tagMind ControlControlled by Desire Ch. 03

Controlled by Desire Ch. 03


The next few weeks were some of the busiest of my life. With Heather moving into my new apartment, we had a lot of redecorating to do. She choose where furniture would go, which of my things would get thrown away (quite a bit actually to make room for all her belongings), and what colors she wanted me to paint the walls. I quickly learned that my opinion mattered very little. If I was adamant about something, she would lead me to our soft bed and lay me down for a good long fuck, constantly reminding me of who made the decision in our relationship. I quickly figured out that the more I objected, the more I would get laid. For a couple days I sought to use this to my advantage, complaining about things I didn't really care about just to undergo some of Heather's wonderful persuasion. However, Heather soon figured out what I was doing. She called me out one evening at dinner when I suggested we open a different bottle of wine then the one she suggested.

"I don't think you care about the wine at all do you? You naughty boy....I think you just want me to fuck you. Well baby, I don't just have sex to convince you that I'm right. I enjoy it just as much as you do when that big cock slides into me. I'll fuck your brains out the second I know your ready baby. Just squeeze my ass, or grope my tits while were kissing and I'll know what you have in mind. I'll need you to eat my pussy before I'm ready to go, but I think we both know how much you enjoy that too." She was wearing a skirt and spread her legs, giving me a direct line of sight to her white panties. She reached under her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down with her thumbs. I could only stare at her cute pussy, desperate for the opportunity to taste. She looked me in the eyes and nodded. I smiled mischievously and slide under the table to my hand and knees. I crawled right up to her pussy and started licking without a moment's hesitation. She continued eating the dinner I had cooked and drinking her wine, moaning and talking in between mouthfuls.

"Mmmm....that's it baby. Ohhhh, you are so talented with that tongue." Another mouthful of chicken and potatoes quieted her but only for a moment. She continued to talk and eat casually while I ate her, but there was nothing casual about the massive orgasm that racked her body! She lead me to the bedroom and mounted me.

"No more disagreeing only for sex mister. Promise me, you'll let me make the decisions?"

"Yeah, of course, my bad." I said hastily. My mouth got to her work on her titty and she began to ride me.

"Good, well, if you keep your promise, and try to relax and let me control everything, I promise I'll give you a big surprise, and something tells me you're going to love it."

I couldn't only grunt, too turned on to question more. But for the next month or so, that "big surprise" was always on my mind, subconsciously subverting my will to meet her needs. When I asked questions, she would only smile and say "you'll see."

Even after Heather moved in, there was still sometime before we settled into a routine. When I finally accepted a job, it definitely helped establish a sense of normalcy about our whole situation. I had to choose between two jobs. I had wanted to do the job that I thought would be easier and more fun, but Heather insisted I take the one closer to home that paid significantly more. Maybe with the surprise in mind I accepted the higher paying job. After I accepted the job that she wanted, Heather rewarded me with something new....and the sex couldn't have been hotter.

She meet me at the door wearing a very short black mini skirt and a white blouse, unbuttoned plenty to show off her lovely tits. Heather told me to masturbate while starring at her round child-bearing hips and fat milky titties. That's when I realized we were role playing. She started by calling me baby and making me call her mommy, always talking to me like a disobedient child. She asked if I liked her big, milky tits and I could only nod in agreement. She pretended to breastfed me as she stroked my naked cock. Afterwards, she mounted me and rode me as wonderfully as ever. She kept making me call her mommy and I was loving every second of this new and exciting sex. For some reason, Heather seemed extremely pleased by how much I was loving this, more pleased then normal. I decided later that she was just enjoying the change of pace as much as I was.

Our sex evolved in other ways too. Heather would always surprise me with sexy outfits and lingerie, especially the kind that would show off her best curvy assets. In addition, she would fuck me while we were out on dates....sucking my dick in the movie theatre and fucking me in the changing room at the mall. Sometimes she would even let me start our sex by fucking her doggy style or missionary "just to keep things interesting", but she would always make sure our sex ended with me on my back, her tit in my mouth, and her rhythmic words flowing over me.

The job I took turned out not to be too bad, and its proximity to our apt meant I could come home from lunch, even if all I ate sometime was Heather's pussy. The job also gave us more routine, and we fell into a daily schedule.

I would wake up first, usually already hard from dreaming about Heather. I don't know when the dreams started but somehow my lust for her had crept into my sleeping unconscious. If I was really horny, I'd masturbate to the collection of materials Heather had supplied for the occasion. I LOVED what she gave me to wok with. It was a lot of videos of her wearing skimpy clothes and instructing me how to jerk off for her, talking to me and stripping off clothing seductively. They were about 10 minutes long and always ended with her instructing me to cum into her wet pussy. When she said "Cum" in that forceful tone, I would shoot my load all over my hand. In a few of them, she took on the mommy role and asked me to knock her up. She would ask if I wanted her tits and ass to swell like balloons, and if I did, then I should come in her. I never made it to 10 minutes during these, as the thought aroused me too much. Then I would shower and dress. I knew Heather liked to sleep late so I would simply give her a kiss on the forehead, careful not to wake her, on my way too work.

The first half of my day was usually the worst, especially if I hadn't jerked off to the video's of Heather in the morning. I tried to keep my mind focused, but it was always tough. I usually counted the seconds until my hour-long lunch break at 12.

Once I was allowed to go to lunch, I would walk straight home (about a 5 minute walk). Sometimes I jogged if the anticipation was too great. When I got into our apartment, I would go to the kitchen and make her breakfast. I knew all her favorites and my cooking skills were improving rapidly. I would usually make her something sweet and sugary, knowing that was her favorite kind of meal. Today, I make chocolate chip pancakes with syrup and whipped cream. On the side, sliced strawberries with a little sugar sprinkled on them. I arrange them on a tray, doing my best to make the plating visually pleasing for her. Struck by sudden inspiration, I walked outside and grab a flower from the garden. I placed the flower on the tray and brought it into the bedroom.

As soon as the tray hits the bedside table, Heather shifts from her stomach to her back. Her body knows what's coming even if her brain isn't awake yet. Her naked body looks so good, and I take amount to appreciate how lucky I am, swelling with pride and arousal. I position myself on the bottom of the bed, lightly touching her waist or grabbing on to her wide hips. Her hips rise slowly, I can tell she is still sleepy and not fully awake.

The first lick is slow. I start on the very bottom and run my tongue up over her lips to the very top. I swear I will never get over how good she tastes. The sweet and salty taste on my tongue arouses me even more, and more partial erection becomes a full-blown hard on. The first lick wakes her a little more, and she scoots her butt upward to allow my hands to get underneath her doughy ass checks. Now I can begin in earnest. My hands squeeze the cheeks and lift her pussy up into my face. I bury my face in her vagina, licking and prodding with my tongue until she comes hard. The first orgasm is usually the biggest and it wakes her up fully. She says "good morning baby" and starts eating her breakfast and talking to me while my face is busy in her snatch. After her second orgasm, I always look up at her for further direction. Sometimes she beckons me towards her to start fucking, other times she sends me back down to eat her to a few more orgasms.

After she was satisfied, she would fuck me. It was usually a quicky, but it would at least hold me over till after work. At this point, if she had nothing planned (which was most of the time) she would go back to sleep or come sit on the couch and watch T.V. If she wanted to go shopping for sexy clothes or food (my treat of course) or out on the town for the afternoon, she would let me bath and dress her. I loved nothing more then drawing her a bath and lathering up her perfect body, feeling those soapy tits in my hand. Drying her off was just as fun as I ran my hands and a towel over her every curve. I would dress her in whatever she wanted to wear, usually a skimpy mini skirt and stockings or tights with a low cut top. Sometimes as I pulled her panties up her legs I would gaze at her cunt hungrily. I would look up at her, wordless asking for permission. If she had time and desire, she would let me eat her wet snatch to one more orgasm. When she was fed, bathed, dressed, and sexually satisfied I would quickly make a sandwich and eat it on the walk back to work.

Sometimes my lunch break would take longer then an hour, especially when Heather required bathing and dressing, but I didn't mind. It just meant I would have to work an extra hour or so at the end of the day....a small price to pay for all the fun I had during my break. The second half of he day was usually better then the first, as I had already tasted Heather and been ridden to one of her mind-blowing orgasm. Sometimes she would call me and tease me, asking when I would be home to suck on her titties. Over the phone, she would slip into her mommy role and ask me if I was hard at my desk. I always was! If she went out to buy some sexy clothes or lingerie for me, she would send me a picture. If I made her a particularly good breakfast or if she wanted to reward me, she would send me a sexy video of herself, talking to me about her tits and ass as she struck poses to show them off. Her phone calls, pictures, and videos drove me crazy with lust. It takes all my will power to finish my work, because I always know what's waiting for me when I get home.

As soon as I walk in the door, Heather is there. If she went shopping, she would be modeling her newest outfit, waiting to see my expression to see I liked it. I always did! Occasionally she would have role playing in mind, and she would meet me wearing her nurse or cowgirl costume (she had a bunch of sexy themed outfits like this). She would already be in character, asking me if I was feeling ok when she was in her nurse outfit. Most of the time, she would be simply in bra and panties of maybe some shorts and a tank top if she was cold. It didn't matter to me, really, because no matter what she was wearing I knew the sex was going to be mind blowing. She would lead me to the bedroom by the hand. After feeding me her tits and twat, she would give me that long slow fucking I so desperately needed.

After sex we would plan dinner. Sometimes we would stay in. I would cook dinner and we would make out on the couch watching movies or sports. Other times, we would go out. Heather would dress extra sexy in one of her cocktail dresses and I would wear the nice clothes she instructed me to wear in order to match. I would take her out to the restaurant of her choosing, my hand around her sexy waist the entire time, practically drooling over her. I was the perfect gentlemen....I would hold doors open for her, order what she wanted, pull her seat out for her. We never stopped smiling. To others, we looked like the perfect couple. Guys would stare are Heather's ample curves and I would smile proudly. Women would look at me, worshipping the ground Heather walked on, and she would give them a sultry look that clearly said "Eat your heart out sister."

Regardless of whether we stayed in or went out, our after dinner plans were the same. We would cuddle on the couch and talk about anything and everything, usually with a movie or tv on in the background. We played games and I would write on my laptop. Her favorite food in the world was ice cream so I made sure we always had sundae materials on hand. It soon became common for me to make her a massive sundae every night for dessert. 3 different scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup, crushed Oreos, whip cream, and sprinkles....that was her favorite so I made sure she had it every night of the week. Her figure looked better then ever, her curves had never looked so dramatic. Sometimes she would catch me starring at her a bit too long and would be able to tell I was horny. She would let me eat her out while she finished her sundae. Then she would lead me to bed. Once there, our nightly sex was the best of the day. She would really take her time with it, making sure I was insanely dazed with lust by eating her pussy or sucking on her fat tits. Her riding was more expert then ever, and the pace increased so slowly it was often agonizing. She talked more during this sex but I wasn't never quite sure what she was saying, my mind was too far gone. Even after she told me to cum and I emptied my balls inside of her, she would still be whispering seductively into my ear. I could make out words and phrases sometimes, things like "you're sleepy baby", "rest your eyes", "you made mommy so happy", "my tits getting fatter" and "waddling around the house". I never really knew what it all meant, but within a few minutes of nursing her breast and letting her words flow over me, I would be asleep for the night, dreaming of her all over again.

On the weekends we would wake up late together and start our day with some raunchy sex. If we got out of bed we would go on romantic dates and day trips. We would hang out with friends and hold hands wherever we went. On Sunday's I would do the housework while Heather ate and sat on the couch. Every Tuesday and Saturday I went to the gym, following a regiment that Heather had set for me. She said it was to keep my endurance up. My body got more defined as her curves were getting more beautiful then ever. I could never get over how good her body looked.

We were young and in love, everything seemed perfect. I had almost forgotten about the "big surprise". Perhaps it was just a ploy to further tame me, not that I cared! I followed Heather's orders because it made me happy, not because I needed a surprise. I acted on her every whim, completely controlled by her. As I learned her preferences, she wouldn't even have to ask me to do something. My body responded to her every desire, even the unspoken ones. I was completely controlled, completely docile and tame. But I was complete contented, my every sexual need was satisfied ten fold. I didn't know how I lived before Heather, because the sexual domination I craved was now an addiction. I needed her pussy. I needed the way she fucked me. I was completely in her sexual thrall....and I couldn't be happier.

Our lives passed like that for a few months. Heather was hinting that we were going to "shake things up a bit" soon. I didn't know what that meant, but I trusted her entirely.

One day I woke up with particularly hard morning wood. I really wanted to jerk off to one of Heather's videos, but I was late for work. That day at work was agonizing, and I was desperate for relief and when it was time for lunch, I practically skipped home.

You can imagine my disappointment when I found our bed empty. There was a note and a picture next to the bed on the table.

"Hello my sweet pussy loving pet, sorry I couldn't be here to fuck you but something urgent came up. I'm out on the town, and have some things to take care of before I'm home. I have special plans tonight, so try to hold out. I promise the best sex of your life if you go today without masturbating to the thought of me. Can you do that? Go a day without cumming? I promise it will be worth it. --Heather-"

I looked at the picture. It was a picture of her wearing the light blue lacy lingerie she wore the first time she seduced me. On the back, it simple said "Remember how I first took control?". I did indeed remember that first time she took me. Just thinking about it got me so turned on. I was so horny! I didn't want to go a day without cumming! I knew I shouldn't but I thought she would never know. I walked over to our computer and tried to open one of Heather's videos. Instead, a word document was opened that read "You naughty boy! I put a password on the videos and I disabled the internet, so don't even bother trying. Save that load for me baby, I promise it will be worth it!"

GOD DAMMIT! She knew me too well! I decided I would wait, only because she wanted me to and I didn't really have any better options. I grabbed some lunch and headed back to work 30 minutes early, figuring, at the very least, I would be glad to get out of work a half-hour sooner.

Back at work, Heather sent me a picture of her naked touching herself in bed. The message read "I'm thinking about you're big cock, I hope you're thinking about me." Of course I was! How could I not be! The look on her face in picture was almost too much. I don't think I've every been hornier in my life. That is until, with 30 minutes left at work, she called me.

"Hello Heather."

"Hello baby, call me mommy!" She said it so seductively. I looked around to make sure nobody was near by before whispering back.

"Hello mommy."

"Mmmm, that's good baby. I love when you do exactly what I tell you. Tell me baby, are you really horny?"

"God Yes, I need you so badly."

"I know you do baby. I'm so ready for you too, I'm here at home wearing something new I picked out for you. I hope you like it. It really brings out my big tits and eye-popping ass." She was speaking in the same voice she used when she fucked me. I was hard as rock.

"Fuck, you're turning me on so much!" I said, trying to keep my voice low to prevent my coworkers from overhearing.

"Oh baby, please come home. I'm ready to give you your big surprise!"

"I'll be right there!" My heart skipped a few beats, then settled in at hummingbird speed. I packed up everything on my desk and ran to the office manager to tell her I had to leave earlier for a family emergency. She could tell I was flustered so she believed me. Thank god I held my briefcase in front of my crotch to hide the massive tent in my slacks.

I practically sprinted home. When I opened the door to my apartment, my jaw hit the floor. Heather was standing in front of me wearing the hottest outfit I had seen to date. The bra was pink with white polka dots. The bra was low cut, and pushed her tits up to epic proportions. The garter was the same pink polka dotted pattern and the thongs underneath was lacy and white from what I could see. Her thick thighs plunged out of sight into the darkness under the garter. She wore white thigh-high stockings and white 6-inch pumps. She did a little twirl for me and stopped when she was facing away from me to lean forward and show off her nice round ass. When she faced me again, I noticed it was more then just an outfit.

Heather had clearly just got her hair and make up done. Her hair looked like she had got a perm, all teased up. She even had a small matching pink ribbon in her hair. Her make-up brought light to her face, but was a little on the trashy side....in a good way. She looked like a Stepford Wife, The Hottest MILF Ever, and a porn start all rolled into one.

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