Conversations with Donna


"What are you doing?"

"You need a break! You've been traveling and working and wheeling and dealing for days now. Your wonderful kids are happy and snuggled in their beds. Tonight you need to unwind and get back out of the professional sort of mind."

"Another massage? I did love the last one, Suzi."

"Nope, bubble bath! I have been eyeing that deep garden tub since my first trip into the master bath. Come on! Last one is washed the other's back!"

She said moving toward the bathroom stripping off her clothes. She paused at the doorway and gave Donna a good view of her body. Then she went through and Donna heard a splash and then a cry, "Damn, It's cold, I waited too long!"

Laughing, Donna disrobed with a little more patience and entered the bathroom to see a very sexy sight. Suzy was standing in almost knee-deep water, bent over fiddling with the valves to get enough hot water in to re-warm the tub without scalding anyone. Donna just stood there looking at the side view of Suzi.

She bent over from the waist, so her legs were straight and her hips formed a natural pivot point, her normally flat belly showed a slight bulge from being bent over. Her small breasts hung free, but there was little to no motion, they were small, but very firm. She pulled her hair to one side and she was scowling at the faucet and valves. There were bubbles in various places on her tight body which showed she practically did dive in. The colder than expected water made her nipples hard. Then she sat down and started using her arms to distribute the warmer water.

"Just wait a minute. The near part might burn you, and the far end is still too cold."

"When did you draw it?"

"Right after the kids went down and you were still on the phone. I was trying to surprise you."

"Well I think you got more of a surprise than I did." She said it with a smile.

"I guess I did. I was hoping to lose that race so I could wash your back first, but I didn't want you to try and find a way out of it."

"Did you think I would?"

"I hoped not, so I wanted to just hedge my bets. From you standing there looking so naked and sexy, I win!"

"You haven't won anything yet."

"Oh yes I did, you are here!"

Donna blushed and then put her foot up on the edge of the tub. Suzi knelt in the tub and then kissed the inside of Donna's knee. A lightning bolt couldn't have done more to jolt her system.

Suzi gently pulled her leg into the tub, the water cool, but warming up nicely. She pulled her other leg over and Suzi stopped her from sitting down. The tub was a very large and deep garden tub, an oval almost 7 feet long and 5 feet wide. At one end of a shelf 2 feet off the bottom that was the perfect height for someone to sit if they didn't want to be submerged. The tub was deep enough for both Donna and Suzi to go completely underwater.

Suzi unplugged the tub to let some of the water drain, while adding more warm water. The perfumed scent of the bubbles tickled Donna's nose. With the tub finally right, Suzi took a wash cloth and started washing Donna's long legs.

"I thought I was supposed to wash your back first?"

"I decided that I won, and this is my prize!"

Smiling at the tone of Suzi's words, she was surprised at the intensity with which Suzi spoke. She was perfectly serious in her ministrations. The wash cloth was rinsed and then used to rinse off Donna's legs. She was turned and Suzi did her lower back and ass. When she turned her back around to do her lower belly and groin area, there was no doubt Donna was turned on. Her labia had swelled and a hint of not-water moisture showing. Suzi used the washcloth, knowing full well how it was going to affect Donna.

By the time Suzi was done with Donna's lower half, Donna was weak in the knees. Suzi sat her down on the shelf, which left the water level just below her breasts. Once again Suzi lathered and rinsed her with infinite care. The roughness of the washcloth made her nipples ache. Her neck was more massaged than just washed and when Suzi reached around to rinse her back, Donna cheated a little and sucked Suzi's nipple into her mouth.

Suzi inhaled sharply, but kept trying to do Donna's back. Donna pulled her to her, her legs straddling Donna's own legs, Donna's arms circling around Suzi's waist and she sucked hard on Suzi's breast. When her hands touched Suzi's ass, she felt Suzi shudder like a small orgasm had overtaken her.

The washing ended as each woman started exploring the other. Donna had Suzi sit on the old edge of the tub, but warmed her up with her tongue, tasting her deepest place for the first time. As she came, she fell into the tub, splashing a large amount of water on the floor. Donna held her until she recovered.

Once she did she reciprocated with pleasure and even squeezed almost her entire hand into Donna, bringing her to an intense orgasm.

In the afterglow, they cleaned up the floor with a great deal of touching, kissing, laughter and giggles. The next morning both ladies declared that the night's sleep was the best they could remember.

Pool Party

Suz was working, so Donna and all three kids went over to Rob's when she saw the commotion in their pool. Actually it was Donnie who came in looking to go swimming. As usual Rob was trying to keep things under control and the kids were pushing their luck. Donna felt sorry for him so she helped referee.

During the noon-time siesta, enforced as usual, they chatted.

"Rob, how do you do this? I'm exhausted."

"This isn't tiring, it's fun. The kids are great, once they understand the rules. And best of all, I can send them home."

"We all ought to pay you for this, as often as you do it. Half the neighborhood kids come through here and it doesn't faze you one bit. Most of the kids think of you as a summer-time Santa. What's your secret?"

"That's easy, I love it! Besides, the prettiest ladies in the neighborhood come by to spend a sunny day with me."

Laughing, she sat up and struck a model-like pose, "So you like what you see."

Taking the opportunity for a long look, "I would be dead not to appreciate you."

She fell back on the lounge, still laughing. "That's why all the ladies like you. You look, appreciate, without being gross or stupid. Some of the husbands still act like schoolboys."

"I bet you know that more than anyone."

"Maybe. I do think I've heard variations on 'My wife doesn't understand me' line more than I can count and quite a few 'my husband doesn't understand me' too. Especially after I divorced Frank."

"Oh I do remember the rumor central over that one. I was floored by some of the comments."

"Yes, for a while I think they were talking about me more than you and Amy."

"I thought that one finally died. After all these months, people are still wagging their tongues."

Donna looked thoughtful, "You know it did die down for a while, but it popped back up again recently. Anything I can say to help you handle the rumors?"

"Yea, right, Donna. You say anything in my defense and the rumor mill would go to work on you and me instead."

"You're right. Sometimes I think this place is like a Peyton Place."

"No, it isn't like Peyton Place, I think some folks spread rumors because they are bored and wish this place was like a Peyton Place."

"Maybe you're right. Well anyway, if you want to liven up Rumor Central, let me know. It might be fun. Too bad you're so married, and so honest, or we could really give them something to talk about," she said smiling.

The kids started getting antsy, so Rob put the oldest one in charge, telling them no one in the water until we got back. Donna followed him into the kitchen. She wasn't sure what he was up to, as he rummaged through a drawer and found his prize -- a handful of small balloons, perfect for water grenades.

Donna smiled a wide smile and started filling some up while he went into the downstairs bathroom to arm himself.

When he got back, she had her back to him. When she turned around, he almost lost it.

Donna wiggled her chest, the water balloons she added to her bust looked great. "Now I'm stacked like Brenda!" She was laughing so hard, one fell out and he was graced with a glimpse of the perfect breast. She looked embarrassed, not at the glimpse, but at the water balloon hitting the kitchen floor.

Tossing a towel on it, he said "We'll get to this later, the natives are restless. But I do suggest using a bowl."

She laughed. "Or Brenda's bathing suit, it would hold more ammo than mine."

They snuck out through the garage and lofted several grenades which caught the kids off guard. Screaming kids, diving for the pool, and splashing at them made the afternoon great. Once they settled back down Rob washed the chlorinated water off the bushes from their splashing and Donna got on her hands and knees and started wiping up the water from her 'accident'. Her ass was aimed right at him as he came in the door. For a sec he stood there, and then shut the door, Donna didn't move. She knew he was there the whole time.

"I wish I could see your face right now, Rob."

"It's not my face I don't want you to see."

She turned suddenly, and he got the kitchen island between them.

"Aw, not even a peek."

"Like hell."

"Tell you what, you show me yours, and I'll show you mine." She tugged her strap and started laughing. "Oh, Rob you are priceless."

A voice from outside, it was Joanie.

"Oh shit, the bitch. Watch your ass around her Rob."

Joanie came in the backdoor. "What no lifeguards?"

"We're just cleaning up from the water balloon fight. Do me a favor; take a turn with the kids while we get this water up."

"Sure thing, my two are in the crowd as well. Can you bring me a drink when you're done?"

"Of course, iced tea?"

She nodded and went back outside. Rob looked at Donna and she held her finger to her lips.

Joanie took several extra seconds to walk across the deck, like she was pausing to overhear anything. He got down next to Donna to wipe up the floor.

"You care to explain what just happened?"

Donna grinned. "You getting a hard-on from staring at my ass and you don't know how that happened? OK, there are these birds and these bees..."

He started cracking up. "No, that I figured out, I wouldn't mind a why?"

"Just messing with you, Rob."

"Now the second, what's up with you and Joanie?"

"Nothing absolute, other than I think she's a bitch, and I wouldn't trust her as far as I can through her."

"I got that, now why?"

"To long a story for right now. If you really want to hear it, call me later, OK?"

"Well, you've peaked my curiosity-meter. OK, tonight, about 7."


They re-joined the throng of screaming kids until about 3.

Just after dinner Rob called.

"Hi Rob, curiosity got the better of you, huh?"

"Donna, when you drop a bomb like that, you know there will always be interest."

"More interested in the Joanie dirt than my buns. I get you now."

"Donna dear?"


"You are on speaker and Brenda is not laughing."

"Oh shit, you bastard. Hi Brenda, I was just giving him a hard time about the buns crack."

"Sure Donna, that's what they call it, giving a 'hard' time?"

"Jeez, you two are impossible. OK on the subject of Joanie. I think she's a bitch who was fucking around with Frank, and I learned about bunch other people in the Platte. You wouldn't believe who was involved. I know she's a pal, but just watch yourself."

"Why tell us?"

"Rob, you and Brenda are the best. And I would hate for her to find a way to hurt you. She's been spreading the rumors about you and Amy. The rumor mill had died down and started back up. 'Somebody' is spreading it that she likes to get naked by your pool, flashing her chest at passing boys.

"Listen, I know it's all pure BS, but she's playing some kind of game and she's been asking around about you two."

Getting off the phone Donna said to Suzy, "They know something."

"How can you tell?"

"I just dumped on a close friend and he didn't try and defend, that's not like Rob. He knows something and said nothing!"

"Do you think he's involved?"

Donna thought hard. "No, but he knows something is fishy with her."

"I notice you didn't tell him about the movies."

"I almost did, but if there is any chance of a leak to Frank-less, I can't take that chance."

Suzy took her to bed and showed her that she didn't need to tease the neighborhood grandpa to know she was a serious turn-on.

The rest of the week was quiet. Suzi spent each night with Donna and her kids. Life seemed too good to be true!

The nights were even better as the two lovers got more acquainted with each other, physically and emotionally. Donna learned that Suzi tended to wake up horny, but preferred to make morning love in the shower. Suzi found each spot on Donna's body that would reduce her to a quivering wreck. They discovered many other likes of books and movies and even became frequent visitors at each other's work. Donna was surprised when Suzi told her that Amy, Cecelia, and two other ladies cornered her in the elevator and told her how much they loved the 'new' Donna. Then they each gave her a kiss that primed her for an eat-in lunch with Donna. Even straight Amanda gave her a kiss the damped her panties and if Donna hadn't been waiting, Cec's kiss would have had her drop her panties.

"You're kidding." Donna reached and hit her intercom. "'Manda, get your butt in here."

Donna stiffened her face and was halfway to the door when Amanda came in.

"What's this about the elevator?"

Amanda looked as Suzi and then back to her boss.

"Don't look at her. What's this about the elevator?"

"D, we just wanted to thank her . . ."

"What the hell is that, have I been a bitch or something?"

Amanda looked stricken. "No . . ."

"No, so now I have a girlfriend you and the others accost her?"

"We didn't . . ."

My lover comes into my office disheveled and then she told me what happened. Are you calling Suzi a liar?"

Amanda stuttered through several words, mostly starting with "No . . ."

Donna leaned over and put her face right in Amanda's. "Did she lie to me?"


"You know who lied, you did."

"Me?" Amanda squeaked.

Donna grabbed her assistant and kissed her, hard and forcibly. It took Amanda several seconds to react, but then Suzi snuggled up behind her and kissed her neck while both she and Donna started rubbing her body, messing up her clothes worse than the other ladies did to Suzi.

When Donna broke the kiss, Suzi had Amanda's blouse unbuttoned and her bra tugged over her breasts.

"Now go tell Cec and the others we want to see them one at a time, but at least tuck your tits in before you leave."

"What, no . . ."

"Think of it as punishment for telling me you're straight and for accosting my girlfriend."

Suzi snickered; knowing exactly how turned on Amanda was right then -- just like she was after the elevator. The difference was she still had Donna to help her with that problem.

Pool Party 2

Saturday dawned clear, as expected. Donnie brought word that Callie, Amy's daughter, told him that Rob was tossing one last party. She thought for just one second and smiled at Suz. "Wanna meet some folks?"

"Are you sure?"

Donna smiled, "You aren't some dirty little secret, Suz, never that!"

Suzi smiled a little nervously when the phone rang.

"Hi Jess." Suzi's ears perked up at mention of her boss.

"Yea, we heard."

"That's great. We'll see you there."

"Change of plans, D?"

"No, Jess and Wit are going over to Rob's as well. Won't this be fun; some folks are going to freak." She grinned in anticipation.

Suzi was thinking as well, but not grinning. Did Donna know about Jess? "How come?"

"Since Elise passed away some of the neighborhood widows and divorcees have been eyeing Wit. I'm glad to see him with Jess. Let's go, I want to be there when they show."

The party paused when Donna intro'd Suzi around. It was unusual for her to bring anyone over. There were a few eyebrows raised as Donna referred to her as 'her girl friend', but nothing overt was said.

Then the party paused for a longer moment, not for food yet, but because Wit came by, which was unusual. He hadn't been out of the house to much since beautiful Elise passed away. But he wasn't the show-stopper. He brought his new girl friend and she was enough to stop airplanes in mid-flight. Donna had a ringside seat and loved the reaction. He introduced her around and a few of the ladies were seriously unhappy.

Donna knew Jess was gorgeous, but she outdid herself today. Taller than Suzi and shapelier, killer hips in a pair of cut-off shorts and a bikini top that barely restrained her breasts. It was her smile that really caught you, a hint of mischievousness, like she knew exactly how she impacted people! They joined the fun and she fit in well, even if a few of the women were green-eyed.

Suzi and Jessie obviously knew each other and the sight of them hugging was enough to send most of the guys to a corner to make an adjustment in their shorts. Tracy came over, bearing a load of steaks she had been marinating in some secret sauce for Rob. She was fully decked out for the pool and joined the kids in a little splashing around. She was watched with great care by a number of eyes when it was discovered that she was living next door and Joan and John had moved. Donna was surprised at that, more than the rest.

The next to arrive was a friend of Donnie's, no surprise there. She was pulled her mom along, Cary. Cary was one of the ones Donna was worried about seeing. She figured prominently in a few of Joanie's video files, but taken only from within her own living room. "At least fuck-up Frank wasn't involved." Donna thought.

Just before dinner, Rob was downstairs putting together a huge salad when Donna came in alone. Everyone was out by the pool with Trace, Wit, and Jess watching the meat cooking on the BBQ's.

"So Joan and John have moved out. Tracy moved in rather quick."

"Yup, that she did."

"Do you know if she is renting from them, or did they sell?"

"I'm pretty sure they sold it. Why?"

"Just curious, I wanted to talk to Joan about something."

"Well I don't have a forwarding number or address for them. Trace did mention she had returned some mail to the post office."

"Really? So they moved without forwarding their mail? That's unusual.

"Remember the talk we had about her last week?"

"Yea, but you didn't really tell me much more than I already knew."

"You did? I always thought you and Brenda were pretty heavy with Joan and John?"

"We were, but some of their activities weren't a good fit."

Suzi came down looking for Donna. She stopped at the top of the stairs and listened for a second.

"Donna, can I get your keys to go get a shirt, should I bring something for you and the kids?"

"If you don't mind, just a top to help stay warm. That brick BBQ is great for warming people up."

"OK, and while you are at it, tell Rob what's going on."


"If he isn't a straight shooter, you can kill me. I have just spent the entire day enjoying myself with all of your friends and the one constant in this universe over here is Rob, trust him! Jessie and Wit say so too."

Rob looked on in surprise when Suzi kissed Donna is a very not-just-friends way and scampered back up the stairs.

"Relax Donna, I already guess she as more than just a friend. Just don't let Frank find out. She's a good person, and so is Wit's new girlfriend. So what's going on?"

"This might take more than a few minutes. It's about Frank and involved Joan and John as well. Can you and Brenda come over after the party breaks up so Suzi and I can talk to you about it? Wit and Jess will be there as well.

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