lying naked next to my wife was incredibly erotic. The kissing session was allowing both of them to come down a bit from their heightened level of arousal, so that no one would be spent too soon.

After about five minutes of kissing and caressing, I started to notice that "hunger" begin to rise again in Connie. The pace of their kissing accelerated and she reached her hand down from Bobby's side and grasped his hardening cock. She began a steady stroking, working his cock back towards a full erection again.

The desired effect was taking place and without additional prompting, Connie swung her leg over Bobby's waist and was on top of him. Their kissing continued with a steady building of their animalistic passion.

They broke a moment from their kissing. "Are you watching?" She asked me. "This is what you and I have dreamed about for years now. This is your last chance to change your mind. Are you sure you're ready for this? Are you sure you want me to fuck this amazing man?" she questioned me.

Without a second thought I said, "It's more than okay with me, show him how a real woman fucks, sweetie!"

And with that, she tilted her hips and began to slowly impale herself on Bobby's enormous cock. Inch by inch she worked her way down the ebony shaft.

As she allowed herself to become accustomed to his size and girth, she glanced over her shoulder to make eye contact with me. Within her gaze I could see her deep love for me, but I could also see her erotic, animal passion for this black Adonis she was making love to.

Taking a deep breath, with her eyes fixed upon mine, she thrust her hips downward, finally engulfing in one fluid motion, the last few inches of his ebony rod. The look of total ecstasy on her face almost made me cum... and I hadn't even started to jack off.

Slowly she began to move her hips up and down. She had a dreamy look on her face, a look of shear ecstasy. At this point, I was forgotten, and the only thing that mattered to her was the ten inches of hard, black cock buried in her wet pussy.

They began to set a steady rhythm, moving together as if they had been making love for a life-time. She was audibly moaning now, getting louder and more insistent with each thrust of his cock into her now, very wet pussy.

Time after time Bobby would draw out his black cock from my wife's pussy, until just the head was still inside her, only to drive deep into her, again and again, over and over, stretching her wider with each successive stroke. His black tool glistened with her pussy juices, shining like well oiled mahogany.

Faster and faster Connie went, biting her bottom lip in concentration, as she often did while we made love. Bobby was keeping perfect time, matching her thrust for thrust and moan for moan. For fifteen minutes they kept this pace up, slamming their love parts together. With each stroke, Bobby would pull his black cock just about all the way out, before thrusting into her again.

Both were encouraging the other, staring into each others eyes, concentration on the feeling and sensation of their love-making. "Fuck me harder, baby. What... can't a white woman keep up with a black man?" Bobby said as he slapped her ass rather firmly, again with that same silly grin on his face that was there when Connie gave her love-making instructions earlier in the evening.

"Don't you worry about me lover, I got your 'harder' right here. I'll show you what you've been missing with all those black women you've been with," she said with a chuckle, as she thrust her hips down harder and harder onto his huge cock.

Again and again, over and over, thrusting and slapping their bodies together in a fevered passion I'd never seen before. Their pace was more than I'd ever experienced with her in 26 years of marriage. All he inhibitions were cast aside as she rode the cock of a complete stranger.

And then it happened, her first orgasms caused by a big, beautiful, black cock. My wife has never been a screamer... until that moment. "Oh my god... fuck me harder! That's it.... drive that wonderful cock into me! Harder, god damn it! Oh god, I Love It! I'm there!" She said.

And boy, did she cum! Connie has always been orgasmic, but she must have orgasmed for over two minutes straight. Orgasm after orgasm washed over her beautiful body, all the while shaking, moaning, thrashing, crying from the pleasure that Bobby's massive cock was bringing her body.

As I moved to the foot of the bed for a better look, I could see the love cream that her pussy was producing, flowing down Bobby's ebony rod. It stood out white and frothy against the black of Bobby's cock as it slid in and out of her well stretched pussy. I've never seen so much juice come from my wife's pussy in my life.

I glanced up at Bobby's face and could tell he was ready to cum too. Before I could cough or make some sort of noise to alert Connie to the fact that Bobby was gonna cum, she slid quickly off his cock, down his body, and engulfed that huge cock with her mouth.

In just a few strokes Bobby was cumming with a shout. Spasm after spasm, sent stream after stream, of his sperm down my wife's waiting throat.

Not to be out done, Bobby must have came for a solid minute. Connie sucked and sucked with such gusto, that she didn't loose a single drop of Bobby's sperm. She kept sucking his black tool until his once huge cock was dry and shriveled up.

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