Corrie Fun


Liz and Steve McDonald were more than having enough of Tracy's spiteful vendettas stopping Steve gaining fathership of his daughter Amy. It was time to seek revenge, big time.

Steve had a mate who owed him a few favours, and now was the time to cash one in. He was an ex-offender from prison whom Steve looked after on the inside. But on the outside he was a man with the right connections.

On one of the rare days that Tracy let Steve have Amy, Steve suggested that the three of them have a day out in the countryside. Tracy believing that Steve was totally committed to her and Amy, agreed to go along for a nice day out. Anyway, Tracy had no intention of putting her hand in her pocket for treats. Steve even lightly offered to take them into town for lunch and a treat.

Once they left Weatherfield in Steve's car, they headed for the quiet countryside just outside Manchester. About an hour after leaving Weatherfield they arrived at a quaint rest area at the edge of a forest. There were a few picnic benches and viewing points that showed off the beautiful Manchester countryside, they wandered through the trees to a seated area by a lake, there was a large safe play area for Amy to mess about in. In front of the play area were a few bushes, secreting Steve and Tracy from Amy's view.

Steve immediately talked with Tracy, telling her how lovely she looked, and how if things had worked out differently they could be happily married now. Tracy felt once again loved and secure by the lake, and gradually she let Steve run his wandering hands glide over her body. There was no Deidre to go running to now if things did not go Tracy's way. Steve accepted Tracy's acceptance of her body, at first running his fingers through her hair, then lowering his hands down her body, Tracy fully accepted Steve's soft careful exploring hands knowing that it was She that he really loved.

He gradually undressed her down to her Underwear, He let her undress him down to his underpants. She then suggested that they go for a swim; they both removed their under garments, leaving themselves fully naked. Tracy took in Steve's masculine torso, full bodied pubic region, and currently un-erect dangling penis.

Steve however, was less taken aback with Tracy's skinny body, recently shaven pubic region and small pert teenage sized breasts. There was no other reason any man in Weatherfield would go with Tracy other than for raw sex.

But he headed for the water in the lake totally naked, along with Tracy arm in arm. The thrill of being caught naked was enough of a thrill to create an erection for Steve, but Tracy, being so me-me-me, assumed it was due to her alluring body and sex appeal.

After about fifteen minutes of frolicking about in the water, Steve's mobile phone rang and he left Tracy alone in the water to answer it, he talked for a while and called out to Tracy that it was Dev, asking about a mini-cab job he had written down before he left. Tracy returned her concentration to enjoying swimming about in the clear water of the lake. When Steve noticed Tracy not watching him, he collected her clothes and placed them in a plastic bag that he had brought with him. He then placed the bag behind some bushes behind a tree out of sight.

Upon his return he made another call, Tracy had now got bored on her own and returned to the side of the lake to be with Steve; who had by now replaced his boxer shorts. She asked him why his shorts were on and who he was talking to. He pointed his finger past a few trees and told her to look carefully. Once her eyes focused, she spotted a man holding a video camera, filming them around the lake.

Tracy tried to cover herself up and ran back to where she had left her clothes, only to find they had vanished. She quizzed Steve who had used the time wisely and quickly redressed himself. Steve shrugged and ran back towards the car, grabbing the bag full of Tracy's clothes on the way. She ran as fast as she could to catch Steve up but it was no good, Steve was well and truly ahead of her and getting into the car, and the man with the video camera had captured it all and was running in the opposite direction.

After teasing Tracy for a few minutes, Steve unlocked the passenger door and asked Tracy to get in, but as she reached for the door handle Steve drove forward a bit, enough for her to keep running for the door. Finally a few yards down the road he stopped and she got in. He told her that if they drove down the road a bit, they would meet the camera man and get the film off of him. She shrugged, unable to win this particular battle, she crossed her arms across her small breasts, leaving her long legs and pube free vagina free for Steve to look at while driving.

A mile or so down the road they arrived at another pull in zone, and there was another car by a seating area; seated in the driver's seat was the camera man. Steve told Tracy to get out of the car and walk with him to the other car, She emerged from Steve's car still naked and he led her to the driver's door of the other car. The man leaned his arm out of the window and reached for Tracy's shaven vagina, she moved back,

"That's no way to treat a man with a valuable video of you, is it?" he asked,

Tracy glanced at Steve for approval, but Steve just shrugged at her. She reconsidered and moved forward uncomfortably, letting the man feel her feminine area; he had a good rummage around for a few seconds before removing his fingers and getting Tracy to lick them clean.

The man handed Steve the video cassette, which Tracy tried to grab, but Steve pushed her to the ground, in the mud. By the time she had got up, Steve had placed the tape in the boot of his car, again Tracy was too slow to reach the boot and retrieve her clothes.

The driver had made his way out of his car, he now wanted more than just a fondle, he walked to the rear of Steve's car and leaned Tracy backwards over the boot, he eased her legs apart and then unzipped his jeans and pulled his penis out. He caressed it into an erection and leaned back into Tracy, pointing his penis towards her pussy. Tracy screamed for help, but in her heart of hearts she knew no one could hear her.

He inserted his manhood into her, thrusting all his years of being in prison lusting after a woman for sex. He shagged her rotten until he was through and worn out, he spurted his semen over her shaven cunt, and then wiped his penis free of the remaining semen onto the inside of her thighs.

As he was wiping up against her thigh, Tracy thought she heard a voice she knew, but could not immediately place it. The camera man then got redressed and back into his car thanked Tracy and Steve for their hospitality and drove off home, leaving Steve and Tracy alone. Or so she thought.

As the other camera man's car drove away Tracy started to argue with Steve, Tracy again heard a familiar sound. Liz stood by the trees, staring at Tracy in all her naked glory. Liz walked over to Tracy, Tracy instinctively leant back against the car, and Liz placed her hands on Tracy's shoulders, Tracy had thrust her hands over her breasts.

"I don't know what you're covering Tracy, I've got bigger nipples!" She told Tracy, in a real bitchy way.

Liz pulled off her low cut top, exposing her large sagging breasts to Tracy and Steve, and thrust them into Tracy's face,

"We all know you are a tart, Tracy, suck my fucking tit's" She instructed Tracy.

At first Tracy looked appalled at Liz for exposing her breasts in front of her son Steve, but she soon found herself enjoying sucking a pair of buxom breasts. Soon both Tracy and Liz were giving each other oral, sticking tongues in places Steve never knew existed.

Steve took the time he had available to have forced sex with Tracy, twice. Both times She tried to resist, scratching him on the face, She even started crying when she could not get her own way. Liz kept on goading Steve into raping Tracy while she watched from the side. Steve took some string out from the boot of the car and bound her around a nearby tree. As her arms were tied to the tree, she was unable to protect herself from Steve and Liz's advances. Steve repeatedly pumped his erect penis into Tracy, while Liz forced her to suck on her breasts.

Once they were all finished, Steve got into the car and started the engine, Liz got into the back of the car, while Tracy stood by Steve's drivers window, begging for her clothes back, Amy was fast asleep in her childseat next to Liz. Steve told Tracy that if she got in and behaved herself, he would let her have her clothes back on the drive home.

Tracy had no choice, either get in and shut up, of be left stranded in the woods in Manchester, with no clothes. She sat next to Steve in the front of the car and they made their way home, about a mile from Weatherfield, Tracy was desperate, and started ranting and raving about getting her clothes back, she tried scratching at Steve, which made him laugh, as he was the one with the ability to give her her clothes back. Liz ended up tying Tracy's hands behind the passenger chair to which Tracy was seated, exposing her small breasts, to all who looked into the car. On the journey home both Steve and Liz took turns to fondle Tracy's naked body.

It was eleven at night by the time they arrived back in Coronation Street. Tracy was still fully naked, She laughed out loud, sure that Steve, or even Liz come to that, would not actually eject her from the car naked in the street where she lived.

But Steve and Liz both agreed that Tracy had been too much of a bitch on the way home, and that she had to suffer the consequences,

"Perhaps you will remember this lesson in future, do not mess with the McDonalds" Steve told Tracy.

Liz told Tracy that She and Steve would look after Amy that night, and that she had some serious thinking to do about her future, also reminding Tracy about a certain video cassette that they possessed.

Steve pulled up by Dev's corner shop, kissed Tracy abruptly on the cheek, Liz even gave a forceful rub on Tracy's nipples, then pushed her out of the car and drove off slowly; watching her make her way back to Ken and Dierdre's house, seeing if she would be noticed.

But as she opened the door, someone did see her, it was...

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