tagInterracial LoveContrast in Color

Contrast in Color


Many thanks to my editor for your kindness and patience.


They were in a motel room. Almost strangers.

Driving to the motel, she recalled their conversations on the internet, and how sweet this man was. They had been chatting off and on for a long time and having much in common, had become friends and confidants. They had discussed meeting in person, but had not acted on it as yet.

One evening while chatting, he asked if she would meet him the next night, the place of her choosing, with the possibility of becoming lovers. She agreed to meet him. The subject of race had never come up. She had just assumed he was white like her so his next question surprised her.

"Have you ever been with a man of color before?"

"No I haven't."

"Have you heard rumors about our size?"

"Yes I have. Are those rumors true?"

"Yes they are. Does that scare you away?"

"No, it doesn't."


They continued talking and agreed upon a time and place, and now she was on her way to meet him.

They met at a local restaurant. Shortly after she arrived, she saw his car pull into the parking lot and park next to hers. He got out of his car first and she noted how tall he was, how well dressed he was, and how good looking he was. He was medium light skinned, his hair was cut short and he sported a short beard tinged in gray that was very becoming. She opened her door and stepped out, they introduced themselves, he opened the restaurant door for her and they walked inside.

After being seated in a small booth, they ordered coffee and pie. Conversation came easily for both of them as they knew it would. They told each other more about their respective lives, smiled a lot and flirted a little. She noticed how he stared at her.

"You're dead gorgeous," he said.

"Thank you," she replied, and flashed him a brilliant smile.

Upon leaving the restaurant that evening, they were walking to their respective cars when he asked if they could sit in her car for a while and talk. They talked freely about many things. They also talked about the possibility of becoming lovers.

He looked at his watch and said, "It's getting late and I should go. May I kiss you?"

"Please do."

His kiss was soft at first, his lips making love to hers, then he deepened the kiss and she responded in kind. She felt herself grow wet when his tongue sought hers. He was gentle and respectful and she wanted more of him.

He broke the kiss, his eyes roaming her pretty face and said, "Thank you for not letting race be an issue between us."

She responded with a smile.

When he got out of her car to leave, he turned to her and said, "I worry about people I care about. Will you call when you arrive home so I know you're safe?"


She did as he had asked and they talked for a few minutes. He told her when he was getting into his car, after the kiss, that he had a wet spot on the front of his trousers, and had driven all the way home aroused from the kiss. He gave her his office number and asked her to call him there anytime.

She did call him and they agreed to meet again. He told her that it would be difficult for him to meet her again and not make love to her but he would leave that decision up to her.

When they met, she asked him to follow her to the motel adjacent to the restaurant.

They found themselves in the motel room, almost strangers, yet not quite. After removing their coats, he asked her to lie on the bed next to him, fully clothed. She did.

"Are you nervous?" he asked.

"Yes, are you?"

"Yes", he said. He rolled onto his side, took her into his strong arms, and kissed her passionately. Many sweet and tender kisses later, he stood up and said, "I'd better remove my trousers, before they're stained with another spot." He stood up and said, "Too late"

She looked and there was a large wet area from his erection. He removed his trousers and she noted that he was wearing no underwear, his magnificent cock fully exposed.

She had determined that there are three sizes of cocks, smell, medium and OMG. He was without a doubt in the OMG category.

He unbuttoned his shirt and stood before her. Her eyes roamed his body, from his handsome face to his hair covered chest, and thick perfectly shaped manly legs. He's beautiful, she thought, everything about him is beautiful.

He removed the rest of his clothing, then lay down taking her into his arms and holding her close to him. She felt his erection on her belly. After many passionate kisses, he asked her to stand up and remove her clothing. She turned her back to him and was taking off her earrings and necklace when she felt him standing behind her.

He pulled her hair back and began softly kissing her neck, first one side, then the other. She moaned and told him he had found her weakness, and if he continued, he would have to hold her up because her legs were turning to jelly. He reached around her and his hands found her breasts gently fondling them. He lay back down on the bed supporting himself on his elbows with his legs dangling and feet touching the floor, watching her.

She turned to face him, removing her clothes slowly, one piece at a time, and noticed his cock growing harder. She stood before him naked. He asked her to stand back and turn around slowly so he could see all of her. She did as he asked.

When she was facing him again, he said, "You're beautiful! Your breasts are lovely and perfect, and those long legs, oh those legs!"

The look of adoration on his face told her he meant what he was saying. No man had ever looked at her quite like that, and she would remember the look on his face the rest of her life. It was at that moment that she thought to herself, I could love this man.

He sat on the edge of the bed and reached for her. Taking her into his arms, they lay together skin to skin, enjoying one another's touch. Kissing, hands exploring, bodies demanding. He reached down and felt her hot wetness, sliding his finger up across her clit, while kissing her breasts, nibbling and suckling each hard nipple. She arched her back and moaned as the exquisite sensation shot from breast to clit in a matter of an instant.

He lay on his back and moaned when she took his cock in her hand. She began kissing her way from his lips to his neck, his chest, stomach, down to his cock. His cock was black, much darker than the rest of his skin, and beautiful, and she was amazed at it's size and girth.

She licked all around the head and stuck her tongue in the tip to taste him. He almost jumped out of his skin when she took his balls gently into her hand and began kissing them. She buried her face in them while holding his cock and stroking, then took each one into her mouth and sucked. His hips began thrusting when she licked and sucked the ever so soft area between balls and anus.

She slowly moved from that area to his throbbing cock. Taking it into her mouth, she sucked her way down the long shaft until her mouth touched his pubic hair, then pulled up with her lips tightly holding it. Up and down. Up and down, over and over again. She loved sucking cock, especially his. With one swift move she took it deep into her throat and held it there so he could feel the tightness.

He moaned and said, "Oh Baby, you are driving me crazy!!"

He reached down and pulled her to him, saying, "Turn about is fair play."

She loved what he was doing to her! Loved the way he took charge, the way he spread her legs wide and gazed at her womanhood.

"Oh yes, there it is," he said as his fingers opened her labia.

He lowered his head and tasted her, running his tongue up and down her slit, then over her hard and throbbing clit. He took it into his mouth and sucked lightly before using the tip of his tongue. He flicked his tongue furiously on her clit, over and over again, until she moaned and whimpered. She reached down with her hands and held his head to her, then began to move her hips up and down. She couldn't stop. She didn't want to stop. He was playing havoc with her love bud, playing it like a harp, making beautiful music that she felt all the way to her curled up toes.

She called out, "Please don't stop, Tony. Please."

He felt her stiffen, then heard her scream as she approached the no turning back high, that time of heavenly suspension just before the explosion. He felt her body convulse with each wave of her orgasm, and continued sucking her clit hard, sucking and listening to her screams of ecstasy, feeling her thrashing, her knees wrapped tightly around his ears.

He stopped his ministry to her clit, took her into his arms and held her tight, feeling her body jerk with each wave as she enjoyed the aftermath of an intense orgasm. He kissed her and told her he was there. Told her he wasn't going anywhere, to relax and enjoy. She clung to him, her arms around his body and her face buried in his broad chest. He rocked her, kissing her forehead and rubbing her back. She had never experienced such love and tenderness before this night.

She cuddled next to him, enjoying him. Her hand wandered to his still hard cock and he gasped. He fondled her breasts, playing with her hard nipples, then stood up and put a condom on. He hovered over her rosy flushed body, spread her legs wide and entered her an inch at a time, until he was fully enveloped by her womanhood. Lying on top of her bracing himself on his elbows face to face, he kissed her over and over again while moving in and out with a steady, slow rhythm. They looked at each other, eyes locking, as he continued making slow sweet love.

His hard cock felt wondrous to her, hitting all of the right places deep inside her. Soon she was meeting each of his thrusts with her own. He picked up speed and she wrapped her legs around him...her nails digging into his back as she climaxed again. A sweet, sweet orgasm, not as intense as the first one, but deeper and satisfying.

He withdrew and turned her onto her stomach, then stroked her bottom with both hands, calming her. With one hand on her bottom, he used his finger on the other hand tracing her ass crack all the way to her clit. He dipped his finger inside of her dripping wet pussy, then withdrew it and began rubbing her clit, gently at first and then harder and faster. She came again, almost immediately.

He loved watching her climax loved feeling her body quiver, loved holding her in his arms, knowing that he had given her the ultimate pleasure and relief. He lay on his back and asked her to climb on. She lowered herself onto his hard and throbbing cock, taking all of it inside her. She noticed, and not for the first time, her white skin against his dark skin. How lovely the contrast! Skin color made no difference to them. They were a man and a woman enjoying each other. Loving the things they were doing to and for each other.

She began riding him in earnest, faster and faster, her heart pounding in her chest, her love bud swollen.

"My god, you're killing me Baby," he said, then reached up and took a nipple into his mouth and nibbled.

Her orgasm was strong, powerful! He held her close, using his hand to gently push her hair back from her forehead and kissing her face until her breathing returned to normal.

"Get on your knees Baby."

He fucked her doggie style, his cock reaching to her cervix. Pounding her and pounding her, faster and faster. Her breasts were moving wildly with each hard thrust.

"Fuck me Tony, fuck me hard! That's it. That's it. Your cock feels so good! Please, please, don't stop, not now, not yet!

"Baby, Baby, your pussy is so tight, I'm going to come soon."

He felt her orgasm begin, her strong inner muscles clamping down hard on him, sucking come to the surface. He exploded deep inside her hot, wet, tight pussy, his orgasm so intense that he called out with each spurt of his hot come. After her muscles squeezed out the last drop, he lay on her back and said, "I think I've died and gone to heaven."

"Slowly turn on your side Baby, and I'll lay behind you. I don't want to take it out yet, I just want to hold you for a while."

He put his arm around her and she placed his brown hand on her white breast as he held her close to himself. He began slowly rocking her back and forth as if she were a baby, causing her to feel protected, and cared for, and cherished. His cock slowly slipped out, but they lay like that for a long time, talking and enjoying the intimacy.

Neither of them knew how far their friendship would progress, but knew they would enjoy each other's company for as long as it lasted.

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