tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 01

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 01


Rosie Webster had had a really shitty day.

Her modelling career had not taken the path she hoped it would. Instead of her face and body being seen by thousands in magazines like, FHM, NUTS and MAXIM, or even page 3 of "The Sun" here she was returning home after a day of being the girl in tight shorts and an even tighter top, helping to demonstrate a brand of overpriced Swedish crap to punters who had more money than sense. The guy

fronting the product, Rosie was still not sure what it was, was a middle aged sleazebag, who at every opportunity managed to brush his hand on either her legs, arse or boobs. Still there was the upside of the job, it had paid her £250, not bad for a days work.

To make mattes worse, her period had started, she was a few days earlier than she expected. She was almost perfectly regular, right on time, but this month for some reason she was early. She cursed her luck, as she had a night of wild sex with her boyfriend Jason very much in mind, to relive the boredom of the day.

"Hi babe I'm home," Rosie called as she opened the door of the terraced house on Coronation Street, which she shared with Jason, his mum, Eileen and her two gay lodgers, Sean & Marcus.

Jason jumped up from the sofa and took Rosie into his arms. Their mouths met and she felt the long smooth tongue along hers, something that always got her sexual juices flowing.

Breaking the kiss and pawing at her breasts, Jason said, "come on, we have just time for a quickie before the match starts."

Rosie, pushing him away replied, "sorry babe, but Uncle Charlie has come early this month, so no chance."

Jason looked and felt disappointed, he had been anticipating fucking Rosie all day. Still the United match was on TV, so that would have to do.

"Just going for a shower," said Rosie, grabbing her bag and climbing the stairs.

Twenty minutes later, she came back down, wearing a pair of very sexy pyjamas and sat down next to Jason.

Her period always made her feel really sexy, though unwilling to try intercourse, everything else was up for grabs, including Jason.

Dressed in a white T shirt and knitted black boxers, He was engrossed in the football and hardly noticed Rosie next to him.

Rosie began to kiss his neck, at the same time started to run her fingers on the inside of his leg.

Jason's reaction to this was to yell "C'mon ref that was a foul." Rosie was not impressed.

She decided more serious distractions were required if Jason was to pay her more attention, than his beloved United.

She slowly popped the buttons on the front of his boxers and her hand slid inside. Meeting the skin of his penis, Rosie gave a shudder, she loved handling a mans cock. Jason was mixed race and had inherited his fathers genetic large member. He was about seven inches long and quite thick. The skin was darker than the rest of him, giving a very erotic look to his manhood.

Adjusting her position, Rosie lowered her head to his groin and gently placed the tip of her tongue at the base of his cock Then very slowly traced a vein, throbbing with blood, all the way to the rim. She then twirled her tongue around the rim, before taking the bulbous head between her lips.

Jason yelled "Yes" at the top of his voice. Rosie thought she had finally distracted him, but no, United had scored.

Undeterred she carried on, lowering her head and slowly taking the whole length of him into her eager mouth. Only when she felt the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, did she allow the whole seven inches to slowly leave her mouth.

She dribbled saliva over the head and again began to suck him slowly and deeply.

As she gave the ultimate pleasure to her lover, Rosie's mind went back to her first blow job. The lucky boy was Craig Harris, they were both fifteen and experiencing sex for the first time. She took to sucking cock like a natural from that very first time. She could not remember how many she had administered since, but Jason's was one of the biggest she had blown.

Rosie continued to suck, lick and simply kiss his engorged organ, while Jason continued to watch the game. Still there was no chance of anything else happening sexually, so she carried on, doing what she was so expert at.

Rosie again had again swallowed all seven inches when the door opened.

"What the ................" said the female voice.

Now Rosie had been brought up respectably and taught not to speak with her mouth full, so it was Jason who replied.

"Hi mom."

"What the hell's going on?" screeched a surprised Eileen Grimshaw.

"Well I'm watching the match and Rosie is giving me a blow job." replied Jason with a big smile on his face.

"I can see that, its just a surprise that's all." replied a flustered Eileen

Rosie had now extracted Jason's cock and said "we are two young sexual persons, I love Jason and love sucking him, so what's the big deal, have you never sucked a cock?"

Instead of storming out, Eileen sat on the sofa at the side of her son. "I loved sucking Jason's dad, he was so big and black, Jason reminds me so much of him. I am sorry, it was just such a surprise."

Rosie was now stroking Jason, who was still very erect. She noticed Eileen had never taken her eyes of her sons penis.

" Have a feel, its so hard and smooth." ventured Rosie to Eileen.

"I would love to, I haven't stroked a cock that big for years, but lets be realistic, he's my son, that's incest and that's illegal."

"We won't tell if you don't" said a very confident Rosie.

"I don't know, I want to but ,it still feels wrong." said a wavering Eileen.

Rosie continued to stroke Jason's cock, then lowered her head and ran her tongue around the rim. This proved to much for Eileen who reached out her hand and wrapped her fingers around her sons organ.

"See that wasn't so difficult was it," Rosie said, before taking Jason back into her mouth, her lips brushing on Eileen's fingers as she continued to rub the cock of her son.

"Oh that's so good said Jason," all interest on the football now dismissed. He placed his hand behind the blond head of his mother and with gentle pressure, lowered her head towards his groin. He wanted his mother and lover to suck him.

Eileen's head was now level with Rosie's. Rosie took the cock from her mouth and slowly pointed it in the direction of the other woman.

It was now or never for Eileen. She looked up at her son, Jason smiled at her and nodded his head. With his girlfriend holding the base, his mother covered the head of his cock with her mouth and began to suck.

Eileen was transported back many years, the feel of her son in her mouth revived memories of his father, he was so like him, she had loved sucking Tony and now she was loving doing the same to Tony's son.

After a couple of minutes she offered Rosie another turn, which she accepted eagerly, before passing the now very wet organ back to Eileen.

Then both woman attacked it at the same time, Rosie licking the length, while Eileen sucked on the head. This combined application of pleasure brought Jason to he point of ejaculation.

"I'm coming," he cried.

Rosie grabbed the cock and pointed it straight at Eileen's face. Jason let out a cry and the white sticky fluid shot from him. The first stream landed on Eileen's forehead and slowly began to run down over her nose and into her eyes. Rosie was rubbing furiously as another load splashed out and covered Eileen's lips and chin.

Jason was spent. His cock soon lost its rigidity and he lay back looking at the two faces at his crotch. Rosie with a big smile on her face and his mother, her face all covered in his sperm.

Then Rosie leaned over and began to lick the white fluid from Eileen's face, her tongue lapping up the juice, like a cat licking cream. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Without saying a word, Rosie placed her sperm coated lips on Eileen's and kissed the older woman deeply, her tongue transferring the remaining sperm to Eileen's, who swallowed it with relish.

Without saying a word, Eileen got up and walked out of the room.

"Oh no," cried Jason.

"What now?" asked Rosie

"United have scored again, and I missed it."

At that point, Rosie got up and went to bed. This was one she couldn't win.

Next morning, none of the three mentioned the previous night, but all three new, this was just the beginning, there would be other encounters in the future.

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