tagGroup SexCooking Up a Storm Ch. 2

Cooking Up a Storm Ch. 2



"Who's there?"


"Andy who?"

"Andy's got breakfast for you."

Shit! thought Bree, laying in bed listening to the corny exchange of words. As always, she had waken up feeling horny. What time is it? She crawled over Debbie, and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. Ouch! Her pussy hurt. She stumbled to the full length window, and drew back the heavy blinds, only to be stung by the sharp light that poured in.

"My clothes. Where's my bloody clothes?"

Debbie rolled onto her side, and laughed at the fuss. "Are you getting the door or not?"

Bree fossicked amongst the linen on the floor; came across the black dress Debbie had discarded the night before, and tossed it on. Too small; too bad! It'll have to do. She opened the door, to find Andy standing there in a ridiculous apron; a breakfast tray in his hands.

"Morning girls," he said, as he pushed past Bree to enter the room. "Seem's the hired help has gone on strike."

An embarrassed Bree closed the door and followed him in.

"What do you think of the dress now?" Debbie asked Andy.

Andy put the tray on the bed, and looked Bree up and down. "I'm definitely getting my money's worth for it," he replied.

"The way my arse feels, I think you already got that last night!" Debbie countered.

Bree realised Andy had bought it for Debbie to wear- an arrangement that had been planned to end in a butt fuck. Why not? she thought. Just like most men, he probably doesn't get it at home. Then again, she could easily have been like those wives, given the thoughtless efforts of the first few men she tried to please that way. Gavin, the impossibly cute barman she picked up in a fit of anger and drunkenness, had changed all that; fucking her arse with skills honed at the gay night club he frequented. By the time she found out and showed him the door, she was hooked.

Over breakfast in bed, Debbie was on her best suggestive behavior, working Andy over with descriptions of how Bree might return a favour she was owed. Seeing she was having the desired effect, she let the sheet she has twisted around her naked body drop, and crawled across the bed before pushing Andy onto his back.

"I've made my mind up, Bree" she said. "You are to do whatever you want!"

Bree watched as Debbie lifted Andy's cock free of his clothes. She gripped it in two hands, and shook it gently, patiently; letting it grow and grow until its oversized head and another handful of shaft had emerged. This part she worked on- only this part; slowly brushing her cheeks against it, then trailing her closed mouth across it, before returning with her cheeks. Time and again this tease occurred, driving Andy insane; driving Bree insane until she wanted to scream 'suck it, suck it all'; except she couldn't because the expert knew too, and now locked her moist lips over the leaking head. And waited- not moving; the cock, its owner, the audience- all suspended in time.


"I want that dress over here." It was Andy.

Transfixed, Bree stood up, still on the bed; so tall she steadied herself with her hands against the ceiling. Now they waited for her next move. She had become the centre of attention - and liked it. With deliberate steps, she placed her feet either side of Andy's face, and squatted ever-so-slowly until the dress enclosed his head under her. Defiantly, she stared at Debbie, aware the dress was denying her the view she wanted. Then Andy's tongue began to explore her aching, hairy pussy. Bree did her best to remain expressionless as the experienced tongue sought and found her clit, flicking it playfully like a kitten with a toy. She felt her leaking cunt open up, beckoning something-anything- to come and pleasure it. As if on command, Andy's hands slid under the dress and took hold of her butt. Now his face was muzzling her cunt, lapping at her juices; but unable to ease the soreness she's incurred last night.

Unexpectedly, he started to rim her puckered arse-hole, coating it in her juices. 'This is no virgin arse,' she imagining him thinking; then almost came when two hooked fingers reached inside. Around the rim they worked, spreading it wider before withdrawing and reentering, more welcome this time; withdrawing and reentering; establishing a rhythm that Bree joined with furtive little thrusts of her hips- not much; just enough to express her approval.

In front of her, all of Andy's big cock was theatrically put on show. It lurched unsupported, its stiffness barely able to keep it's heavy head from falling. Debbie began to slowly lick the full length of its shaft; her eyes all the time on Bree's. Minute after minute she attended to his cock; never taking it in her mouth or hand; yet able to drive it to the brink of coming before backing off. Then she slipped away- literally; trailing her wet bald pussy along his leg as she retreated out of reach of the blood-filled cock. Now it stood like a trophy between the two women.

Your move!

Bree understood. Plugged into each other's emotions, there was no need for words. Debbie had presented, at once, both an offer and a dare; challenging Bree's uncertainty and enjoying it. What had been her last words? 'You are to do whatever you want,' Bree recalled.

The decisions were hers to be made. She did so with anticipation.

Bree shifted position to be on her hands and knees, her head above Andy's cock as she settled in to their sixty -niner. She felt him tugging at the black dress she still wore, expecting him to gather it over her hips; finding instead he had pulled it lower, back over his head. His tongue returned to her arse, and she showed her appreciation by dropping her mouth to his cock. She battled to get her lips around the giant head, but persevered, eventually enclosing it. Now she started to work it over, her lips locked around the purple shaft as she bobbed her pretty head up and down. She tried to swallow it all, anxious to learn how it feels to have a cock slide into her throat; but gagged each time it reached the back of her mouth.

Debbie joined in, and ran her lips over Bree's flushed cheeks, before stopping to post fairy kisses on her closed eyes. In the heat of everything else going on, Bree found it strangely erotic. They traded kisses across the head of Andy's cock, before Debbie slid her tongue through its seeping groove; gathering his pre-cum and trailing it into Bree's eager mouth. "Are you ready for all his come?" Debbie asked, gripping the thick shaft in her hand. "Do you want all of his come in your mouth?" Bree did; but wanted something else too; wanted to feel that big cock in her arse, and crawled forward for it, almost knocking Debbie out of the way. She straddled his cock, still facing away from him, and slowly lowered herself; gasping as the huge head contacted her willing cunt. She trapped the head on the ridge between her two hungry holes, then dropped lower, and a little forward, bending the cock against its will until she felt it move; felt the tormented cock begin to slide back in the moisture, now with a mind of its own as it reached her arsehole, and began to straighten into it. She remained still, savouring the sensation of the head slowly, determinedly pushing into her arse; now beginning to hurt with its sheer size; inching to a stop. Still not in. She lifted her hips and arrested it, again riding it forward until it could go no further. Once more it worked it way back, more powerfully this time; the anticipation unbearable as the broad head stretched her hole; nearly there, nearly there- "Oh! My god...faaaark.. yes!"

Bree almost fainted as her arse lips locked around the shaft below the giant cock's head. This was the best part; always the best part. She waited a moment, and lifted off it, desperate to feel it again. And did- again and again; off, on; off, on; fucking just the head until the resistance went and it could fall in easily. Now she wanted more- wanted it deep in her arse- and pressed down harder, taking it 'til it hurt; easing off, only to try again, deeper this time, adjusting her position as she dropped, rocking back and forward until her arse finally came to rest on his body.

She felt Andy's hands on her thighs. Good old Andy! She was using his cock- and he wasn't even getting a look at the action. She wanted to remedy that; wanted to show him how much her slut arse loved his big cock. "Take it off me," she ordered. Andy's hands shifted onto her bare back, and began to massage it lightly. His fingers traced her spine; following it down from her neck to the small of her back; hesitating at the top of her butt, before moving up again, daring this time to reach around the front and cup her perfect breasts. Here they lingered, as if in awe; before slipping the dress off her shoulders and rolling it down to her waist. Now, finally, he lifted the bottom of the dress until it was all gathered at her waist.

For the first time, Debbie and Andy saw his cock balls-deep in Bree's arse.

"Way to go, girl!" screamed Debbie.

And it was, Bree agreed. Time to ride that huge cock for all its worth. She leaned forward, and firmly gripped his legs. Then started to grind, slowly at first, assuring herself of its length and angle before letting it slip out; brazenly showing them the size of her gaping arsehole, before slamming her hips down, her arse consuming the cream-covered cock in one violent move. Now she started to ride all of its length- minute after minute; desperately looking for his signal as her own orgasm got closer and closer. She wanted them to end this fuck together, and had to back off, easing her rhythm.

Seizing her chance, Debbie joined in; hungrily licking at Bree's arse, pulling the cock from her and shamelessly blowing it, before feeding it back into the impatient hole. Bree welcomed it back with a deep sigh, so close to coming she closed her eyes, and tried to blank out the delicious new feeling as her spread arse came to rest against the hand Debbie had wrapped around the base of the shaft. Seeking some respite, Bree rested, but got none as two of Debbie's fingers tried to squeeze into her hole, stretching it like never before as they slide up beside the fat cock. Bree emitted a scream, somewhere between pain and ecstasy, and lifted her hips-not all the way- before easing down again; not sure whether she wanted the fingers to be there. But they were, and her greedy arse took them in with the rest of the fat cock; again and again, as she screaming unashamedly at Andy to come, to pump his hot come into her arse; until she could wait no more, and let her own fierce orgasm break free.

You didn't half enjoy that!" Debbie said, as Bree began to relax. "But I think Andy deserves to come too."

With that, Debbie tugged the still-hard cock from Bree's pouting arse, and as if savouring the juices that coated it, began to suck passionately. The fat head slide easily into her mouth, before she adjusted her position, and slowly began to devour the greasy shaft. Bree watched it disappear into Debbie's mouth, way past what she had been able to take; before there was a pause, as Debbie bobbed her head a little, and with a hearty gulp, took the cock deep into her throat. How the fuck..., thought Bree. Now Debbie began to work it in and out of her throat, noisily sucking in air through her flared nostrils until she felt the cock's signals, and drew it out of her mouth, trailing strings of gag with her.

"I'm going to come!" Andy moaned, in time for Debbie to offer the cock to Bree, unsure of what her reaction would be.

"So, what took you so long," Bree said, just getting her mouth over the cock before the first hot burst arrived. She waited expectantly as, if in slow motion, each load of the fresh cum shot into her mouth, filling it until it started to stick in her throat and it was time to swallow some of it.

"Fuck... you are full of surprises," said Debbie, lustily kissing Bree's cum-stained lips.

"Sure am!" mumbled Bree, and returned the kiss, dripping the rest of the come into Debbie's unsuspecting mouth.

Fifteen minutes passed before Bree emerged from the bedroom and went for a shower. The cool water proved particularly soothing, and she decided to wait awhile, letting the morning air dry her. The past twenty four hours seemed almost surreal. With the chance to slow down, she started to think she should be feeling remorseful- except she wasn't- and that was confusing. Her thoughts were interrupted when Bill and Turk wandered into the bathroom, clearly feeling the effects of last nights drinking. They hadn't noticed her behind the screen, and she decided to play it that way. Bill headed straight for the toilet pedestal, and noisily pissed into the bowl. "Fuck, I needed that," he said, shaking his limp cock dry. "Now I could eat a horse. Wonder where the others are?"

"Beats me," said Turk, pushing Bill aside so he could get his turn to relieve himself. "My guess is Andy's getting his money's worth with Debbie. I could eat the cook, no worries."

"Fat chance of that," Bill replied. "I'm sure she doesn't know how fuckin' gorgeous she is."

"I'd like to explain it to her with this," Turk boasted, waving his cock about.

"Yeah, well if you do, don't forget about your mates!" Bill said.

"Wonder if she'd do us both?" Turk added. "I reckon a bit of DP would be good for her."

"Bree?" Bill interjected. You are talking about Bree. We'll be lucky to get a look at her tits before the days out. Can you imagine anyone getting near her arse with a cock? I wouldn't mind betting her bloke doesn't even get a blow job-"

At precisely that moment, Bree casually stepped from behind the shower screen.

"Morning boys," she said. "You don't look at all well. Would a bit of breakfast help?"

Turk was the first to recover.

"I'd kill for some bacon and eggs," he replied, staring at the magnificent tits in front of him.

"They're called breasts, Turk," Bree teased. "What about you, Bill?"

"I knew that!" came the reply.

In front of them, Bree stepped into her baggy shorts, before slipping on an over sized shirt, leaving it unbuttoned, and tying the tails at her waist so it covered her tits.

"Breakfast in ten minutes," she said, knowing their eyes were on her as she sauntered out of the room.

It was not yet eight o'clock.

With most of the day still ahead, Bree thought, anything could happen.

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