Connie's Summer Stallion Ch. 01


Connie's senses began to slow and she began to adjust to the young stud's brutal fucking. She knew at that moment that she had never, EVER, been fucked like this. And she knew that her perpetually horny pussy would never been satisfied by anyone again the way this boy did it. She turned her head and looked up at him. His shone with a sweat. His muscles rippled as he hammered her unmercifully. It was the most exciting imagine she had ever seen. She began to encourage him. "God yes, baby. Fuck me. Pound my hot cunt with that huge cock! "

Chris complied dragging his long meat almost all the way out before powerfully driving back into her. Again and again he used long, sawing strokes to touch every inch of her blistering womb.

Connie reached down between her spread thighs and slid her fingers over her clit. It was sore, she flinched at the touch. Then she felt the boy's big ball sac slam against her. She moaned. "Fuck yessss...." Her hand reached further, searching for the young stud. Then she found him. She cupped his smooth sac in her palm and began to caress and massage his balls as worked her pussy over.

"Oh fuck yeah. Grab my big nuts. Play with my fucking balls, baby!" Chris was rapidly approaching the point of no return. His cock surged, growing bigger and harder than he thought possible. He could feel the cum churning in his sac.

"Mmmmm oh baby, cum. CUM!" Connie urged him. "Cum for me. Show me all that hot fucking juice you big stud! Show me how much jizz you can shoot out of that big horse cock!"

Chris was going nuts. He knew that at any second his cock would erupt like Old Faithful spewing his hot cum all over them. He jerked his big rod out of the woman and fell back onto the couch. Then grabbing her wrist, he pulled her up and swung her around. She landed on her knees between the boy's strong thighs.

She immediately grabbed the base of his cock and began shucking her hand up and down it wildly. She dove on it with her mouth, forcing the cunt covered pole roughly past her lips. Chris grabbed her head and began to move it up and down on his iron shaft as he thrust his hips up, fucking her mouth almost as savagely as he had fucked her pussy. "Yessssss! Suck my big fucking cock you sexy bitch! Get ready for my load. I'm going fuckin' drown you in cum, you little whore!"

Connie pulled back. Chris' cock looked like a telephone pole as it reared up against her face. She was a sloppy mess. Her lipstick was smeared, saliva was streaked around her mouth in a lewd display and her mascara had begun to run down her cheeks. But she still looked so fucking hot. Chris was breathing hard, his cock throbbed uncontrollably. Connie slid her tongue out and curled it around the big knob. She flicked at it rapidly. "I want it. I want you to cum all over me, you big stud. Hose me down. Spray your hot load all over me you big stallion." Her hand continued to slide up and down the boy's hard rod. Slowly, but so firmly her hand applied pressure. She was expertly milking his big cock.

She leaned forward a little and let her mountainous tits wrap around the boy's upright prick. They both moaned at the horny sight. His huge cock reared up out of her cleavage. The head was slick with her spit. Chris pumped his hips and slid the big limb up and down between her hot jugs. "Oh fuck yeah, honey. Fuck my big titties with your sexy cock!"

Chris inhaled sharply. His cock flexed in her hand. The head flared out to enormous proportions. Connie looked down and watched intently. Her eyes devoured the obscene sight. Her hand slid deliberately up and down. Then it happened.

"Oh fuck. Oh Goddamn yeah, here it cums. Pump it! Pump my big fucking cock!" Chris commanded her.

Connie kept the same pressure with her movement. She was stared unblinkingly at the gigantic glistening cock.

"Fuck yessssssssss...." Chris' whole body tightened into a mass of muscle.

Connie felt as if she were holding a rocket on the launch pad. It shook and thundered in her hand and against her chest. She could feel its powerful eruption begin. She slid her tiny hand to the base and gripped it as hard as she could, holding on for dear life.

Regardless of what she thought, she wasn't ready for the explosion that ensued. The first rope burst out of his cock and flew straight up. It shot a good four feet into the air before splashing back down onto his cock, her tits and her pumping fist. "HOLY SHIT!" She breathed. "Fuck, baby..." She pulled at the cock aiming it at herself slamming her fist down on it.

The second cord was just as powerful as the first. It was long and thick and it slammed against her face and neck with an audible splat. "Oh fuck yesssss....." She moaned as the goo dripped from her gorgeous face and onto her tits. A third, fourth and five volley followed and began to cover the woman. It was it as if cum was being shot at her from a sprinkler. Connie had seen and heard of Peter North when she had watched pornos with her ex husband. She had marveled at the amount of cum that he produced. But this was even better. This young stud was giving her a one man bukkake. His beautiful young prick was a literal cum canon.

She was pumping on it wildly, rapidly pounding her fist up and down the exploding pipe. Chris was moaning and watching his own cock erupt all over the sexy older woman. She was showering in his cum. After the sixth strong stream lobbed out and arced onto her big tits, the flow began to subside. Still bucking and pulsing in her fist, the boy's big prick oozed a river of cum down the shaft and over her hand. "My God! That was, that was the most amazing fucking thing I have ever seen! Holy shit, baby. You really are a stallion! Goddamn!" Connie was laughing giddily. She was plastered in the young man's hot seed. It ran down her face and dripped from her body.

Chris leaned back into the couch. He watched the woman continue to pump on his still steel hard cock. He loved seeing his cum all over her. And the slut loved it. "Fuck that was hot!" He panted.

"Oh honey, you came..., oh goddamn, you came all fucking over me!" Connie purred as she licked a dollop of cum from her lips. "Mmmmm." She leaned down and rubbed the slimey pole across her face. She moaned and an evil grin began to spread. "And what do you think your mother would say if she saw us like this?"

Chris groaned. His big cock throbbed, instantly as hard as it had been earlier. "Oh, fuck!"

Connie sneered and winked at the hot young stud as she flicked her tongue against his swollen knob.

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That was fucking awesome! Best story ever!

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