"Say no more, Doc."

I'd get better faster if I was fucking instead of taking things in my own hands. Well, than maybe I should be looking out for those kinds of opportunities, I told myself. Myself was pleased at the thought.

Part 6 - The Bet

I stopped at Large Pharmacy on the way home from school. If things progressed with Amy, I'd be fucking the doctor's daughter at our next tutoring session. There was a young woman at the register. Wouldn't you know it; the condoms were behind the register. I'd have to ask her for them. I expected some shit and got it.

"Can I please have a package of condoms?" I said.

"For your big brother, huh? What brand and size?" she replied.

"They're for me. Any brand, size large."

"Yeah, right."

She handed me Maximillions, in size large, as I had requested.

"I haven't seen you here before," I said.

"My dad owns the store. I'm just working here to earn some money while I'm on break from college."

"Oh, a college girl. How much are they?"

She told me and I paid her. She gave me some change and more lip.

'Come back when your dad uses those up."

"I told you, they're for me."

"Well, I don't believe you."

"Want to bet?"

She was silent. I had called her bluff. Was she going to back down now? Not a chance.

"Okay, little man. The store closes at 9:30. If your parents will let you out that late, come back here and we'll see who's large and who isn't."

Her pun was quick. This girl had brains. I hoped to see her body.

I gave my folks some story about how I needed to go to a friend's house to finish some homework I had forgotten for school the next day. They were pissed I had waited so long but let me go because they didn't want me to miss an assignment.

I showed up at Large's right on time. I don't think I was expected, given her reaction when I walked in. It was too late for her now. She came around the counter and locked the door. We went into the back room and she turned off the lights in the store.

"So, how do you want to do this?" she asked.

"Well, you said I wasn't large, Ms. Large. If I'm not, you win the bet. If I am, then I win," I replied.

"Its Irene, little man. How can we tell if you're large?" she asked with a half smile.

She knew precisely how we'd know.

'My name is Tommy. Get four boxes of condoms, one each of small, medium, large and extra large."

"In your dreams."

"See, there you go again. I'll try them on, and you can be the judge."

"Sounds fair."

Irene went into the darkened store and got the four boxes. I was going to enjoy the next part.

"Okay, so now you've got to help me get hard," I said.

"Hey, that wasn't part of the bet."

"A condom is useless if the guy doesn't have an erection, right? And I didn't see any adult magazines on your shelves out there. You'll have to do it for me."

"Well, you've got a point about the erection. Is this enough?" she asked.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her breasts were large, in a plain white bra.

"That's good for a start. How about the bra?"

"No way, Jose. You've still got all of your clothes on. This is a bet, not a strip show."

"You're right."

First I kicked off my shoes. Then I unbuckled my pants and pulled them off. A bulge was obvious in my jockey shorts. Irene looked at my underpants and then at my face and then at my underpants.

"How about your pants?" I asked.

Sill staring, Irene unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. Her legs were shapely and her childlike white panties made me get even harder.

"I'm going to take it out now," I announced, dropping my jockey shorts.

Irene audibly gasped at the sight of my erection.

'Oh my. It is large. But why is it that shape?"

"To please women," I said. "Try the small condom. For our bet."

"No way that's going to fit. I'll try one of the large ones," she said. She opened the package and unsealed one from its aluminum envelope. She walked up and kneeled down in front of me. The touch of her hands, putting on the condom, was quite exciting. My dick throbbed and bobbed as she tried to slide it the length of my erection.

"I can't believe it. Even the large is too small."

"Better get an extra large," I directed.

When she stood up, I saw a spot of moisture on her panties. Irene was getting just as hot as I was. If I handled it right, I was about to receive some first class Grade A therapy.

I removed the large condom so my dick was bare when Irene came back. This time, the fit was just right.

"There, see, I told you so."

"Oh no, our bet was that you were large. You're not. You're extra large."

"All right, what if we call it a draw. We both won. Now how do we pay each other off?" I asked.

"Well, seeing as how you're all dressed up, maybe I should provide you someplace to go."

With that, she slid her panties with the wet spot down her legs. She found a stack of cartons to sit on, at the edge. She spread her legs and aimed her pussy up. I approached her and positioned at her outer lips.

"I have to go straight in and out. Doctor's orders," I said.

"Just do it already. I'm so horny I could burst."

I put my hands on her shoulders for steadying and pushed in, just past the opening. She moaned. I withdrew a bit and went for a deeper thrust. She continued moaning, which was quite a turn on. Sally the nurse was almost silent in our encounter.

"Deeper, deeper, give it to me. All of it."

I figured Irene must have been a cheerleader when she was younger, with all the encouragement she was providing. I kept it up, thrusting deeper and deeper until she had taken my full length. With great enthusiasm and steady aim, I began my pistoning assault of her cunt. She kept shouting and I kept pumping. I came in the condom but Irene wasn't done yet. Being a gentleman, I kept on going until she announced she had reached orgasm.

"That was, well, there are no words," she said.

"Likewise. So, Ms. Large likes them extra large, hmm?" I teased.

"Larger than life, except in your case. You know, you could spoil me for other men with a prick like that."

I put my clothes back on.

"Here, take the rest of this pack of extra large. Don't bother returning the larges. Just pass them along to one of your small buddies."

"Thanks. Say, how long are you in town?"

"Long enough to want to do this again. "

I promised she'd get her wish. I headed home, eager to announce one intercourse to the Doc on my next visit.

Part 7 - Caught In The Act

Amy came up to me after Biology the next day.

"Do you have time for a tutoring session today, Tommy?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure, I'd like that," I said.

"Okay, same time, same place."

When I got to the small gym after 9th period, Amy was there, practicing some gymnastics on the uneven bars. She was talented and graceful, putting on an entertaining show.

"Bravo!" I said as she completed her dismount.

She walked over to me in her tight leotard, wiping her perspiration from her face with a towel.

"Hi Tommy. Did you really like it?"

"Yes, I did, very much. You're really good."

"I wish I was as good in Biology. Come sit down and help me with this part," she said.

I sat across from her. The Biology book was in her lap facing me.

"See this chapter, the one on women's genitals? I can't seem to find my clitoris," she said. She moved the book to one side. She had sneaked her hand under the book and popped the snaps that held her leotard together. Amy's young pussy was directly in front of me.

"Its my turn first today, okay?" she said.

I said nothing but moved my face to her crotch, lying prone on the mat. I touched her pussy with my fingers, moving the sparse hair to each side. Then I took her buttocks, one in each hand, and raised her pussy up until it was in front of my face. I used my tongue to stimulate her, as I had done with Sally. Amy was much more sensitive, and was bucking up and down. Finally, to keep her still, I planted my mouth over her cunt and thrust my tongue in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, you're tongue fucking me. Oh, it feels so, oh, oh my."

Amy was really enjoying my efforts. In the meantime, my dick had grown to its full size, cramped inside my pants. It was painful, especially since I was lying on my stomach. I increased the tempo of my thrusts, and added some clit sucking every once in a while.

"Oh my, oh my, I think, yes, oh, yes, here it, oh, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming."

Amy relaxed like a limp noodle. I could barely get my hands out from under her ass. I unzipped my pants and freed my erection to end the pain. I was about to ask Amy to do her part and get me off when I heard the door open behind me. I looked back. It was Ms. Murphy, the acrobatics teacher. I pulled my jacket over my lap to cover my erection.

"What do we have here? Ms. Kellogg, I think you'd better get yourself together. We'll have a chat tomorrow. For now, run along home. I need to have some words with Mr. Corcoran."

Amy took her things toward the locker room, leotard flaps still hanging loose between her legs. I hoped to sample her charms, for real, one day. But not today.

"Mr. Corcoran, do you know school policy? It explicitly states that fornication on school grounds is punishable by suspension."

"But we weren't having sex. At least, not intercourse."

"I suppose you're going to tell me some nonsense about helping Ms. Kellogg with her Biology, aren't you?"

"Would you believe me if I told you that?"

"Of course not. How preposterous!"

"Actually, she was helping me. You see, I'm under Dr. Vidill's care, for the treatment of a very unusual condition."

"And what, pray tell, is your affliction? Teenage male hot pants?"

"No, but I'm afraid I can't tell you."

"A likely story. If you're telling me the truth, I insist you tell me."

"It would be easier to show you."

With that, I removed my jacket from my lap. Ms. Murphy looked down and saw my crooked cock.

"Oh my! You're seeing Dr. Vidill for that?"

"Yes, I am. And he has prescribed that I masturbate, or have intercourse, daily. As therapy, of course. Its the only way I'll become normal."

Ms. Murphy no longer made eye contact with me as she focused on my erection. For grins, I squeezed and my penis jerked in my lap. Ms. Murphy was startled.

"You weren't going to have intercourse with that young lady, were you?"

"Oh no. It's just that my condition is a secret but Ms. Kellogg, Amy, found out. She was just trying to get me excited, so I could go off to the bathroom and jerk off."

"Seems like such a waste..." Ms. Murphy muttered.

"Excuse me, what would be a waste?"

"Well, Mr. Corcoran, there are women who haven't had a sexual release recently who might take advantage of your doctor's prescription."

"There are? Like who, Ms. Murphy?"

I knew who, I just wanted her to admit it.

"Come with me, young man," she said.

I followed her to her office, from where she had been secretly watching us. She never did take her eyes off my erection, which stuck out of my pants as I walked.

She sat at the edge of her desk, and then slid up on it, knocking various papers and stuff the other side. She didn't react. Instead, she slowly slid her skirt up. Her legs were thick. Her silk stockings only went up to her knees. Soon her dress was around her waist, and she was trying to work her large panties from her full hips. I reached to help her, which put my erection in a direct line with her hairy pussy. She grabbed my hips and tried to pull me forward, straight into her cunt. I balked, pausing to put on a condom. Doc had told me to be careful, so I was. Entry was very easy. Ms. Murphy had a lot of experience. She tried to put her legs around me but it was no use. So she lay there, flailing her legs as I punished her cunt with thrust after thrust. I had no regard for her pleasure, although she was certainly getting some, based on the gurgling sounds she was making.

Her cries of "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh" followed by a sigh told me she was finished. But I wasn't. I kept it up for a few more minutes as Ms. Murphy lied there like a stuffed animal. Well, I certainly had stuffed her.

"That will be all for today," she said in as professional a manner as she could muster.

I didn't expect Amy and I would have a watcher during our next tutoring session. I did worry that Ms. Murphy couldn't be trusted with my secret.

8 - Two Peas In A Pod

I stopped in at the local ice cream shop for a soda. I thought it might replenish some of the fluids I'd been losing lately. A young woman approached my booth and asked to sit down. She was Hispanic with olive skin. I almost recognized her before she introduced herself.

"Hi, Tommy? My name is Ramona Vargas. I'm Ms. Vargas the librarian."

"Oh, sure, I know you. You look different, not surrounded by books," I said.

Lame response.

"We have a mutual friend, I believe. Ms. Murphy, a teacher at your school?"

Oh great. Ms. Murphy the blabbermouth. I knew this would happen.

"What did she tell you?"

"She said you are a patient of Dr. Vidill's. So am I."

"Oh really. Why don't you tell me about it."

I love hearing about women with dysfunctional sex organs.

"I'm engaged to be married to wonderful man. His name is Mark. Anyway, with the wedding coming up, Mark convinced me we'd eliminate the wedding night awkwardness if we had sex before the wedding. There didn't seem to be any point in waiting, with the wedding only about two months away. Anyway, our first sex was terribly painful for me. It was like he was splitting me in half. I had to push him off me. He didn't understand."

I was going to apologize for my question but didn't. After all, we were already deep into her sex life.

"Tell me, just how big is Mark, comparatively?"

"I can't really say. Mark was my first. I don't have anyone to compare him to. How is seven inches?"

"That's a little larger than average. And this was your first time?"

She nodded yes. Maybe this was just the case of a tough hymen.

"Anyway, I went to see Dr. Vidill a couple of weeks ago. He has such a great reputation for getting results. He told me I had lesions, you know, joined tissue, inside my vagina. That's why sex was so painful with Mark. He put me on a treatment plan."

Hmm, just after I went to see him. And he said lesions were an uncommon phenomenon. I smelled something fishy.

"When Marina, uh, Ms. Murphy found out you were also a patient of Dr. Vidill, she thought we might want to talk. To share experiences."

I thought I knew the answer to the next question but asked it anyway.

"So, what kind of treatments is Doc having you do?"

"Its a little embarrassing. He has me using pretend penises."

"You mean dildos?"

"Yes, and vibrators. He gave me a set. I've been working my way up in size over the last two weeks."

"Is that all?"

"Well, we're being completely candid here, correct? My treatments have also included sexual intercourse with Dr. Vidill."

I knew it.

"Sounds familiar."

"Why? What is Dr. Vidill treating you for?"

"I went to the doc about a week before you did. I have lesions inside my penis that cause it to be crooked when I get an erection. He prescribed masturbation and sexual intercourse. He even got me started, with one of his nurses. So, is your treatment working?"

"That's why I wanted to talk with you. You see, the wedding is in about six weeks. Dr. Vidill told me not to have sex with Mark until after we're married. He said another painful experience could ruin our sex lives, maybe even our marriage. I love Mark so much. I'm worried I won't be ready. Dr. Vidill has a nice cock, but not as big as Mark's. I can't tell from the dildos and vibrators if I'll be ready for Mark or not."

"I understand. Doc says my progress is better with sex than with masturbation."

"Maybe we can help each other out. I want to try to have sex with someone whose cock is bigger than Dr. Vidill's, to see if I'm ready for my wedding night. Besides, it's not the same with those plastic toys. They just don't get me off."

Her language was getting me excited.

"Tommy, I'm horny as hell. Marina said you were in therapy, and that having intercourse is helping you get better. Would you be willing, you know?"

I was flabbergasted. This voluptuous woman wanted to have sex with me? I almost couldn't get an answer out.

"Uh, sure, I'd be happy to help you out. We can just think of ourselves as a support group for Dr. Vidill's patients."

She smiled and my heart melted. She handed me a card on which she wrote her address.

"Why don't you come over to my place this evening. Mark is out of town. We won't be disturbed."

Another lie about homework at a friend's got me out of the house. Ms. Vargas lived in a low-rise apartment building not too far from the center of town. She answered the door in a plain blouse and skirt. It was conservative but showed her body off better than her librarian outfits. For the first time, I noticed her tits. They were tremendous. Even bigger than Irene Large, the drug store woman.

'Hi, Tommy, come on in. Let me take your jacket. Make yourself at home."

I entered the living room, filled with beautiful furniture. The design was Mexican or Spanish, I couldn't tell which. There was pottery and paintings and sculpture. Ms. Vargas's apartment was like a small museum.

I sat on the couch.

"Can I get you something? A drink?"

"No thanks, I just had dinner."

Ms. Vargas joined me on the couch, at a distance. We didn't know where to begin.

"So, is it painful? I mean, those lesions in your penis, when you get an erection?"

"No, it doesn't hurt. It just makes my dick look all twisted. I was able to keep it a secret all these years until a few weeks ago when my Mom walked in and found me naked with a hard on."

"Would you please show it to me? I promise I won't laugh."

No, mam, you won't laugh. Maybe you'll be shouting in pleasure.

"Okay, but fair is fair. Won't you take something off too? Besides, that will help me get an erection."

Ramona unbuttoned her blouse as I took down my pants. Her bra was bulky, I guessed to be able to hold those big tits in. She looked at my jockey shorts and saw my reaction to her disrobing.

"So, are you a little bit bigger than average? Marina didn't say."

"Maybe she wanted it to be a surprise," I said.

I pulled off my jockey shorts.

"Oh my. It's huge. No wonder Marina didn't tell me. I've made a terrible mistake. This is all wrong. You should go now."

She started to put her blouse back on.

"Marina didn't tell you how big it was. She probably didn't tell you we had intercourse."

"You mean she took all of that?"

"Yes, and she seemed to enjoy it. Before you make me leave, call Marina and ask her."

"All right, I will."

Ramona turned her back to me and dialed up her friend. I only heard one side of the conversation.

"Hi, Marina, its me, Ramona. Fine. Listen, Tommy is here with me. Yes, he did. Oh yes, but I'm having second thoughts. It's his size. Tommy says you experienced it. All of it. Is that true? But how...? Well, if you're sure. Thanks. Bye."

"Marina confirmed what you told me. And, yes, she did like it. A lot. She says she stretched to fit you. And she says that's what I need, to be stretched. That's what the plastic penises have been doing."

Ramona was beginning to perspire. Beads of sweat ran down the deep valley between her breasts. With not another word, she removed her blouse, reached behind her and unhooked the bra. It lay on her heavy bosom until she removed it. Her breasts had large caps and flat nipples. They reminded me of two torpedoes. I had my own missile, ready for action. I removed my shirt while Ramona stood and let her skirt fall to the ground. The leopard panties matched her dark skin. Dark hair struggled to escape from both sides of her panty crotch. She dropped her panties to the floor and fluffed her pubic hair, like she was scratching an itch. Then she pulled her hair back from her shoulders. Raising her arms, her breasts thrust forward, begging for attention. I was on them in a flash, rubbing them and kissing them. Ramona's hands rubbed my head and then shoulders. Soon her hands were behind me, feeling my ass. The head of my dick rubbed her navel.

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