tagLoving WivesControlled then Cuckold Ch. 02

Controlled then Cuckold Ch. 02


To continue with my true story;

So here I am standing at the alter of her church with a priest and my four friends. The best man and three ushers. She is walking up the aisle in her designer wedding gown at the arm of her father. He is spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for this formal wedding and reception. My parents are spending nothing which adds to my obligations to her family.

The priest addresses Marie," do you, Rosemarie, take this man," etc. Her name was Rosemarie but all of her family and friends call her Marie. She was introduced to me as Marie. When she was in school, all of her teachers, students and now her coworkers refer to her as Rose. Marie and Rose will become two different personalities.

Marie will always try to appear as she does today. The pure, religious, loving, faithful innocent wife. Rose will soon develop into a woman with a free spirit, un-enslaved by religion or morals.

She just turned nineteen and she is so beautiful. By marrying me, she will have the freedom from her dominating family. She says that she loves me and yet we both know that she has a sexual attraction for her manager. He is standing near by in the crowd of some two hundred fifty guests. He knows all too well of her infatuation for him.

I love her unconditionally and that puts me at a disadvantage because I love her more than I think she loves me. Her happiness is all that matters to me. I'll do whatever it takes to make and keep her happy.

I considered breaking off the engagement because of her attraction to him. But then, I can't run away every time my women finds another man attractive. I reasoned that it's better to share her than not to have her at all.

She openly admitted to me that she was attracted to him. I feel that if something sexual happens between them, she will confide it all to me. How close can we as a married couple become. He would not have to know that she was sharing all of his intimate details with me. What great pillow talk. I just have to keep her communicating with me and to share with me.

I want to have my own family. Perhaps I can get Marie pregnant right away before he can take her. Maybe I should say, before Rose can take him.

On our wedding night, we left the reception, changed at her mother's house and went to a luxury hotel. I had rented the bridal suite. It consisted of a sitting area, two bathrooms and a bedroom. Hey, it was our first time and I wanted to do it right.

Nude we lay on the bed, she on her back and I'm making love to her. Kissing her all over, swimming in her beauty, her softness, kissing her mouth, her neck, her breasts. O how beautiful are her tits, so round, so soft, how I love kissing and sucking her nipples. Other men admire them but they only see them covered. I have them all to myself.

I kiss and lick down her tummy on my way to her pubic hair. Kissing and licking her pubic hairs. I'm down between her legs now, o the aroma and taste of her. She brings her knees up and spreads them to give me better access to her moist, pink rose. I kiss it, then I'm licking and sucking her rose. I push my tongue as far up into her as I can. I just want to be here, like this the rest of my life, hearing her moans of pleasure while I'm eating and tasting her nectar. I feel her hands on the back of my head trying to pull me ever deeper into her. She shudders and thrusts with each orgasm.

She moans,"O! I want to feel you in me. O, please, put it in me." I kiss my way back up her body, till we are mouth to mouth. We kiss and I push my tongue into her mouth. She sucks her juices off my tongue while I position my cock at her cunt. My erection is at it's full five inches long and just a little over an inch thick. I push the head of it so gently into her pussy until I feel it against her hymen. Then I slowly withdraw it, only to push it back up to her hymen again. I keep repeating this movement.

So many times when we were making out, I would feel her hymen with my fingers but now it was the head of my cock probing it. "O please baby! Don't tease me any more! Do it to me! Let me feel your cock all the way in! Please!"

I'm propped up over her looking down into her eyes with the head of my cock against her hymen. One quick jab and it was done. She cried out in pain, then quickly followed it with a moan of pleasure as I slowly pushed my five inches all the way into her.

"That's it baby! O! It feels so good. I feel so full. O God, I feel so full. I can't breathe. Please, take it out! I can't breathe. O, that's it. I'm sorry. I felt so full and I couldn't breathe. Please put it back in." I entered her again and shortly there after we both climaxed.

We laid there in each others arms and drifted off to sleep. After about twenty minutes I awoke with an erection. I wanted to fuck again but I could not arouse her. She had a long day and she was in a deep sleep. Aroused, I spent the next two hours sitting out on the balcony, looking out over the city.

This would become her pattern. Once she climaxed, she would go into a deep sleep. She would get angry whenever I tried to wake her. I was a multiple orgasm guy. Intercourse with her always left me in a state of never being fully satisfied. I was always in a state of arousal.

After a week we returned from our honey moon to our jobs. She was now deflowered. She was a married woman, fair game and safe for any single guy.

Her job did afford me with some benefits. Most times by working around her boss she would come home aroused. We had some great sex. In our love making I would mention his name and she would growl and jump all over me as she came. Other times if I felt like sex, I would start talking to her about her job. Then move the conversation about him and she would become aroused.

Whenever I made love to her I would think of him. How he was going to enjoy feeling his hand over her naked buttocks. How he will love sucking the nipples of her tits. Every time I ate her cunt, I would think about how this is where his cock will be when he fucks her.

Over the first year of our marriage I tried to get Marie to suck my cock. The first time she tried, she said," I can't! It tastes awful and it makes me gag. I feel like I'm going to throw up. I don't want to do a sixty nine. Why don't you just lick me. Let me feel your tongue in my pussy." I was more than happy to do it. In fact, whenever we had intercourse, I would always lick her pussy first.

We were married a year and two months when things took a turn at her job. Her department was doing a lot of business and her office was on the main floor of the bank. It was crowded and always busy so the bank rented a suite of offices down the street. She and her manager were now alone for most of the time. He had a large office with a desk and a small conference table. Marie had her desk in the reception area in front of his office.

There was another office that Tom Dolan a salesman had. He was in maybe two or three days a week. She was also his secretary. He was a man in his late forties, married with two children.

About a month after she was in her new office things between us seemed to change. She seemed distant to me. We were not connected like we had been. During sex she no longer wanted me to mention Warren's name. I could not get her aroused like I use to.

On Fridays she had to work until eight o'clock at night. She would get off at four thirty for dinner and she had to be back at six. I would pick her up and we would go to a restaurant or to her parents for dinner.

Then one day she asked me if on Friday nights she could go out to dinner with the other bank employees. Then I could pick her up at eight. I wanted to say no for I knew that her boss must have an apartment close by.

By now I was convinced that he was now fucking her. I agreed to her request but I was dying inside. I did not want to become a pain in the ass, like a chain around her neck or her keeper. Reluctantly I gave her all the freedom that a single girl would have.

On that Friday I came home to an empty house. I took off my work clothes. I shaved and then showered. It was now four thirty, she would be getting into his car about now. How long of a drive, fifteen minutes? Drying myself I was thinking of her being made love to. I wonder how he will fuck her? I wonder how big his cock is? Will it hurt her when he pushes it in? How long will it take him to cum? I got an erection. I always got an erection whenever I thought of him fucking her.

I laid down on my back on our bed with my jar of vaseoline. It was now five o'clock. About now he would be pushing his cock up into her. At the same time that he was fucking her, I was masturbating. I wanted to cum at the same time she was cumming. I was thinking of her. She's nude, laying on his bed on her back with her legs spread. He's between her legs forcing his cock up into her pussy. I climaxed all over my stomach and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

At eight O'clock I picked her up, thinking that when I get her home I will feel her cum soaked pussy. Then I will confront her. We will talk about it and she will share her experience with me. When she got into the car she claimed that she was sick. That it must have been something she ate. She just wanted to go home and get into bed. She would not let me get near her.

That Saturday morning we awoke and I started to caress her. I asked her how she was feeling and in a very sexy voice, she replied, "I feel very good this morning. Sorry I got so sick on you last night. You were so good to let me rest. That was so thoughtful of you. Mmmm, I love you."

I started making love to her, feeling and kissing her breasts. Sucking on her nipples and then kissing my way down to her navel with my tongue licking into it. Then I licked my way down to her bush. I wanted to taste her nectar, like I've done so many times before.

She stopped me, saying,"no! No! Don't go there." I wasn't stopping. She grabbed a handful of my hair forcing me away, saying,"no! No! I don't like that! I never liked that! I only let you do it but I don't like it. Please respect my wishes. Just put it in me."

"But you always like it when I lick your pussy."

"Well I don't anymore! Just put it in me, please." From that day on for the rest of my life, I was never allowed to make love to her pussy. Never got to taste her nectar again.

What happened next was unexpected and a shock to both of us. She continued, "just put it in me." She was laying on her back, her legs spread with her knees up so her feet were flat on the bed. I positioned myself between her legs and wet the head of my cock with my saliva.

Now I have always had to gently ease my cock into her until it was all the way in and she could adjust to it. It was always tight. This time it slipped right in with no resistance and no feeling what so ever. Her vaginal canal was stretched wide open almost beyond it's limits.

Looking down at her I could see a look of terror on her face as she realized how open he had left her. I could feel the anger welling up in me and my blood beginning to boil. I thought I had prepared myself for this day. That I would be OK with Warren fucking her. No it wasn't that she was fucked. It was that she preferred to do it behind my back. To cheat on me and not share it with me.

I was so angry, like the time in grammar school. There was a girl sitting across from me and every time the sister would turn her back to the class, the girl would pelt me with a spitball. It hurt and she kept doing it and laughing. Then the girl behind her joined in. They would not stop. I turned in my seat and kicked the girl so hard that she flew out of her seat onto the floor with a large black shoe mark on her white blouse.

The sister saw the whole episode. Violence has a way of escalating. The sister came down on me like a hawk on it's prey. She pulled my hair, slapped my face and punched my ears. I deserved it. To this day I regret kicking that girl.

My first year when I entered the public high school, I got into an altercation with a boy in front of a candy store. I punched him so hard that I knocked him out. They called an ambulance and the ambulance crew revived him.

In my second year of high school, in machine shop there was a frail, thin, sickly boy and a bully would pick on him. I told the bully to leave him alone. The sickly kid became attached to me. He kind of became my assistant.

One morning we were setting up a machine and the bully came walking by. He said, "get out of my way" and he shoved the kid into me. I lost it. I went after the bully. I broke his nose, cut his lips and chipped his front tooth. His blood was everywhere. I would have killed him had the instructor not pulled me off of him.

I have to control my anger. I cannot lose my temper. I was so angry at her. I could strangle her and then go kill him. I could slap the sugar out of her and beat the crap out of him.

Starring down at her I could feel my erection aching. The anger began to transform into sexual feelings. I began to feel very amorous, sensual and very sexual. I was getting so horny. It felt like my whole body was one big sex organ.

My anger was gone. It was replaced by an overwhelming wave of homosexual feelings. I wanted him to be here, standing by the bed, in the nude. I wanted to kneel before him and suck his cock till it was hard. Then I would guide it into her vagina. No! It was no longer her vagina. It was now his. He took it from me with out a fight. I was now it's steward. I would care for it, provide for it and make it available to him when he wanted it. He was the Alpha male.

From now on if I wanted to fuck her I would have to wait for him to be finished with her. I will not be permitted to go before him, only after him as I'm doing now.

I could feel my cock in her and I started moving it back and forth. The look of terror in her face was replaced with a look of love for me.

"That's it baby! Fuck me. Push your cock all the way in me. Let me feel it in me. Here, let me close my legs so you can feel it. O yes, that's so much better. That's it! Cum, cum in your good wife. I love you so much."

I came and she did not. After a while I rolled off of her and lay on my back next to her. I could feel tears well up in my eyes. I closed them so she would not see. She sat up in the bed saying," I got to get going. Have a lot to do today." Through my partially closed eyes I saw her look down at my genitals and she got a look of disgust on her face.

End Chapter 2

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