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Contest Bonus


Authors note: For those of you who wondered what happened to Violet and Jared after Danielle left... =) Also, by request from a big fan of the Contest Series... I hope you enjoy.


After Danielle left Violet and Jared immediately went upstairs and fell asleep, very tired from their heavy exertions the night before - and the pretty half-Asian knew that she'd need plenty of sleep for whatever the big black dom had in store for her. Her suspicions were right too, Jared hadn't revealed half of what held ready now that he had Violet to play with - Danielle had been fun but Violet, for him, was the real prize and he was seriously going to put her through her paces. They had 6 days left.


~Day One~

Directly after breakfast Violet cleaned the dishes while Jared went downstairs to "prepare" things... something that made her a little nervous. She had noticed that the other room in his basement had a clothe over the doorway and had wondered what might be behind that; now she was thinking that it might be something he'd been saving up ever since she'd promised him her body if she could get her hands on Danielle. Whatever it was, it was worth it, she decided. The night before with her friend had been spectacular, just finally getting the blonde between her legs (and her own head between Danielle's not incidentally) and also watching Jared fuck her every which way, it had been wonderful.

When Jared's voice called her down to the basement she went eagerly, her curiosity highly aroused.

Upon entering the room, she gasped, eyes wide at its new setup. Under the hook where they had stretched Danielle's body out there was now a kind of horse, but its length was the shape of a triangle with blunted edges. There was another horse set up in a different part of the room, it was shaped a little strangely - wider at each end and more narrow in the middle - after a moment she realized that her breasts would hang on either side of the narrow part while her head and groin would rest comfortably on the wider parts. To the side there was a table that looked an awful lot like the one a woman would lay on when she went to the gyno, but this one had straps to hold her arms down and her legs to the stirrups. The other room was visible now, with some kind of shower head in it and a drain in the corner... looking over the entire changed room she felt her heart sink a little. This was going to be rough.

Standing in the center of the room, smiling at her apprehensive expression was Jared, slowly stroking his already very hard cock, "Come here Violet."

She obeyed, she was already naked (and had been so since last night) so there were no clothes to take care of. Instead he used leather cuffs to secure her hands behind her back and then, standing in back of her began running his hands all over her body while she fondled his dick and balls as best she could while he pressed it into her back. He was so much larger than her that she felt very insecure and vulnerable, his big hands cupped her breasts and nearly covered them. Violet moaned as he pinched her nipples roughly, twisting them back and forth, darts of pain shooting along her breasts as he manhandled her. Abruptly turning her around, his lips descended on hers and his tongue forced her mouth open, kissing her deeply while his big hands rubbed and squeezed her ass cheeks. Pulling his mouth away he turned to a table near them, on which she saw many different sized dildos and butt plugs, different kinds of clamps, whips and ticklers, a crop, a paddle... it made her shudder with anxiety. Jared grabbed a bag full of clothespins.

Sucking hard on her right nipple, she moaned as he bit down on the tender bud, and then pulled his mouth away. Tensing, she prepared herself for what was coming and whimpered a little as the clothespin closed over her erect pink bud. Lowering his mouth to the left nipple, Jared repeated the process, sucking on her tasty flesh and biting down before attaching the clothespin. Kneeling in front of her he spread her pink pussy lips, and Violet whimpered pitifully as his fingers rubbed along the wet flesh, and he hung three clothespins on each of her outer lips and completed it with one biting into her clit. By the time he was finished she was panting as the burning took over her pussy and breasts, making her even hotter even as she gasped in pain.

Standing straight, he pressed her down to her knees so that his large wide cock bobbed in front of her face, willingly she opened her mouth as the head pressed forward towards her lips. With her hands behind her back, clothespins hanging off her tits and pussy, she made a very pretty site. Big black hands wound in her brown hair as his dark eyes smiled down at her.

"You're going to swallow all of me Violet," and her eyes looked up at him, startled, she wasn't sure she could take a cock as big as hers all the way into her mouth, "And you will not bite down or I will use an o-ring and you will still have to swallow me."

Understanding, she began to wet his dick with her saliva and tongue, sucking hard as she slowly began working her way down the big black shaft, pretty pink lips wrapped around him securely. Further and further it pressed into her mouth, making her gag and choke a little as the head began to tap her gag reflex. After a few moments of watching her try and fail, Jared used his hands in her hair to press her forward, shoving his dick past her gag reflex and down her throat before she could even react. Violet tried to scream as his dick entered her throat, her face suddenly pressing against his body as her lips wrapped around the base. The convulsing of her throat muscles gave his dick a massage as he held himself there, moaning at the tightness and pleasant sensations of her throat. When she thought she might faint from lack of air, he finally pulled back, just enough for her to breath and she inhaled heavily. Giving her a few moments of air, he pressed her head back down onto him, and then began a steady rhythm of pulling out and pressing bad down her throat as Violet swallowed nausea and tried to concentrate on breathing when he pulled out.

It became easier as he continued, she just relaxed and let him take over, fucking her pretty mouth as he would her pussy. Of course, as soon as she began to relax and accept the dick pressing down her throat, her attention was able to turn back to the burning pain in her pussy and tits. As her breasts bounced while he pulled her body back and forth her nipples burned as the clothespins pinched and wobbled, her pussy was on fire with pain and need and she realized that she was wet just from the clothespins and giving him head. It was a startling realization, she who did not commonly kneel before a man was wet as she swallowed the largest amount of cock she'd ever taken in her mouth. In fact, she even began to enjoy her vulnerable state, enjoy the burning and the filling of her mouth and throat. Humming as he pressed inward, she sent the vibrations speeding up into his body and he groaned his pleasure as his eyes devoured the sight of her pretty pink lips wrapped around his cock.

Finally he began pumping harder and faster into her mouth, making it more difficult for her to breath and to relax, her throat began moving around his dick again as her body tried to adjust. With a low groan he pulled her head flat against his body and held it there, his dick pulsing across her tongue as spurt after spurt of cum went straight down her throat and into her belly. Suddenly, he pulled out and the last few blasts hit her straight in the face and across her aching breasts, startling her and making her feel a bit disgusted. Cum was dripping off her lips and chin as he smiled, amused at her repulsed expression. Sliding his fingers along her face and breasts, he brought cum covered fingers to her lips so that she could suck them clean. Eventually he had cleaned all the white spunk from her body and she had sucked it all of his fingers.

"Good girl," he murmured and he picked her up. The jostling of the clothespins on her nipples and pussy made her moan with discomfort as he carried her to the gyno table and laid her on her back. Strapping her arms above her head he secured each ankle to a stirrup and then secured each stirrup to the side so that her legs were spread wide, the clothespins hanging down in front of her very wet flesh. He pulled the table with all the implements of torture over to where she was laying - apparently it was on wheels. Taking a penis shaped object with a strap around it, he popped the 3 inch penis into her mouth and then put the strap around her head and she realized that it was a gag. The rubber penis lay against her tongue as she watched in wide fascination.

Jared pulled her body forward so that her hips were at the end of the table and then he used straps over her thighs and her waist to secure her in place. The amount of time and care spent on keeping her exactly where he wanted her made Violet feel very anxious. She was right to be so. As soon as he had her where he wanted her he took a multi-strand rubber whip and lashed it across her breasts with enough force to knock the clothespins off. Almost no sound came from behind her gag even though she screamed as the pain filled her breasts, blood rushing back into her nipples as the stings from the whip burned. Without giving her time to recover he slammed the whip down across her pussy, and the clothespins fell from her delicate flesh at the force of the blow. Now she understood why she was so securely strapped in, her body tried to thrash and move but it couldn't, not even an inch. Tears filled her eyes as he began to slap the whip against her thighs, hard so that it stung. He whipped the inside of her thighs, the tops of her thighs, and the backs of her thighs with an underhand stroke, slowly working up the length of her legs towards her pussy. Trying to squirm, she was filled with dread as the heavy stinging whip came nearer and nearer her tender pink pussy lips.

The whip slapped the visible cheeks of her ass over and over, turning the bottom side of her ass a bright pink, again working from the outside of her cheeks in towards her pussy. The fear was almost as bad as the pain that was now covering her legs and part of her ass, but even then he didn't whip those tender folds. Instead, he began at her lower stomach and began whipping slowly up towards her breasts. She jerked a little in her bonds, and her breasts bobbled on her chest as the whip came closer and closer, the emotions running through her a slow torture as the whip slapped against the undersides of her pretty globes. All around her breasts the ends of the whip slapped, making pink marks on the creamy flesh, slowly making a circular path inwards to her nipples. Just before she thought he was going to start to whip her nipples though, the circles began to move outwards again, all the way to the outer parts of her globes and then back in. Her breasts were bright pink as he approached the erect and tender buds again, burning with pain and she found herself almost wishing that he would just whip her nipples. At least then it would have happened and the anticipation of the moment wouldn't be so bad... and her poor globes were bright pink and burning as the whip continued to slap against them.

When the whip finally slapped down on her right nipple, and then just as quickly her left, she jerked and screamed, her back arching as her breasts bounced. Although she was reacting to the pain, the arching of her back pressed her pink tits up in the air more, making it look like she was begging for more punishment. Jared obliged, whipping her nipple mercilessly, over and over until they were two red, raw looking erasers, standing completely erect on her pink chest. Tears were streaming down her face as the pain burned in her nipples and breasts, agony screaming through her body at the heavy abuse. She wondered if this was what Danielle had felt like when her tits were being tortured - but by all accounts what Danielle had gone through had been even worse in a lot of ways.

Sobbing through the gag, Violet watched as he slowly began to whip back down her stomach, a straight line down the center of her body. It was so slow... so agonizing to wait as it was obvious that he was finally going to whip her poor tender pussy... and after the way he'd treated her breasts she knew better than to hope for gentleness with the whip. To her surprise, when the whip slapped against the folds of her pinkness, it made a wet slapping sound... despite all the pain that was suffusing her body, despite the fact that her nipples were red and angry looking and her breasts completely pinked by the abuse, she was wet and turned on from it all. It made very little sense to her, but as the whip continued to slap against her pussy, making her jerk and cry out with the pain that ran through her body, she realized that she was very aroused.

Over and over the whip made wet smacking sounds on her open pink folds, turning her outer lips as pink as her insides and abusing the sensitive insides terribly. Jared seemed to delight in the moments when the ends of the whip would connect with her poor clit, making the tender nub swell as she thrashed and screamed in pain... and yet her pussy never dried out, it just kept getting wetter and wetter. Violet was sobbing when he finally finished whipping her pussy. Letting the whip drop to the ground the big black man lowered his mouth to her open legs, sliding his tongue along the sweet juices that had gathered in her folds. Even the soft touch burned and her back arched as the pleasure and pain mixed, confusing her body.

Standing between her legs, big black and imposing, he pushed the head of his cock into her brutalized pussy, and she moaned as he began to stretch her open. Her whole body felt like it was on fire when his hands came down on her breasts and began squeezing them roughly, pink flesh swelling between his fingers as his body finally pressed against the reddened lips of her cunt. Violet writhed in pain as he began to thrust in and out of her body, nerve endings tingling pain and pleasure in an endless mix as his hands mauled her breasts and he speared her red cunt, juices coating his dick every time he pulled out. Moaning like an animal, he had no mercy as he pumped her hard, making her scream with the pain even as she quivered with ecstasy. Tears poured from her wide eyes as she looked up at his face, disfigured by his lust and joy in torturing her body.

As his dick painfully thrust in and out of her brutalized cunt she began to shake, her breasts wobbling in his hands as fingers cruelly pinched her raw nipples. Head back, she began to scream as the most intense orgasm she'd ever had slammed into her body, pounding her like a tidal wave. Thrashing and screaming behind the gag, her eyes were closed as the intense heat took over her body, and she quivered as the molten heat of his cum began to flow into her pussy. Opening her eyes she could see Jared in front of her, his back arched in tension as his dick was buried in her tortured body, she could feel him pulsing inside her as he came, his hands squeezing her breasts in their most painful grip yet. Finally, with one last shudder, he moaned and relaxed, his death grip on her breasts loosening. Looking down she could see white imprints on her tender flesh where his fingertips had pressed.

Jared carefully undid her bonds and popped the gag out of her mouth, putting it off to the side, picking her up he carried her exhausted body to his bed where he tucked her in gently. Violet slept for the entire afternoon, until he woke her for dinner. Sitting wasn't much fun, but he'd thoughtfully provided a cushion for her tender lower body while she ate. Afterwards, they want back upstairs and he fucked her again on the bed - quick hard and merciless... although afterwards she realized that he'd done it so quickly because she'd been in so much pain from the handling of her body again. And he thoughtfully ate her out afterwards, drawing an orgasm from her aching body with his tongue before they fell asleep, his arms wrapped possessively around her.

~Day Two~

In the morning he had a morning wood, but allowed her to just suck him off - although he did repeat his performance of pressing her head all the way down on his dick as she sucked. Moving was slightly painful, and she hoped with all her heart that he wasn't planning on putting her on another of his apparatus' in the basement. To her relief, after breakfast they took a slow shower where he gently washed her sore body, being particularly careful with her breasts and pussy (thankfully since they still hurt to touch.). Kissing her gently he said he needed to get some work done for a couple hours and left her in his library reading and passing a rather pleasant morning. By lunch time she was feeling much better even though her breasts and pussy were still sore.

After lunch he placed her on a soft cushiony ottoman in front of his large screen TV. Turning it on, he began to run his hands over her ass, spanking the cheeks lightly with his palm as she watched with wide eyes as his friend Chris tortured Danielle's massive breasts. It made her feel very grateful that Jared had been relatively easy on her last night... then again Jared also wanted her in shape for more tortures for the rest of the week. That may very well have a lot to do with it. Her own breasts were pressed flat against the smooth silky suade of the ottoman but the pain was dulled to a throb, and Jared had now stopped spanking her ass (it didn't hurt very much at all which was also nice). Slick fingers began to press into her asshole as she was entranced by the scene on the television, and she moaned a little as the two fingers stretched her tight hole open. Violet moaned, eyes wide as on screen Chris was putting rubber bands on Danielle's massive boobs, disfiguring the huge globes, and behind her pleasant sensations were running through her asshole as she was filled with fingers.

When Chris began whipping Danielle's multi-colored tits while they were still encased in the rubber bands, Violet moaned in sympathy and arousal as Jared's thick cock began its journey into her asshole. In a way, she was rather relieved that he was fucking her ass and not her pussy because her pink folds were still very sore to touch, and the discomfort in her asshole as he stretched her open was rather preferable at the moment. Besides, the sight before her on the large screen TV was erotic, not to mention so horrible that she couldn't take her eyes away as her friend's body jerked and thrashed, tears rolling down her face as her huge mammeries were tortured. Jared had begun a steady pumping motion in Violet's ass, shudders running through her body as Chris began rolling the rubber bands off of Danielle's breasts and rubbing them to get the circulation going again. It was like watching a train wreck as he clamped Danielle's poor purplish nipples and made a deep cleavage between her brutalized tits, Violet couldn't look away even though she wanted to. Sympathy for her friend coursed through her along with the pleasure as Jared's thick cock pumped slickly in and out of her ass, Chris's dick was now in the valley of Danielle's cleavage.

To her utter shock, as her friend began to cum on screen before her, reddish purple tits and nipples bobbling painfully, Violet began to cum too as Jared slammed her ass. Nothing had touched her clit or her pussy, and she was having an orgasm as her tight hole was pounded, shaking and shivering on the ottoman, asshole clenching around the invading cock. It wasn't intense like the one the night before, but it was definitely an orgasm and she clutched at the soft material that she was laying on, moaning loudly as her ass rippled around Jared. Grunting, he slammed her a few more times and then unloaded his seed into her dark hole, eyes on the TV as Danielle's discolored tits were covered in white cum.

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