tagBDSMControlled by Desire

Controlled by Desire


All seemed well.

I had just graduated college and returned home for the summer to find work. I had a good education, lots of job offers, a loving family, and a beautiful girlfriend, it seemed I was living the perfect life.

My girlfriend, Liz, was smart and beautiful. She had a dark hair she wore back and a tight little body. She worked out and kept in good shape. Her face and smile where flawless. She had dark green eyes and a perfect little button nose. She was more driven and motivated then I would ever be, always working on bigger and better things, and I knew she was going to be very successful in whatever she decided to do. She was polite and sophisticated, if a little quiet in public. I knew she was smoking hot, and that most guys would do almost anything to be with her, so I proudly paraded her around as my girlfriend, glad to have such a great piece of eye candy attached to my arm. She was the perfect model girlfriend, and it made complete logical sense to be with her.

Logical, because she satisfied my needs in life, if not in the bedroom. I'm forgetful, she remembers everything. I can't cook, she loves making delicious meals every night. When I'm sick, she takes care of me. I can also drink and smoke too much and she keeps me in line. She's in charge of our finances and paying our bills on time. We complimented each other well and the relationship was very equal. Our relationship just seemed to make sense, and I loved her for it.

My only problem was the sex side of things. Its not that we didn't have sex, we had quiet a bit actually, and I suppose the sex was never bad. Even if it was, bad sex is still better then everything else. Her tight body was nice, but I LOVED curves....nothing turned me on as much as big round tits and a nice big booty. A lot of my friends would make fun of me for liking slightly "chubby" girls, but as long as the extra fat was generously proportioned on their tits and ass I couldn't mind less.

The other problem was a lack on initiative and skill on Liz's part. If I was horny, she would lay on her back and let me pound her until we both orgasmed. We did doggy style a few times if she was drunk or it was my birthday, but for the most part it was plain, normal missionary.

Now, I take a lot of pride in my large cock, lasting ability, and general sexual performance. In the past I had lots of amazing sex when I had an equal in bed with me. My first girlfriend in high school, Heather, could deliver the most mind-melting orgasm when she rode me, so much so that I would almost always pass out after cumming inside her.

Me and Heather weren't compatible in any other way though. She was really quite naive and I pretty much dominated every aspect of the relationship other then in the bedroom. I also knew she could never take care of herself, she hated working and doing chores. When it came time for me to go to college, she stayed home to live with her parents and do nothing with her life. I knew we had to split.

The years passed and I had almost entirely forgotten about Heather, except when she would drunk dial me telling me how much she missed me. She would talk dirty sometimes, asking me if I missed her big tits and round ass as much as she missed my huge cock. I consider myself somewhat of a gentleman so I would politely tell her that I was with Liz now and I loved her very much. I wasn't sure if Heather bought it, but I was glad she couldn't see the size of the erection in my jeans.

It was a night during my first weekend back home from college. All my old friends gathered at my buddy's apartment for a homecoming celebration. They asked me to DJ so I brought over my laptop and mixer to play for a while. However, Liz was with me and she didn't know any of my friends so I forced to abandon my post at DJ at keep her company. The night was fun, but I definitely had a few too many drinks. I remember Heather walking in late, I also remember that Liz caught me starring on more then one occasion, because, as drunk as I was, I remember that Heather was looking absolutely sexy as fuck. She noticed I was with Liz and never came over to introduce herself, which I suppose is a good thing considering Liz had no idea who she was and I didn't want any problems. At the very end of the night, the last thing I remember is Liz dragging me by the hand out of the party to drive me home. Everything was so fuzzy, and I might have made it up, but I seemed to remember Heather looking at me the way a lion looks at a gazelle as I was stumbling out. I thought I recalled her leaning forward to give me a glance of those awesome tits and blowing me a kiss behind Liz's back, but I might have dreamed it once I passed out in my bed.

I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache and the biggest morning erection of my life. I couldn't even roll over because my rock hard dick was pointing straight at the ceiling. I was so horny I tried to wake Liz up for little morning sex. Bad Idea. She immediately started yelling at me, telling me I was a pig and that I drink too much. I didn't know where it was all coming from until she said.

"I bet you were dreaming about that big-titted bitch at the party last night, you were practically drooling over her."

OF COURSE! Memories of the previous night came back, if only hazily. I definitely remembered Heather being there but not much else. I told Liz to calm down and assured her I was just drunk last night and that no girl was beautiful as she was. She seemed satisfied and rolled back over to go to sleep. I got out of bed, went to check my email and nurse my hangover....and possibly hop on literotica.com to relieve the massive erection.

It was then that I remembered I had left my laptop at the party. FUCK, I really needed to check my email because I was waiting for responses from several potential employers. I decided to drive to my buddy's place and grab some coffee on the way to help the hangover. I explained to Liz where I was going and she grunted that she understood and rolled back over in bed. I grabbed my keys on the way out the door, as hungover and horny as I can remember being.

When I got to my buddy's place, my hangover was starting to subside. He answered the door and invited me in. We bullshitted for a while, smoked a joint and watched Sportscenter, talking about whatever the hell had happened the night before.

"Dude, it was great catching up, but I really just came to grab my computer and DJ equipment." I said, as I remember why I came in the first place.

"Wait, I thought Heather was going to drop it off at your place?"

"Heather? Like, my Ex-Girlfriend Heather?"

"That's the one."

"Took my laptop and DJ equipment?"


"Well why the fuck would you let her do that?"

"I dunno, she said she was gonna drop it off at your place last night."

I was perplexed. I muttered some goodbyes and walked back out to my car.

I left my friends place confused, but less hungover. I started calling Heather as soon I was in the car.


"Hey its me, did you take my laptop from the party last night?"

"(Giggling) Can you be more specific? I know so many me's"

"Dammit Heather I need my fucking laptop."

"(More Giggles) Ok, calm down. I was gonna drop it off last night, you know, on the way home. I drive right past you're house and thought I would be doing you a favor, asshole."

"Well you didn't drop it off, so it was a shitty favor."

"I just forgot, I was just as drunk as you. Besides, I didn't want to cause any problems with the new girl....she seems nice"

"I don't want to get into this with you. I just want my laptop."

"What's the magic word?"


"That's a good boy. I'm at my place with your stuff, come over and grab it if you want."

"Thanks, I'll be right over."

The drive gave me a lot to think about. At first, I thought she was just trying to be a bitch. She was immature like that....totally something she would do. Then again, maybe she was telling me the truth. Maybe she planned on dropping it off, doing me a favor, and then thought better of it. She was certainly nice to not cause any tension between Liz and herself last night at the party. If she wanted to cause a problem she could of done it right in front of Liz at the party I decided. I felt assured as I pulled into the drive way, but my heart was certainly beating very fast. I remembered the look she gave me at the party the night before and had to take some deep breathes to calm down. I adjusted my shorts so my partial hard on wouldn't be noticeable and walked to her door.

When she answered the door, it took all my strength to keep my jaw from dropping. HEATHER LOOKED UNBELIAVABLE! She had long brown hair and a seductive smile on her face. She had on enough make up to bring out the beauty in her green eyes and round cheeks. She had put on a little weight but damn did it suit her well. Her tits were bulging out of her plain white tank top, mountains of flesh and valleys of cleavage were visable. She wore a pair of tan yoga pants that I remembered made her ass look great. I also seemed to remember that I would always tell her how much I loved those pants. I was getting skeptical of her motives, but all I had to do was get my laptop and get out of there.

Heather, on the other hand, looked cool as a cucumber. She smiled as she saw me take in her whole beautiful body. "Coming?" She asked seductively, and beckoned me to follow her into the house. I couldn't help but watch her ass sway and jiggle up the stairs. Damn! Those pants might have got a little tighter but it was getting my dick harder then ever. Calm down, I told myself. I was only wearing shorts and I obviously didn't want Heather to see me with a hard-on. You're just here to get your shit, I told myself. That's all. Liz is at home laying in you're bed. I felt a little more in control but still slightly turned on.

When we got in her room, she immediately sat at her desk and grinned at me like I was a cute child. My stuff was right in front of her on the desk.

"So how have you been?" She asked.

"Fine. You?" I said dismissively, reaching for my stuff.

"I've been absolutely wonderful! I just lay around all day and eat whatever I want. I don't have to work...I just do whatever I want to do."

"Good to know you haven't changed then."

"Oh, I've changed plenty. Haven't you noticed that my tits have gotten bigger since highschool? My ass a little rounder? I saw you starring when I opened the door so I assumed you noticed."

I was starting to get nervous now. And turned on! I had to play it cool.

"No, I don't think I did." I said it a little too quickly, looking away from her as I said it. I grabbed my mixer and turntables first and immediately walked them out to the car.

That was too close, I thought. I don't know how she got in my head like that. Heather used to be very ditsy, so I was able to run the show and control our relationship. This new Heather seemed to by purposely pressing my buttons. I had never felt so vulnerable! My heart was pounding, but I could not deny that I had never been more turned on in my life. I threw my stuff in the car and swallowed hard. Don't let her get to you man, she's just playing games! I took some deep breathes and readjust the bulge in my shorts before walking back inside to get my laptop, feeling as nervous as ever.

When I walked back in Heather's room she was sprawled out across her bed, with my laptop open in front of her. She was on her stomach with her back arched, giving a perfect view of her heavy tits as gravity pulled them downward. I would have appreciated the view more if Heather wasn't starring into the screen of my open laptop.

"What are you doing?" I asked nervously.

"Oh you know, browsing the internet. Very interesting history you got here." She looked up and looked me dead in the eyes, a coy look on her face

"I swear, you better not have looked at my history!"

"Spend a lot of time on porn sites huh? Especially ones with really curvy girls dominating timid young men. A couple light femdom sites in there too. You must spend a lot of time thinking about sex. Does the tiny-titted bitch not satisfy you?"

"That enough! Give me my computer back!"

"I will.....but first.... who is Homer Vargas? You spend a lot of time reading his stories, don't you?"


I couldn't find the words to speak. I could feel my face blushing hard. "I....I....dunno" I said, looking around the room, desperate for escape..

"You don't know his stories? Well, I've been reading them and they are quite fascinating. The usually involve a beauty curvy women who seduces a young man against his will. She uses her large tits to sap his will and mind-blowing sex to control him. Then she gets the perfect man eating out of her hand, and pussy, and he gets all the dominating sex he ever wanted. The make lots of babies and take care of each other, deeply in love, happily ever after! Is that the kind of thing you beat off too?"

"Heather, that's private!" I couldn't believe this was happening. My sexual fantasies being used to mock me! I had to regain control. I couldn't let her do this to me! "Just give me my fucking laptop back." I said, mustering what little forcefulness I had left in my scared body.

"Ok, just one more question. Then I promise I'll give your laptop back. But you have to answer truthfully."

"Ok" I said, feeling a little relieved.

"You said you didn't notice that my tits got bigger, and my ass got rounder. But I think you're lying to me, you naughty boy. So, truthfully, does my body look better then ever? Did you notice how nice my titties look? Admit you've been drooling over my body since I opened the door." She stood up and leaned forward, giving me an extra good view of those luscious breasts. I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't help but stare. I knew I was getting hard but there was nothing I could do about it. I just had to hope she didn't notice.

"Answer me." She said sternly.

"Fine, I was looking at your tits. I'm sorry!" I knew I shouldn't admit it but even now I couldn't look away.

"Good boy. See, that wasn't hard. (Giggles) I don't want you to be sorry, in fact I want you to keep looking." She was slowly coming closer to me. No matter how hard I tried to look away I couldn't! She was peeling off her tank top and I had to see those knockers in just a bra. I felt helpless but so turned on as she pulled the tank top over her head. Her breasts looked so enormous and round pushed up in a light blue lacy bra. I felt my jaw drop as my massive erection reached its peak.

"Oh...I see you are loving this! What are you loving more, my round tits or doing what I tell you?"

"Heather, I can't do this. Liz is staying at my house right now, this is fucking crazy! I want nothing to do with this!" I tried to regain some composure, but I wasn't sure if I was trying to convince her or myself.

"Don't lie to me. You already tried twice now, but I can see right through you. And the size of that tent in your shorts isn't very subtle. Now, come over here and sit on the bed."

"Heather, I rea-"

"Do it! And Ill take off my pants too. I know how much you like them... but I think you'll like what's underneath them even better. I caught you starring at my ass on the way up the stairs too."

I tried to do some quick thinking. I did really want to see her body in just her bra and panties, but I was already feeling my control slipping away. I knew I shouldn't cheat on Liz but damn Heather's body looked so good. I needed to see her in her bra and panties (if she was wearing any!) I decided I would just do what I had to do to get my computer, and hopefully see more of Heather's hot body so I had something to beat off to later, or to think about when I was screwing Liz. Against my better judgment, I felt my legs walking towards the bed that she stood next to. Her thumbs were in her waistband and her arms were pushing her tits together, making them seem even bigger. She had a seductive and smug look on her face and she was starring right at me biting her lower lip. The bra looked tight, like her tits had grown a lot over a short span of time, but the effect was beautiful. Her soft flesh was pushed together tightly and it looked like the bra could barley contain those luscious breasts.

I took a seat on the bed, forgetting how low it was, and looked up. Heather seemed like a giantess because I was so low and she towered over me. She was looking down at me with a sexy smile on her face.

"Good boy. You did exactly what I told you. Now, just keep looking at me." She turned sidewise to give me a view of her profile. She bent over at the hip and leaned forward as her thumbs pushed her yoga pants down slowly. They way they hugged her every curve, I was almost sorry to see them go. That was, until I saw the matching light blue lacy thong she had on! Wow, her ass was so curvy and nice. Each cheek was so round, like a perfect round bubble. The thong's light blue dipped into the darkness of the crack, dividing the two perfect cheeks and making them look absolutely perfect. The ass had the perfect amount of jiggle! God I wanted to reach out and grab it! It took whatever was left of my will power to resist, but I certainly couldn't keep from starring! My jaw was practically on the floor and my eyes were as wide as headlights.

"You're girlfriend doesn't have curves like mine does she?"

I swallowed had. "Uh-uh" I muttered, shaking my head.

"Do you ever think of me when you fuck her?"

I could only nod.

"And tell me, to you jerk that big cock thinking about the way I used to fuck you?"

I nodded, feeling myself blushing furiously. I looked at the carpeted floor and muttered "Yes Heather" obediently.

"Show Me."

"What?" I asked abruptly, sudden more alert. It was like a spell was temporarily broken.

"Show me how you beat off. Only now, you don't have to pretend, you got the real me right her in front of you (more giggles) I want to see that giant dick again!"

"Heather, I'm not going to beat off for you" Even as I said it, I started rubbing my dick through my shorts, hoping that would satisfy my need for stimulation.

"Oh this is priceless! You can't resist me at all. Even when we dated, you might have controlled everything else but once we got into the bedroom it was me who dominated. If only I realized how much power I had, I would have never lost you in the first place! Do you remember how I used to fuck you? I'd let you suck on my tits until you were too turned on to think straight? Then I'd lower you're mouth to eat out my cute little pussy till I had a couple good cums , before I fucked your brains out? The sweet taste of my pussy, the slow rhythmic riding, you remember that don't you?" She asked seductively.

By now, I was furiously rubbing my dick through my shorts. I was staring at her acres of exposed flesh, hoping she wouldn't make me do anything against my will. "Heather...pl-"

"Take it out." She said firmly, smiling down at me, knowing I was helpless.

There was nothing I could do. I was defeated, too turned on by her body and demeanor to do anything besides what she said. Memories flooded my brain of our old sex, and I knew what I wanted. I had to taste her pussy again. I needed to suck on her fat tits. I craved the bliss the came from her riding my to heaven, and the peace that came with the orgasm and subsequent slumber. I NEEDED TO FUCK HER! But for now, my needs didn't matter, it was her desires that were dictating the situation. All I could do is just do whatever she asked and hopefully she would give me what I craved.

I pulled out my cock, which was hard as rock. It sprang right out of my boxers, pointing towards the ceiling. Large and girthy, my cock pulsed furiously as blood rain through its veins. I was now naked from the waist down, and my hand immediately went to my dicks, tugging it hard. I gave into the need for the stimulation my cock was craving.

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