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Connie's One Exciting Night


If ever there was an example of homely woman - I am she! I don't have the good looks most women have and my figure isn't really very good at all. I have had three children and fed each one of them so my belly is a little loose and my tits are sagging so you will see I am not attractive in the real sense of the word. My legs are nice and I am proud of them but my poor feet ache most of the time because I have run around after my children and my husband. I am about 5'6" and weigh about 110 lbs.

My husband, John, and I have been married for 6 years and we made up our minds to have our children early so they would be able to grow up with us. That was alright in the planning but the execution of the idea all fell back on me - it was my body which was twisted and pulled out of shape and my poor nipples felt as if they would explode because of all the sucking which the children did. I fed each one as long as possible because I knew it was a cheap way of providing for them and, if the truth is known, I liked having them sucking on me because it gave me some much wanted attention.

John is always busy and never has time for sex when he comes home from his work. He will make love to me about once a week if I am lucky and this leaves me very frustrated for the rest of the time. I met John at a party for my best friend and we sort of hit it off straight away. I had never had a boyfriend before John and had never even been out on a real date before. John played around with me quite a lot when we were going out together but I wouldn't let him get his hand inside my panties no matter how much he pleaded. I certainly let him play with my tits and he loved to take my blouse and bra off and play with my naked breasts. He loved to suck my nipples and I could feel my excitement building as he sucked them and I always got frightened I would get carried away and would let him fuck me!

It was on my 21st birthday he fucked me for the first time! What a messy time that was. When I look back and think what we did, I smile to myself because we were such amateurs and neither of us really knew what to do. John knew he had to get his cock into my cunt and I knew he had to put his cock in my cunt but the actual mechanics of it all was farcical. This was the very first time John had seen my naked body and I remember feeling surprised he hadn't told me I was ugly! I had tits but they weren't big like other girls and I had hair growing under my arms and between my legs and I didn't know if I should have shaved it off before he fucked me - that will tell you how inexperienced I was. I had nobody to ask these intimate questions - I certainly couldn't ask my friends because I had been bragging I had been fucked before and I didn't want to be caught out telling lies.

John eventually got his cock into my cunt! He pushed it in and it hurt even going into the first part but when he reached my hymen and pushed to break it, the pain was shocking and I cried out. He kept on pushing into me and eventually it started to feel better - in fact it started to feel very nice as my orgasm (I didn't know what it was then) started to build up. Suddenly when I was starting to feel very good, John pulled his cock out of me and spurted all this white stuff up over my belly and my little tits! I felt very frustrated and badly wanted to continue the feeling I was getting with his cock inside me.

After that John started buying condoms and we used them whenever we fucked but I hated those things because he always made me take them off his cock afterwards and I had to tie a knot in the condom before we threw them away. I hated doing this but I liked being fucked. Later we married and almost immediately started having our family. I wanted to wait longer and have John fuck me for a year or two before we had kids but he insisted and so I was pregnant within 3 months of marrying.

Here I am, 30 years of age, and feel as if I am worn out and that nobody loves me anymore. I had joined all the voluntary organizations connected with the children's school and eventually got myself elected to the committee of the PTA. I was quite thrilled to be elected because it meant some of the parents liked me and that was good.

I want to tell you about my one exciting night. As president of the PTA I was nominated to attend a conference at the Capital to learn about some rather drastic changes to our Association. I hated travelling alone but there was no one to go with me and I couldn't even think of asking my husband - he would never go with me.

Naturally I wanted to look my best and so I splurged part of our budget on some new clothes. I bought a new business suit which I knew looked very smart on me, but I really couldn't afford it but what the hell, I bought it anyway. I knew I would have to buy new shoes to go with the suit so that meant additional expenditure and didn't leave enough for new underwear. I tossed up whether I should buy a new blouse to go under my suit but finally decided I would either use one of my own or go without!

The conference was to be a two-day affair and we arrived early in the morning by plane (fortunately the PTA paid the fares) and the conference started at 10am. The sessions went until we broke up at 5.30pm and then we were to go to our respective hotel rooms and change for our evening meal which was a fairly grand affair. Of course I didn't have a second set of clothes to wear so I just showered and dressed again in my same suit having just my bra and panties underneath. I didn't wear stockings so that saved on expense as well. We really didn't have much money.

The sessions during the day were very interesting and I took copious notes to help me relay the information to my committee. The dinner was very nice indeed. We were given colored discs as we entered the dining room and we were to find the person we would be sitting next to as part of a system of getting people to mix and to know others. We had pre-dinner drinks and although I don't usually drink at all, because this was all free I had a few champagnes! I eventually found the man I was to sit next to at the dinner table. He was rather a mousy type of person and he had a moustache probably to hide his features. He chatted easily enough with me and to be frank, we enjoyed each other's company. The dinner finished late and then it was time to go to our rooms to sleep ready for the first session early next morning. The conference was due to finish at 4pm so everyone could catch their flights home.

The man, Chris, escorted me to the elevators and he pressed button for floor 12 and I asked him how he knew I was on floor 12 but he grinned and told me that was his floor. I was feeling a little fuzzy from all the champagne and other drinks and for some reason I didn't object when he walked me along the corridor to his room. Once inside his room, which was almost identical to mine, I excused myself and used his bathroom to ease my bladder. After I came out he used the bathroom and then we were alone in his room. For some reason I didn't think anything bad about being in another man's bedroom in a strange hotel.

At his suggestion we sat down and he got a couple of drinks from the bar in the room and we enjoyed another drink together. He was sitting on the only chair in the room and I was sitting on his bed. After a while he moved over to the bed and sat beside me. He told me I looked beautiful to him and for some funny reason I thought that was great because my husband certainly never tells me that.

One thing led to another and I found the two buttons on my suit coat had been undone and my coat was hanging loose in front and he could see my bra - my old bra which was rather worn and not very nice-looking. He reached inside my coat and touched my breast. I didn't object because it felt so nice having a strange man touch me. He became a little bolder and slipped my coat down over my shoulders until it dropped onto the bed behind me. He then played with my breasts again still through my bra but I knew he was going to take that off soon. It really felt wonderful having this man caress my breasts so lovingly after all the abuse I had had from John and the children. He undid the catch on my bra at the back and he took it off me and I was naked to the waist. I was very embarrassed by my sagging breasts and elongated nipples but he didn't seem to mind at all. He continued caressing me and kissing me and I was getting turned on just like I had been when I first started going out with John.

His kissing became more passionate and I was certainly getting carried away with all the attention. He began kissing my nipples and breasts and this was making me very wet between my legs. I don't usually get wet there but I was certainly wet now. I suddenly became very embarrassed because I hadn't removed the hair from my armpits before leaving home and he was looking at my hairs. I tried to pull my arms down but he kept them up telling me he liked looking at me.

Next he undid the belt on my suit trousers and when this eased the tightness around my middle he slipped his hand inside and worked his way down to my pubic hair and further to touch my cunt! I was so wet I was totally embarrassed but he didn't seem to mind. His fingers entered my cunt and I was transported into another world. He pushed his fingers up inside me and then he played with my clit. John never plays with my clit or cunt preferring to just make me spread my legs and then he pushes his cock into me and fucks me! This man was making me feel wonderful and was treating me like a lady! He eased my suit pants down my legs together with my rather old panties (I was glad he took them both off together because he wouldn't see my worn panties) and now I was naked on his bed. He was kissing me passionately and playing with my clit so nicely that I came several times making me feel like I had never felt before.

I knew it was wrong, totally wrong for me to be in this man's bedroom and to be naked in front of him. He had started to remove his clothes and soon he was naked with me. His cock was much larger than John's cock and, as this was the only cock I had ever seen apart from John's, I wondered how many different sizes and shapes they come in! He placed my hand on his big cock and I stroked him. He then moved around on my body and straddled my head with his knees and then lowered his cock into my mouth! I don't normally suck John's cock - it had to be special occasions - but I took this man's cock into my mouth willingly and began sucking him. He in turn had placed his face between my legs and was licking and sucking my cunt and my clit and I was starting to have another orgasm. John had licked my cunt a few times before we were married but never after and this was almost a new experience for me. I loved the attention.

His ministrations brought me off three times before I felt him shuddering and he shot his load of cum directly into my mouth! I had never allowed John to cum in my mouth so this was a first! Strangely I loved the taste of his cum and swallowed it all after savoring the taste first. I was ashamed of what I had done but his attention to me now and his caresses made me forget my high moral stand and I entered into playing with him too.

My pubic hair and my cunt was absolutely wet from all of his attention and I was embarrassed but he loved playing with me when I was so wet and he was making squishy noises with my cunt! A short time later his cock became hard again because I was playing with it and he moved over on top of me and placed his cock between my legs. Instinctively I spread my legs as far apart as they would go and he touched my clit with his hard cock! A shock ran through my body and I couldn't wait a second longer. I grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance to my cunt and then grabbed his bum with both my hands and pulled him right inside me! For the first time in my life I had another man's cock in my cunt and I loved it! The only word to describe what happened then was to say we fucked each other silly! I don't know how many times I came but it was a few before Chris pumped his load of cum deep into me - deeper than John had ever been before! We were exhausted from this great sex and Chris rolled off me and we both went to sleep.

I awoke later - I don't know how much later - but I had this wonderful sensation of someone licking my clit and arousing me to a wonderful height. I came just by his licking my clit and at the same time I ejected some of his cum out of me onto the bed clothes. By this time he was very hard again and this time we made love - we took our time and thoroughly enjoyed each other's bodies. This was really making love properly and it was a wonderful feeling to be loved like that.

We made love three more times before it was time to get ready for the next conference session. I went back to my room to get cleaned up after thanking Chris for what was probably the most exciting night of my life! My cunt was an absolute mess with cum dripping out of it and my pubic hair was matted with his dried cum.

Once back in my room I showered and cleaned myself up as best I could and then went down to breakfast. No matter how much I had cleaned myself my cunt was still leaking Chris's cum and was making a mess of my panties. Before breakfast was finished I returned to my room and was about to change my panties when I realized I only had the two pairs and if I put the clean ones on now they would be soiled when I reached home and John might discover what I had done. I just couldn't risk that.

I cleaned my cunt out as best I could and then took handfuls of tissues from the box in the bathroom and made a large pad which I placed inside my soiled panties. This made it uncomfortable to walk but it was better than soiling my one clean pair. As a precaution I slipped my clean panties into my handbag and returned to the breakfast. I couldn't see Chris anywhere and wondered it he was alright. I finished breakfast and still had another 45 minutes before the first session started. I returned to my room and packed my small case ready to take it down to the holding area so I could collect it and go to the airport after the session finished. As I was about to leave my room I decided I had better see if Chris was alright so I walked along to his door and knocked. After a few minutes he answered the door looking very sleepy indeed! He had gone back to sleep when I left and now was running late and had missed breakfast.

He pulled me into his room and began kissing me and instantly I began to get turned on again! I couldn't believe my reaction to his attention. He undid my coat and pulled my bra up out of the way and began sucking my nipples making me even more excited. He then undid my belt and dropped my suit pants to the floor and then laughed when he saw the huge wad of tissues I had in my panties. He knew instantly why the wad was there and kissed me hard and told me he wanted to make me wetter. Without a moment of hesitation he stripped me naked and bent me over the end of the bed and in a single stroke he entered my cunt from behind! This time it wasn't making love it was just fucking me! I really loved what he was doing to me and I came several times as he fucked me. He shot his load deep into me as I came one last time before he pulled out! He grabbed his box of tissues and wiped my cunt while I was still bending over the bed. When he had most of the cum wiped up he made a large wad of the tissues and held them in place between my legs as I struggled to pull up my panties! I glanced at my watch and realized I only had ten minutes to get dressed, make myself decent and be down into the conference room. Chris made another wad of tissues and handed them to me to put in my handbag and then with a very hasty brush of my hair and a little lipstick, and a fond goodbye, I rushed out of the room heading for the conference.

I sat through the conference feeling as uncomfortable as I had ever felt. My senses were on a knife edge from just being fucked but I was uncomfortable from the huge wad between my legs which was becoming more and more wet from the leaking cum. Somehow I managed to sit in my seat until the lunch break when I bolted for the bathroom. I locked myself in a stall and pulled my suit pants down and then carefully removed the wad of tissues before I moved my panties. The tissues were soaking and my legs were wet as well. I dried myself with toilet paper and made up a new wad of toilet paper which I placed inside my panties after I had peed to relieve myself. The wad of toilet paper wasn't as soft as the tissues and chaffed my legs and cunt lips but I didn't know what else to do.

I returned for the last session of the conference feeling very uncomfortable but somehow I managed to get through it. I couldn't see Chris anywhere so I guessed he didn't make it to the conference and must have gone home. I hoped he was alright but knew I would never see him again. As soon as the conference finished I rushed to the bathroom and removed the wet wad of toilet paper. I again relieved myself and then used my wad of tissues which Chris had given me. With this in place I headed for my case and then the airport. The flight lasted just on two hours and before we were approaching my city to land I visited the toilet and with some difficulty due to the small space, I removed the last wad of tissues. These were also quite wet - where was all this cum coming from? Again I wiped myself dry with tissues in the toilet and even poked some up into my cunt to try to dry up the cum. I couldn't risk leaving tissues inside my panties because John would be meeting me at the airport and I wouldn't get a chance to remove them.

The plane landed safely and we walked into the terminal and there was John waiting for me. He gave me a hug and a kiss and told me he had missed me. I am sure he did because we were never apart like this before. We collected my small case and then I suggested I might visit the toilet but he told me to hang on and we would be home soon. Once we reached our car he loaded my case into the back and then as I sat in the car he leaned over and began kissing me. He also undid my suit coat and pulled it apart so he could play with my breasts. He pushed my bra aside and began to suck my nipples. Next he undid my belt and eased his hand down inside my panties to my pubic hair and then down further to my cunt. I was so glad I had removed the tissues before we landed. He commented I was very wet and must have been excited to see him again. When he pulled his hand out from my panties I could instantly see his fingers were very wet and I assumed it was Chris's cum. I quickly licked his fingers before throwing my arms around his neck and whispering "Let's get home quickly and then you can show me how much you have missed me!" He didn't attempt to touch me again and we drove home with my coat undone and my breasts hanging out under my dislodged bra.

Once home I told him I felt dirty after the conference and the flight and begged to have a shower before we made love. He watched me take my shower. He tried to touch my cunt when I removed my panties and I was grateful for the diversion because I had a chance to throw the soiled panties into the dirty clothes box before he could touch them.

I completed my shower and then he carried me naked into the bedroom and we made love. I was very pleased when he pumped his load of cum into me because now there wouldn't be any chance of him finding any of Chris's cum because it would be mixed with his own. Fortunately the kids were playing with the neighbors kids so we were undisturbed for several hours during which time we made love several times.

I can never describe the relief I experienced when John came inside me. It meant I wouldn't be found out and I had gotten away with my one exciting night! I never heard anything of Chris. I never told a soul about my night with Chris although I wanted to tell everyone just how naughty I had been but of course couldn't. I fondly remember Chris and what we did together.

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