tagMind ControlConvent From Hell Ch. 03

Convent From Hell Ch. 03


Inspired by the erotic comic Convent Of Hell by Ricardo Barrierio and Ignacio Noe.

Zoë walked into the great hall, flanked by her two new friends. Surprised to find it filled with other nuns, many having opened their habits, many using their crucifixes like Tabitha had earlier this evening, plunging them in and out of their pussies in an effort to get off. The scent of sex filled the air. They walked down the aisle amid a sea of salt and pepper, a few white habits among a vast quantity of black ones. She turned to Sister Margaret and asked why the distinction of colors.

Margaret answered proudly, "White habits like Tabitha's and mine indicate that we have not yet birthed a child for the good Father. After I have my baby in a few days, I will get to wear the black habit. Tabitha will earn hers in about 7 months"

Looking down at the off white garb she was wearing, she said, "How many children does he have?"

"Hundreds! Many of the girls here have had as many as six children by Father Damien." added Sister Tabitha.

"What happens to all the children?" she asked.

"Most go to orphanages where they grow to adulthood, ultimately to carry out Father's duties."

"Which are?"

"To destroy the moral fabric of society, of course! If you look back over the last fifty years, you can see how successful he has been. Unwed mothers, like us, have gone from being social outcasts to being acceptable, all due to Father Damien and his brother's efforts. " Tabitha interjected.

"And you think I'm going to join you?" Zoë asked. "I don't think so!"

"You have no choice!" replied Margaret, rather sternly. "Your mother has already joined us."

Incredulous, Zoë stared at the nun. " I don't believe it!"

The two nuns marched the teen up to toward the altar. Tabitha retorted,

"No? Look up at the altar! Kneeling beside Father. Administering to his desires"

Staring for a moment, Zoë then turned her head away, not wanting to see. But she couldn't deny what she saw and returned her gaze to the scene before her. There, kneeling before the open-robed priest, was her mother, head bobbing up and down, gagging on the most grotesque penis Zoë had ever seen.

"Mother?" she queried, unable to look away, but not wanting to watch.

Her mother pulled the cock from her mouth, still stroking it with both hands, seemingly oblivious to her daughter's presence. Aiming the tip directly at her face, she continued to slide her hands up and down the spit soaked phallus until Father Damien grunted, spewing long strings of warm sperm onto Zoë's mother's face and hair.

"Zoë honey!" her mother said, milking the angry pink penis of the last drops of semen, licking it off her hand. "Isn't it magnificent! And delicious, too."

looking up at the priest for approval. Then turning to her daughter, she added, "It seems that I was placed in the local orphanage by Father Damien. Your Gram and Gramps adopted me."

"You mean you came here on purpose?" Zoë said.

"Well, not exactly! I was kind of drawn here, but I didn't drive this way knowing anything about this place."

Interrupting the conversation, Father Damien instructed Sisters Margaret and Tabitha to bring Zoë to the altar. Zoë struggled but the nuns had an iron grip on her. Zoë's mother tried to calm her down, telling her how wonderful it would feel.

Secured to the low table, her legs and arms spread, Zoë stared in horror at the priest, as he moved to the head of the table, his long raw pink penis jutting out from his loins, dangling inches from the teen's face. Nodding to Zoë's mother, he pressed the tip of his cock against her lips. Zoë clamped her jaw shut, intent on denying the priest the satisfaction of face fucking her.

Zoë's mother knelt at the other end of the altar and started to lick her daughter's still damp snatch.

Faced with the dilemma of opening her mouth and telling her mother to stop or continue denying the priest entry into her mouth, Zoë held her jaw shut, moaning in protest. The more her mother licked, the more turned on she got, Her mother's touch was like velvet, reminding her of how it felt when Tabitha licked her, turning her moans from protest to ecstasy. She tried to turn off the emotions tied to her mothers ministrations, but found herself losing the battle. Zoë could feel an orgasm building deep within. The more her mother licked and sucked, the stronger it became, until, unable to endure silently, Zoë opened her mouth moaning in ecstasy as she orgasmed all over her mothers face.

The moment her lips opened, Father Damien fed the first few inches of his animal-like phallus into Zoë's mouth, hissing "Yesssss!" in triumph.

Disengaging from her daughter's cum soaked crotch, Zoe's mother continued to try to soothe her daughters anxiety. "You see, sweety, Father Damien is my real Father. My biological mother was a nun here, years ago."

Unable to answer, since her mouth was full, she still understood the horror of her, no their, predicament. Father Damien kept feeding more and more of himself into her mouth, stretching her lips around the ever widening cock. Zoë was disgusted, but still somehow, at the same time, turned on, laying on her back, staring up at the dangling scrotum of her Grandfather!

Faced with the choice of gagging on her own drool or sucking on Father Damien's stiff appendage, Zoë sucked and swallowed, eliciting a moan of pleasure from the Priest. Zoë continued to suck, feeling the tip of the cock in the back of her throat, praying silently that it would go no further.

Her wish was granted, not by any desire by the Priest to spare her, but by his need to ejaculate. Hearing him sigh just as the prick lodged in her craw expanded, Zoë felt the first spurt of cum pump into the back of her throat.

Father Damien slowly pulled out of Zoe's aching jaw, squirting more of his warm seed onto her tongue. The salty bitter tasting cream covered her tongue and filled her cheeks. Having no real choice, Zoë swallowed as much as she could, a small amount seeping from the corners of her mouth.

Her mother immediately licked up the precious liquid, followed by a kiss on her daughter's lips. The tender act caught Zoë off guard and she reciprocated before realizing who she was kissing. Zoë turned her head, breaking the kiss. "No, mother! This is wrong!" she said

"But, Zoë! We were destined to come here!" her mother protested.

"What, so you can copulate with your father? What ever happened to all those talks about me saving myself for marriage? Doing the right thing? Denying myself pleasure so I could be pure for my life-partner!"

"But, you will be!" she replied, standing up, straddling her daughter's head.

While arguing with her mother, Zoë missed Father Damien taking his place at the foot of the altar. Kneeling between the legs of the young girl, he leaned forward, feathering his tongue on Zoe's exposed cunt lips.

The initial contact sent a jolt through Zoë's body. A mini orgasm making her even wetter and setting off an itch that the girl desperately wanted to scratch.

"Mother, please ask him to stop!" she pleaded. Her answer was to lower herself onto her daughter's face, smothering the protest.

The more the priest licked and probed with his tongue, the stronger the itch became until his touch was almost painful. Zoë began moaning louder, longer, but it was swallowed up by her mothers cunt on her face. Her hips began to involuntarily buck, working to increase the touch, the ecstatic feeling, the buildup to another mind blowing orgasm like the one she experienced with the two nuns.

Finally it came! Her orgasmic scream muted by the flesh pressing on her lips and tongue. Unlike the nuns, Father Damien did not stop. He continued to rasp his tongue on her swollen clit. Zoë came again. And again, her cunt on fire, in need of release, but the priests tongue merely adding to the pleasure pain, her juices generously flowing onto his face, dripping down the crack of her ass and pooling under her hind quarters.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the priest pulled his face from the soft, wet folds of Zoë's cunt. Zoë's mother lifted off her face, allowing the panting teen to catch her breath.

"Was that not the most intense thing you've ever felt?" her mom said.

"Well.....I..I... guess so." Zoë said, "But that doesn't make it right!"

Father Damien, standing between the extended legs of the pretty red haired teen, said, "Perhaps this will change your mind." Pressing the pointed head of his cock at the swollen, wet lips, he thrust forward, burying most of his cock deep in the tight wetness beneath him.

"Ohhh noooo! Please?" Zoë screamed as the priests cock slid into her, stretching the elastic flesh of her birth canal.

The initial pain was quickly turned to electric pleasure as Father Damien rocked back and forth, slowly feeding more and more of his monstrous prick into the girl's vagina.

Zoë felt, with each stroke, the pleasure building, the itch subsiding. Like successive uses of Bobby's stash of grass, the priests cock was getting addictive. The deeper he plunged, the more she wanted. Her head, still wrestling with the moral dilemma, had not yet been won over. She still found the coupling with her grand-father abhorrent, but it felt so damn good. Her will to resist was fading each time he thrust into her.

She felt her hips responding to his movements, rising to meet him, take him deep, feel his length all along her weeping cunt. She felt the tip of his cock bumping her cervix. Looking down the length of her body, seeing a good four inches of his penis still outside of her. She wanted it all inside her, she needed it! How could it possibly fit! Lifting her hips off the table as he pushed in, she felt him push through her cervix. The pain was excruciating, if only momentary. He was completely inside her! He fought the urge to cum, not yet ready to welcome this young woman into his stable.

Father Damien smiled at Zoë. She was his! His testicles rested against her plump ass. His penis was completely surrounded by her warmth, her wetness. The base of his cock expanded, much like a dog. He could not be dislodged. Lowering his face to her left breast, he sank his teeth into the soft flesh.

As she screamed in surprise and pain, he let go, ejaculating a flood of warm, potent semen deep in her cloying cunt. His orgasm triggered hers. Grunting like a wild animal, he filled her with his cum. Her cunt spasmed around his entire length, milking him of every drop of his precious essence as she babbled incoherently. They lay there, motionless, his body pinning her to the table until his cock began to shrink.

As it deflated, he rose, allowing it to slither out of her swollen, abused, but satisfied cunt.

Kneeling beside him, Zoë's mother looked up and asked, "May I Father?"

"Of course, daughter" he replied as she lifted the flaccid member to her lips and slowly, lovingly licked up the remnants of his incestuous fuck with his grand-daughter. " You have done well. You deserve a reward."

"Tabitha, Margaret, please clean up and escort young Zoë to her new quarters in the maternity wing. And see to her every need. I will visit her again tonight."

Zoë , feeling a strange fullness in her belly, smiled at the prospect of some time with Margaret and Tabitha as well as another mating with her Grand-father.

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