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Corporate Mergers


I had a friend in college named Fujio; he was a very smart and motivated Japanese guy. We had met in a computer science course during our sophomore year and developed a strong friendship. We double dated a few times, but I noticed that nothing physical ever really happened with the women he dated. I never knew if the cultural differences had anything to do with it, but every time I tried to set him up with someone, he pushed back and resisted. I always got the impression that he dated these girls to make me happy. By the middle of our junior year, I gave up trying to hook him up with anyone. I would later come to find out that Fujio had a girlfriend back in Japan whom he later married.

After senior year, Fujio went back to Japan and I did not hear from him for several years. I got involved in a small "start-up" in the early-nineties, and the company saw modest gains turn into substantial profit by '97. As the business grew, so did our reputation on a national and global stage. Anyone who is familiar with "Start-ups", knows that they are hit or miss, and that the people who stick it out with the ones that "Hit", generally make a lot of money, as well as rise quickly through the companies hierarchy. As of 1998, I was in a top position with the firm, and things were going great. I soon got a phone call that changed my life. Fujio called one day, unexpectedly. I was surprised by his call, considering that I had not heard from him since college. He tried to be cordial and make some polite "small talk", but he was always very forward, and I could tell he had something important to say.

Finally, and I could tell this startled him a little, I said "Fujio, cut the bullshit, what's on your mind" He started to laugh, and told me after all these years; I still seemed like a brash 21 year old. Fujio went on to tell me all about the company he worked for and the hardware and software they developed. I was so psyched to be talking to him, that it completely escaped me that he was giving me a sales pitch. He told me, in detail, about how our companies should work together, he even had a detailed plan about how to bring "our product" to market. I finally had to stop him, and remind him that it was not my decision to make alone, and that I had two other people to consult. My partners Steven, David, and I talked it over thoroughly, and decided we would meet with Fujio to discuss a possible cooperative agreement.

Fujio was thrilled; he arranged to fly into New York in three weeks time. Fujio was to arrive on Friday Morning, and stay the week, as he had not ever visited New York before and wanted to do some sight seeing. Friday evening after a much-needed nap from the long flight, my partners and I were to meet Fujio in the lobby of his hotel for drinks, and then a night out on the town. After the introductions were made, and several cocktails, the four of us piled into the limo we rented and headed off to some of the better strip clubs in the city. I made it a point of telling my partners how Fujio had always fought me about the women I tried to set him up with as a striking brunette was giving him an erotic table dance. As the evening wore on, we were being quite worked up by the gorgeous women in the club and the alcohol. Fujio said that the women at the club were beautiful, but that a man had not lived until he experienced an Asian woman. He went on to explain their docile mannerisms, their delicate touch, and the fact that they wanted only to please.

As we arrived back at his hotel, we adjourned to the hotel bar once again, only this time there was a table reserved for us with a striking Japanese woman in a two piece business suite sitting there waiting. The woman did not say a word; she bowed slightly toward Fujio, and said, "Everything has been prepared". As she left the bar, we figured she meant the table, but after a toast to perpetual growth, Fujio said he had a surprise for us in his suite. All at once, it dawned on us, and we eagerly followed Fujio toward the elevator. Once inside, he said that we were about to experience a part of Asian culture westerners rarely get to see.

As we entered the room, we noticed the woman was no longer wearing the business attire from the bar, but had changed into a sky blue Kimono. This woman did not speak a word, she only motioned for us to the other room in the suite, Fujio pointed out that the woman's name was Tara and that she had meant us to change into the robes that were laid out for us. We closed the door, and quickly changed and went back into the other room and were motioned to sit in the chairs arranged in a semicircle. As we made ourselves comfortable, Tara began a very sensual dance, she paid equal attention to all three of us, and I noticed that Fujio was gone. Apparently, he had not changed his ways and probably went to call his wife. Slowly, almost painfully, this beautiful woman removed her robe, until she was completely naked.

There she stood before us, 5'0", maybe 100 lbs with pert b-cup breasts a taught stomach and ass, and the tiniest landing strip of pubic hair. Her jet-black hair cascaded down to the middle of her back, and she smiled, noticing our approving glances. She now knelt in front of David, and slowly opened his robe exposing his fully erect penis. Tara bent forward, and lovingly rubbed his cock up and down her cheek, almost purring as she did it. Next, Steven's turn; Steven and I are roughly the same size in the dick department, not that we're John Holmes or anything, but David is average, and we are both a good two inches bigger than he is. When she opened Steven's robe, she audibly gasped. Slowly she gave him the same treatment, only this time, she also ran her hands up both sides of his cock and gave him a lick from the base to the head. By the time she got to me, I already had my robe open, and she rather giggled as she repeated her previous actions on me, however, after the lick, she took the head of my cock in her mouth, and swirled her tongue around the head. My cock looked huge in her tiny hands, making me feel bigger than I really am.

As she slowly worked my cockhead only, in and out of her mouth, Steven asked if we could touch her. Tara pulled her mouth off me, smiled, and said that she was here to pleasure us, and that we were to do with her as we pleased. She also said that Fujio trusted me to not let anything bad happen. The woman then took me back in her mouth, and Steven lay down on the floor between her legs, and proceeded to lick her pussy. He must have been doing a good job, because slight moans began to emanate from her throat. At this point, David said he felt left out, and so I told him take Steven's chair and move it next to mine. Tara then proceeded to move back and forth between David and me, each time taking more cock into her throat. Steven was close to bringing her to orgasm, because halfway between my cock and David's; she froze, holding one of our dicks in each hand. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, and to her credit, she kept trying to stroke us, but her orgasm consumed her and she just held us still. Once her orgasm had subsided, she rose on shaky legs, and David guided her over to the bed. Once she was lying down, he began to lick and suck on her nipples. David kissed his way back up her body, and she maneuvered him onto his back, rolled a condom down his dick, and tentatively straddled him.

Once Tara had worked David's entire shaft into her, she began to gently rock her hips forwards and backwards. Steve and I just sat there in our chairs, gently stroking our cocks. The site of Tara's taught ass cheeks clenching and unclenching was almost too much to bear. In the meantime, David was fondling and squeezing her firm breasts. I was not quite sure of the etiquette here, but I had to touch Tara some more, so motioned for Steve to follow me to the bed. Steve and I walked to either side of the bed, and each took a nipple into our hungry mouths as Dave had lowered his hands to her hips. This action elicited a guttural moan from Tara's throat and she began to raise and lower her beautiful pussy, with the help of David's hands, harder onto his cock. With the initial nervousness starting to fade, the four of us really became more animated. With a cock in her pussy, and one in each hand, Tara groaned in her best-broken English, for someone to spank her ass. Before the thought completely registered, I heard the distinctive sound of a palm making contact with flesh. Steve had started to gently but firmly spank Tara's gorgeous ass, and she loved it. I took this as a sign that Tara had a flair for rougher more energetic sex, so I grabbed a handful of her silky hair and pulled back on it, forcing her head backwards. The combination of all this stimulation had Tara steadily grunting. She clenched her eyes closed and began to violently impale herself on Dave's cock, all the while holding Steve's and my cock in her hands, while we spanked her and pulled back on her hair.

Tara almost froze as a tremendous orgasm ripped through her little body and she screamed, this was all Dave could handle, and he came hard, filling his condom. Dave's orgasm drained him, so he slid out from under her, and practically crawled back to his chair. However, Tara's orgasm only made her wilder. With Steve and I still flanking her, she lowered her head and began to suck, almost slurp on my dick. As she gave me head, Steve got behind her and started licking Tara's ass hole. With my cock in her mouth, I was able to position myself on the bed. Tara reached for the nightstand, and handed Steve a condom. Steven put the rubber on, and positioned himself between her legs from behind. It almost seemed to me that Steve was paralyzed by the view, he just sat staring down at Tara's ass. I cannot begin to explain how perfect this woman's body is. As Tara began to bob her head again, her ass started to wiggle from side to side. Steven held her left hip with one hand and slowly guided himself into her pussy with his right hand. Tara held her mouth still over my cock, as Steven slowly worked his entire length into her clutching pussy. When he had himself buried in her to the hilt, Tara groaned, causing my dick to come out of her mouth and she greedily lapped at my balls. As Steven began to slowly thrust in and out of her, she surprised the hell out of me, by pushing my legs back and burying her tongue in my ass. It was then that Steven smacked her ass again, causing her to slam herself back against his hips.

At the sound of there two bodies slapping together, I once again grabbed a handful of her luxurious hair, and guide her mouth up and down my pole. Steven was now pounding into Tara, smacking her firm ass with one hand and holding her hip with the other while I pulled harder on her hair and fucked her mouth. At this point, Steve buried himself to the hilt, and screamed out in orgasm. Tara just moaned erotically, and slowed her pace, as soon as Steve pulled out; she crawled up my body and impaled herself on my dick in one smooth motion. It had not even occurred to me that she had not placed a rubber on my dick like the others. Tara leaned forward pressing her breasts against my chest and kissed me, as she did this, I rolled her onto her back and began to fuck her for all I was worth. With all the stimulation, I only lasted another minute before I told her I was going to cum. Tara wrapped her legs around my back, and clutched at my ass with her hands, as I filled her pussy with cum. She held me there for a long while, gently caressing the side of my face. When we had finished, I rose to go dress noticed that Fujio had returned. When I asked him where he had gone, he replied that he something to take care of and left it at that. Tara excused herself with a nod to Fujio. We agreed to meet for lunch on Monday to discuss our business arrangement, but I told Fujio, after tonight, it would take an act of God for something to go awry.

I arrived at the restaurant at noon on Monday, and Fujio was already waiting at the table. I had not seen nor spoke to him since Friday evening. I sat down at the table, and few minutes later Tara came over, she must have been in the ladies room. Fujio looked at me and said, "Jim, you remember Tara, my wife" I was speechless, what had just happened? Was this some kind of a joke? It turns out that Fujio really needed to sign this deal, and he thought he would take advantage of my overactive libido with a beautiful woman. I still could not believe that he would allow his wife to do the things she did, after all, Fujio was an old dear friend, and my partners and I planned to sign the deal regardless. He went on to explain to me also that they could not have children, and that was why Tara did not require me to wear a condom. They had hoped that I would get her pregnant, and since I was halfway around the world, it would not be as hard on him not having to see me every day. I told him there are easier ways for her to get pregnant. Fujio loved American sayings; he just smiled and said, "why not kill two birds with one stone"

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