tagInterracial LoveCookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream


I've never had a black man yet alone two. But I'm always willing to try something new. And so it happened. I had my two black men.

Let me tell you about it.

There I was at some club in Soho with my so-called friends. It was a quiet Wednesday night and not much had happened. I'd spotted a couple of cute black guys at the bar but they wanted to leave. The music was crap and there weren't enough good-looking men for them. So they left and I stayed.

Lowering my top a bit, I coolly walked up to the bar and put myself in the middle of them. The tall one seemed a little annoyed at this.

"Excuse me, but what are you doing?" came the deep American voice.

"Just having a drink. One double baileys please." I called out to the bartender.

"Just leave her man!" Said the other, a smaller and much younger guy.

"I'm sorry," the tall one apologized, "we weren't expecting anyone else."

"My name is Rob and this here is my brother Zach; but all our friends call us Cookies and Cream!" The younger one said.

"Let me get this." Cream offered.

So we spent the night talking about London and life in general. They were fun, friendly and very gentlemanly. We ended up getting very drunk indeed. The wonders of Tequila, eh?

After pulling them both, we went back to my flat in the Docklands for an aperitif or two. The fun was about to begin.

As I lay naked on my bed, tossing my raven coloured curls, the music began. After stripping and kissing them both, I had the pleasure of downing Cream's cock first. Long, thick and very dark, it resembled half a cucumber dipped in dark chocolate. It was complemented by these thick tomato sized, balls. As I sucked it to and fro, I could hear a deep moan in the background which was getting louder and louder. Moaning loudly, he came, coating my mouth and throat with his thick white cum.

I smiled lustfully as I held Cookies cock in my hands. Although he was five years younger than his brother, Cookies was far better endowed. His enormous cock resembled a large very thick aubergine that again, was the colour of dark chocolate. He had these large and heavy moon shaped balls. I had difficulty sucking it. It was so big. As he knelt, I thrust its large head into my mouth, going back and forth like a hummingbird does when feeding for nectar. Cookies, was relatively quiet in comparison to his brother. As it slowly swelled with very thrust, he finally came in my mouth, coating it with a river of thick cum.

As Cookies and Cream lay down next to me on the bed, I could feel their tongues licking my erect nipples. God that felt good. As they each held one of my breasts, I could feel my pussy getting moist at the pleasure that I was experiencing. Finally after experiencing several strokes of their long tongues on my breasts, I came.

It was time for a different kind of pleasure.

I could feel two pairs of hands open up my pussy lips. I was so horny at what was going to happen next. Cookies put one of his long, soft fingers inside my pussy and started to thrust to and fro, starting slowly at first. Whilst he did this, Cream worked on my clitoris, rubbing it to and fro. It was an amazing partnership. As they worked away, I groaned in pleasure. I could feel my pussy slowly swelling. I quivered once then again as the motion of the guys went faster. As each hand rubbed or thrust faster and faster, the hornier I became. I could soon take no more.

"I'm cumming." I screamed in pleasure, before coating their hands in a pool of my cum.

Panting heavily, we took a break before the main course.

As Cookies entered my pussy, I had Creams' cock in my mouth. As I lapped away, I could feel Cookies heavy balls slapping my buttocks with every thrust. I groaned with deep lust. Sucking to and fro, it wouldn't be too long before they both came in me. I could feel Creams' cock swelling heavily in mouth and Cookies head was swollen as well.

All three of us finally came, in an orgy of wails, screams and cum. Cream let go, coating my face and mouth in cum, as did Cookies who flooded my large chest and face with his river of cum. I was the last to cum, my pussy erupting like a dormant volcano, spewing my thick white goo over the guys.

Lastly it was the time for Cream to enter my pussy.

As Cookies thrust his large cock in my mouth, I could feel Creams' cock ebbing to and fro in my pussy. I could feel my pussy getting moister and moister with every move. It was so good. As it started to swell, I could hear his growls getting louder. Cookies, was silent as ever, as my tongue licked and sucked his cock. Finally we all came together.

Creams' loud lion like growl coincided with his brothers' orgasm and the two of them flooded my mouth and chest with their thick torrent of cum. My pussy finally exploded and as I screamed in pleasure, shot cum all over their faces.

We all sat panting.

I kept in touch with Cookies and Cream, so whenever I'm hungry and they're in town...

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