tagIncest/TabooConsequences Ch. 11

Consequences Ch. 11


Thank you very much to seducreader for the original request; I hope everyone has enjoyed the story!


My life, since I began living with Uncle Max, had taken such a startling turn. I had gone from being the good girl with good grades who wanted a career, a husband who would take my virginity and give me two babies and a house with a white picket fence, to a wanton slut for my Uncle, ready and willing to take it in any hole he demanded. In fact, if it wasn't for my Uncle's conviction that I needed to finish my degree, I probably would have dropped out of school to be available for him 24/7. Of course he was at work during the day, but I hated it when I had to do homework while he was home instead of attending to his needs. But he insisted. I continued being a straight A student, because if I wasn't then Uncle Max would punish me.

Of course, I usually went out of my way to get punishments. And he knew that. When he was really unhappy with me then I would usually have the equivalent of an adult time out. No sex, no touching, no spanking, no blissful orgasms.

We kept visiting Grandma, although it was becoming more and more clear that she was probably going to have to stay in a hospice situation where they could monitor her. I felt guilty that I wasn't more upset by that, but the truth was I was worried that Uncle Max would go away if she came home. And I didn't want him to. At least Grandma seemed mostly happy with the situation, it was becoming more and more clear that she wasn't completely on top of her game mentally anymore, but she did seem happy when we would visit her. Everyone was nice and treating her well and that's what was important.

One time when we were visiting her she was asleep when we arrived. Uncle Max had me kneel down on the floor and blow him. I was terrified the entire time that Grandma might wake up and realize that something was going on, but she didn't. I tried to make it quick but Uncle Max was way too experienced for that. I have to admit, I got off on the fear that we might get caught. By the time we got home I was dripping wet in anticipation and I ended up straddling him and fucking his brains out in our driveway. Wondering if one of our neighbors might spot us only added to the experience.

Things changed when he started fighting with his ex for custody of his daughter Gloria, because his ex was moving across the country. The bitch didn't actually want her daughter, she just wanted to milk Uncle Max for more money before she moved, so she was threatening to put up a bit of a fight. At that point Gloria started asking about whether or not she was going to get a new mommy. I was terrified that Uncle Max was going to decide that whatever we were doing was over and go out and find another woman to marry and settle down with. I didn't want to let him go. It didn't help that he suddenly stopped using me as often as he had been. It made me horny and anxious.

It never occurred to me that he was deliberately watching my feminine cycle.

I was practically frantic when two days went by and Uncle Max hadn't touched me. At least, not like I wanted him to. The second day he got tired of listening to my pleadings and he gagged me, filled me with vibrators in both holes, and left them on at full blast until I'd had so many orgasms that I couldn't walk afterwards. So it wasn't like I wasn't satisfied, in some ways, but I was terrified that our time together was coming to and end and that he was concentrating his efforts on finding someone else who could fulfill all his needs, including being a step mother to Gloria.

That night, despite my exhaustion from the vibrators, I had gone to bed vowing that somehow, tomorrow I would tempt Uncle Max into using me for his pleasure. I wanted to be the one fulfilling his needs, for as long as I could, and it frustrated the hell out of me that he didn't seem to feel the same way.

In the morning I woke up to a hard and horny Uncle who hustled me out of bed, eat a hurried breakfast and brush my teeth and then practically dragged me back to his bedroom. I was confused but delighted. Apparently there was no need to try and seduce my Uncle. Going by the raging hard on he'd had since waking up, he was ready to go without any further pleadings or inducement from me.

Uncle Max laid me out on the bed and bent my little body practically in half, tying my legs spread wide to opposite sides of the headboard. I was rather surprised that he didn't tie my hands up too. The position tipped my pussy up so that my puffy pink lips were parted and open, ready for him.

Without further ado, Uncle Max plunged in, driving into me hard enough that I yelped as my body was split open by his massive cock. Despite my hands pushing against his chest, there was no true defense against his rampant libido, which had been held in constraint for the past two days. Any worries that he'd been seeing someone on the side were instantly gone; he was way too eager to spend himself inside my body. His cock was rigidly swollen with very little give, practically bruising my tender walls as he fucked me hard. Fortunately I was wet enough that he could do so without actually damaging either of us, but I struggled a little anyway, pushing at him, trying to slow him down.

He didn't need to tie my hands, he just grabbed my wrists and planted them on either side of my head as he rutted with me, ravaging my sense. I was so eager for his warm flesh inside of me that I climaxed despite the almost brutal treatment, by body loving every second of pleasurable pain, that heady mixture that I enjoyed so much. I cried out, quivering as he grunted and dug in deep, his cock almost feel like it was hitting the back of my tunnel as it spurted deep inside of me. It seemed like he had twice as much cum as normal, after a two day break of sexual activities, the pulsing in my pussy going on and on as I shuddered around him, milking his cock.

I whimpered as he slumped on top of me, my leg muscles straining. It wasn't the most comfortable position anyway, and with all of his weight on me there was a lot of added stress.

"Sorry sweetheart," Uncle Max said, actually sounding apologetic! His hips circled in a very erotic way and I moaned as he rubbed against my pussy lips, which were feeling a little tender after such an aggressive assault. "We'll go slower this time."

"This time?" I asked, a little faintly. Uncle Max had a pretty impressive libido, but I'd never known him to be ready to go again so soon!

"Mmm," he said, rubbing his face into my neck. His hands began to stroke my sides as he repositioned himself, his softened cock still inside of me, he managed to get most of his weight onto his knees so that he could begin to play with my young body. I responded by running my hands up and down his muscular arms and over his shoulders, touching as much of him as I could. "Now that I'm not out of control with lust for you, we're going to go much slower this time."

I moaned as he began to kiss my breasts, fondling them with his usual fervor. My nipples hardened against his palm and in his mouth, eager little buds that sent pleasure zipping through me. My pussy automatically clenched and I felt his dick twitch inside of me, hardening a little.

"If you were out of control with lust for me, why didn't we do this yesterday? Or the day before?" I asked, confused and a little put out. He obviously still wanted me, so why the two days of torture? Uncle Max's teeth bit down on my nipple and I gasped, my back arching as my fingers twined through his hair, holding him to my breast as he chewed on the sensitive flesh. Alternating flashes of pain and pleasure had me squirming beneath him and I could feel him hardening inside me. It was an odd sensation, as his dick grew, sliding deeper without him actually moving, pressing against my inner walls as it swelled. It was one of the most erotic things I'd ever experienced.

When Uncle Max let my nipple finally pop out of his mouth he was already mostly hard inside of me and I was moaning and rubbing myself against as best I could with my legs suspended the way they were. My body was so hot and ready for him, I was already on fire again.

Giving his hips a small thrust that made me moan, Uncle Max looked down into my face, his expression serious. "What do you think we're doing here sweet niece? Why do you think I waited?"

"I have no idea," I said, rubbing my hands over his chest, trying to entice him to begin fucking me. I needed it so bad. I arched my back again, pressing my breasts upwards towards his face. "It was driving me crazy."

Uncle Max chuckled. "Well it will be worth the wait, because I'm going to fuck you raw over the next three days."

"That sounds nice," I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. I pulled him down for a passionate kiss, brazenly thrusting my tongue into his mouth. I was rewarded when he began to move his hips, his sloppily wet dick sliding in and out of me easily. Moaning, I clenched down to increase the friction, loving the feel of him moving deep within me, the ways his hands grasped me possessively.

I made a small sound of protest when he pulled his mouth away and stopped moving again, holding himself so that only the tip of his cock was in me, teasing me with the promise of sexual bliss.

"Don't you want to know why?" His eyes were blazing with some emotion that I didn't understand, hot and intense. "Why?" I asked obediently, although truthfully I was beyond caring. I just wanted him to fuck me. "You're ovulating right now, sweet niece. We're going to have a baby."

And with that shocking statement he plunged into me, turning my gasp of shock into a scream of pleasure which he drank into his mouth, covering my lips with his. I knew we'd already been playing with fire a little, because I wasn't on birth control and he hadn't been using any protection, but my last period had come right on schedule. My tiny asshole had gotten a thorough workout those days. I hadn't realized that he'd been keeping track and counting though. No wonder we hadn't had sex the past couple of days! He'd been saving up for when it would be most effective. When I was most fertile. It also explained the position he'd put me in. Uncle Max was so far deep inside me I wouldn't have been surprised if his cock was nudging up against my cervix and had released its first heavy load of cum straight into my womb.

The idea that he was trying to forcibly impregnate me turned me on beyond belief. I clutched at him, my nails digging into his flesh, urging him onwards. Our kiss deepened, turning almost savage as he pounded between my splayed legs, rocking my body with his hard thrusts.

Muffled cries of passion erupted from my throat as I orgasmed, my pussy clenching tightly around his cock, wanting to milk more of the baby-making juice from him. His hands grasped my hips, curving around to my backside and dug in. He released my lips, allowing my voice to fill the room as he latched onto my breasts with his mouth, biting at my tender flesh. I screamed his name as I came again, shuddering around his cock. My legs jerked at the bonds he had them in, wanting to wrap around him, to pull him deeper into me. My pussy sloshed with his previous load of cum as he rammed me good, enhancing the waves of ecstasy that were running through me like electricity. Uncle Max bit down on my nipple, the one that he hadn't already orally abused, and I bucked and screamed some more, the wonderful shattering pain blasting through me as I creamed myself for him.

By the time he came, balls deep in my unprotected pussy, his hands digging so hard into my ass that he would leave bruises, I was whimpering and practically twitching from the incessant orgasms and sensitivity of my feminine flesh. The swelling of his cock inside of me and the pulsing jets of cum just set me off again, thinking about his words to me.

This time, afterwards, he untied my legs, but not before tucking a couple of pillows under my ass to keep my hips tilted upwards. My pussy was sloshy with his seed and my juices, I could see that my puffy pink lips looked swollen and hot from all the sex we'd already had. My nipples were slightly reddened from the chewing that Uncle Max had given them and they throbbed wonderfully, matching the throbbing beat of my pussy.

"Stay still Jenny," Uncle Max instructed. "I'm going to give your legs a nice little massage and then I'll get you some water, but you're staying right here on your back and keep all that cum in your pretty little pussy." His eyes glinted and I wasn't sure if his instructions were because it would truly help me get pregnant or just because he liked the idea.

"Thank you Uncle Max," I said, moaning a little as he began to work his fingers into the muscles of my legs. They were a little tingly from having been tied up for so long and it felt good as he massaged them, sending away the minor sensation of pins and needles. He works his way from the pads of my feet up to my thighs, taking turns with each leg. I was starting to feel aroused again, my pussy flaring to life as he dug his fingers into my sensitive inner thighs.

But he left me staring up at the ceiling as he went to get some water for us. Thinking about him. Life. Sex. Babies. Did I know what I was getting myself into? Not really. But I wanted Uncle Max's baby. I was turned on that he wanted to impregnate me. That he had a plan to and that he was enacting it. Much sexier than a turkey baster. I giggled a little at the thought.

"What's so funny?" Oops. Uncle Max had come back already.

"I was thinking about turkey basters," I confessed and he laughed.

"My way is much more fun."

"Yes it is," I said. I propped myself up onto my elbows and he glared at me, but since I didn't get up any further and was careful to keep my hips tilted upwards, supported by the pillows beneath my ass, he didn't say anything. "Does this mean you're going to keep me?

Uncle Max raised an eyebrow as he sat down on the bed next to me, putting the glass of water close enough that I could sip through the straw. "Of course I'm going to keep you. You're going to be Gloria's new mommy." A thrill of excitement rushed through me. His hand cupped over my stomach. "And then you're going to have my baby." Moving the glass of water away, Uncle Max kissed me hard and I moaned as his hand caressed my stomach. "You're mine, sweet niece. I can't wait to see you all swollen with my child."

I couldn't either.

I spent the next three days mostly on my back, my pussy basically a cum dump for my Uncle. He fucked me raw and I loved every second of it, my pussy squishing with the overflow of cum that he spilled into it.

It wasn't any surprise to me that we didn't need to try again the next month. I was Gloria's new mommy, Uncle Max was all mine and I was pregnant with his twins. No, it wasn't the life I thought I'd lead, but I was so much happier than I could have ever expected.

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