tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Behind Closed Doors Ch. 06

Coronation Street Behind Closed Doors Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Sally plans an Orgy

Sally Webster had been married to Kevin for over 20 years and they now had two lovely teenage daughters in Rosie and Sophie. Although she was reasonably happily married, Sally's sexual appetite had always gone further than Kevin and she had in fact had several affairs including one with the boss of the car showroom where she worked for a few months.

Sally had discovered several years ago that her sexual preference when given the choice was in fact women and over the years she had developed quite a technique as she had become involved with numerous women. Over the last few months she had talked openly about this with Maria, the young hairdresser when she discovered that Maria also enjoyed women and that Maria had in fact started a sexual relationship with Sarah Platt, the young assistant in the Salon. So far, Sally and Maria had only talked, but Sally's mind had been thinking about Maria more and more as a possible sex partner.

Just a couple of weeks ago Sally had got herself a new and surprise lover in mild mannered and shy Claire Peacock when Claire had confided in Sally that her husband Ashley had lost interest in the bedroom. Sally had taught Claire various things she could do to spice up her sex life with Ashley and Claire was now much happier with Ashley, but her greatest happiness was when she and Sally got together for their regular 'teaching' sessions.

What got Sally's mind racing today was when she had been talking to Claire earlier in the day, she discovered that Claire and Maria had got together in the back of the Salon a couple of days ago. Maria had already told Sally that she and Sarah had got Liz Macdonald involved in a drunken threesome in the pub one evening and it occurred to Sally that it might be fun to try and get everyone together behind closed doors and see what developed.

Sally decided this wasn't something she could organise on her own, so lunchtime she decided to call in at the salon to broach the idea with Maria and see if she thought the others would be interested.

Sally pushed the door of the salon open to find Maria on her own.

"Oh, Hi Sally." said Maria. "I'm just closing for a quick lunch. Can it wait?"

"Hi Maria, well it can." replied Sally. "But to be honest I wanted to get you on your own to talk about an idea I've had."

"OK, well let's chat about it over a drink in the Rovers." said Maria.

"It's not the sort of idea I want to talk about in public." replied Sally. "Can we talk in here for ten minutes?"

"Sure, I think we're going to have to." said Maria. "Especially now you've got me so intrigued."

"Well." started Sally as the two women sat down in the salon. "You and I have discussed the fact that Claire, Sarah, you and me and even Liz all like to get together with other women and I was wondering if it might be fun to try and get everyone together one evening and see what develops."

"Wow." exclaimed Maria. "This is definitely not something to be discussed in the pub."

"It may be that nobody else would be interested." said Sally. "But what do you think?"

"Well I'd definitely be up for it." exclaimed Maria. "And I'm sure Sarah would. She hasn't admitted it to me, but I know she and Liz Macdonald have had at least two repeat performances in the pub."

"Don't you mind." asked Sally.

"No of course I don't. We're not what you'd call exclusive. She's free to get together with whomever she wants whenever she wants, just the same as I am and I must admit if your idea takes off I'll look forward to the two of us getting together.

"Mmm, that sounds really nice." said Sally. "Do we have to wait for the get-together?"

"I'm afraid we can't do anything now." said Maria. "I've got a customer due in 15 minutes. But I like your thinking. Now, how do we go about organising the mass get-together and where do we hold it?"

"Well if Liz is up for it then I guess the Rovers is certainly big enough." said Sally

"Look, you talk to Claire." said Maria. "And I'll deal with Sarah and Liz."

"OK." said Sally. "Listen, do you think there's anyone else we could get involved?"

"God you're a greedy cow Sally, isn't five of us enough for you?"

"Oh it's not that, I was just wondering." said Sally

"I don't know." said Maria thinking aloud. "What about Tracy? We all know she fucks as often as rabbits do, but I don't know if she's into women or not. I know Claire gets on well with her, why don't you ask her and see if she can find out."

"Yeah, OK, I will. What about Michelle and Violet?" asked Sally.

"I'd like to, but I think I'd prefer to get them involved on a one to one basis first if possible." said Maria. "I'd especially like to check out Michelle on a one to one. Let's just find out about Tracy for now and then we can chat again tomorrow lunchtime and try and sort out a suitable time and place."

"Sounds good to me, see you tomorrow lunchtime." said Sally, and with that she left.

The following lunchtime, Sally arrived at the salon as arranged and again Maria was on her own.

As Sally entered Maria ignored her, walked straight past her, locked the door, pulled down the blind and put the closed sign up.

As she turned round she smiled at Sally and said "Nobody's due for at least an hour. Do you want to have some fun while we make plans?"

"Oh you bet." answered Sally and with that the two women went into the back room of the salon.

Maria closed the door and as she turned round she saw that Sally had already taken her blouse off and was standing in just a lightweight cotton skirt and a black lacy bra.

"Ooh, nice boobs Sal." said Maria as she came closer. "Can I lick them?"

"I'd be most disappointed if you didn't." replied Sally.

Maria put both her hands inside the top of Sally's bra, lifted both breasts out and immediately started work on licking them and flicking Sally's nipples with her tongue.

While she was working on Sally's breasts, Sally put her hand to the front of Maria's cotton skirt and started rubbing her pussy through the material.

"Aren't you wearing any panties?" asked Sally.

"I was." said Maria between licks. "But I took them off for you just before you arrived."

"Ooh you dirty girl -- I love it." said Sally and continued to rub Maria's pussy through her skirt.

Maria stopped licking Sally's breasts, lifted her head and started kissing Sally. Sally responded immediately and both women had their tongues down each others throats and kissed passionately for several minutes while continuing to fondle each others bodies. Suddenly Sally stopped kissing Maria and dropped down to her knees where she lifted Maria's skirt, put her head inside and started to lick Maria's pussy.

All Maria could see was her skirt moving around beneath her, but she could feel the most amazing sensations as Sally was working on her.

"Oh, God Sal." exclaimed Maria. "That's fucking amazing. Push your tongue in deeper and finger fuck me at the same time."

Sally didn't answer but simply did as she was requested. She loved the taste of Maria who had now shaved her pussy a couple of weeks ago to please Sarah. She had also found it to be more sensitive and it was certainly feeling sensitive as Sally was working on her.

"Put more fingers in my pussy and suck on my clit." cried Maria, close to cumming.

Sally didn't want her to cum just yet and so she stopped what she was doing and her head emerged from under Maria's skirt and she stood up facing Maria.

"Undress me Maria." said Sally with an air of command.

"Anything." replied Maria who was still fully dressed apart from having no panties on.

Maria reached round Sally with both hands and unzipped the older woman's skirt while kissing her at the same time. Sally's skirt slipped to the floor and left her standing there in her black lace panties and matching bra with her breasts still hanging over the top of her bra.

Maria brought her hands higher and then unclipped Sally's bra which also dropped to the floor.

Maria then slipped her hands into the edges of Sally's panties and slid them down her legs while lowering herself to do so.

Maria was now facing Sally's pussy and was about to lean forward and start to lick it when Sally grabbed her head and pulled her back up.

"I don't want your tongue in me." said Sally. "At least not yet."

Maria looked and felt disappointed.

Sally walked over to her shopping bag and reaching inside said "Oh don't worry, you're not the only one who prepared for our meeting today."

Maria then watched in awe as Sally pulled a strap-on Dildo out of her shopping bag.

It was thick and black and about eight inches in length.

"Have you ever used or been on the receiving end of one of these?" asked Sally.

"God, No." exclaimed Maria.

"I want you to use it on me -- will you do that for me Maria?"

"I'd love to." said Maria. "I'll try anything once."

Maria then stripped off so that she too was naked and while she did so Sally rubbed some lubricating jelly onto the dildo which Maria then strapped on. It was then that Maria noticed it had a small attachment on the inside which rubbed against her clit as she moved.

Sally got onto the massage table in the back room of the salon and positioned herself on all fours.

Maria climbed up behind her and positioned herself behind Sally.

Sally said. "Slide it gently into my pussy and then start to slowly rock in and out. I want you to fuck me slowly -- don't rush."

Maria did as she was asked and carefully placed the head of the strap-on in Sally's pussy entrance and then slowly pushed, and pushed, and pushed until the majority of the eight inches was inside Sally.

Maria then started a slow in and out rhythm which was stimulating her as well as the inside of the strap-on was rubbing against her clit.

Maria leant forward over Sally and cupped both her hanging breasts in her hands and as she rocked backwards and forwards she squeezed and manipulated them.

Sally was breathing heavier and Maria started to speed up her movements as she too was getting worked up.

"Fuck me Maria, fuck me harder and quicker." cried Sally. "Push it deeper into my pussy -- make me cum."

Maria did as she was told and suddenly Sally let out a yell of satisfaction and fell forward pulling the dildo out of her dripping pussy. Smiling, she turned to face Maria.

"Your turn." smiled Sally as she started to undo the straps round Maria's waist

"I'm going to give you the best fuck you've ever had in your life. I'm not going to clean this either. It's covered in my pussy juices and I'm just going to insert it straight into you."

Maria was so worked up she was willing to do anything Sally suggested and as Sally strapped on the dildo Maria did as Sally had done before and got on all fours with her arse in the air.

Sally positioned herself behind Maria, but instead of inserting the dildo she started to work on Maria's pussy with her fingers. She rubbed the now swollen pussy lips, put a couple of fingers inside Maria and used her thumb to tweak Maria's clit.

Maria was gently simpering and moaning in pleasure and enjoying every moment when she suddenly screamed "Oh Fuck." as it felt as if Nelson's Column had been rammed inside her.

With no warning at all, Sally had pushed the strap on into Maria's pussy and was now fucking her for all she was worth. The initial pain and surprise had now turned to excitement and sheer pleasure and Maria writhed around trying to extract every inch of pleasure the strap on could provide.

As Sally fucked Maria she was using her fingers on her clit and Maria was, as Sally had promised experiencing the best fuck of her life. Sally had obviously used the strap on a lot and knew how to bring women to climax with it and Maria was now crying and yelling out in sheer ecstasy.

Then suddenly it was all over. Maria had cum and collapsed on the massage table. They both got off the massage table and collapsed on the carpeted floor. Sally took off the strap on and lay down alongside Maria placing gentle kisses on her lips and her nipples.

"Oh God Sally, that was fucking amazing. Can we do it everyday?"

"Don't you think it might get just a bit boring? What about using it with other girls?

Oh, and by the way, Claire said Tracy was both shocked and surprised when she was asked, particularly as it was Claire doing the asking, and the fact that you were involved after your fight with her over Charlie, but Tracy was apparently happy to join in even though she'd never been with another woman.

"Ooh:" said Maria. "We'll have to draw lots to see who gets first go at her."

Maria was lying on the carpet with Sally and her hand had now dropped lower down and she was gently rubbing Sally's pussy as she spoke.

"Sarah and Liz are both up for it and Liz said we can use the pub after closing tomorrow evening. It can be a 'girls only' lock in with a difference."

Sally was now responding by gently sliding her middle finger up and down the slit between Maria's pussy lips.

"Are you going to bring your strap-on?" asked Maria.

"Oh you bet I am." replied Sally. "And I also understand you've got a long black dildo that you and Claire have used. I'd love to try that out with you."

As Sally spoke Maria scooted round and straddled herself over Sally in the sixty nine position.

"Do you mind if I eat a bit more? After all, it is lunchtime." said Maria.

"Please do." replied Sally. "I just might grab a mouthful myself."

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