Control Ch. 05


"Did you actually believe that I'd allow you to choose your punishment? That was really a bit stupid of you. Why would I give you that choice?" He laughed at me then, seeing the confusion turn to full realisation of what was about to happen. "I'm not going to go easy on you. I'll start just by gagging you. But if I feel you need more incentive to keep quiet, I will use the tape. Or I might just use the tape because I want to at some point. Get to your feet."

I struggle to stand, I'm terrified of what's about to happen. My ass is on fire, burning and stinging. I don't know if I can take any more on it. He takes hold of my lead, pulling me over to the armchair. He bends me over the back of it, and pulls my head back by my hair.

"You can watch yourself in the mirror for this one. See the pain in your eyes. See what I see."

He lets go of my hair then. I can't see him, not even with the mirror in front of me. I don't know how long he leaves me there, but I can feel the anticipation building. My pussy is soaking wet. I jump as I feel his hands on my legs. He's rolling down my hold ups. I'm now completely naked. My thighs are slick with wetness. He reaches around me, pushing the gag back into my mouth. My jaw protests, but he takes no notice, fastening it tightly.

I hear him moving around in front of me. His hands go to my tits. Massaging them, pulling on my nipples. I try to press into his hand, wanting his touch on me. I'm watching his eyes again, he looks up at me as I start to feel a familiar pinch on my nipple. I try to keep my eyes open, let him see me as he places the clamps on my nipples. I breathe a sigh of relief as the last pinching feeling becomes tolerable. But it's short lived as he starts to clip weights onto the chain. The position I'm in doesn't help, the weights hang heavily down, pulling on my nipples. He pushes them back and forth, watching the chain swing and my face contort in pain. I try to keep my screams in, and they eventually turn to moans which I can't hide.

He stands up, and moves behind me. My nipples are fully aware of the clamps, the weights not letting me forget their presence. I'm too busy focusing on them to hear him come up behind me. The first I realise is when I feel the long thin cool of the cane against my burning ass.

"I want you to count these sub. Not out loud. Just in your head. If you get it wrong when I ask you, I'll start again."

I nod my head in understanding, bracing myself to receive the first one. I scream behind the gag with the first stroke, my entire body jumping in shock, I am almost standing upright, the clamps pulling on my nipples at the sudden movement. He uses the end of the cane to push me back down over the chair back. I look at my face in the mirror. I don't recognise myself. I look so turned on, I can't see any pain left in my eyes. Until I feel the next one. Then the third and the fourth in rapid succession.

"How many is that?"

I try to speak, try to tell him 4. I can't form the word. I clench my fists behind me, leaving 4 fingers out, hoping he sees me.

"I can't hear you. I'll take that as no answer. Start again from one."

I'm shaking my head in despair. Trying to beg him. It doesn't work. Six hard, sharp strokes come down on my ass, my eyes are glazed over, my mind is blank of everything except the pain. I can feel every spark of pain firing.

"How many is that sub?"

I manage to get out a vague formation of the word six. He seems to accept it, resting the cane on me again, taking aim. He rests it across my sensitive sit spot, where he had focused many of his spanks earlier. It was still feeling very tender and burning. He took his time with the following six strokes. Each one sending my body forward. My nipples were burning with the pain of the clamps plus weights. My pussy was soaking wet though. I could feel it, running down my leg. I was wriggling from side to side, trying for some relief in between being caned. Every stroke landed so precisely, I felt like he was going over the same spot, over and over again. I was getting no relief from the pain. Finally he reached twelve (or 16 if you want to count the first 4 that he didn't), my ass was on fire. I couldn't form any thoughts. I was bent over the chair, my head dropped in submission.

He took the gag off and asked me, right in my ear, "how many strokes of the cane did I just give you sub?"

"16 in total sir, but 12 for punishment sir. The other four were miscounted by me sir. Thank you for punishing me sir. Thank you sir," I replied in one breath. I was feeling high at that moment. High on pain, high on emotion, high on pleasure.

"Good sub." I felt my pussy flood at those words, my cheeks burning with shame at my reaction.

His hands are exploring my tits, stroking, caressing, slapping them every now and then. He's letting me come back round from the caning. I start to think maybe he won't actually use the paddle too. That would be too much. Then I realise I'm kidding myself. Nothing is too much for him. He reaches over and takes another weight from the desk.

"Do you want me to add this to the chain?"

I stare back at him, unsure what response he's looking for. "It is not my choice sir, I am yours to do whatever you wish to sir," I reply, hoping he can see how I've submitted to him, given up everything to him in that moment. I want him to take me, to give me no choice, to show me no mercy. The smile he rewards me with tells me I gave the right answer and I feel the newest pulling sensation on my nipples as he adds the weight.

I groan out loud, I start speaking before I even know what I'm going to say, "please sir, please fuck me. Please use your sub's slutty holes for your pleasure sir. It is my place to give you pleasure, please fuck me sir. Please sir, please." I beg him, surprising myself. He listens before standing up. I half expect to feel his cock in me, or at the very least his fingers. Instead I'm shocked at the harsh sting of the paddle. I scream. Properly scream.

I can't process the pain because of how unexpected it was. I'm trying to bring myself back down, breathing evenly when he's in front of me again. This time with a piece of tape in his hand. I start to shake my head, keeping out of his reach, ducking away from him when I can. He finally slaps me hard. Three times. I stop moving and look up at him, realising how futile my attempts were. He sticks the tape over my mouth. I practice breathing through my nose, struggling at first, but it soon seems easy enough. He disappears from sight again.

The next smack of the paddle doesn't seem so bad. The same can not be said for the next few however. Each one gets progressively harder. He focuses on one cheek, all over it, every time he seems to come into contact with a cane welt, making me squeal louder if possible. I reach twelve in my count and start to relax. But he doesn't stop, just moves to the other ass cheek. I try to wriggle out of his reach, but he grabs my bound hands, using them to pin me down in place. I try to keep count. When I reach twelve for the second time I'm relieved when he stops. I hear the paddle thud onto the bed, and his belt being undone.

I'm completely gone. I vaguely wonder to myself if this is subspace before being distracted by the warmth in my ass. I feel his fingers first in me, three fingers I guess, sliding into me with such ease I should be embarrassed. I'm slick with sign of my arousal, sign of how turned on I get by him, by what he does to me. His fingers are quickly replaced by his cock, my cunt tightening around him as he thrusts in and out rapidly. Every thrust sending new pain through my spanked ass, in turn causing me to contract around him.

His hand reaches around and grabs the end of tape across my mouth and rips it off. I scream again from the pain, but it only seems to encourage him. He fucks me hard, sending my body forwards with every thrust, the clamps on my nipples swinging back and forth. I can see him behind me in the mirror. He's looking at me with such a possessive stare, watching me as I take him fucking me hard.

"Thank you for punishing me sir, I deserved it sir. Thank you for punishing me for my disobedience sir," I manage to say. He pulls out of my cunt and comes round to stand in front of me. I panic, thinking I've done something wrong, when he pulls on my hair and yanks my head back violently. My mouth opens in surprise and pain, giving him perfect opportunity to slide into my throat.

I can taste myself on him, as I move my tongue against him. He's fucking my mouth as he did my pussy. Hard and merciless. I can barely breathe. He pulls out once, letting me take a deep breath before thrusting back in. I look up at him. I love to watch him cum. To hear him cum. I'm not disappointed. Within seconds he starts to cum, and I'm given the pleasure of watching him. He cums so forcefully, so loudly, primal and instinctual, it gives me such pleasure knowing I make him feel that way.

I feel his cum sliding down my throat. I gulp it down, eager not to let any spill out, he can feel my throat tightening around his head as he spurts down my throat. Finally, spent, he pulls back. Sitting on the table behind him.

I look up at him. I'm licking my lips, tasting a mixture of myself and his cum, "thank you for your cum sir." He's watching me intently and he growls in response to my words.

He stands and disappears from my sight, coming back with the wand. He places it on the desk in front of me.

His hands go to the clamps on my nipples, I moan in pain and need. I want them off, but I know they'll hurt more at first. He starts to remove each weight in turn. The release in that pressure doesn't help. In fact it seems to cause further pain. He grips the chain in his hand and pulls it up,shoving it between my teeth.

He picks up the wand and moves behind me. He switches it on and presses it against my pussy. I immediately need to cum.

"Please may I cum sir, please?"

I must sound very close as he takes the wand away as soon as I finish speaking. He lets me calm down, before repeating. Over and over, he brings me so close to cumming before pulling it away. I'm continually begging him to let me cum. Finally, after the fifth or sixth time he tells me to cum.

I let go, feeing my entire body shaking and convulsing as I came, my pussy contracting so strongly, my clit was throbbing, my legs trembling with the intensity. As I started to cum, Sir pulled on my hair, pulling my head back sharply. I felt the clamps sliding off my nipples sending further shock waves through my body.

I was begging him, "please, please sir, please." But I couldn't decipher whether I was begging for him to stop or begging for more.

He took it to mean more. The clamps release their grip on my nipples and the pain was sharp, making me gasp, the chain and clamps dropping from my mouth. He took away the wand and started to work his hand into my pussy. He did it slowly, excruciatingly slowly. My pussy was swollen with the recent orgasm and his hand was stretching me. He got four fingers inside me and I needed to cum already. He told me not to, pulling back slightly. The feeling lessened and he started to stretch me again. This time he got his thumb inside me too and started to move in and out,fisting me as I lay bent over, my reddened ass in the air, the taste of cum still in my mouth, my nipples aching.

I started begging again as he pulled out before pushing the widest part of his hand into me again, and again and again. Stretching my cunt over and over. He picked up the wand again and pressed it hard against me, telling me to hold off as long as I could.

I was rocking back on his fist, against the wand and I could feel myself building rapidly to orgasm. So could Sir.

"Please sir, please may I cum sir?"

He started to fuck me hard with his fist, "yes, cum now sub. Cum for your Master." He felt me tightening hard around his fist, "that's it sub, cum for me. Your orgasms are mine. Cum now slut."

My entire body was trembling with my orgasm as I cried out in such pleasure, I couldn't see straight, my mind was blank, I was dizzy, all I could feel was the pleasure and the burning pain from my punishment.

"Thank you, thank you sir, thank you," I was chanting quietly as my orgasm subsided. I lay over the chair back, weak from the energy used to cum. He slowly pulled his fist from me, very very slowly, coaching me, reminding me to breathe. Soon I felt empty.

He pulled my up by the ropes around me and pushed me down to the ground. As my ass made contact with the carpet, I squealed and moaned. I quickly lay down, not caring my arms were still tied behind my back if it relieved some of the pressure from my ass.

He turned the armchair around and sat down, looking down at me on my back in front of him. Looking down at me lying at his feet where I belonged. He looked pleased as he surveyed me. I was still completely blissed out, and he had made me that way.

I looked up at him again, smiling, "thank you sir."

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