tagMind ControlControl Ch. 08

Control Ch. 08


The day was clear as Josh began his great adventure. He had lost everything, his mother, his home, and even his dog. However, he was not helpless. In fact Josh was a very powerful, more powerful than anyone knew. Josh had the ability to totally and completely control other people simply using his own will. He could make them do almost anything. This ability was gained about his experiment with some esoteric religious practices but now Josh did not care how he obtain these powers he just knew that he had them. He was also a dangerous person because he felt the world had cheated him. Josh did not realize that everything has a price including power. Josh had now paid a high price for his power even though he had yet to understand what had happened.

After the great storm that killed his mother and destroyed their home Josh had lived a short time in a shelter. The plan was for him to move to his Aunt’s. Josh was 19 but had one more year of high school. Josh decided he did not want to live with his Aunt and on this calm summer day he departed.

Josh easily flagged down a passing truck for a ride. No one could resist his asking for something. The old truck driven by a farmer Josh knew took him the hour to the interstate. Here, Josh sat back and used his mind to scan the road. He was trying to decide which car he wanted to stop for a ride when he caught sight of a bus. His mind told him the bus was full of young college kids traveling to a football game. As the bus approached he could see the name, “Trinity Baptist College” written on the side of the bus. Josh simply sent out a signal that it was a very good idea for the bus driver to offer him a ride.

The bus pulled off the Interstate onto the side road where Josh sat. The door opened.

“Hey, you look like you could use a ride,” the driver said.

“Yeah, I sure could,” Josh answered and got up walking toward the bus.

Josh stepped on the bus and looked over the occupants. There were 10 guys and 15 girls. They all looked to range in age from 18 or 19 to maybe 21. They were all dressed in similar outfits and it looked to be a very conservative group.

“Hi, we are glad to have you,” one of the girls said. Josh noted his command had worked very well. Josh was becoming even more powerful the more he practiced his craft.

“I’m glad to be here and I think this will be a most interesting trip,” Josh said already working on his next bit of entertainment.

“We are on our way to play a really important game,” one of the guys said. Josh noted his rather sweet conservative smile. Josh never trusted those kinds of smiles.

Josh sat in the front of bus and relaxed a minute. He thought about what he wanted to do with this group of ultra conservative and decided.

“Everyone on the bus will remove all their clothes except for the bus driver,” Josh sent this thought.

Suddenly there was activity all over the bus. People were taking off their clothes and as they became conscious of what was happening there was utter confusion. But they had to follow Josh’s instructions.

“Please do it a little more quietly,” Josh commanded since some were becoming a bit hysterical.

“After you are totally naked then sit quietly. You may look around at everyone else but be quiet. You will remain totally aware of yourself but you will notice that even though you don’t want to like this, you will find yourself very sexually excited. However, you will only be able to sit quietly and lust after your companions.”

Josh looked around. Everyone was now naked. The girls all sat quietly with their young breast exposed. Josh noticed that all the girl’s nipples looked very perky. He also noticed that all the guys he could see had large erections and their dicks poked straight up. He watched as the guys were mostly looking at their friend’s breasts but the girls had noticed the guy’s erect dicks. Everyone had a very strange confused look on their face.

“Ok you two come here,” Josh said to the guy and girl on the seat next to him.

They approached where Josh was sitting. It was a rather comical sight. The guy’s cock was sticking straight out and the girl’s uncut pubic hair was dark brown while her hair was a glowing blond.

“So how you guys doing?” Josh asked.

“I don’t know,” the guy answered.

“Why is your cock so hard?”

“I don’t know,” the guy said and both he and the girl looked down at his cock.

“Would you like to hold his cock?” Josh asked the girl.

“I don’t know,” she answered still looking down at the 7 inches of hard dick.

“Why don’t you know?” Josh continued questioning.

“It is not right unless you are married,” she answered.

“What is not right?”

“To touch a man that way.”

“What way?” Josh persisted in his questioning.

“It is not right to touch his penis,” she answered still staring downward.

“Don’t you mean to say cock?” Josh said and pushed the thought into her head.

“Yes, I meant to say it is not right to touch a man’s cock,” the girl said correcting herself.

“But you really want to touch his hard dick, don’t you?” Josh said and again pushed his thoughts into her.

The girls face became even more flushed and she said, “Yes I want to feel his hard dick more than anything right now.”

Josh heard various gasps throughout the bus. Others could not believe that they heard their friend say such a thing. The guy also looked rather startled.

“Then reach down a take hold of his cock and feel its heat go through your own body,” Josh ordered.

The girl reached down and encircled his cock with her hand. “Oh, it is so warm and hard!” she exclaimed. Again there were soft gasps down the aisles.

“How do you like her holding your dick?” Josh asked the guy.

“I don’t know,” he answered.

“Yes you know asshole; you love it, don’t you?”

“Yes, I love for Mary to hold my cock in her hand,” the guy finally admitted with the help of Josh’s push.

Josh pushed another message to a girl sitting just behind them and to the side. The girl received the message and she knelt on the floor. Her hand reached up and stroked Mary’s dark pubic hair.

Mary jumped a little at the touch but Josh sent another push and Mary opened her legs slightly to allow the girls finger access to her pussy lips. She continues to hold and knead her friend’s cock.

“I think you all like this a lot. Walk up and down the aisles and let everyone see how much fun you are having,” Josh ordered.

Mary turned and pulled her friend forward by her firm grip on his cock. The girl stood up but kept her fingers between Mary’s legs. They proceeded down the aisle and stopped at every seat to let the astonished occupant have a good look at what they were doing. Josh sat back and sent a weak push to the bus to increased everyone libido a bit to raise the overall sexual tension that was flowing through the bus.

When each row of occupant had good chance to view the sexual escapes Mary and her two friends returned to Josh. Mary now had a rather intense look upon her face and it was apparent from the girls wet fingers that Mary’s pussy was now quite wet.

When they were again standing in front of him Josh sent another push. Mary reacted and bent over leaving her ass in the air for the rest of the bus to have a very good view of her ass and her pussy. She took her friends cock into her mouth and began to suck it. Her other friend went down on her knees and began to lick and suck Mary’s pussy and asshole.

“Oh!” the guy was moaning. He could no longer control himself and his cock erupted in Mary’s mouth. She drank most of his cum but some splashed on her face.

“Ohhhhhh!" she moaned as an orgasm swept through her. Mary’s juices were flowing all down the other girls face as she continued to lick and drink up what she could of the pussy juice.

As both their orgasms began to subside they both looked at Josh with confused stares but with smiles of satisfaction. These were no long the plastic smiles they had learned from the teachers but natural smiles of animals that had just known great pleasure.

“Ok Mary come here and the rest of you find a partner. It does not matter whether a mail or female. I want you all to make each other cum until I tell you to stop,” Josh ordered the bus.

Josh pulled out his cock and said, “Mary you did such a good job on your friend’s cock I want you to suck me off too.”

Mary bent down and began suck Josh’s cock. Josh leaned back and listened to the moaning and groaning from the orgy behind him. The Church people were having a great time but there would probably be hell to pay.

“Mmmmmm,” Josh was moaning as he fucked Mary’s lips and knew the feeling of power. The feeling of power was very intoxicating and Josh was beginning to be addicted to it.

“Ohhhhh,” Josh moaned one last time and let go a load down Mary’s throat. Josh lay back and as Mary continued to suckle lightly on his now flaccid cock, Josh took a nap. Behind the orgy continued.

Josh slept a while and when he awakened it was quiet on the bus. Mary had her head lying on his leg but still had his cock in her mouth.

“Ok Mary that’s enough,” Josh said and allowed Mary to return to her seat. Mary looked spent.

Josh look around at the carnage. “Looks like the party was a good one,” Josh said to no one in particular. There were naked bodies all over the bus and all kinds of positions. It looked like a drunken orgy and just ended.

“Everyone up!” Josh commanded. “Put back on your clothes, but don’t put on any underwear. Then sit up straight.”

There was again mass confusion but after a period of time everyone was dressed. However, they all looked like they had been through a war.

“Where are we?” Josh asked the driver. Josh had earlier commanded him to have no awareness of anything other than his driver.

“We are entering Dallas,” he said.

“Ok good, this is where I get off. Pull of the interstate as soon as you can,” Josh instructed the driver.

“All the guys on the bus stand up!”

All the guys stood up.

Josh did another push and noticed budges in all the guys’ pants.

“You girls start rubbing the cock you are closest to. Let’s see how long it takes you to make him cum in his pants.”

Each girl turned to the closest guy and began rubbing his hard cock through his trousers. Several guys had two girls rubbing them. It did not take long.




There were sounds all around the bus as the guys came in their pants.

“Let’s see what we have,” Josh said as he surveyed the group. All the guys had big cum stains in their pants. “You girls did great!”

By this time the bus had left the Interstate and pulled into a small parking lot.

“This is where I get off. For the rest of the ride I want you to sit quietly. Then when you reach the stadium I want you girls to tuck the back of your skirts up so that your entire asses are showing. Then I want the entire group to run out into the field and do a great cheer for the fans. Do you understand?” Josh commanded.

“Yes we understand,” they all agreed.

Josh stepped off the bus looking back at the group of zombie looking Baptist. “They will never forget this bus ride and this football game,” Josh thought as he got off the bus.

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