tagMind ControlConvent From Hell

Convent From Hell


Inspired by the erotic comic Convent Of Hell by Ricardo Barrierio and Ignacio Noe.


(written from the female perspective)

"Son of a bitch!" I cursed as I swerved off the road to avoid a collision with a good sized buck, sliding off the road into a snow filled ditch. Luckily enough the impact wasn't sufficient to set off the air bags. Neither myself, nor my 18 year old daughter Zoë were injured, thank God. But here we were in the middle of the Adirondack mountains, attempting to escape Roger, my abusive drunken husband, our car firmly stuck off of a back road in the middle of a blinding snowstorm.

"You OK?" I asked as I unbuckled my seat belt.

"Oh, yeah!" she answered, clearing the sleep from her head as she shook it. "What happened?"

"Bambi tried to thumb a ride!" I said, angry at the mess I'd gotten both of us into. "I think I saw a driveway a short distance back. Maybe we can get some help?"

"What about your cell phone mom?" she asked, staring out of the window at the unending whiteness of the landscape.

"No service out here!" I said, flipping it open and closed. "Lets walk! I think it's our best bet."

I was right! About a hundred yards down the road was an old stone gate. I could barely make out the house atop the hill, but a house there was. It was huge! It almost looked like an old hotel or someone's palatial estate gone to seed.

As we approached the stone facade , I noticed a single window on the third floor showed a glimmer of light. 'Thank God!' I thought to myself. Someone actually lives here! I rang the bell and waited, anticipating a long interval before the person on the third floor could make it to the front door. To my surprise, it opened almost immediately. Another surprise! The person who opened the door was wearing a nun's habit! With an oversized rounded wooden cross hanging from a rope around her neck.

"Can I help you? " she said softly.

"We...ahh..ran off the road and were wondering if we could use your phone to call a tow truck."

"Oh, dear. We don't have telephone here." she replied apologetically. "Please come in out of the weather." she added seeing the accumulation of snow on our heads. "Sister! Please go get the Father. " she said to a younger woman dressed as she was, down to the heavy cross. "Follow me, please." she added before turning to go through a wide doorway to our left.

We entered a large room filled with rough hewn, heavy tables arranged in a semi-circle. At one end was a massive fireplace, logs burning brightly, throwing out an amazing amount of heat. In front of the fireplace was a large odd shaped stone table. I was beginning to wonder about this place when my thoughts were interrupted by the nun asking if we wished to take off our snow covered coats. She left with our coats and was immediately replaced by another cowl-robed Nun who stood aside and said virtually nothing.

There we stood, basking in the warmth of the fire, I in my boot cut jeans and a form-fitting flannel shirt that made the most of my small, but full breasts, Zoë in a baggy college sweatshirt that didn't hide her generous chest and a pair of hip huggers that left little to the imagination. I really wasn't thinking fashion when we bolted from the house leaving Roger passed out on the couch.

I tried to engage in small talk, but the Nun wasn't picking up on it. The silence was deafening, so we stood and soaked in the heat until the door re-opened and a tall, dark haired gentleman in similar attire to the nun entered with two more nuns in tow. "I imagine that your clothes are as wet as your coats. If you will follow the good sisters, they will show you to your rooms and get you something warm and dry to wear."

Off we went, to separate rooms in what appeared to be a dormitory attached to the great hall. Zoë and two nuns into one room and I with the other two into one further down the hall. The room was large with a queen size, four poster bed in the middle of it. Without a word the two nuns began to undress me. "Thank you, but I think I can do this myself." I said, slightly unsettled by the enthusiasm that the two girls exhibited while trying to disrobe me. Don't get me wrong! I'm no prude, but I wasn't comfortable with the casual way they were touching me as they had started to unbutton my blouse. As soon as I was down to bra and panties, one of the nuns disappeared with my clothes. The other walked behind me and started to unclasp my bra.

"That won't be necessary!" I snapped, put off by the brazen act.

"But surely they are damp too?" she answered apologetically.

"They'll be just fine, thank you!" I replied, softening my tone a bit.

"I'm afraid they won't be!" came a voice from behind me.

Turning quickly, I saw the Father standing in front of the door. Too enraged to be embarrassed, I said, "Excuse me?"

"Don't be too harsh on the girls. They're just following my orders." he said, a warm smile on his face as stepped closer.

"Well, I think you need to order yourself right out of this room now!" I said defiantly. Getting very nervous, I stepped back until I felt the bed against my calves, the wooden frame cold against my warm skin. He, just as quickly, stepped forward placing his hands on my bare shoulders. Immediately, I felt a jolt run through my body, centering itself on my breasts and pussy. Looking into his soft, brown eyes, I felt fear, but at the same time I felt a growing need. I was afraid of what this man was going to do to me, but also a desire for him to do it. "I...I think I want my clothes back! We...we need to leave!" I said, my voice trembling.

"I'm afraid that's not possible." he said, the half smile still on his face. "As we speak, your clothes are stoking the fire in the great hall."

"What? How dare you! I demand that you let us leave at once!" I said, the anger rising in my voice.

"If you wish, you may leave right now. But, keep in mind, in your present state of dress, you, and your daughter, will freeze to death in a matter of a very few minutes." His voice was still gentle, but had a steeliness that let me know he meant what he said. "You will stay here as my guests. And you will subject yourselves to my whims. You will find yourselves doing things that, in a million years, you would never have imagined. And you will do them willingly!"

With that, he slid my bra straps off my shoulders, the bra falling away, my breasts exposed to the chill in the room, and to his lustful gaze. I raised my hands in motion of modesty, but his hands caught mine, keeping them from covering the taught nipples that stuck out from my chest, inviting him to partake.

"34B's? They look delicious!" he said as he lowered his head to my left breast. His soft lips brushed the dark pink nub and again a jolt racked my 36 year old body. I felt fresh wetness seep into my panties as his lips surrounded my nipple. I let out a long low moan as my hands twined into his dark curly hair, holding him to me as he suckled.

I felt his tongue rasping against the stiff nub of my nipple, sending more shockwaves through my body. His tongue wandered across my chest, down the slope between my breasts and up the other side, latching on to my right side. "Oh God! That feels so good!" I whispered throatily as his lips and tongue ravished the other nipple.

"Just wait!" he said, dragging his tongue down my belly, tongue fucking my navel as he tore my panties from my hips. My hands still holding onto his dark curls pushed his head further south as my pussy discharged again, drenching my inner thighs with my musky essence.

I heard a low animalistic growl as his tongue parted the neat triangle of hair pointing toward the swollen lips of my pussy. I rolled my hips, in hopes that his tongue would penetrate me, but he continued to tease me, coming ever so close to my clit, but pulling away at the last moment.

Knowing that letting him go any further was not in my best interests, my brain told me to make him stop. After all, I am a married woman, albeit in an unhappy relationship. But that didn't make this right. My mouth opened to protest, but all that came out was, "Stop teasing and fuck me! Please? Please?"

I couldn't believe I had just said that! He gave me no time to change my mind. I felt his tongue slip up inside me, heard him slurp up the copious juices that his attention and touch had created. I watched as my fingers tangled in his hair and pressed his face deeper into the swollen flesh of my pussy.

His nose was pressed against my clit, his fingers digging into the globes of my ass, his tongue unbelievably deep in my cunt as he feasted on the warmth of my womanhood. All I could do was moan as I felt another orgasm building deep in my gut. I felt a finger press against my anus.

I opened my mouth to protest the invasion of my rear end. Again, although my brain said no, my mouth said "Shove your finger in my ass! Make me cum! Please?" I felt, more than heard him laugh at me, his face smothered by the wet folds of my cunt. But he did as I asked, and more! I felt a second finger enter me, triggering another wave of ecstasy, my pussy weeping more musky perfume, coating his face from nose to chin.

He pulled his face from between my legs, pushed me backward onto the bed, standing between my open thighs. A young nun appeared behind him, taking his robe. He stood over me, letting me take in the sight of his nakedness. His dark curly hair, handsome chiseled features, perfect abs, trim six-pack. I thought: Damn, he's gorgeous! And he wants me! To hell with fidelity....and Roger! Then my eyes focused on his crotch. There jutting out from his loins was a monstrous, almost grotesque looking penis. He was the size of a small horse. Well over eight inches long, as thick as my wrist. It looked more like it belonged on a dog than a man. Raw pink, pointed, definitely not human.

A look of horror spread over my face as it dawned on me what he was about to do. My brain screamed 'NO!' but my voice said, "Fuck me! Cum in me! Breed me!"

He smiled as he stepped forward, aiming that 'thing' at the entrance to my womb. I stared into his eyes, mine pleading for mercy, but to no avail. He pressed the pointed tip between my well lubricated, swollen cunt lips, smiled that sweet smile, and pushed forward slowly. I could feel the hard shaft stretching my opening, squeezing inside, filling me up. I thought I was going to die. It hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I looked up at his face as he sank deeper into my willing, tight cunt. His eyes hardened. The corners of his forehead grew lumps, distorting his handsome features. Small horns emerged from the lumps. They seemed to grow as he fed me more and more of his cock. His smile changed as well. His perfectly formed teeth seemed to sharpen as I watched. His groomed fingernails assumed a clawlike appearance, digging into the soft flesh of my small breasts.

I felt his cock bump into my cervix. I'd never been so completely filled in my life. The pain was excruciating! I gazed down at our conjoined bodies, realizing that he was not fully inside me. My discomfort was obvious, as was his enjoyment of my pain. The warm touch of his hands on my breasts gave way to the pin pricks of his nails as they dug into my flesh. I tried to tell him that he was hurting me, but, as before, the words in my head did not come out of my mouth. "Fuck me! Abuse me! Make me your cum-whore!"

He grunted back at me and thrust his hips harder and faster. I felt his cock push through my cervix, well into my womb, the pain making me cry again. His balls banged against my swollen puss lips as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Announcing his orgasm with an animalistic roar, I felt the hot syrupy liquid pump deep inside me, spurt after spurt, filling me with his seed. Coinciding with his eruption, my cunt clasped around his shaft, milking the remains of his cum, and insuring that none of it was wasted.

This last orgasm left me limp, totally drained. I felt relief when he withdrew his cock from the depths of my womanhood. But my relief was short lived as he grabbed my hips and rolled me over, presenting my ass to him. Still a little light headed from my ordeal, it didn't dawn on me what he was about to do.

With my ass upraised, I felt his tongue swipe up and down the crease, starting at my overloaded clit, running down my leaking lips, sucking up the cum that was oozing from my just violated cunt, and worming its way into my ass. I tried to escape the invasion, but his hands were firmly clasping my hips, holding me in place. His tongue drove deeper. I wanted him to stop this disgusting act, but the words would not come. I was again relieved when I felt his tongue slip out of me, but, as before, one depraved act followed another. He fkipped me over, bringing his hands to my face and thrust his cum soaked tongue into my mouth. Revolted by the act, I wanted to spit him and the dregs of his unholy fuck out of my mouth, but instead sucked hungrily on his tongue, moaning in ecstasy at the combined flavors of his cock, my cunt , and my ass.

Turning me over again, my ass upraised in invitation to more depravity,I felt the slim tip of his cock against the tight bud of my ass as he slowly pushed it inside. It was both thrilling and uncomfortable, as I'd never had anything larger than a finger in there before. When he violated my cunt, at least he introduced it slowly, but not this time! As soon as I felt my muscles give way to the hot, slick member's slim tip, he rammed the full length into me, making me scream in pain. His clawlike fingers dug into my hips. I couldn't escape either his cock or his hands, so I endured the assault. The pain began to subside as my sphincter adjusted to the unsolicited invasion of my bowels. Had it not been for his monstrous girth, it might have been pleasurable.

Tears were streaming down my face, both from the pain and degradation. I tried to plead with him to stop, but again the words I wanted to say came out all wrong. "Fuck my ass! Split me open! Fill me, God-damn it!"

As if in response to my demand, I felt his cock expand inside me. I could feel the searing heat as his member spewed its contents deep in my colon. He howled again, digging his fingers into my hips as he emptied himself again, using me as a receptacle for his lust.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt him pull out. The excitement of having endured this ordeal immediately gave way to horror as he spun me around and pressed his still dripping penis against my lips. I clamped my jaw closed, not permitting him entry. Try as he liked, all he accomplished was the painting of my lips with the dregs of his just completed violation of my rear end.

Holding me in place, he looked hard into my eyes. The evil smile spread across his face. "Did you know your daughter is a virgin?" he asked.

"No!" I replied through gritted teeth. Not allowing him to trick me into opening up.

"Oh, yes! She has been a very good girl. You are to be commended for bringing her up well. Especially in today's environment. But that will all change very shortly." The implied threat made me wide-eyed, but still defiant.

"As we speak, two of my daughters are preparing her for a special ceremony. It's not every day that I get to impregnate a virgin."

"Please don't!" I pleaded. "I'll do anything you want, just don't take her against her will." In a gesture of good faith, I opened my mouth, indicating my willingness to pleasure him orally.

Slipping the cum slickened tip past my teeth, he replied, "You will see for yourself how much she begs me to take her from girlhood to womanhood."

The saltiness of his seed and the acrid flavor of my nether region, combined with the invasion of my throat, made me gag as he sawed in and out of my face. His hands firmly holding my head, barely allowed me to breathe between thrusts.

"It will be enjoyable to watch your bellies grow! I've never done a mother and daughter on the same day before. And just like you, she will tell me how much she wants me to fuck her! To breed her!, to defile every orifice in her young body" Then he laughed as his balls banged against my chin and he began pumping more of his evil essence down my throat.

He pulled out before he was done, and, aiming his still pumping hose at each breast, coated my nipples with a blast of warm, sticky cum.

I sat up on the bed, noticing for the first time that the walls were covered with mirrors. I could have watched my degradation from any number of different angles. There I was dripping sperm from my ass, my cunt, the corners of my mouth. I was coming to the realization of the predicament I had gotten both of us in to. When I heard his voice. Looking up from my dripping breasts, I saw him turn on his heels and head for the door.

"Bring her, as is, to the great hall, where she will help me in the defloration and breeding of her daughter!"

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