tagErotic PoetryCorrection No. 5

Correction No. 5


I agreed to write every day
To provide you a summary
At the end of each day
I failed to do as I agreed
I also failed to tell you about it
You questioned
 "I would like to know your thought process."  
"What led to that repeated decision?"  
"Was it a good decision?"  
"Was it a decision you are pleased to have made?"  
"How do you feel about it now, compared to when you made it?"  
"Did you think I would not notice?"  
"Did you think I would not care?"
I watched you from downcast eyes
Sitting in the chair
Unwrapping the coil of cotton rope

"Take off all your clothes
Except your panties"
You demanded
I undressed
Afraid of your anger
Afraid of what would happen
"Get the crop, whip, flogger,
Dildo, paint stirrer, the clips"
I grabbed the items
Tossing them on the bed
I stood, eyes downcast, afraid
You asked me to hold out my arms
As you wrapped the rope under my breasts
Pulling tight
Squeezing the air out of my lungs

Wrapping the rope around my breasts
Squeezing them
My nipples protruding

The rope
Around my neck
Pulling tight through my breasts
I watched
Anticipating the pain to come
You grabbed my hands
Behind my back
Wrapping gaffers tape
Tight around my wrists
You tied rope around my braid
Pulling my hair
Tears formed in the corners of my eyes
"Which ones are the tightest?"
You questioned me
Indicating to the clips

They are all equally tight
I replied
I watched you test them on your finger
Selecting the tightest one
Intense pain
As you applied the clip
So my right nipple
The sensitive nipple

I whispered
Take it off
Reposition it

The nipple turning purple
Another clip
Applied to my left nipple
I began to cry
I didn't want the pain

I watched you apply more clips
To my breasts
Pinching my skin
You wanted to see me in pain
My back pressed against the door
On my toes
My hair tied to the rope at the door
You slapped my nipples
With the paint stirrer
I saw stars
I struggled
You pulled my panties down
Shoved them into my mouth
Your body against mine
I could feel your cock
Hard in your pants
You whispered in my ear
I closed my eyes
I knew intense pain would follow
The whip
Breaking the air
Landing on my thighs
Landing on my ass

The metal rod
Hit hard against my ass
I was not expecting this
You had retrieved it from the closet

The paint stirrer
Against my thighs
The panties fall from my mouth
Your hand
Slapped hard
Against my ass
I struggled
I scream
I struggled
My hands freeing from the tape
I grab the door
Pressing tightly against it
More pain
Inflicted by your hands
On my body

On my toes
My legs hurting
I lay next to you
On the bed
Your cock fills my mouth
Tears on my cheeks
Your juices fill my mouth


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