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His eyes blinked and he yawned, he knew it was morning and his cock was hard with morning wood. He rolled over and took hold of his wife of three years, and kissed her on the cheek. His hands went directly to her breasts and he started to make her nipples harder. She stirred in her sleep and said "Tommy, don't please."

It didn't make any difference, as he rolled over and pushed her legs apart. She knew her breath was bad from sleeping overnight. He crawled on top of her and pushed his cock into her.

"That feels good, baby." He started to push into her, his cock hard as hell from the need to piss. Debra spread her legs and let him have his way with her. She started to get horny as his cock began to fuck her, "like that do ya, you beautiful whore."

She groaned and said, "Oh yeah baby, your cock feels so good."

Tommy worked his cock in and out of her cunt, then turned her over and fucked her doggy style. "Damn, you feel so good." He love the feeling of his 7 incher as it pushed in her cunt.

She was used to being used like this her husband took her this way often, she usually had his cock in the mornings one way or another. She was glad that she slept in the nude, but her hair was screwed up from the overnight sleeping, and her breath was real bullshit, but that was his problem. She felt his cock pushing in and out of her body, but she still loved it. She pushed back against him.

"That's it you fucking whore, fuck me back, make me feel good."

"Oh, yeah baby, push your cock into me, make me beg you to fuck me. I love your cock in me."

Tommy fucked her and pushed his cock in and out of her.

She put her head down and felt her orgasm begin and loved it. She felt him turn her over again and she spread her legs wide as he shoved his cock back into her, his balls slapping her ass as she lay there. He started to fuck her hard again, and her feet went to he back and she pushed against him as he continued to fuck her.

"I'm going to cum my little whore." He continued to fuck her and he looked down to see her from the little light that was coming through the window. She was beautiful even though she had just wakened. She looked into his eyes as he arched his back and pushed on last time into her pussy, and his cock pulsed as he shot his load into her body. When he was through, he pulled out, and got up.

"I've got to take a shower baby, work you know. Jerome will be here to give me a ride to the construction site. Love ya. I'll be back after the shower."

Debra, lay back in the bed and enjoyed the feeling, even though she felt his cum rolling from her pussy to her ass. She had been thoroughly fucked and she was happy.

It wasn't long before she heard the shower start and she smiled, she knew it would take him about ten minutes before he came out. She also knew he had already taken care of his morning business before he started the shower.

She didn't hear the door open, but looked up to see Jerome. "Damn, Debra, I guess that Tommy has had a good morning already."

Debra, tried to grab the bedclothes before he could see any more, but then she said to hell with it. "Jerome, you like what you see?" She spread her legs more as Jerome moved closer to her and pulled his cock out.

"Come her woman, and get yourself a mouthful of this." His black cock was beginning to harden and Debra moved closer to the side of the bed and he grabbed her hair and rubbed his cock on her face. "Taste good, baby?"

Debra just moaned as she enjoyed his cock rubbing on her face. Her tongue went out and she tried to lick the cock being presented to her. "That feels good Jerome, let me lick your balls."

Jerome lifted his cock and presented his balls to her. He loved it as she began to swirl her tongue trough the hair on his balls. "Damn, I wish my wife would do something like what you're doing right now. How long is Tommy going to be?"

Debra pulled her head back and said, "He'll only be about five or ten minutes, then he'll be out."

"Great, we've got to get to work on that house today. Get back to what you do so well Deb, I need to cum before we leave."

Debra worked her way back up his cock, until she found the head, then she opened her mouth and began to savor it. The head of his cock entered her mouth and she felt his shaft push in, then the head hit the opening to her throat. He pushed a little harder and the head slipped into her throat. She looked up at him, in the light that was pouring from under the doorway to the bathroom. She felt so good when a man was happy and his cock was buried in her mouth. She felt his balls push against her chin and he pulled her head close, making sure he was all the way in.

"Damn, girl that feels good." He let his cock slip back into her mouth and started to use her mouth for what it was for. His cock slipped in and out of her mouth. They heard the door open and the light burst into the room.

"Hey, Jerome, how ya doing, I see you are getting ready to feel good. How's that blowjob, is the whore doing it right for you?"

"Yea Tommy, even though she looks like hell, she should at least brush her hair now and then."

"I woke her up early, but I guess you saw that, when you looked at her cunt when you came in."

Debra, pulled her mouth away and told Tommy, "Both of you fuckers can got to hell", she pushed her mouth back over Jerome's cock and they both laughed. Tommy began to get dressed as Deb finished up what she had started.

When Tommy was finally dressed, he look over and Jerome was arching his back and was unloading his cock in he wife's mouth. Jerome pulled his cock loose and took her hair and wiped his cock, getting the cum from it. She stuck her tongue out at Jerome and Tommy said, "Well, I'm not going to kiss you, Deb, we have to go." With that Jerome put his cock back into his trousers and they left, leaving Debra on the bed. She fell back and lay there, enjoying the taste of the sperm still coating her mouth. She reached down and felt the stickiness of her pussy, remembering her husband fucking her before showering. She pulled her hand up and licked her fingers, she was so happy.

About an hour later, she climbed out of bed and took a shower, fixed her hair and makeup and cleaned the house. She wondered how Tommy and Jerome were doing.

Tommy was framing the house and looked over at Jerome, it was almost noon, and they need to go for lunch. He looked over the house and thought to himself that they would move to another, before they came back here, but the plumbers and electricians needed to finished their end of this project.

Tommy and Jerome went to lunch at the Easy-Out Diner, and had lunch, before they finished, Patty stopped by. Tommy had been talking to her for about a week now, and knew he would ask her to go to a bar with him soon. Patty flirted as she talked with Tommy and he asked if she wanted to go somewhere that afternoon. She thought about if and said she'd love to. Tommy took Jerome aside and told him that he need to take the afternoon off and wondered if he could use their truck. Jerome told him sure, go ahead, but he had to come back and pick him up after work. Tommy agreed and the three of them left.

Jerome got off at work and Tommy went on with Patty, they went on to the Fast Break. They could sit and watch the pool and play if they wanted to. Patty and Tommy, got close, drinking Coors light and enjoying themselves, actually after a couple of beers and different subjects in conversation, Tommy kissed her and then they sat even closer and she dropped her hands on his thigh and laughed as they got closer, finally after a couple of hours, Tommy asked if she could stay the night and she agreed. She had felt his cock and knew she would be in for a good night. He had felt her tits, and even pushed his hand into her pussy, feeling not only it, but feeling her ass also. He had decided that he would get a blowjob when he got her home. She was just a whore, the same as all of the women, especially the rednecks that he met when he was out. They staggered out to the truck and went back to the job to pick up Jerome.

When they pulled up to the job site, Tommy left the truck and went to get Jerome. When they met, Tommy asked if Jerome could come over later, after he told his wife that the two of them were going to do something together. The plan was all laid out. When Jerome showed up Tommy would leave Patty in the spare bedroom and leave her for him for the night. He readily agreed to that and they got ready and left. He drove them to Tommy's house and let them out. Tommy threw his arm around Patty and walked her into the house. When they entered, Tommy told Debra, that this was Patty and he would talk to her later. He walked Patty to the spare room and closed the door, taking Patty in his arms and kissing her deeply, pushing on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees. Patty knew what was expected of her and she pulled his zipper open, and fished out his cock. She smiled up at him and he said, "Hmmm, that is so nice, my cock is going to feel so good in your mouth. Do you like sucking cock? Or do you just do because your man thinks you should?"

"I love the taste of a hard cock, baby."

"Good, then suck it, I'll give you a load before we fuck. A little snack before the main event."

Patty, undid his belt, his pants and pulled them and his shorts down. His cocks stood straight out and his balls began to draw up. Tommy pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Patty, bent lower and unlaced Tommy's boots and pulled his socks off. He stood there nude as she began sucking his cock. He looked at her as her lips wrapped around his pecker, and she looked back at him.

"I knew you were a cocksucker when we talked this afternoon. I'm just glad that we are finding out this quickly. You do swallow don't you?"

Patty just moaned "Uh huh, hmmmm"

"I knew it, you're a fucking whore, aren't you Patty?"

She just looked and nodded her head with his cock buried deep. He watched as she began to mover her head up and down the length of his cock, watching as she drove to the end of it and his balls rested against her chin. He was proud of himself for the way his cock was always hard when he was in the mood for fucking. He loved watching his cock work the inside of her mouth. He grabbed her hair and began to use her mouth, his hips pushing as if her were fucking her mouth. He let her pull back and he removed his cock from her and then wiped it on her face, before stuffing her mouth full again. Her repeated this several time, before saying, "Lick my balls, baby, make them feel good, move that pubic hair around with your tongue, take the balls into your mouth and suckle on them."

Patty enjoyed having her mouth full of a man's balls and she showed him how she felt. His cock was laying against her face as she sucked his balls. Tommy grabbed his cock and left her with his balls. She looked up at him, her mouth full of meat and he dropped his cock and it slapped against her face. She licked his balls and then up his shaft until she got to the head, which she engulfed with her mouth, looking at him and she didn't stop, until her throat was embracing the head of his cock and as much shaft as she could take.

"You beautiful whore, what a cocksucker. You ball licking bitch, I am going to blow a load down your throat before you are done with me. You are such a slut."

Her mouth went up and down the shaft and she sucked him fantastically, trying to earn that sticky liquid that was going to follow. She pulled back so that the head alone was on her tongue and took a deep breath. Her mouth went back down and her hand held his balls as she did.

Tommy grabbed her hair and began to fuck her mouth again, heading for the release that he was sure was coming. He watched her and then his balls tightened and his cock grew even harder.

Patty felt the track along the bottom of his cock flatten out and knew what was coming. She looked up and saw Tommy with his eyes shut at the same time that her mouth was flooded with that creamy white sticky stuff, and she milked his shaft, trying to pull all of the cum from it.

Tommy looked down as he finished cumming and watch as the last little bit was taken from his shaft and kept filling her mouth. His shaft started to go a bit limp, but Patty kept sucking very gently and he just enjoyed the feeling of her mouth on his cock. He pulled her to her feet and started to remove her clothes. When he pulled her panties off, he brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply. Then he picked her up and put her on the bed.

She spread her legs and he moved up and fed her his cock. "Make this hard, I'm going to fuck you now."

Patty sucked his cock, and it began to harden. When she got it standing up, he moved over between her legs and pushed his cock into her. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he began to fuck her. They kissed and his tongue drove into her mouth and he could taste his own cum because the inside of her mouth was still covered with it. He fucked her even harder as they kissed and she had her first orgasm of the night. His hands grabbed her ass and he spread the cheeks apart as he fucked her.

While he held her asscheeks, he moved his hand down and pushed a finger into her asshole, and she kissed even harder. He pushed it even deeper, and her legs spread, taking every bit of cock as she did. They didn't hear anything, but Debra had opened the door and stood watching. She was nude, having removed her clothing. She mover over to Tommy, knelt behind them and began to tongue Tommy's asshole. Tommy groaned, pulled back from Patty and said, "That's Debra, my wife, Patty."

"Damn, Tommy, you didn't tell me you were married."

"Whoops, sorry, Patty. Debra, come and meet Patty."

Patty took her tongue from Tommy's ass and moved up to Patty as he continued to fuck her. "Hey, Patty, nice to meet you."

Tommy continued fucking Patty and Debra moved over and kissed her. Patty kissed her back and Debra's tongue began to swirl with Patty's. When the finished kissing, Debra, moved back to be behind Tommy, and began licking his asshole.

"You know what she's doing don't you Patty?"

"Uh huh."

Patty moved her mouth back to Tommy and she had another orgasm as he fucked her. Damn, she thought, this is fantastic, and her legs wrapped around Tommy's middle and she made sure she was fucking him back.

Tommy, grabbed her and turned her over, and she straddled him. Debra moved around while they were turning and when Patty moved down to kiss Tommy, she moved behind Patty and began rimming her sweet asshole. When Tommy took her in his arms, he felt Debra's hand on his cock and he slowed and she pulled his cock free. After Debra had taken one more lick of Patty's asshole, she put the head of his cock at the puckered entrance and Tommy pushed forward, parting the sphincter until his cock was buried. Debra began to lick Tommy's balls while he fucked Patty's ass. Patty moved down and kissed Tommy enjoying the feeling in her ass and mouth from his tongue. She knew that Debra was licking Tommy's balls but none of that mattered any more, all that mattered was the man's beautiful cock plunging into her body. Patty orgasmed again as she screamed out in pleasure as the man above her continued fucking her ass.

Tommy knew he was close to cumming as he felt his balls draw up, and again he turned Patty over and pushed his cock into her body, stoked a couple of time and began to empty his cock into her pussy. When he was finished he rolled over and Debra crawled between his legs. She looked at his cock and balls and she began to lick him, first his balls, then his cock and the combined juices and tastes of her beautiful man, and the woman he has conquered and her ass. The tastes were beautiful and she savored them as she cleaned his cock and balls. When he was finished with her, he picked her head up, and looked at her and smiled. "Thank you, you beautiful cunt."

Looking over at Patty, he pushed Debra, "Clean her up you whore."

Debra moved over and settled between Patty's legs, she kissed her pubic mound and smiled up and moved down, eating the cum that she found there. Patty spread her legs more and offered her cunt to Deb and with that when she got most of the sperm in front of her, she moved her head down and her tongue found Patty's stretched asshole and began to lick that clean also. Patty moaned, "Hmmm, so good baby, eat my ass, damn that feels soooooo good."

When Deb had finally finished she stopped and moved up to lie next to Tommy, as he held onto the woman in front of him. He pushed away from both of them and headed for the shower. Debra, looked over at Patty and asked, "Well where did you meet him, Baby?"

"At the diner where he always has lunch, but I didn't know he was married."

"It doesn't matter, he brings home women now and then, and I know what is expected of me most of the time." She moved next to Patty and put her arms around her and looked her directly in the eyes. The she moved forward and kissed Patty, her hand going to the other girl's pussy, knowing that she was allowing the taste of her pussy to go into her mouth. Her body moved closer, and her hand moved up to cup her breasts first one then the other. Patty kissed her back and she lay back and spread her legs as Deb moved closer and she moved above her. Patty moved her hand between Deb's legs and she felt her cunt for the first time, her finger working it's way to her clit. Debra spread her legs a bit and Patty pushed her finger into the gap that was left. The kiss between them was intense, and the finger in her pussy felt so good. As the kiss between them dwindled a bit, Patty started to move her way down, for one thing the feeling between her legs was a bit of soreness and she wanted to eat pussy for the first time. She moved down, her mouth covering Debra's breasts and then her nipples. Debra held and patted her head as it continued it's journey. Patty, continued her movement and kissed the length of Debra's beautiful torso, until she felt the pubic hair touch her face.

She looked directly at the hair in front of her and inhaled deeply. The smell of cunt was overwhelming and as she moved forward she wondered what it would be like, she had never eaten a woman before and knew it would be different, but she pushed her tongue against Debra's clit and licked. The taste wasn't that bad and she pushed her tongue into the deep end of the pussy before her and ran in all over the inside, then swallowed. She like the taste and began to move her tongue over and over the cunt again. She loved the taste of pussy, and she looked up to see Debra looking at her. Debra spread her legs even wider and Patty went at it.

"Your first time, baby?"

Patty pulled back and said, "Yeah, it is, so help me if I'm doing things right."

"No, you're fine, keep it up, I won't be long."

Patty kept at it, running her tongue over Deb's clit and up and down her pussy lips. She loved the smell of the pussy before her and became completely absorbed in the taste and scent she was experiencing. Quickly, Debra put her legs tighter against Patty's head and began to have and orgasm. "Oh, baby, that feels so good. I love you eating my cunt."

Slowly, Patty kept licking at her friends pussy, now wanting to rush her. She pulled away and smiled at her new friend, her face completely wet with the girl's juices. She had done well.

They lay in each others arms and kissed and held each other. What a wonderful evening it had become. After they had laid there for a few minutes, they stood, held hands and went to look for Tommy. He was found in the living room in a pair of boxers and Debra said, "I think we're going to shower, if that's okay baby."

"Yeah, that's great baby, go ahead."

Debra walked over and kissed Tommy, and so did Patty.

Tommy smiled and said, "Well, I guess you've been eating cunt haven't you, Patty."

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