tagNonConsent/ReluctanceControlling the Apartment Residents Pt. 02

Controlling the Apartment Residents Pt. 02


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

Story Summary: In part 1 - Stacy gets beat up and raped by a younger woman while alone at the gym late one night. Tim, her live-in boyfriend trys to see what to do for her protection. (the previous part did not have as much raw sex that this part offers - but it helps to read it to better understand my characters) In this part -- Our villain's boyfriend joins in by terrorizing some of the Residents.

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.


Early that afternoon I decided to stop by Derrick’s office to ask if he had gotten permission to use the video of Mika and Stacy and tell him what happened today at our apartment. I knocked on the door and heard what I thought was someone saying to come in. The door was unlocked, and I opened it and quickly stepped into the office. Much to my shock, Derrick was not at his desk, but rather on his knees directly in front of his office chair. Sitting in his office chair was Mika’s boyfriend, Mitch. His cock and balls were exposed – at least the part that wasn’t halfway down Derrick’s throat.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “I’m sorry – I just – um” I stammered as I got an eye full of this young guys staff sticking way up from his lap and the Superintendent on his knees sucking him off. Derrick wanted to pull away – perhaps from embarrassment of getting caught with his mouth on another guy, but Mitch refused to let him run off.

“Where do ya’ think you’re goin’ Boy – Git your mouth back on my dick until I tell you can leave. Maybe this guy wants some too?” Mitch grossly announced with glee.

I stared in disbelief. First, I had never seen a guy get a blowjob before (not including watching myself in a mirror as my girlfriend gave me one) and second I was shocked that they didn’t quit – ashamed of their behavior. My surprise must have been evident to Mitch. I started to turn and leave.

Mitch called out to me “What’s the matter bro?” Ain’t you never seen a guy getting’ some licks from a Boy before? Don’t leave. Stick around – and I may let him do you next!” His laughter expressing his ownership of this guy was eerie.

I was speechless for a few moments then said that my business was with Derrick and I can come back another time.

“Don’t be running off – I got me a nice Boy here – and if you’se a real man, you can use him too. I’ll let you – all you gots to do is drop them drawers and let me see if you got the balls to use him!” Mitch explained in his gutter English.

“That is OKAY – I think I will pass.” I politely stated.

“Real men in prison – would be lining up to use this mouth. I know its’ not the best I had, but he does work to get his nut!” Mitch explained.

Again, I didn’t stoop to speak the way he did. Not just his lack of good education, but the way he described Derrick as a thing, rather than a human being. “No thanks, I don’t want a guy sucking on my dick ---- um thank you very much!”

“What’s that?” Mitch perked up – sat a bit straighter in the chair and looked me up and down as if he was sizing me up for some reason. I didn’t feel like a staying here, but my legs wouldn’t move and I couldn’t take my eyes off his crotch while Derrick was slurping on his thick cock. The way that Mitch looked at me was frightening. He had a shit eating grin on his face, and his chest puffed up – while the muscles in his bicep strained. “You turning down a pretty good blowjob --- Maybe I got you all wrong. Maybe you the type that likes to GIVE a blowjob.” Then he yanked on Derrick’s hair and pulled him off of his throbbing meat. Mitch spit into his hand – and then squeezed his shaft with his wet palm as he stoked the thick cock for me to stare at.

I gawked at his tool. I was apprehensive over what I should do. I wondered if my politeness was a sign of weakness. I wanted to tell him to get his girlfriend to leave mine alone. I wanted to say that Stacy or I have no interest in Mika or him. But his cocky attitude was so blatantly potent that I was taken out of any natural confidence I previously had and I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. I wasn’t expecting to see him here in Derrick’s office, not to mention with his cock in Derrick’s mouth.

His huge nuts were lying in the chair, and his mushroom shaped head was glistening, in part from his own spit, and also from Derrick’s mouth. But he sure was proud of his cock. He flaunted it in front of me. “Bet you would just love to wrap your lips around this manly cock – you probably knew that my Boy here, was gettin’ some of this. You a college boy?” Mitch taunted “Bet ya’ are! Bet you and your frat buddies suck one another off. I’ll bet you never dreamed you could suck on one this big!”

My jaw was dangling open. A slight tent started to appear in my pants. NOT A GOOD SIGHT. I must have looked like a deer in headlight to him. How could my body be betraying me this way?

Mitch was gripping the base of this thick cock jutting menacingly from his crotch. It looked huge. I didn’t want it – I couldn’t possibly want it. I shook my head to clear it. Then gathering as much conviction as my voice would allow I stated “Your woman friend and my girlfriend haven’t hit it off too well. Tell her to leave Stacy alone. If she bothers her again, I will take it to the authorities. It won’t be our word against hers – I have proof of her assault and battery.” I took a deep breath and waited for his answer.

His look was one of surprise, but it quickly changed back to cocky – and he put me on the spot. “You’re Stacy’s boy? She needs a MAN!” Mitch punctuated his comment by cupping his balls and cock in his right hand. He must have not recognized that Stacy and I were together. He has seen her at the gym, and the pool – but maybe he didn’t really recognize that I was her boyfriend. “Mika took out her anger on your sweet bitch the first time ‘cause of her attitude. She hurt her again – ‘cause she won something from your sweet little bitch and the girl didn’t fork it up!”

I was confused. “What are you talking about?” I asked.

“When Mika pulverized your bitch, she told her that she wanted her to bring over her boyfriend – and give him to her as payment.” Mitch shook his head with contempt “Mika couldn’t really want you? She likes her men big and strong – not PUSSIES!”

This was news to me – Mika beat up Stacy the second time because she wanted me? I was pissed and said the very first thing that came to my brain. “Talk about Pussy – you’re girlfriend is so ugly that you would rather stick your dick in another guys mouth!” OUCH – the minute I said this rude and inconsiderate remark I wanted to bolt out of the room in fear of this guys reaction, but my male pride kicked in and made me stand there.

Mitch pushed Derrick completely back on his heels, and pointed his finger in his face “STAY!” Then jumped up and faced off in front of me. His full tool jutted menacingly from his crotch and his chest and arms rippled with muscles. “You got no right to talk that way to me BOY! When I call you a pussy – you will take it and say ‘yes sir’”

I backed up a few feet – and he came forward another few feet. I stepped back again – and tripped over the small file box beside the desk and fell backward on my butt. Mitch was quick to spread his legs and put one on each side of my chest. He leaned over and pointed his finger to my face. “You’ve got no proof BOY – I’ve seen the tape. Derrick here gave it to us.”

I was again speechless. From my viewpoint (on the floor) his fearsome stance was intimidating. Bending over me – threatening me – and yet his blood filled cock jutting out from his body – pointing at me too.

“We’ll settle this like real men. We’ll fight for our girlfriends. I win – I get that sweet little pussy that you have been dicking. IF you can possibly win – you can try to take Mika for your own. But I have to warn you – she quite a woman.” Mitch offered his unusual solution to our respective girlfriends.

I was still trying to scoot away from him. He threatened me and I was terrified of this poor white trash who had the audacity to think he could ‘win’ Stacy from me. So I told him “Keep Stacy out of this -- and keep your Mika out of it too.” I then made the mistake of staring right at his huge dangling cock only two feet from my face. “If we fight – it will be between us”

Mitch had an evil sort of grin on his face, he had followed my eyes to his crotch. “So – you’re not into winning women. I know your type – Instead of your woman becoming my Bitch – you would rather be my cock sucking bitch if I win!”

I looked back into those evil eyes – and slowly shook my head --- NO --- But I was still on my butt and back – while he hovered over me with his naked body. He was superior at intimidation. I scooted my butt away – without actually standing up to him I actually crawled out from his presence. I had swallowed my pride as I crawled away. I could hear him laugh as I scooted toward the door and tried to open it without getting up or turning my back on him. When I had nearly gotten out the door I heard Mitch exclaim to Derrick “C’mon BOY – this turns me on – get over here and finish what you started!”

**** I went back to my apartment where I questioned Stacy about what Mika had wanted from her. Stacy was still unwilling to talk, but finally said that she was supposed to bring me to her. “She told me that since she normally charges 1000 dollars or more to whip a bitch, she wants me to bring my boyfriend to her as payment instead.” Stacy continued “I don’t know what she sees in you – but I think she only wants to beat you up and humiliate you. I didn’t want to see you get beat up by this woman.”

I half heartedly laughed, “What makes you so sure that she would be able to beat me up? I am 6’ 3” 205 pounds.”

“Did you wrestle in school? Did you take boxing or kick-boxing, or martial arts that I was unaware of?” Not waiting for my answer, she already knew I didn’t learn any of those self defense courses. “I took some self defense courses to protect me – and she kicked my ass. Not once, but now twice. She PLAYED with me for Christ sake! She told me how that resistance was futile. She told me that if I give in – and be her good little bitch, she will go easier on me.” Stacy looked me square in the eye and said “If that strong ass bitch comes over here again – I will do one of two things: run to the kitchen and grab a knife to kill her with; or fall to my knees and beg to kiss her ass and suck on her slimy pussy promising to be her good little bitch the whole time! It just depends which thought hits me at that moment, but I am leaning toward making it easy on myself and just give in.”

I sat quietly pondering all this about Mika, and yet – I was just on my butt, bowled over by her naked boyfriend, and felt very insecure. He never even laid a hand on me, yet his bold way of making himself top dog made me feel so very vulnerable. How could I ask Stacy to be able to go hold off Mika for my sake or her own.

Since I hadn’t answered Stacy – she may have figured that she had hurt my male pride. “Honey, I love you. And I want to protect you too. I would fight for you. I did already today. The two times she has beat me up – I hardly have a bruise, a cut or anything less than a few rug burns. But my muscles are like jelly. What is worse, she has gotten inside my brain – and told me things that she can, and does do to guys who think they can wrestle with her. She likes to beat them up and break their will to resist. She said that within a few hours – she could turn my boyfriend…” Then pointing directly at me continued “You - - - into a wimpy little pussy sucker afraid of his own shadow.”

Stacy didn’t want to give me up and wasn’t going to tell me about it either. I didn’t want to give her up – or use her as stake in winning bet with Mitch. This was love. The only thing that hurt still was that Stacy didn’t think I was man enough to take on a girl.

Stacy said that she wanted to take a nap – she was tired. “Please leave me here in the bedroom. Stay in the apartment – so I can get some rest.” I think in the back of her mind she still wondered how Mika came in our front door, and maybe worried that if she went to sleep Mika would return.

Chapter 5 Derrick visited me at my apartment later that afternoon. I wasn’t going to let him in our place – but he insisted that he really wanted to explain everything.

“I am not judging you. You are a grown person, and you can have sex however you want.” I tried to dismiss him.

He pushed his way into our apartment and said “I was forced to do that. I tried to stand up for Stacy – and it backfired. I can lose my job, and rent free apartment. Now I am caught in a trap with them and my boss Mr. Howard. I have to explain, I can’t have you assume what I believe you are thinking about me.”

“Okay – so how does helping Stacy have anything to do with your job, Mr. Howard, or you – um – sucking that redneck Mitch?” I blurted out and led him to the family room of our apartment.

Derrick started to explain. “I called Mr. Howard, just like I said I was going to do – and I asked him if I could give the video to you or the police. He said it was a bad idea. He didn’t want the apartment complex to get in the news for this. He told me to go over to their apartment and tell Mika that ‘this behavior from her is not necessary!’ and ‘to leave the other tenants alone.’ I told Mr. Howard that its’ not my job to police the tenants. But he insisted that it is my job. In addition to fixing thing that break in the apartments – I had a responsibility to keep the peace among the residents.”

I interrupted him and asked “So – you went over to their place and told her what he said?”

Derrick continued “Yeah – as much as I didn’t like being the ‘heavy’ at this place – it got worse than that. I was expected to take the tape over to her and show her that we got it on video.”

“So Mika knows there was proof of her beating up on Stacy right?” I asked.

“Yeah, but she just laughed. She and Mitch watched part of the tape – then they told me something about my boss – ‘no wonder he insisted that we wrestle in that room – he taped the whole thing so he could jerk off for the next few months to the tape. That is going to cost him.’ When I asked her what she was talking about – she said that she meets people online - wrestles them at a cost of $1,000 - $3,000. Sometimes she gets paid to be filmed and that cost as much as $5,000. Mitch is her ‘pimp’ in a way – collecting the money, and making sure that the sick SOB who wants to wrestle her doesn’t do anything to really hurt her – outside the ring.”

“Really?” was all I could say at this point. “What does this have to do with your job, or the apartment owner?”

“I’m getting to that” Derrick took a deep pronounced breath as if he really NEEDED to tell this story to someone. “They molested me.”

“Who did?” My ears perked up and I quietly waited for him to explain a little more.

“Mika and Mitch did.” Derrick looked down and continued to clarify what happened. “Mika was making all kinds of remarks and stuff about how she wiped Stacy’s butt. She said that your girlfriend is just starting to become a good pussy sniffer and cunt licker. She started to rub my crotch and laughed that I was getting hard from her talk, and from the video. She said I must have watched the video a bunch myself before bring it to them. She asked if I had jerked off – watching it? I told her NO – and it was the truth. Then she opened and pulled down my pants. I went to stop her, but Mitch twisted my right arm behind my back and pressed his other hand to my neck, immobilizing me.”

Derrick took another big breath and kept telling his story. “She was playing with my cock and balls. I don’t know about you – since you have a girlfriend and all, but it had been a long time since I had – um -- got any, if you know what I mean.”

I nodded

“She was being real sexy ---- in a sluttish way ---- and Mitch was keeping me subdued. Anyway, she made my dick cum. It squirted all over my pants, chest and her hands. She tried to make me lick it off her hand. When I refused, Mitch increased the pressure on my arm tightening it more behind my back. God it hurt something awful. She smeared my own cum all over my face and mouth. Then she got behind me on the couch, Mitch pushed me to the floor so I was still looking toward the TV. Mitch let go of my arm – but she straddled my neck, so that her legs crossed and locked right in front of my face. I tried to break free, but after Mitch had twisted my right arm – it felt like a lead pipe – as if it didn’t really belong to my body – it sort of just hung there. I couldn’t really rub it ‘cause her legs were in the way.” Derrick looked up to see me intently following the story so far.

“Then Mitch stood up and put his legs on both side of my chest. With her legs crushing my neck from both sides and his legs on the outside of them – his smelly crotch was right in my face. I couldn’t get up, and I couldn’t turn my head out of the way. It was like slow motion when he pulled the gym shorts he was wearing to one side and out popped his big ol’ dick. He waved it back and forth in front of me. Then he even slapped my face and mouth with it. Last I remember he was thrusting his cock in the direction of my mouth. As she put lots of pressure on my neck, I was beginning to get light headed. Mitch forced his cock into my mouth and breathing was even more difficult. I passed out. But even passed out, Mitch had unloaded a ton of sperm into my mouth. They woke me up and I was choking on it – swallowing most of it.” Derrick was nearly in tears telling me this. But I could picture his humiliation at the hands of these two thugs.

“When I tried to leave – I reached for the tape in the VCR, but Mika stopped me and told me ‘maybe when you suck his cock for real – and kiss and lick my ass – we’ll give you that tape back. But now it stays with us!’ I went home in shame and disgust.” Derrick said.

Derrick added “I called Mr. Howard, and told him a little bit about what happened. And he threatened me with my job. He said that who he rents an apartment to is HIS business, and that it doesn’t matter that he likes to wrestle women to get his jollies. He said that when he wrestles her again – this time he will win – and she will have to move out. He basically admitted that he likes it when a big strong woman wraps her legs around his face or smothers him with her ass. She won – and the bet was 2 months free rent, with another match --- double or nothing in two weeks. He explained that if I didn’t do what she and her boyfriend wanted – I could clean out my free apartment and consider myself fired.”

Then last night Mitch must have been drunk – and was causing some commotion. One of the other residents called me and asked if I would make them quiet down. Mitch did this to my arm.” Derrick showed me some new bruises forming on his arm. “He pinned it down – and he hit me multiple times on my muscle – reducing my arm to that of a weak little schoolgirl. Then he fucked my face with his hard on – and I sucked on it till he came.”

“What you saw today – I fear is just the start. He visited my office – shut the door, marched behind my desk and yanked me to the floor – then he stripped off his shirt, and shorts and sat in my office chair. He ordered me to suck his cock – or he would beat me up some more. I was just starting to suck him, when you came in.” Derrick gripped his hands in each fist. “So you see, I am not sure I can handle this anymore – I don’t want to be someone’s bitch – especially his. I could actually get off on being Mika’s toy – cause at least she is a woman – but Mitch frightens me. I have to do what he says – or maybe I lose more than just a little dignity. I will lose a job, and my home. I just needed you to know what all you have caused by telling me --- I would have never gotten involved with them. I was trying to help out – now look where it got me --- I am reduced to be being a rednecks’ cock sucking bitch.” Then he added “If I kill him – and go to prison, there are 20 more like him in there!”

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