tagRomanceConverging Destinies Ch. 01

Converging Destinies Ch. 01


Chapter 1.


This is the story of Michael Laroux and Bree Barnes. Two complete strangers who have a chance meeting one summer afternoon and begin a adventure together that neither them, their loved ones nor their enemies will ever forget.

-Part 1-

The meeting

Michael Laroux was a Sophomore at San Diego State university. He was tall, but not overly so. He was lean and tight bodied, but not big and muscular. His black hair hung down to his shoulders and his eyes were a dull shade of green. In other words, he wasn't the kind of guy anyone would take a second look at. He grew up well balanced and all in all a happy kid. Never got straight A's, but did good enough to get a partial scholarship to school.

After high school ended he took a few years to sow his wild oats. He spent a year back packing through western Europe and then went on to school when he turned 20. Michael had always had a thing for ancient cultures and languages. It came from the strange dreams when he was growing up. He dreamed he was a young boy in Feral Scotland, so when he decided it was time for school, he went for a degree in dead languages and it took him quite awhile to find a school that offered it.

All throughout High School Michael had loved sports, baseball, football, you name it he played it. He didn't however want to make a career out of it, so playing college ball wasn't really an option for him. After he completed his freshmen year and went home for the summer his father convinced him to at least try out for the football team. Just because he didn't want to even try to go pro, doesn't mean he can't just play for the fun of it.

When Michael returned to San Diego for his Sophomore year, he unpacked his bags in his apartment and made his way to campus. After taking a quick detour to get his class schedule for the year he walked to the Athletics building. Michael found Coach McKinley behind his desk. The coach was a older man in his late fifties with a bulky stature and short iron gray hair. When Michael walked into the office the old coach's face split into a huge grin.

"Michael Laroux you son of a bitch!" He roared happily and jumped up to hurry around the desk. Michael and Coach McKinley had become very close friends in the year Michael had gone to school at San Diego. "What shall we discuss today? Jordan's stats in 1991? The Olympic dream team? The greatest NFL Teams of all time?"

"I wish I could stay and discuss our favorite sports moments, but I am here on other business." Michael said sadly, truth be told he liked hanging out with this old dog.

"Then why are you here old boy?" Coach asked and leaned back on his desk.

"Football tryouts." Michael said sheepishly. "I want to try and make the squad."

"Michael you know that most of the sports are taken by kids recruited out of high school." Coach said with a little uncertainty in his voice. "And you never struck me as the kind who wanted to go pro."

"There is more to playing a sport then money Coach." Michael said hotly. "I just miss the thrill of game day."

Coach McKinley seemed to stop and think about it. He looked Michael over and then finally gave him a smile and a nod. "Alright son. Tell you what....."

Michael cut him off suddenly. He wanted to make one thing perfectly clear. "I don't want any preferential treatment Coach. I want to make it because I made it."

"....If you had let me finish boy I would have told you that the best I can give you is a test." Coach McKinley said with a chuckle. "I will tell my assistant's that you will be coming by. Tryouts...." Coach checked his watch and his eyes widened. "....should be ending shortly. If you want to make it son, you better hall ass."

"Thanks Coach!" Michael yelled as he turned and ran from the office. Michael ran through the building and made it into the stadium just as the final people were finishing their tryouts. Michael explained what coach had said about him getting a walk on tryout and after the assistants confirmed it his own tryout began.

It turned out that Michael was useless with protecting the QB, couldn't throw a pass to save his life but he was fast. Just as the assistants were discussing him possibly being on special teams he asked them to allow him a chance at a tackling dummy. They agreed and he wowed them by hitting that dummy harder then most of the scholarship players did.

The assistants called out Coach McKinley and Michael demonstrated again. He yelled with glee and slapped him on the back when Michael jogged over after a vicious hit on the dummy. "You my boy have just made the squad!"

"Amen to that." One of the assistants said. He was a short and pudgy man in his forties and he wore a huge smile on his face.

"So, what now?" Michael asked trying to catch his breath.

"You have to take a physical." Coach McKinley said with a grin. "Here, go to this address and have the paper on my desk tomorrow morning."

Michael said his goodbyes, took the address from Coach McKinley and made his way back to his car. He had a spring in his step at being able to play one of his favorite sports again. Michael climbed into the drivers seat of his truck and fired it to life. With a huge grin on his lips he steered the truck to the doctors office.

The doctors office was a one floor building just outside the radius of the Campus. Michael parked the truck and walked into the office. Behind the desk was a pretty brown haired girl in a white blouse. She gave him a wide smile, that he returned.

"Hi, I was sent over by San Diego State." Michael said.

"They want you to take a athletic physical?" She asked with a tiny giggle. "That is the one perk of this

job, but I think I would like Bree's better."

"Bree?" Michael asked with a lifted brow.

"Bree is our nurse who is on shift today." The receptionist said with a annoyed little toss of her hair. "When I think about all those well muscled jocks who come in here and get junk handled."

The sheer brutal honesty took Michael by surprise, and not in a good way. Michael knew the brunette was trying to spark up a risqué conversation in hopes of it exciting Michael, but it only turned him off. Truth be told, he was one of the only men who didn't like sluts. "Yeah, I think that's a thought I don't want to share."

Michael flashed her a quick grin and then went and sat down. He had time to flip through half a magazine before the door of the office opened and out stepped a woman in black scrub bottoms and a blue and white scrub top. She had blond hair which hung down to her chin and was cut in ascending pattern going up until it was level with her ears. She wore a reddish purple lipstick and had blue eyes that seemed to shine so brightly, they twinkled.

Michael and the nurse stared at one another. He felt his heartbeat begin to quicken and felt a single emotion when he stared up at this beautiful nurse. He felt an undeniable love. Intense and burning. He couldn't explain it even if he tried. He didn't believe in the whole love at first sight myth but he couldn't deny what he felt at that moment. The tool hidden behind those jeans began to shift, and rise. He could hear her moaning, he could see the way her back arched showing off the curve of her spine.

"Do...you two know each other?" The Receptionist asked.

To Michael's surprise the nurse was staring at him the same way. Her mouth was open in a way that ached to be kissed....no, not kissed. Nibbled. She loved to be nibbled. He didn't know how he knew that, but he did.

She didn't seem to be breathing, but he could see the way her lips seemed to be trying to form words but nothing came out. When she heard the receptionist she blinked and shook her head as if trying to clear her mind of a sudden haze.

"No, we have never met." Michael whispered.

"Please....this way Mister Laroux." The nurse said after regaining her composer.

The nurse and Michael walked through the back until they came to one of the rooms and Michael sat down on the table. She began to take his temperature, blood pressure, pulse and all the standard things that happen when you first walk into a doctors office.

"Miss..." Michael said as she was getting the arm cuff ready. "Do we know each other?"

"I was thinking the same thing." The nurse answered and began to pump the cuff. Michael noticed the way her throat and the sides of her neck were flushed. She refused to meet his eyes and her hands were fidgeting. As if trying to finding anything to do but touch him. He could see the way every now and then her fingertips seemed to open toward him. "I am Bree. I don't think we have ever met. Do you remember meeting me?"

"Not that I can remember." Michael answered. "I would remember someone as beautiful as you." Though he would compliment all attractive women this way this time he meant it. He could feel the speed of his heart beat in his ears and felt a familiar stirring in those jeans. "....I am Michael."

Bree noticed the tent in the young man's jeans and would normally have been flattered and said nothing, but she suddenly got this flash of him on top of her. She could feel the way he felt sliding into her and hear herself beg for more. Somewhere far away she could hear her moaned confessions of love. Not fantasies, but memories. "..E..Excuse me."

Bree quickly left the room and stood in the hallway panting. Her lips were dry, but she could feel the warm, hard flesh sliding over her tongue. This shocked her because Bree Barnes hated giving oral sex. She had done it once in high school and the boy had tried to shove his cum in her mouth as she pulled out and shot her in the eye. Ever since, she hated it but now when she felt that warm flesh sliding over her tongue she whimpered with desperate need. She could feel the fabric of her panties clinging to the curves of her lips and realized in shock that she was soaking wet. So wet that her panties were clinging to her body like a wet T-Shirt.

After taking a few minutes to gather herself she reentered the room to find Michael seated on the examination table. The young man looked to be lost in thought and to her immense happiness the young man's erection seemed to have deflated. His hair was coming free of his ponytail and hanging down over his face and her fingertips itched to push it back over his ear for some reason. "...Please disrobe. The Doctor will be here soon."

Michael stood up and began to unbutton the black short sleeved silk type shirt. As the smooth hairless flesh began to appear her lips began to tingle. When he pulled off the shirt her eyes hungrily began to run over the curves of his body, the lines of his stomach muscles and the twists and curves of his peeks and shoulders. 'He's so beautiful' she thought to herself.

Her eyes were glued to him as he began to unbutton and unzip those jeans. His legs were toned, slender and lightly haired. Funny She thought to herself I remember him being hairier. But his voice broke her from her reverie.

"....Would you mind turning around? I don't think the doctor will be flattered if he comes in here and.... I poke him in the stomach." Michael said.

Bree suppressed a giggle but did turn her back. Just as she turned the door opened and the doctor walked in. The doctor was a young and many women thought attractive man. Michael felt a momentary flash of jealousy when he thought about this beautiful blond working closely with him, but smiled anyway. "Hey Doc."

"I see someone is a little shy." The Doctor said with a chuckle and then the exam got underway. The doctor wanted to get the worst part over with, so he did the "grab and cough" first. When Michael dropped his silk boxers down the doctor chuckled again and said. "Well, I take back the little part, and while I am flattered, I don't really swing that way."

Bree couldn't help but glance over her shoulder and again felt her breath catch in her throat. The young black haired man standing next to table was like a flag pole. He was just a hair under 8 inches, or close to it. It wasn't baseball bat thick, like she had heard all men claimed to be, but was thick enough to stretch out most women nicely. "....I think it's more for me Doc."

"That would make sense." The doctor said with a grin up at Michael. Michael forced a grin back. "Now cough for me."

Bree heard Michael cough but two words kept swimming around her brain. For me. For me. For me.

Bree stood in the corner racked by new memories and emotions, but stayed quiet. The young nurse had had more then a few boyfriends over the years and had slept with her share of men, but this felt different. On some primal level if felt like this young man belonged to her and always had.

Before she knew it she heard the doctor telling Michael he was done and she looked up at the clock. She was lost in her daydreams for almost fifteen minutes. "I don't see any reason why you can't play Mister Laroux." The doctor said.

"Thanks Doc." Michael said as he finished getting dressed. "....And it was a pleasure to meet you Bree."

Michael left quickly and Bree turned around, a hand half raised to stop him but he was gone. The doctor turned and noticed the a single tear running down the cheeks of the blond nurse. One from each eye. He crossed the room and touched her arm with concern. "Are you okay?"

"....No..." Bree whispered in agony.

"Did you know that boy?" The Doc asked.

"No." Bree answered and stared at the door in disbelief.

"Then why are you crying honey?" The Doctor asked. He had always viewed the girls who worked for him as little sisters. Being happily married he couldn't see them any other way.

Bree shook her head. "I don't know." She answered, but she felt like she was drying. Watching him walk out that door had felt like a part of her soul had just died. In her mind she could see herself standing on a grass covered hill and watching the young man walk away with his head down as she cried she was sorry over and over again. "I don't know Doc."

"Maybe your just tired dear." The Doctor said softly, patted her shoulder and then left the room. Bree could only think Tired, yeah. That has to be it. Before she too went back to work and tried to forget about the young black haired man who had turned her life upside down.

-Part 1-

The Dreams

The house was dark when Michael woke with a start. After his physical he had returned the paperwork to Coach McKinley and been informed that practice would start in two weeks. He then went and caught up with Jonathan Masters, a childhood friend who went to the same high school and now the same college. That night Veronica, Michael's girlfriend got home from her own summer vacation and the two of them went to dinner.

Michael was distracted all night. More then once Veronica asked him if he was alright, but he just told

her it had been a long day. He couldn't get the image of that little blond nurse out of his mind. When they got home he told her he was too tired and went to bed without sex. Something they hadn't done in months. Whenever they came back from vacation, sex was always one of their priorities.

When he slept that night he went somewhere he hadn't gone since he was a child. The rolling hills of Scotland. He was standing overlooking one of the most beautiful scenes he had ever seen in his entire life and standing next to him was Bree. She was younger, perhaps 18 and her hair was longer and curled. She was shorter and thinner, but it was her. "I have some news Mungan." The girl said sadly.

"Is it what has gotten you so quiet all afternoon Ceana?" Mungan asked.

"My father and Lagen have come to terms." Ceana whispered, afraid to look at him. "All of us are to be married off to Lagen's sons."

"NO!" The boy yelled and turned to face her. "Ceana, you can't."

"Mungan I don't have a choice." The tiny blond whispered, the pain obvious in her voice. "You know who I will end up with. My baby sister is in love with his youngest...and I can't take that from her. My older sister thinks Lagen's middle son is a god and father gives her everything she wants...."

"...I will not allow you to marry Eonan." Mungan cried and took her hands. "Ceana, please we can run. Just you and me....please don't make me stay and watch you marry another man....especially not Eonan."

"Mungan you cannot expect me to up and leave my family." Ceana whispered and pulled him closer. "But there is something we can do. If you will do it for me."

"You know....you don't even have to ask." Mungan said.

"We have time until father announces it. She wants to wait until everyone is back from the hunt.....I want to give something to you Mungan. One everyday. I want you...to be the first." Ceana whispered, her voice heating up a bit.

"You do?" Mungan's voice seem to catch in his throat. "Give yourself to me?"

"In time my dear." The young girl whispered with a happy giggle. It felt good to be wanted. "I have been staring at these for many years." Ceana whispered and ran her fingers across Mungan's lips. "I would like to do this first. My first kiss...."

As Mungan and Ceana kissed for the first time Michael woke up with a start. It took him some time to remember he was Michael Laroux and was lying in his bedroom in Southern California. He laid awake for a time just thinking about the dream. It had felt so real and the emotions still flooded through him. The terror, the happiness and sexual need. The feel of her lips as the two young lovers had kissed. All of it still lingered in him leaving him raw. Little did he know that on the other side of town in another apartment Bree woke up out of a dead sleep screaming. She had the same dream but she woke up with dread and terror in her heart, and the feel of those lips on her own.

Over the next two weeks Michael tried to get things back to normal with Veronica, but every time he tried he couldn't seem to focus and his dreams only got worse as time went on. He watched as Ceana

told Mungan that these "firsts" that once give cannot be taken back or stopped. Now, she could kiss him as often as she wanted and as he lovingly removed her shirt and tasted the flesh of her breasts she moaned. As his fingers found her depths and her hand found the length of his uncut cock they each moaned into a deep and passionate kiss.

When it finally came the moment when he dreamed that Mungan licked her sweet virgin pussy Michael woke up in a cold sweat. The house was quiet, the only sound in the room was Veronica's deep breathing to match his own heated pants. He could have woken up the beautiful young woman lying next to him, but instead he laid back with his eyes closed, picturing the images he had seen with his hand sliding over his steel like cock. He stroked it softly, lovingly until he exploded in his hand with a hiss.

On the other side of town Bree was deep asleep. She shared the same images in her mind that Michael had experienced. Felt Mungan's tongue as it slid over the soft virgin lips. Like Michael she sat bolt up in bed as Ceana screamed in orgasm. Her hand slid of its own accord down her flat stomach through the faint trail of blond hair that led to her smooth lips.

Every other time she would masturbate she would have driven two fingers deep into her sex, but this time she used only the pads of two fingers to massage her clit and her lips. She retracted the steps Mungan had taken and just as Ceana had she exploded in a thunderous orgasm.

Michael couldn't take any more. He looked over at his girlfriend of almost a year. Her brown hair was framing her angelic face in her sleep and her large mounds of flesh sat up perky in her nightshirt. Michael slid his hands down her flat stomach to the bikini cut panties that covered her mound and began to gently rub.

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