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Corporate Affair


Hi. My name is Sydney, and I suppose this is sort of a confession. I've made some choices lately that have completely altered my life. Now I have no choices left. I've become a different person and there's no going back to my old, comfortable life.

First, here's a bit about me. I got married right out of college. I met Larry in high school, and he's the only man I had ever dated. I lost my virginity on prom night and thought that Larry would be the only man I would ever make love to. I care for him deeply and never thought I would lose sight of my devotion to him.

Larry had always been extremely driven. He made it through college in three years and an MBA program in two. He goes to work early and leaves late, usually with a stack of paperwork under his arm. I'd grown accustom to the fact that my husband worked hard--I even took pride in how focused he was. My friends often comment on how lucky I am to have someone who is so dependable and stable.

Still, there was a void in my life that seemed to grow greater with each passing day. I was only 24-years-old, but felt as though my best years had passed me by. I certainly remained attracted to Larry. He's young, athletic, hardworking, and handsome. But whenever I'd try to get him to slow down and enjoy our time together, he'd complain about how busy he was at work.

Growing up, people had always told me I'm cute, and I have noticed that guys often "check me out." I have dark blue eyes and long chestnut-brown hair. I'm 5'3 and weigh 110 lbs. I have a 34-24-36 figure with pert B-cup breasts. Even though I'm two years removed from college, I still have the look of a fresh-faced high school girl. I'm well aware that my best physical trait is my bottom. I can't help but to note how men practically break their necks to take an extra long glance when I walk by.

Just after getting married Larry couldn't keep his hands off of me, but two short years later I'm lucky if we have a quickie once a month. I dropped several hints to him, but they got me nowhere. Finally I decided to take action. Late one Thursday night as Larry worked in front of his laptop at the kitchen table, I strutted slowly from our bedroom. At first he didn't notice me. I wore a new outfit I had picked out special for him. It was a red see-through teddy that was short with lace trim. It came with a matching g-string. The sheer material clung to my body's curves.

I sat in Larry's lap and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I think you need a break," I said seductively before kissing him.

Placing his hands on my shoulders, Larry gently pushed me away. "This is so sweet of you, Sydney, but I have a lot to do for my presentation tomorrow," he said. Seeing the look of disappointment on my face he added, "You look great, but right now isn't the best time. Maybe this weekend would be better."

I sadly nodded and slunk from the room. I'd never felt so rejected. Have I somehow become unattractive to him? I wondered. What was wrong with me? I curled up in bed and fell asleep. When I woke, Larry was already off to the office as usual. As I was getting ready for work, I paid extra care to the way I looked. I cured my hair and applied a little more make-up than usual. I work for a small software company that has a casual dress code. Since it's been warm lately, I put on a pair of shorts that typically I wouldn't think of wearing to work. They were tight white short-shorts. I put on a baby-blue, snug-fitting t-shirt that exposed my midriff.

At work I noticed the guys hovering around my cubicle. It somehow made me feel a little better that they at least found me attractive. Normally, I never flirt, but I caught myself giggling at their jokes and smiling a lot more than usual. One guy in particular spent a great deal of time at my desk. He's a senior sales rep named Steve. I never paid him much notice before. He has a sort of slick look about him. He smiles a lot and seems almost insincere; he talks in a deep, loud voice. His dark hair has just a hint of gray and is always perfectly combed. He looks as though he's in his late 30s. He's got to be about 6'4, and he's a bit on the heavy side but always well dressed. He never seems to do any work around the office, although he has a reputation of getting our biggest clients.

Steve leaned against my desk and made no attempt to hide that he was looking me over from head to toe, even though my cube walls are covered in pictures of Larry. "Did you get your hair done?" he asked.

"Yesterday," I said with a smile. He asked me to hand him a new fact sheet for one of our products that was in a cardboard box in the back of my cube. I had to bend over some other boxes to get at it, not noticing that my bottom was pointed right at Steve. I glanced up and caught him nearly drooling with his eyes fixed on my bum.

"Is this the one you wanted?" I asked with a giggle. My cheeks were warm, and I knew I must have been blushing.

"Nope," he said with a devilish grin. "I need the 423 model."

"I'll get it for you." Conscious of Steve standing behind me, I arched my back and stuck my bum high in the air. I lingered for a moment, giving him a long look, before slowly rising and bringing him the report.

"You look fantastic," he said. "I mean, that haircut's really nice on you. Some of us are going out after work for cocktails if you're interested."

"I don't know if I can make it," I said. "I might be doing something with Larry."

"Who's Larry?"

"My husband," I laughed.

"Right," he said. "Well, if you're free we will be in the pub." He scanned my body one more time before he strutted away.

I called Larry just in case he wanted to do something, but of course he planned on working late.

"Are you sure you don't want to go out for dinner tonight? It is Friday," I said.

"Sorry I'm swamped."

"Well, this guy Steve invited me out for drinks with some people from the office. I guess I'll go out with him, I mean them," I said.

"Sounds like fun," he said disinterestedly. "Have a good time. Gotta go. Love ya."

"Bye, Larry. I love you, too."

For some reason I felt nervous before heading to the pub. I actually had butterflies in my stomach. It's no big deal, I told myself. There will be other people from work. It's not like I never went out with a group from work before. Steve might not even notice I'm there.

When I got to the bar there were probably a dozen people from the office. We chatted and drank and had a nice time. Steve spent most of the night talking with some of the other sales reps, but I noticed him glancing in my direction frequently. I don't know if it was because of my nervousness, but I drank much more than I usually do. By 11 o'clock I was pretty tipsy. I was sitting in a corner of the room when I noticed Steve was sitting right next to me. He was grinning broadly as he stared at me. We made small talk at first. I didn't notice that he somehow slid his arm over my shoulder. Others from work filed out as it got late.

"How about one more for the road," he said.

"I don't know. I'm pretty drunk."

"Don't worry. I'll make sure you get home safely."

"OK then. Cheers." That drink really hit me. I certainly wasn't acting like myself. Steve said something--I don't even know if it was a joke--and I giggled and placed my hand on his knee. I stared into his dark green eyes and flashed him my girlish smile. I knew I was leading him on, but I couldn't stop myself. He was a successful, fairly nice-looking guy who was paying attention to me. I didn't want that to end.

We walked through the dimly lit, empty parking lot side-by-side and then Steve took my hand in his. I knew I should have stopped him, but I didn't. He guided me to the back of the lot where his BMW was parked alone. We must have been the last to leave. Standing by the car, Steve faced me, looking deep into my eyes. He slipped his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him. I didn't say a word as he pressed his warm lips to mine. My arms wrapped around his broad shoulders as I felt his hot tongue slide into my open mouth. My whole body felt warm as our tongues glided together in a deep kiss. I felt his large palms run over my hips until his fingers squeezed the slightly plump cheeks of my tiny bottom. I could feel the bulge grow in his pants as he pressed it against me. Suddenly I came to my senses. I broke my mouth from his.

"Wait," I gasped. "I'm married."

"I don't give a shit," he groaned, opening the door of his car.

"You don't understand," I mumbled, as Steve licked my neck. "We can't do this."

"OK. Get inside the car and I'll give you a ride," he said, giving me a gentle nudge. For some reason I listened. I was sitting on his leather seats, and he shut the door behind him. That's when I realized we were in the back seat. He put his arm around me and began kissing me. It felt wonderful to be in a man's embrace, and I let him continue applying open mouth kisses down my neck. I felt his hand slide under my shirt and against my trim belly. My skin tingled all over from his touch. He expertly unclipped my bra and his warm fingers kneaded the soft skin of my breasts. My nipples hardened as he lifted my shirt. My eyes widened and I let out a sigh as I watched Steve's head move toward the rosy tips of my exposed breasts.

I moaned deeply as his hot tongue tickled my nipples. I instinctively pinched my knees together as I felt great warmth develop between my thighs. Halfheartedly I pressed against Steve's chest.

"We've got to stop this," I said. "I can't do this to Larry."

But Steve eased me back into the seat so that I was lying across it. I felt so conflicted that I was nearly in tears. "Please take me back to my car, Steve," I said.

"You're not going anywhere, gorgeous," he said with a sly grin, pulling my shirt over my head and tossing my bra to the floor.

"Stop," I said. "Please don't."

His eyes danced across my body as he tore open the front of my shorts. Lying under him, I realized what a large man he really was. I was intimidated and felt so minute beneath him.

"Steve, listen to me," I said trying to cover my breasts with my thin arms. "We've gone too far. I'm not going to sleep with you."

"You listen to me, Sydney," he said, pulling my shorts over my round hips. "You've been giving me signals all day. I know you want it, so just relax and enjoy it."

How could this have happened so quickly? I was wearing nothing but my white cotton panties as I turned over to try to open the door.

"That's what I want to see," he said, wrapping his hands around my narrow waist. He shoved me forcefully to my belly and then yanked my panties down to my knees. "You've got the hottest ass I've ever seen."

For some reason his comment made me pause from squirming. "Do you really think so?" I asked.

"You bet," he said, spreading my cheeks with his hands. I bit my lower lip, parted my legs as far as I could, and pointed my bottom in the air. Then I felt his hot tongue against my drenched slit.

"Oh God," I moaned, as Steve continued to run his tongue along my pussy. I knew this was horribly wrong and part of me want to jump out of the car, but instead I pressed my bottom into Steve's face. I panted like an untamed animal as his tongue teased my swollen clit. A hot flash came over me, and knew that I was nearing climax. It had been so long since I felt like this. I was desperate for the sweet release. "Oh don't stop! Please don't stop!" I cried out as I was awash in the powerful waves of a long orgasm. I grunted and groaned as I shoved my dripping pussy into Steve's face.

I collapsed to the cool seat and gasped for air. My head was spinning when Steve rolled over my limp body. I stared at him dumbly as he unbuttoned his shirt and then pulled his pants down. He took my small hand and guided it to his crotch. My eyes widened, and I looked down to confirm what I felt. Only half erect, Steve's penis was enormous--much longer and thicker than Larry's. My hand massaged it as he sucked on my nipples, sending shivers down my spine.

Still heady and weak, I whispered to Steve, "I'm so sorry, but I don't think I can go through with this. I've gone too far already. I can't cheat on my husband."

"You worry too much, Sydney," he chuckled. "There's no way I'm stopping now." I attempted to wiggle free, but he easily got on top of me. I tried to push him off, but Steve took both of my wrests and with one hand and pinned them over my head. With is other hand he shoved one of my knees high into the air. With my legs spread apart wide, the fat tip of his big cock pressed against my slick slit. Never in my life had I felt so exposed. I suddenly realized that I was totally under his control.

"No, Steve," I sobbed. "No ... Oh!"

He shoved his plump shaft into my petite hole. I squealed as my pussy stretched around him.

"Oh my God! It's so big!"

"And you're so fucking tight," he said, packing the full length of his massive dick inside of me. Steve started slowly pumping his cock into me, and I continued to whimper and struggle beneath him. After a short while the tightness let up and the discomfort subsided. My pussy felt warm, wet, and very full.

"Please stop," I groaned into his ear, feeling his hairy chest brush against my firm nipples, but I realized that my hips were rolling into him with each forceful thrust. Steve must have noticed this too, because he released my wrests and cupped my engorged breasts in his hands, squeezing them together as he sucked and nibbled on my tits. Instead of trying to fight him off, I wrapped my arms around his muscular shoulders and hugged him tightly. I ran my fingers through his thick hair. Then I felt another climax approaching, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, thrusting myself into him.

"I like that, beautiful," he growled, pounding himself deep into me. "Fuck me back."

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?"

"Of course you are," he said. "You're gorgeous."

With that I rocked into him harder and harder to our fast rhythm. Our bodies slammed into each other, and I didn't think this could get any better.

"Hey, beautiful," Steve whispered. "Tell me how you're a little slut for my cock."

No one had ever said such a thing to me, and I was shocked at how incredibly hot it made me. I ran my nails down his back and cried out: "Oh God! I'm such a dirty little slut for you and your great big cock!" With that I screamed as I climaxed; I felt my pussy clutch around his wide shaft. He jarred into me with all of his might. It felt like an earthquake inside of the car as it rocked violently from side to side.

"That's it, slut," he groaned. "You're going get me off soon. How about using your pretty lips on me?" The thought of making Steve cum made my mouth water. When he pulled out of me, I instantly dove down to his purple, throbbing cock. Pumping it with my fist, I looked up at Steve as I tickled the thick tip with my tongue. I wanted to please him so badly. I pressed my lips to it and let his long, hard shaft glide deep down my throat. Steve gripped my hair as I hastily bobbed my head in his lap. I moaned with great pleasure when I tasted a few drops of his precum.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, as his entire body stiffened. "I'm going to cum right now."

I forced the entire length into my mouth, planting my nose into his thick pubic hair. Then, I felt the hot gush of thick liquid. I swallowed two big gulps of his tangy sperm, and then softly sucked another mouthful from the fat tip. I didn't want to waste a drop of his tasty cum. Steve sat back completely relaxed as I licked his big hairy balls. I ran my tongue up his chubby belly to his chest and kissed his neck. I climbed into his lap and wrapped my arms around his wide neck. He slid his large palm down my back, over my hip, and rubbed my cheeky bottom. I felt so warm all over and wholly satisfied.

"That was yummy," I whispered into his ear. "You don't know how badly I needed that. Thank you so much."

"You were fantastic," he said with a smile. "Even better than I imagined. I can't wait for next time."

"What makes you think they'll be a next time?"

"There will be," he said smugly.

We cuddled for a while and then got dressed. As Steve drove me back to my car, we didn't say a word. I kissed his cheek, and he followed me home to make sure I got there OK. I quietly crept into the house, threw on some pajamas, and snuck into bed. Larry was sound asleep. Although I felt terribly guilty about cheating, I also felt more alive than I had in a year. For the first time in months I could lie back in bed relaxed and content.

Larry didn't suspect a thing, and for the next two months I saw Steve two to three times per week. The fact that it was so wrong somehow made it all the more exciting. On the rare occasion that Larry approached me for sex, I would simply lie on my back limply. Quietly and emotionlessly I would allow him to do his thing. He never took long and it wasn't nearly as thrilling as with Steve. Sometimes I would go down on Larry to save myself for Steve.


One lazy Sunday morning Larry and I lounged around the house together. My mind was on Steve's upcoming fortieth birthday. I wanted to do something special for him, since we've had so much fun together. Flipping through the pages of Cosmo I read a survey about men's secrete desires. It had a poll of men who said they wanted anal sex from their girlfriends. I was surprised that over 80% of them said they wanted it. I told Larry about the survey, and he looked up from his business page.

"Do you think that's right?" I asked. "Do men really think that's sexy?" Once when we were in school Larry tried to do that to me, but I got frightened and chickened out. He never brought it up since.

Larry had a curious expression and chose his words carefully. "I suppose most guys would want their girlfriends to do that, but I wouldn't want you to," he said. "I mean, we're married. You don't need to prove anything to me."

"Of course, I guess I just found it interesting that so many guys said they wanted to try that. I mean hypothetically, if there was a couple who just started dating, do you think the guy would want to do it?"

"I'm sure he would," he said. "It's taboo, right? I suppose most guys would be excited if a girl wanted to do it."

That Friday, I told Larry I was staying the night a friend's place up the coast; he didn't seem to care in the least that I'd be away. I left home with an overnight bag, and Larry kissed me on my way out. "See you tomorrow," he said with a wave.

I parked my car at a remote rest stop so no one from work would see it at Steve's. I made sure I was early to prepare. I changed into a tight-fitting, strapless back dress with black high heels. I wore pearls and a shear black scarf. I put my hair up so that I looked a bit like a young Audrey Hepburn. I held my overnight bag and waited next to my car. In a few minutes Steve's silver BMW cruised up.

"You look stunning," he said, helping me with my bag.

"Thanks, sweetie," I said cheerfully. "Happy birthday."

We went out to eat at an upscale restaurant. At first we chatted about work and mutual friends. During a pause in the conversation I blurted out, "I can't wait to give you your special birthday fuck."

My eyes were locked on Steve, who had a shocked expression but then broke into a big smile. Even though he introduced me to talking dirty in bed, this comment was completely out of character for me. We were finished with dinner and were waiting for the waiter to bring us desert. I moved to Steve's side of the table, sitting close to him. Using the tablecloth to conceal myself, I hiked my dress over my hips. I took Steve's large hand in mine and guided it down to my open inner thighs. He stroked my soft skin before moving his fingers up to discover that I wasn't wearing panties. I watched the expression on his face when he touched my smooth pubic area, learning that I was completely shaved for him. I breathed heavily as he probed my moist pussy with two of his thick fingers.

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