tagLoving WivesConsequences - Jackie

Consequences - Jackie


This is another in the Consequences series. Jackie has it all; a home, cars, jewelry, clothes and anything else she desires, but is it enough?

Edited by LadyCibelle with my thanks.


"I don't know; I guess I'm just so darned bored that I could scream!" I looked at my sister as I let go with my frustration. It was the truth! I was bored! I was as bored as I had ever been and I had no idea what to do about it.

"How can you be bored? You've got that huge swimming pool back there, a Jacuzzi right beside it, a convertible that most men would give their right arm for, a home that looks like it came right out of the pages of House Beautiful, and a husband that buys it all just for you. How in hell can you be bored?"

That was my sister, Evelyn. She was older than me by two years, although most people thought we were twins. We both had the same long black hair, the same deep green eyes, the high cheekbones and small, up-tilted nose. I know our bodies were pretty good based on the looks we got from every man who watched us and if my husband Joe was to be believed, we could have been models. All I know is that he loved my tits and my ass and everything else in between. Or so he said. We were talking about Joe Powers, my husband of twelve years.

I always thought Joe and I were two of a kind: both greedy for all the good things money could buy and never satisfied. We decided when we got married that we wouldn't have kids. Kids would just slow us down and cost us more time and money than we were willing to give up. Selfish? You bet! But there were times when I wondered. Joe didn't seem as pleased with most of those things as I did. He didn't seem to care much if truth be told and rarely used the pool or the grill or much of anything else. I just dismissed that as Joe being Joe.

"Yeah, I know but I get tired of being alone, you know? Joe is always working, leaving early in the morning and getting home late in the evening. Too many hours away from me. So, I have all this stuff but I don't have anyone to share it with. Just you. No offense, but I can't make love to you."

"Why not? Since when am I not good enough for you?" She laughed, knowing that neither of us wanted any part of lesbian love. We never had the urge and I wasn't about to start now. I decided to give her an answer guaranteed to piss her off.

"Since your husband divorced your cheating ass. So you have nothing to say to me that I would believe. Apparently Will wasn't enough for you either."

Evelyn had an affair that had been going on for over six months when her husband Will Gamble came home early one day and caught her and her lover in bed. It was a terrible thing, Will taking a baseball bat to the guy who fell down the stairs trying to get away. When Will caught up with him, he swung the bat, hitting the guy in the back and damaging his kidney. The guy was hospitalized, battling to keep the kidney while Will was arrested for assault.

When the police investigated, Evelyn had to admit that she invited the guy into her bed so that he had every right to be there. Since Will gave him no chance to leave peacefully, he was charged with aggravated assault. The prosecutor didn't care much for what Evelyn did to him so he offered Will a deal. The upshot was that Will pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail with five months suspended and time served. Will served two weeks in county lockup and was then released on two years probation.

Following Will's arrest, Evelyn did all she could do to get Will released and put up the home they shared and all her jewelry as collateral for the bond but Will refused it all. When he was released, he moved in with a male friend of his and filed for divorce. Evelyn did all she could to get Will to forgive her but he would have none of it. He told her once when she got him to stop at our house that if it had been a mistake, a slip, a one-time thing, he would have been able to accept it. But not an affair that lasted six months. Evelyn tried to explain herself but Will wouldn't listen. That was the end of their marriage.

Evelyn was still angry with herself and, at my comment, began to tear up. "Shut up Jackie! You just shut up about that! You don't know anything about it! And someday he'll forgive me and take me back. I know it! And, anyway, this isn't about me. It's about you and your stupidity.

"Look at what you have! You have it all girl. Joe works as hard as he does to give you all the things you ask for. And admit it! You are the one that wanted the pool, the Jacuzzi, the furniture, the decorator, that damned car, all of it! He never wanted any of those things, but you did. So, what do you expect him to do? Go to prison by stealing things or work as hard as he does to pay for them?"

I knew she was right. Damn it, I did demand those things. I guess it was a catch 22 thing. I wanted things; Joe had to work to get them; and then I bitched because he wasn't home with me to enjoy them. But Joe understood that, didn't he? It all made my head hurt when I tried to work it out. But whatever, I missed Joe and I was bored.

"So, what do I do to get away from being bored? Tell me sister dear; what do you do now that you are single and alone?" Her divorce was finalized just a month ago and she was now Evelyn Chambers again. Will made her give up her married name of Gamble.

"I know of a few places where I go to get my pipes cleaned. Just good clean fun with some gentlemen who know how to keep their mouths shut and their eyes closed. No commitments, no requirements and nothing but fun." She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned.

"So, you are getting laid aren't you? I thought you looked relaxed a few times when you came over. I bet those were the days after you got screwed weren't they?" Damn! I knew it!

"So what? I'm single and I have needs. I just find a guy who looks hot and who shows some interest. That's all it is. Just a quick fuck and then he goes away. That's how I want it. No names and no promises."

She seemed to be telling me the truth. Evelyn was really waiting for Will to come back so she didn't want anything permanent to interfere. I wasn't going to burst her bubble about Will. I did know he was already seeing someone else but I didn't tell Evelyn. No need to hurt her.

"OK sis, it's fine with me. But I'm still bored. Why don't I come with you some night? Get my own pipes cleaned?" I was only kidding but for some reason, Evelyn took me seriously. She looked at me for the longest time before answering.

"Well, if you were interested, I know a couple of guys that could keep their mouths shut and who would show you a nice time. They like the married ones: no chance that they'll talk. I think they're both married themselves so they want to keep it on the QT."

"Shit sis, I was just jerking your chain! I wouldn't cheat on Joe! For God's sakes Eve, how could you think that I could do something like that?"

"Well I guess I misunderstood you then. Sounded like you were bored with things the way they are but you don't want to give up the good life and move on. So, it seems to me that the best thing to do is combine all the good things and do away with the bad. Good things like getting laid on the side and doing away with your boredom. Bad things like sitting alone here amongst all these goodies without getting your pipes reamed out. Except by Joe on those rare occasions when he isn't too busy making more money to buy you some more goodies."

She leaned back against the cushions and stretched out one well tanned leg as she smiled at me. It was the same smile she used when she knew she had me cold. Did she? I wondered.

"Yeah, well, I don't know. I don't want to fuck up what I have, that's for sure; but it is true that Joe hasn't had the time or the willingness lately to take care of my business."

"So, what do you say? Want to come with me tonight? Joe is gone for the next three days isn't he? Now is the time sis. Now is the time."

I considered that while I sipped on a cold beer. Evelyn went for a dip while I sat back and considered my options. It was true that I was bored but I loved my husband and would never consider cheating on him. But I was bored. So, what if I went with Evelyn one evening, just to have a few drinks, some good company and maybe some dancing. Nothing more than that. If she wanted to go out and get laid then I would just drive myself home. Better to take my car then.

As Evelyn dried off, I made up my mind. I would go out with her but keep to my principles. Just some conversation, some flirting, a few drinks and dances and then home. No harm, no foul.

"OK sis. I'm going with you tonight. But, I drive and if you want to bed some guy, no problem. I'll just have a few drinks, some dancing and conversation and then home. Alone!"

"Great! The Chambers sisters out on the town again, just like it used to be. We can have some fun and maybe meet a couple of nice guys who just want some company. Nothing kinky or nasty."

Evelyn headed for home to change and get ready. I called Joe around quarter to eight that evening to tell him I was going out with Evelyn to see a show. Why I lied to him was simple: nothing to explain. A show was harmless, but if I told him I was going to a bar with my sister, he would have a fit. He knew Evelyn and while he liked her, he didn't trust her to keep me honest. He knew her pretty well. So I decided to lie. It made me uncomfortable but I knew it would be kinder to him so that he wouldn't have to worry.

I picked her up at eight and we headed over to the Nightshade, an upscale bar and grill. It had a nice dance floor, a good crowd most nights and Eve knew the bartender and said he was a nice guy. Whatever, it sounded safe and maybe could turn into a pleasant evening. We walked into the bar at just after eight thirty. It was already crowded and the crowd seemed to be well on their way to happy. Eve and I found a table and took our places. After a waitress took our order, Evelyn began to look around. She waved a few times, smiled once or twice apparently recognizing some people.

We spent an hour dancing with a few of the guys who asked, had another drink or two from complimentary orders from admirers and in general, just looked around. It was sort of fun to be in the 'hunt' again, just like old times with my sister before we both got married. Evelyn went back to it after her separation and divorce while I hadn't been out with just her for years. I was feeling good but Evelyn was getting restless. She sat looking around again and finally tapped me on the arm.

"OK sis. We got a couple of possibles and one very likely. I like one of the possibles for myself and I know you'd like the very likely. What do you say: should I invite them over for a drink or two?" Evelyn was already randy and looking for satisfaction.

"Go for it sis. I'll keep the other occupied when you get ready to make your break. Have fun when you do." I giggled, surprising myself. I hadn't giggled in years. I decided then that I had best cut back on the booze if I was going to drive myself home.

Evelyn left and returned with two good looking guys following close behind. She sat in her seat and waved them to the two remaining chairs. I watched both as they sat. I looked at Eve and she blinked once then smiled.

"This is my sister Jackie, fellas. Jackie, this one here is Jake and the other is Walt. Jackie's my twin. We're like two peas in a pod. We share everything. Jackie, Walt is very interested in getting to know you. Jake already knows me so I'm all he gets."

Since we weren't twins, I knew Evelyn was giving me the sign she was going to go home with Jake. Walt was mine for the rest of the evening. I nodded at him and then gave Evelyn the nod that told her I was OK with her plans. She nodded back and we began to talk, just shooting the breeze. Jake asked Eve to dance and Walt followed, asking me. That was why I was there so I followed him onto the dance floor and found him to be an excellent dancer.

We danced a few fast dances and then a couple of slow ones, Walt holding me close and up tight. I felt his excitement and I enjoyed the teasing, but that was all it was going to be. I was enjoying myself, thinking of nothing except the fun I was having until Evelyn excused herself to go to the little girl's room. Right on cue, Jake stood up two minutes later and excused himself to go to the men's restroom. I watched him go with a smile, knowing we wouldn't see either of them again this night.

I turned back to Walt and while we talked about nothing particular, I checked him out. He was a good looking guy: tall, well over six feet, dark hair, deep green eyes, a sharp jaw with a cute dimple, well built as I knew from dancing with him and smooth as silk on his feet. He was intelligent, as I gathered from talking with him and he was interested in me, that much I also knew from dancing with him. I found myself looking more and more at his lips as he talked. His lips looked quite inviting and I found myself licking mine. The thought of his mouth pressed against mine was making me wet. I looked up to find his eyes fastened to my breasts and without warning, I started to giggle again.

Walt was smiling as I giggled and he seemed to understand what I was giggling about. He took my hand and said "Why don't we have another drink and just relax? I'll get us something. OK with you?"

I nodded happily and watched him walk toward the bar, noticing that he had a nice behind. I admired his tight ass as he stood at the bar waiting for our drinks. I thought briefly that I had already had too much to drink, but Walt was being a gentleman and I was having fun, so what the heck.

Walt and I had a few more drinks and danced several more slow dances when he finally looked at his watch and asked me if I wanted to go. I tried to focus on my own watch but finally gave up and just nodded affirmatively. He stood, reached down to pull me to my feet and helped me toward the door. I found that walking was more difficult than I remembered but with his help, I made it outside. He pointed toward the side and I followed him, walking with his help. If he had let me go, I would have collapsed right there, but his strong arms around me were comforting and I enjoyed the feeling of his strength,

Walt led me toward the back of the lot, away from my own car. I wondered at that, but then told myself I was too drunk to drive. Walt was taking care of me. That was very nice. He opened the door of a sedan and helped me into the back seat, making sure my head was clear. I slid in, and Walt followed. I sat there, wondering what I should do when Walt's arms slid around me and pulled me tight against him.

It felt good to be held that way. I lifted my face up to tell him thanks when he pressed those luscious lips of his against my own. I kissed him back, the whole evening's anticipation satisfied. He was a great kisser and I tried to kiss him back with the same passion. I was just beginning to get into it when his tongue slipped between my lips and explored the inside of my mouth. Well, I could do that as well, so I did. I heard a moan from Walt, telling me he was enjoying me. That made me happy.

When he slipped one hand inside my blouse and cupped my breast, I moaned. It felt good to have his strong hand on my breast. It seemed right somehow. Thanks for being my protector? Yeah, that was it. I began to enjoy the feeling of his fingers on my nipple and when he gently squeezed it, the slight pain felt wonderful. I pressed tighter against him to let him know it was good.

Before I realized what he was doing, he had my blouse open all the way and my skirt unzipped. When he pulled my skirt down my hips, my butt lifted of its own accord to make it easier for him. Somehow, I was being undressed by this man and I didn't even care. There was no guilt, no worry, no recriminations. This was right. This was my protector and nothing he did was wrong. No, he was perfect and he wanted me. How could I say no to that?

As I thought these things, I was quickly stripped of my panties and my bra. I was completely naked in this man's car but it was OK since he was quickly following suit. I watched in fascination as the muscles rippled in his well developed chest as he removed his own clothing. I was thrilled by the feel of his skin, hot and slightly moist with perspiration as he pulled me tight against him again. This was where I wanted to be and where I belonged. I put my arms around the back of his head and pulled that wonderful mouth toward mine.

As we kissed, his hands were roaming over my body and leaving a trail of tingling behind. When one hand slipped between my legs, I opened for him, groaning when one finger slipped inside me. I held on tight as he began to push into me, pulling back and repeating the action. When his thumb moved over my clit, I lost all thought and reason, wanting only to be used by this protector. One finger was replaced with two, his hand becoming a blur as he plunged in and out. I was raising my hips up to meet his hand and gasping in ecstasy as he brought me to a shattering climax. I moaned into his mouth as I crested, then slowly came back down to earth.

He continued to kiss me, his tongue probing and exploring as I relaxed my tense muscles. That had been an amazing experience and I was satisfied now, more than I had been in some time. As I thought this, he pulled his wonderful mouth away and lowered me back against the seat. I was perfectly comfortable, one leg up on the back of the seat and one on the floor. Walt moved between my open legs and dropped slowly down toward me, his elbows resting on the seat, my head in between. As his lips lowered toward mine again, I felt his manhood slip into my opening.

This was the moment that changed my whole life. Up till now, what I did was just some schoolgirl petting, his hands the only thing inside me. I had not been unfaithful except in a minor way. This was the moment I could have said "NO!" and kept everything the same as it had been. This was the moment I should have told Walt that I enjoyed him but couldn't do this with him. This was the moment: I let it pass as I said "Do it! Fuck me!"

Walt lowered himself down further, penetrating me completely. I felt him fill me up, more than Joe ever had. He was so much larger than my Joe, I felt things I had never experienced before. The feeling of fullness was wonderful! I felt him move inside me, touching parts of my vagina that had felt only a finger before this, my own muscles gripping and holding his manhood. As I felt him enter me fully, my head went back and my mouth opened in a silent scream of pleasure. I wanted to sob in agony when he pulled back but that was quickly smothered as he slammed back inside me. That was pure joy: nothing else could describe it.

The next few minutes went by in pure bliss, my mind not thinking, or understanding or processing anything rationally. It was pure, driving sex, his body slamming into mine as he pounded into me over and over! I was gripping him as tight as I could, the pleasure driving me to heights I had never reached before this. I was mumbling incoherently as his cock drove all thought from my mind. Pounding, driving, slamming into me! I was being royally fucked and I was almost mad from the pleasure.

As I orgasmed for the third time, my brain, soaked in alcohol for most of the evening began to function. My body had been burning all that alcohol in the heat of wild sex and it was rapidly metabolizing the rest. As the alcohol attached to the red blood cells was steadily replaced by oxygen, my mind began to recognize what I was doing and where I was.

I knew that I was in the backseat of a car, being fucked by someone who was not my husband. Now that I could think, my brain put that together with the fact that I was married to Joe and the result was sudden guilt. I felt the pain of realization just as Walt gave a huge groan, stiffened his body, and the cock that was still inside me pumped his cum into me. His climax was so intense that I made no impact on him as I tried to push him up and off of me. He remained in that position for the next two minutes as he came down from his own high.

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