tagMind ControlControlled Ch. 05

Controlled Ch. 05


Opening the door to his flat Simon said "It's a good job that I'm on the ground floor, I've got my own private entrance. Otherwise who knows who you would bump into, after all I have a reputation to think of you know." He said laughing

I looked at him standing there in the doorway all smug as he said it. I had just given the taxi driver a blow job on the car park so we could get here, I was half naked and completely humiliated, after he had just promised the same driver if he took me home later he would get to fuck me, in fact I had been forced to ask him too. I should have hated Simon. The problem though was that no matter what I had already done tonight, I wanted more. I loved the feeling of being subjected to someone else's will.

He must have realised what was going through my mind because he reached out and grabbed hold of one of my nipples and pulled me through the door and into his flat. "Come on in slut. Go and sit on the sofa and I'll get you another drink"

"I'm fine thanks" I said "I've had enough for one night."

Releasing my nipple, which was getting quite sore by now from th constant attention it was getting. Simon winked at me "A small glass of wine then, just to wash the taste of your drivers cock out of your mouth, because I don't know about you, but I thought he was a bit unclean really"

"Ok" I relented "Just a small one please"

"Coming right up, now go through that door there, I'll just get some." he said pointing towards the end of the corridor

I walked into the lounge and was quite surprised at how clean it was for a man living on his own. The room was very neat and minimalist really, a hardwood floor a large rug in the centre with a nice modern leather corner suite. I sat down gratefully the leather cool against by bare skin and relaxed myself slightly wondering what was to happen now. I could hear Simon clattering about for a while before he came in holding a can of beer and a large glass full of wine.

"Sorry, got carried away, I guess" he said passing me the glass.

Taking a large sip I swirled it round my mouth for a few seconds and got rid of the dirty cock taste that was in my mouth before putting the glass on the floor.

Simon watched me "Better?" he said

"Much better, thank you"

"So tell me" He said putting a hand on my breast and squeezing "How much did you enjoy sucking that old driver off?"

I looked at him "Honestly?"

"Yeah. Honestly."

He reached over and pulled me to him, so that my head was resting on his shoulder. He felt warm and comfortable and I started to relax a bit more especially when he continued to slowly caress my breast and nipple. "It's hard to describe" I said "In one way I felt dirty and cheap. It was horrible because he stank, I almost gagged" he placed my hand over his crotch area of his jeans and I could feel already that he was aroused, so I started to rub him through his jeans.

"Go, on" he said "How else did you feel?" his hand had moved down my belly and was now going up my skirt so he could start to play with my clit.

I moaned "It was also one of the hottest things I've ever done in my life, I didn't want it to end. When he came, I was sort of disappointed. It sounds stupid saying that but do you know what I mean?"

"I've got an idea" he said "Now, I want you to stand up and remove your skirt, but I want you to keep your high heels on. Then you will kneel before me, have another mouthful of wine before you get my cock out and start to wank me off slowly. Then I'll tell you what I think. Ok?"

"Mmmm, sounds a good idea to me" I purred.

Giving his cock a last squeeze, which was definitely getting harder, I slowly stood up and stretched my arms above my head making my breasts thrust forward. I then put my arms behind my back to unfasten my skirt which dropped onto the floor. Naked now I stepped towards him and got onto my knees grabbing my glass I took a large drink and swallowed.

"That's a good girl" he smiled as I leant forward and unfastened his belt and jeans. He lifted his ass up a bit so I could pull them down. His cock shot out of his trousers and I wasn't disappointed, only a bit smaller than Damien's, but about the same girth. I wrapped my hand around it and started to slowly wank him off. "So come on tell me, what do you think?" I asked

"Hmmm, that's nice" he said "Right whilst your doing that, play with yourself at the same time."

I reached down, my fingers playing with my lips and rubbing my clit. Simon looked down at me "I agree with your previous statement" he said smiling "You are a cheap, dirty little slut, aren't you?"

I started moaning at the words he was saying, I did try and defend myself slightly "I only did what I was told to do though." I said

"You're a cheap dirty slut" he repeated as if I hadn't said anything. "You came out tonight with the express purpose of getting fucked. What makes it worse is that it was all on the say so of some writer of porn stories, who you don't even know." He started talking louder now, getting into the swing of things "You exposed yourself countless times to anybody who happened to be looking or walking by. You allowed yourself to be felt up by me and my friend, who you had only just met." leaning forward he pulled and twisted on my already sore nipple causing me to wince and moan as my fingers moved quicker over my clit.

Simon was well away now, as he continued "You let me finger you in the same pub even cumming, whilst two blokes looked on. Your nothing but a cheap slut aren't you?" he almost shouted pulling and twisting my nipple "Well answer me!"

"Yes" I gasped through the pain

"Yes what?" he shouted

"I'm nothing but a cheap slut" I cried out as I came. I fell backwards and continued humping my hand as my fingers rubbed my pussy.

My eyes shut, I heard him stand up and walk back out the room towards the kitchen. Whatever he was doing didn't take long because I soon felt him kneel down by the side of my head, I then felt something large and cold being pushed into my pussy. My eyes shot open and I just had enough time to look down before he grabbed me by the hair, twisting my face round so he could force his cock into my mouth. In that glimpse that I had though, I saw he must have gotten a cucumber out of the fridge and that was what he was shoving up me and had started to fuck me with. Grabbing my hand that had wrapped round his cock to stop him ramming it down my throat he placed it on the cucumber.

"Fuck yourself with it bitch, and do it hard." He snarled "Why should I do all the work" he added, as he moved round to the back of my head. Pulling it back so that my neck was bent he fed his cock into my mouth again, with a few thrusts he was entering my throat pretty soon his balls were slapping against my nose as he grunted away. I started to fuck myself with the cucumber as he carried on telling me how much of a slut I was.

"You let that huge black guy, Damien fuck you and even his oppo" He shouted. Although this wasn't completely true, I could not object because I had a cock in my throat at the time. Breathing was becoming a struggle, but on he went.

"And what you did out on the car park was disgusting. The driver was old and he stank, but what did you do, Did you protest or anything?" Again I couldn't really answer, his thrusting was increasing in speed his voice getting louder. He had started to slap my breasts about now as well whilst he carried on. "No you didn't. You just got down on your slut knees and let him fuck your mouth with his stinking old cock until he came down your throat."

With that last statement he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to cum over my face, rubbing his cock in my hair. I couldn't help myself, I came again. I let go of my hold on the cucumber which was soon pushed out of me because my pussy was contracting so much.

Simon proceeded to use his cock to wipe his cum all over my face, before grabbing hold a handful of my hair and using it to wipe it clean. He then stood up tucking his cock away "Stay where you are bitch" he said walking back to the sofa and picking up the camera "Right, I want you to start fucking yourself again with the cucumber while I take a couple of shots of you covered in my cum"

My pussy was still tingling really badly, so I asked "Can I just have a minute to calm down first, please?"

For an answer he stood over me then placed the point of his shoe against my tender opening and started to try and push it in "I'll leave it up to you" he said "You can do as I have asked you to or, and I mean this, I will force my whole shoe up into your cunt. The decision is yours" With that he pushed a bit more stretching and hurting me.

I scooted backwards to get away "Ok, ok" I pleaded "I'll do it I'm sorry. Please stop your hurting me."

He smiled down at me "Next time then do as I say, then you won't get hurt" He kicked the cucumber forwards so that I could grab it "There you go, now start again"

Fortunately I had calmed down a bit by then, so when I started pushing it back into me it wasn't as bad as I thought. I lay there fucking myself again with the cucumber while he started to take a couple of pictures of me with my cum smeared face and hair.

"By the way" he said "You've made a mess on my shoe, look at it"

I turned my head to the side and noticed the front of his shoe glistening with my juices, he moved it close to my mouth "Lick it" he said. Knowing it was pointless to object, I stuck my tongue out and proceed to lick the top of his shoe. I could see a bulge coming back in his trousers as he watched me demean myself. Lifting his foot up he turned it slightly so that I could lick the soul as well. Fortunately after being in the flat for a while it was clean. The bulge in the front of his trousers was definitely getting bigger though.

Taking a couple more photos of this he then went and sat back down on the sofa. Pulling his cock out, which was hard again he started to play with himself.

"I want you to get on your hands and knees now, with you ass facing me." He said "Then I want you to start putting the cucumber in your ass, I'm sure you've got it lubed up enough by now to enable it to go in easily. I've never fucked a girl in the ass before and after all I don't want Damien's leftovers. I want to feel how tight you are and after the abuse his cock gave your cunt tonight, you must be pretty slack by now."

I got to my hands and knees, then hanging my head down, I reached behind me and rubbed the cucumber up and down my pussy a few times, trying to get lots of lube onto it before I started to ease it into my ass. I had had anal sex a few times and although it was not one of my favourite things it could be quite fun.

I heard the camera clicking again as I eased it in slowly, until my ass adjusted itself to the intrusion and it became easier. "That's a good girl" I heard him say "But I want you to take more of it. I would love you to take all of it but it a big one, so I'll settle for two thirds of it"

Remembering that it must have been about fifteen inches long, I started to worry, but I kept on pushing it in and then pulling it out trying to get a bit more inside with every push, for the next couple of minutes. Until I felt him pull my hand off it "I don't know," He said. "If you want a job doing, you must do it yourself, You've only managed about half of it so far, let me help you"

It was already getting uncomfortable as it was, but when he started to use more pressure it became quite painful. I started to groan with the pain and fell forward so that I was resting on my elbows with my ass sticking up even more. "Come on bitch take it, just a bit more" he said, taking satisfaction of hearing me moan with the pain and applying even more pressure.

I finally shrieked as he shoved it in even more. He just laughed "Well done you" he said, before pulling it all the way out of me "You were close as well; there was only about three inches left"

I couldn't believe it, the pain was still there and tears were running down my face, but strangely enough I felt a sense of pride, I must have managed to get about eleven inches or thereabouts, inside my ass. I had never had anything like this done to me before. I suddenly gasped though as I felt him place his cock at the entrance to my ass, before he rammed it all the way in, in one go making me grunt and my arms collapse completely as he started to roughly fuck me, my face pressed and rubbing against the rug.

He kept slapping me on the ass really hard whilst calling me all sorts of filthy names and laughing when I groaned out in pain. This was solely for his enjoyment, for him to get off by abusing me, fortunately he didn't last long and I soon felt his cum filling my ass. He collapsed on top of me for a moment before he pulled out and I felt him wipe my ass with a cloth, Before moving round to my head and lifting my face up to his crotch "Clean it." Was all he said before he pushed his slimy cock into my mouth.

I started to gag slightly at the taste as his cock went in but with a huge effort I controlled myself and proceeded to lick and suck him clean. After a minute of this he seemed satisfied and pulled his cock out "I suggest you go and clean yourself up a bit, before your taxi turns up, I'm going to call him now. Bathrooms through the door on the left." He said pointing.

Getting gingerly to my feet, I reached down to get my things, when I noticed that the cloth that he must have wiped me with was my skirt. As I picked it up he laughed "Well you don't think I wanted you dripping that mess on my rug do you. Now hurry, leave your jacket here though."

Grabbing my shoes, bag and camera, I went to the bathroom. When I looked in the large mirror I was shocked at the state of me, dried cum was peeling off my face and my hair was matted with it. Turning round I saw that my ass was bright red where he had slapped me and was also still gaping slightly leaking some of his cum. I turned on the taps and washed my face and as much cum out of my hair as possible. I noticed a flannel by the bath so used that to clean the rest of me up, being very gentle around my ass. I also used it to clean my skirt up as much as possible, then left it beside the bath again without cleaning it, using his comb on my hair in a small act of revenge. A bit of makeup and I was looking half decent again although sitting down would be painful for a while.

Just as I walked through the door he came out of the lounge with my jacket in his hand "Your taxi will be here in about five minutes, you can wait for it outside"

Shoving the jacket into my hands he span me round and propelled me to the door and without giving me a chance to put my jacket it on he had opened and pushed me through into the night. I span round just in time to see the door shut in my face.

"Bastard" I thought and banged on the door for a moment, before giving up as I got no response, realising that I was outside and half naked I quickly put my jacket on, only to find that the twat had cut the button off so that I couldn't fasten it. In a couple of minutes though I saw a taxi pull into the car park and realised that it was the same driver who I had given a blow job too earlier.

"Lady" he called out "You come and sit in car where it's warm, yes?"

Needing no further encouragement, it was getting quite chilly by now; I walked quickly to the passenger side of the car and gently lowered myself into the chair. Noticing that I was being careful when I sat down the driver turned to me and smiled "He was a bit rough with you, yes?"

I looked back at him and smiled "You could say that, yes. He was a complete bastard really towards the end"

"That is a shame" he said "But you not with him anymore, you with me and I take you home now, yes?"

Relaxing back in the seat enjoying the warmth "Oh yes please" I said, giving him my address.

"Ok, we go in a moment. I just got to ask you something though. Why are you doing this, why let yourself be treated this way"

I was tired, so I yawned slightly before going on and giving the driver the short version of why I was out like this and what I was supposed to do.

"But you could have said no and stopped what was happening to you surely" he said placing his hand on my leg and gently squeezing.

I tried to think why I hadn't done anything to stop it, as he kept squeezing my leg, but that was the problem. I didn't want it to have stopped even the last few minutes when Simon had abused and hurt me, I was horny through it all, and sitting here in the front of the taxi with his hand rubbing and squeezing my leg, I was getting horny again. I looked at him and said, lowering my eyes "I didn't want to stop it"

He leant forward slightly his hand moving towards my jacket "I noticed that you have damaged your jacket, no button anymore" He said opening up the front of it and tucking both sides back so I was exposed. He started to gently caress my breasts and nipples noticing how erect they were, he leant forward and covered one with his mouth and gently sucked on it for a while causing me to moan softly.

He sat back up and put the car in gear slowly driving out of the car park. "You had better cover yourself back up" he said "Don't want to be pulled over by the police for you exposing yourself."

I laughed "No, I better had cover up a bit" I said as I pulled my jacket together again. He had though put his hand back on to my leg as he drove off towards where I lived.

"What about your husband?" he asked "What does he think about it?" his hand had moved up my leg and was now going under my skirt, I slid forward and opened my legs slightly as his hand moved towards my pussy, which again was becoming quite moist.

"He loves the idea" I told him "I sometimes think he wants it to happen more than I do" I laughed "In fact I know he does"

"He's a strange man wanting his wife to go out and have other people use her for sex and things. No Asian man would allow this to happen" His fingers were now playing with my clit again and I was moaning and breathing heavily.

"I'm just lucky I guess" I reached my hand over and started to squeeze his cock through his trousers. He was hard already. "Anyway" I added "You're getting the benefit of it, aren't you?"

"Oh yes" he laughed "I happy about it completely, you very sexy lady and I can't wait to have sex with you" As he said that he turned into our road and drove slowly up in front of our house, turning off the car he looked at me expectantly.

"What, you want to do it here?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"Not here. No." He said "You take me inside and pay me there, as you said husband doesn't mind. It sill serve him right"

I looked at the clock on his dash board showing that it was ten past four in the morning. Knowing that Dan would be in bed and well asleep by now I agreed "Ok, why not, it'll be more comfortable anyway at least"

We both got out of the car and went to the front door where I let myself in as quietly as I could, all the lights were off as I led the driver into the lounge. Dan was nowhere to be seen thank god. I turned round and was grabbed by the driver who started to kiss me passionately, to which I responded with equal measure. My jacket was soon taken off and then I felt him undo my skirt which fell to the floor. His hands were everywhere on my body, I winced when he squeezed my ass which didn't seem to bother him much.

Pushing me to my knees he undid his trousers and I reached inside and pulled his cock out and started sucking it with abandon. Knowing that Dan was upstairs turned me on even more as I slurped and sucked on his cock. After a couple of minutes he gently pushed me backwards so that I was lying on my back, then he climbed and top of me and started to fuck me slowly, grinding his pubic bone into me when he was fully inside and kissing me deeply as though we were making love. I wrapped my legs around him and kept pulling him in so I could get as much as I could inside me.

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