tagMind ControlControl Ch. 02

Control Ch. 02


Julie Anderson returned from the bathroom feeling confused. She had just had her first sexual orgasm in over two years and it was very intense. However, she felt strange as if she had done something wrong. In the past when she used to have a sex life she never felt guilty like she did this morning. Also she could not understand why she suddenly became so sexually aroused. This was very unlike her and it worried her but on the other hand it had been fantastic.

Julie locked her bedroom door and sat looking at herself in the mirror. As she gazed at her naked body she had to admit she still looked okay. She knew many of the guys in town would just love to have her. However she was not interested in the complications of a relationship. Julie amazed herself as she allowed her hand to drift down between her legs where for the second time this evening she began to massage her already awaken clit.

Josh awakened the next morning early ready to begin another long summer day free to do what he wanted.

“Don’t you go getting into any trouble now,” his mom said as she left the house. “I have a roast in the frig that I want you to put in the oven at around 4:00. Okay?”

“Ok, and I won’t get into any trouble,” Josh said as he watched his mom get into the car.

Now home alone sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal Josh began to replay last night’s drama with his mother. He immediately felt his dick become hard. He unzipped his pants and whacked off all over the table. There was cum everywhere. Josh looked at the mess and an idea arose. He went to the refrigerator and got the roast. He then rolled across the table in his cum and returned to the refrigerator.

“That should be some interesting seasoning,” he laughed to himself.

Josh began his day walking in the woods with Ralphee. They hiked through the woods and he found himself at a neighbor’s house. Glancing through the trees he spotted Mrs. Johnson hanging clothes. Mrs. Johnson was about 40 or so and looked pretty good for a woman that age. While watching Mrs. Johnson Josh decided if his invisibility would work on her.

He focused himself, concentrated, and directed his thoughts at Mrs. Johnson, “You can not see me.” He repeated this several times as he walked toward the house. “Will this work on someone other than my family,” Josh wondered.

He then walked right up the yard and Mrs. Johnson suddenly said, “Hello Ralphee. What are you doing here? Where is Josh? You never go anywhere without him.”

Ralphee just wagged his tail and looked at her.

Josh had forgotten about Ralphee but that was okay. She could see Ralphee but she not see Josh.

Josh watched as Mrs. Johnson hung the clothes and he followed her into the house. She was wearing an old somewhat worn nightgown. Josh followed her as she walked inside. This area of country was mostly poor. Mrs. Johnson’s husband worked at the local mill and as with most who lived here they made enough to get by but just enough.

As Josh looked he could see Mrs. Johnson was not wearing a bra and he could see a good bit of one of her boobs through a tear in the fabric. Her boobs were larger than his mom’s and he wanted a better look.

Mrs. Johnson noticed Ralphee was sitting right outside the door. “Are you still here Ralphee?” she asked.

Josh was thinking of what he could do with Mrs. Johnson. There was no one around so it seemed a pretty safe situation.

“Take off your nightgown Mrs. Johnson,” Josh thought.

Mrs. Johnson suddenly felt anxious. In the past she had some anxiety attacks and now felt like the cloth of her nightgown was too tight on her even though it was hanging loosely about her. There was no one around to see so Mrs. Johnson let the nightgown slide off her down to the floor. She had not put on panties after her shower and she now felt much better now standing completely naked in her kitchen.

Josh saw that her breast were large and sagged some. The nipples were longer than his mom’s and she was wider at the hips. She had a large bush of dark hair between her legs that did not match the color of her hair on her head and a fairly large but.

Ralphee was whining at the door.

“What’s wrong with you Ralphee?” Mrs. Johnson asked Ralphee. She always like animals and his present seem to help her anxious feelings.

“Let Ralphee come in Mrs. Johnson,” Josh projected to Mrs. Johnson. He thought Ralphee should enjoy the view too.

Mrs. Johnson still standing naked looking a little dazed suddenly perked up and said, “Ralphee you look hungry. Come inside and let me get you something to eat.” With that she opened the door and Ralphee happily came in and stood over by the invisible Josh.

“Let me see what we have for you Ralphee,” Mrs. Johnson said as she looked in the refrigerator.”

Josh noticed a long piece of sausage and said, “Get the sausage for Ralphee.”

“Mrs. Johnson sit down in the chair.” Josh startled himself because he said this out loud. It did not appear to make any difference. Mrs. Johnson sat down in one of the old kitchen chairs at her table and looked at Ralphee.

“Open your legs, Mrs. Johnson,” he now said in a normal voice.

Mrs. Johnson was feeling a bit strange as she slumped down and opened her legs as Ralphee sat before her very interested in the sausage she held in her hand.

Mrs. Johnson was mostly definite feeling a bit strange. “It must be the heat,” she said to herself.

“Mrs. Johnson rub your pussy,” Josh commanded as he took out his already hardening member.

Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Johnson did not have much of sexual relationship. Mrs. Johnson had not been that interested after their third child was born. All the children were now older and two were in the military. As result Mrs. Johnson had no sex life other than to rarely please her husband with her wifely duties. Now suddenly she felt a need arise deep between her legs. Her hand slowly moved down and she touched herself. She could not believe how good this felt. This was all very odd but as pussy responded she no longer care if it were weird.

“Mrs. Johnson put the sausage in your pussy.” Josh said as he rubbed his hard cock.

Mrs. Johnson suddenly noticed the sausage in her other hand and began to move it toward her already moist pussy. The sausage was cold but it easily slipped inside her already wet cunt. She began to slide it in and out. It was doing the job.

“Oh this feels so Gooooood. I have not felt a real cock in my pussy for a long time,” Mrs. Johnson said to no one in particular.

Mrs. Johnson was moving the sausage in and out and Ralphee was sitting very close now. He wanted the sausage but began to smell Mrs. Johnson’s sex. This stirred something in Ralphee. Josh watched in amazement as Ralphee walked over to Mrs. Johnson and began to lick the pussy juice on her leg. He also managed to get his teeth on the sausage.

“What are you doing Ralphee?” Mrs. Johnson said in an alarmed voice and started to get up. Ralphee backed away and as he did he pulled the sausage out of Mrs. Johnson’s and sat there eating it.

“Sit back down,” Josh commanded. Josh was watching this in amazement and definitely was not ready for the show to end. “Rub your pussy again. If Ralphee wants to lick you you’ll love it. It will feel great.”

Mrs. Johnson obediently sat back down and resumed her masturbation.

Ralphee finished eating the sausage and looked at Mrs. Johnson. She sat vigourly rubbing her clitoris and Josh and Ralphee watched.

“Oh Gooooddd. I haven’t felt like this in years,” Mrs. Johnson moaned.

Ralphee again moved toward Mrs. Johnson smelling her scent. When he reached her his long pink tongue reached out and lapped her the pink folds of her pussy lips.

Mrs. Johnson looked confused for a moment but as a smile appeared on her face as she took her hands off her pussy and spread her legs wid. She became lost in the sensation of a wet dog tongue lapping at her most intimate area. Her clit was responding and she felt the power pent up sexual desire flowing through here. Part of her felt this was wrong but that was not the part that was controlling her actions.

“Oh Ralphee, Eat my Pussy, Yes yes Yes,” Mrs. Johnson was yelling at this point.

Ralphee complied as Mrs. Johnson open her legs wide and begin but buck with each lick of his tongue.

Josh walked right up to Mrs. Johnson and vigorously pulled his dick. He felt the pressure building and suddenly shot his load all over Mrs. Johnson’s chest. Mrs. Johnson was totally unaware of anything other than the intensity of the feeling between her legs.

“OOOhhhhh, oooooooooohh,” she screamed as she had the best organism in her life. Josh did not know what kinds of gifts he was giving. Of course whether these gifts of sexual organism was good or bad waits to be determine.

As Mrs. Johnson’s last orgasm subsided she slid off the chair and lay on the kitchen floor exhausted. “Ralphee you are a very good dog. I know this was a weird thing to do but God it felt good. Thank you Ralphee,” Mrs. Said as she talked to the dog. “And I know you are not going to tell anyone, are you?”

Ralphee just looked at her.

“Let Ralphee out,” Josh ordered.

Mrs. Johnson slowly got up off the floor. “Ralphee, it time for you to go home,” she said as she opened the door. Ralphee walked out following Josh as went unseen through the kitchen door.

As Mrs. Johnson went to take shower she noticed the cum on her chest. “There is no way this is cum. There was no one here,” she said to herself. She quickly dismissed the thought as she turned on the shower. As the cool water flowed over her she decided that they should get a dog. It would be good protection and she smile a big grin.

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