tagMind ControlControl, Sam, Control Ch. 02

Control, Sam, Control Ch. 02


The next day Sam could feel her before he saw her on the platform. Such connections were never uniform, depending on how resistant the subject was, but he tested hers as they waited for the train to arrive.

It was hard to concentrate on the crushed and noisy platform but he closed his eyes and made most of the world melt away. He felt his heartbeat steady and then her heartbeat resonated inside of his chest, next to his but in no way kindred. His steady base line was supporting a fast, staccato symphony and he knew she was becoming every more nervous as the train approached.

That will never do, my angel, for I fear you may lose your nerve. Sam focused harder and moved his heartbeat over hers, suppressing it and calming it down to normal before he opened his eyes again. He saw the train coming, even though he was lost in the crowd, and he knew he was seeing it with her eyes. That’s about as good as it gets for so soon in this stage, he thought, with a tiny smile.

He fought his way through the crowd as the train pulled in. By the time she was ready to board he was her silent shadow once more, watching her rear wiggle into her usual seat as he sat beside her. He was the very model of the city gentleman, young of course but probably in trading somehow, and she did not feel threatened by his proximity at all.

Opposite them today was a young girl who, judging by her books, was an undergraduate at one of the Universities in Lexington. She was 18, with dark hair and hazel eyes. Her blue jean showed off toned legs and her sweater, whilst too loose to allow much of the pleasure underneath to be known, could not stop even the most casual observer from seeing she had a nice, trim figure.

The train pulled away and the commuters obeyed the call to fall into their routine. The girl opposite began to read Basics Of Law whilst she……it’s about time I stopped calling you “she” my angel come here for a second, he thought as he closed his eyes.

He entered her eyes and read her newspaper. After a few seconds he began to open her mind to his and he saw the nametag she had put in her bag this morning. Nice to meet you, Susan.

Sam knew that probing too deeply was impossible at this stage, for the initial link was always recent thoughts, images and emotions, but every now and again he got lucky. If something triggered a deeper response then it was open, like a hyper-link in the menu of the mind. He enjoyed deep-water fishing and wondered what Susan had for him today.

Her mind was flooded with her thoughts from yesterday, her fear, her pleasure, her constant thinking at her work that day as to what had happened. She had been too confused to confide in anyone including Gary whom, Sam noted with a hint of acid pleasure, she had been unable to bring herself to touch last night.

It seemed she had concluded that it was a hallucination brought on by stress and to try make herself better, and also in guilt to make amends to Gary, she had persuaded him to have a meal and book a hotel tonight. They were intending a quiet, romantic night in and Sam was already working on ways to make capital from it.

Enough of the homework, although tedious as it was it needed to be done. Time for a little exploring.

Susan found herself losing interest in her newspaper as she daydreamed her way through the morning so far. She had woken and went into the shower, checking herself in the mirror; making Sam hard at the sight of her firm, naked breasts and tight blonde pussy. Her thoughts floated to the time when she got dressed, seemingly to slow on her black satin panties and bra as they were put on, before vaporising into the present once more.

Sam decided to experiment. He went inside Susan’s eyes again and made them dilate as she caught a chance glimpse of the legs of the girl opposite, whilst softly increasing her heart rate and stimulating her perspiration. Her body did the rest and she became aware of a hardening of her nipples and the subtle beginnings of wetness in her crotch.

Susan was caught off-guard by this sudden reaction and one of her deeper thoughts linked into her mind. It was of when she was 13 and she had been with her friend in their house, trying on some clothes before a school party. She had only just reached puberty and found herself fascinated to see the physical maturity of her friend, those amazing breasts and that pussy mound. It had excited her; ashamed her then excited her again to look, although now it was a memory long buried by guilt.

All Sam had to do now was to maintain her heart rate as her latent desire and curiosity were released into her system. I wonder what you look like naked….the thought had entered her head, shocking her and pleasing Sam with the spontaneity. He nurtured it, as farmer with his seed, taking advantage of her absent-mindedness to make her place her left hand onto her crotch.

The shock of the touch brought her round but in a pleasant manner. For a second she was taken back to the fear of yesterday but she realised it was her this time, which mixed her adrenaline and passion together to send her heart into overtime. She was aroused now, in a way too deep to ignore but too shocking to acknowledge, and so she made conversation with the girl in a spirit of delighted self-denial.

“I could not help noticing you are reading law. That must be complex”

Susan said it with the winning smile of the beauty queen as the other girl lowered her book and smiled back.

“Not as bad as it sounds, it’s just a matter of learning the precedents and then trying to interpret them. More history than anything else”

It was a lame joke but Susan wanted to bond and she laughed, causing the other girl to laugh as well. Susan extended her hand and introduced herself, enjoying the soft skin on the hand she delicately embraced.

“Nice to meet you Susan, my name is Debbie. Are you off to work?”

A simple question but in that delightful way of women, which Sam detested at one level but which had also served him so well before, they fell into conversation. As Susan subtly interrogated Debbie for Sam he remained silent, dozing to the observer but continuing to feed Susan’s arousal. He knew from yesterday that this was a resourceful lady and that she would do all he could hope for by the end of this journey.

By the time Lexington station was approaching the two women had exchanged phone-numbers and had discovered they both liked to work out, albeit at different gyms. Sam had felt Susan flush when she heard this and it was therefore no surprise when she had offered to make Debbie a guest at her gym this lunchtime.

The two women walked onto the station together and Sam stood up once the carriage had emptied. He took out his mobile and called his boss to tell him that he would be working from home today. Then he blended with the shadows that kept Susan company as she went to work.

He knew she’d be out of range once she entered the place but that was not the objective. Right now he had to keep her heart rate up to counter her guilt, self-questioning and self-denial. After all, she only wanted to show her new friend a decent gym, right? Yes, she’d had a few thoughts but they were not making her offer. Sam knew by the time she entered the block that she would not fail to make the rendezvous, so he set out for a morning of walking and preparation.

Lunchtime came and Sam waited inside the gym for the women to arrive. He was a man of means and the trial-membership plus new gym-gear was merely the entrance fee to a very exclusive show. He sat at a table facing the TV and nursed a coffee, which allowed him to close his eyes and wait without attracting the slightest attention.

He entered Susan and saw through her their progress into the changing rooms. She was excited, despite her own thoughts that tried to salve her conscience, and he helped her to be almost breathless as they opened the door.

Five women were in the changing room already, in varying states of physical prowess and undress, and Sam enjoyed a very cursory look as Susan followed Debbie to the lockers. He trusted Susan to be smart enough to make this subtle and so he sat back and relaxed.

Debbie kept appearing in stolen glances, as postcards from a Victorian peep show, and each glance brought a new reward. First that sweater had gone to reveal a blue bra and wonderful, rounded breasts that made Sam gasp. Then she was topless, free to move and bending slightly to undo her jeans. Susan was gripped by her own curiosity now and stopped to stare as her friend bent over, exposing blue panties which had no hope of concealing the pussy-lips below.

Sam heard her thoughts and felt her arousal, as another buried memory became open to him. This was kindred to the last but her shame had prevented him from seeing how much she had desired to touch her childhood friend between her legs. Noted for future-use my angel.

Susan was too much the lady to allow herself to be caught and that turned Sam on even more. The longer he was with this one, the more he knew that the boundaries from the others were not applicable this time. By the time Debbie had put on her sports-bra and kit, Susan was ready and looking as if she had never thought of anything other than the gym-session ahead.

Sam heard Susan cross a mental line as they entered the main gym again. Good, sweetheart, inhibitions are for the ignorant. I sense much potential in you, he thought as he watched them pass.

As he walked into the main area himself a casual thought grabbed him. Much potential and much danger…….what?, get a grip you moron. He angrily attacked the weights as he kept them under covert surveillance.

Susan had spotted him and recognised him from the train today, that much was flashed to him as he felt her look in his direction. He deliberately bent down and heard her think “nice ass” before turning to face her, hearing her mind conclude with a giggle, “shame he’s ugly as sin”. She turned away and Sam smiled at her decision, knowing just how he would change her mind. All in good time….

The gym session was ending and Sam went into the locker-room first, quickly stripping and entering one of the shower cubicles. He ran the water on full and closed his eyes, just in time to see Susan and Debbie entering their own locker-room.

He held his erection softly as he saw Debbie strip for the shower. Her body was beautiful, with a thick snatch of dark pubic hair that crowned her young pussy, as she grabbed her towel and headed for the showers.

Sam did not know if this was going to work yet, for it took a day or more with resistant subjects, but then again Susan was not one of those. He entered her mind again and tried to get her to focus on the panties that Debbie had discarded.

Susan began to feel excited as she focused on the panties that Debbie had left. She knew they were fresh, full of scent and her fantasies from childhood came racing back. She looked around as Sam made her heart accelerate, no one was there and no one would know…go on girl. She took the panties and smelled the crotch deeply, feeling herself melt as the scent fulfilled one of her deepest longings. She had no idea why but she wanted to taste Debbie as well, so she took a few of the loose pubic hairs that were in the panties and ate them.

Sam chewed on the hair and savoured his success. To move to stage two from cold always took time, he knew, and Debbie would have to wait for another day. There was no hurry as Susan would ensure that the day came, especially after tonight, and so he contented himself with viewing through Susan for now.

He tried another experiment to test the link. Susan suddenly had a naughty thought and grabbed her compact mirror from her bag before entering the shower cubicle next to Debbie. Sam saw her run the water, but on cold and away from her body, as she sat on the cubicle floor. She placed the mirror just under the partition, so that is was almost invisible to Debbie, as she spread her legs and began to finger herself.

Sam saw Susan’s open pussy in the mirror and shared her delight as they both saw Debbie showering before them. Susan moved her fingers inside her in just the way she liked, the way that Gary never seemed able to emulate, and she watched Debbie as she washed her toned ass and bent over to wash her feet. Susan began to build, no need for help from outside this time, into a deep, deep climax that made her shudder. As Sam felt her orgasm wash through him he paused from his own masturbation, then allowed himself release whilst staring at both the pussy’s on display.

Sam let them leave the gym before he emerged. He had work to do before tonight and it would help if Susan did not see him quite so soon again. He entered the city and merged with the crowd. He had no need to guess where to be this evening.

He was inside the hotel lobby when Susan entered with Gary, although he had changed his clothes and kept a very discreet distance. He stood in a corner as he entered her mind, using her eyes to see the room they checked into was 1412, and then let them enter the lifts before checking in.

“Is 1413 free tonight? Only my wife and I were here last month and we liked the view?”

The desk clerk checked

“Yes, it’s free. Would you like it?”

“Please and no alarm calls for me”

“As you wish sir”

As Sam filled in the paperwork he thought about Gary. He was the good-looking, well-built jock-type that Sam detested – all muscle and no brain. He could see why Susan liked him but then, she’d never had her world expanded before. Sam smiled.

Once inside his room, Sam relaxed and viewed the world through her eyes. He saw them go to dinner and learned how much his conversation bored her, but also how much she desired him physically, and so he kept her heart-rate low. Susan found herself feeling calm, even when kissing Gary, and it felt more like she was with her brother than her boyfriend. She compensated with a few glasses of wine and Sam saw her world mellow, as Gary consumed enough wine to show Sam he had at least one weakness.

It was three hours before they returned and it was clear to Sam by then that they had one thing on their mind. Susan was becoming aroused, thanks to the alcohol, and she went into the bathroom to prepare herself whilst Gary turned on the TV and laid on the bed.

She looked at herself in the mirror and then used the toilet. As she stood to flush she felt herself gripped around the mouth and shoulder, then pushed to the floor in a motion which took the air from her for a second. Sam revelled in her fear as he sat on his bed, holding her mouth whilst slowly taking down her trousers and panties.

“You’ve been a bad girl” Sam said quietly to the empty room “Wanting him despite my efforts”

Susan could hear the TV outside and see herself in the mirror. She was shocked to see no one holding her, yet she felt the sponge being forced into her mouth and herself being taken over a lap.

Inside her mind her terror allowed another memory to surface and Sam eagerly read it. This was of her father who had used to spank her as a little girl and of her terror then as well -although as she had aged she had begun to almost yearn for it once more. Another guilty secret that had been buried with the others. Sam had guessed as much from the train yesterday and he was pleased with his own judgement.

The TV blared as Susan felt Sam strike her naked bottom with his hand. She saw her cheek indent and tried to scream with pain and terror but the sponge turned it into a muted cry. More strokes came every 15 seconds unless she struggled, when they went to one ever 5. Soon she learned that she was unable to escape and that to try was to invite further pain.

Sam felt her fall weak in his grip and he knew he has scored his first victory against her soul. It was hard for him to restrain himself but he knew that too much now would leave her with marks that she could show. He felt inside her pussy before moving his hand to her mouth, replacing the sponge that now floated to the sink and became full with cold water. Sam held the sponge against her bottom long enough to ensure that no red-marks would be visible.

Susan felt all pressure abandon her and she was alone, shocked into silence on the bathroom floor. Sam heard her thoughts, how she wanted to talk to Gary but how she feared he might no believe her. She stood up and checked herself all over – not a bruise or a mark, how could she prove what had happened?

To hell with it, she was going to have to share this or she would go insane. She composed herself as best she could and opened the door, to see Gary asleep in a drunken stupor on the bed. Sam felt her rage and betrayal; it made him feel alive again.

Susan wept softly as she undressed and went to bed. It was 2 hours before she was finally able to sleep but that was ok, Sam was patient man.

He felt her mind enter the dream world and the second level of her was opened to him, to travel at will as it cascaded between the past and present in chaotic images. He felt her need of emotional support as she instinctively reached for the comfort of a man, although Gary was behind a glass wall that her anger refused to lower.

Her search created a new man, almost like Gary but with a different face, with whom she was telling her experiences to. Sam waited until she was in the depths of this dream before changing the setting.

He took his erection into his hand and lay facedown on the bed as Susan saw her dream-man enter her under the covers. The sights, feel and smells of her excitement quickly washed Sam into her vagina and he felt her respond with the intense desire that only those with a dream fulfilled can know.

As they built she began to moan softly, too sleepy to cry out yet too excited to remain silent. Sam rode her with the patience of a man who has tamed a wild animal and now watches it perform for him.

This was not enough, however, and he gently nudged Gary until he was semi-awake. Gary saw Susan in slow animation and watched in partial slumber as Sam fucked his girlfriend next to him, with the covers masking the indentations on her vagina and no weight to move the covers or make the matress creak.

That’s it , you dumb wanker, watch as she enjoys her dream man and moves ever further from you.

Susan felt ecstasy as she had never felt before, reaching orgasm with a cry and shudder that made Gary wonder. He looked at her and concluded that at least whatever nightmare she was having was over, before rolling over and going back to sleep

Sam let her rest for a while whilst he made himself a cup of cofe and recovered. She was ready for the third stage he thought, then hesitated for he’d never gone that far before. But this one was special, infinnite and not boring like the rest - do it.

He left his room and entered the hallway. The door 1412 took no more than a second to open and close as he entered the darkened room. He saw both of them asleep, in fact their breathing indicated they were deeply asleep now, and he moved towards Gary.

He stood next to the sleeping man and linked with Susan again. She saw her dream man return and her arousal was instant. Sam removed her dream-paralysis and as she saw herself kneel over Gary’s sleeping face, Sam saw her move towards him.

Softly moving Gary to the centre of the Bed, Sam took his pants off and knelt over the other side of his face. He then took his time as he felt Susan stroke his hardness and begin to suck on him with great skill, each movement a mere half-inch from the closed eyes of her boyfriend.

Another sub-thought appeared. Susan had always been disgusted by the idea of tasing cum and Gary had always tried to persuade her to swallow him. For her dream man, thanks to Sam, that was going to change.

Sam enjoyed a slow 10 minutes of sucking and fondling before he allowed himself to cum inside her mouth. She swallowed with a look of intense pleasure whilst he took some of his cum onto his finger and moved around behind her. He thrust his finger deep and soft into her womb and revelled in the thought that he would still be swimming inside her by morning. Stage three was about to begin.

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