tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCorrie Street Ch. 2

Corrie Street Ch. 2


Author's Note. It's a little known fact but all the characters in your favourite soaps actually exist as real people. What you see on the screen is the more mundane part of their lives being performed by actors chosen for their uncanny resemblance to the originals. It became necessary to employ actors and to severely edit the scenes transmitted because in real life the characters are totally preoccupied with sexual activity of every type you can imagine and a few that you can't. (Yes I mean you Sally Webster, you brazen hussy).

What follows is a storyline deemed unsuitable for use as a plot in the foreseeable future. But in a few years time, who knows?

Gail smiled back at Sally. "Has there ever been just one time in your life when you've had enough? I mean, most people stop to catch their breath between sessions but you just blot your minge on a tissue and you're raring to go again. You are right though. A thick juicy cock would be the very thing to fill in the time before I have to get the kids' tea ready. Trouble is, how do we get one at such short notice this time on a Thursday afternoon?"

Sally reached down and scratched where it itched. "Let's play the chance game. We haven't done that for weeks."

Gail stood up and crossed to the window. "OK, Sall. Let's go for number three."

Sally moved to join her and the two naked women leant on the window sill, resting their breasts on their forearms as they watched the corner and waited. The third man to round the corner was going to get his balls emptied regally by the time they had finished with him.

There were very few people on the street at that time of day and they had to wait a couple of minutes until the first body appeared round the corner. It was Roy Cropper. Gail giggled. "I'm glad he wasn't number three. He is THE most boring man in the Street. We were getting ready to fuck last week and he spent a good ten minutes telling me the Latin names for every fold of skin in my pussy. Then he told me he was going to insert his glans penis between my labia minora.

Sally laughed, "It wasn't a complete waste of time Gail, at least he taught you to speak Latin."

"It wasn't a waste of time at all. He was really quite a good fuck. He certainly lasted a long time. He said he distracts himself by pretending he's on a train and he recites, in order, all the stations it passes through from Manchester to London. He said we were just approaching the outskirts of Oxford before he started to come."

Sally continued to stare down the street as she quietly said, "He only made it as far as Stockport with me."

Sally grinned to herself as she heard Gail mumble, "Bitch," and they both continued their patient wait.

The next man to appear was Ken Barlow and they both groaned in chorus. "Boring, boring," said Gail. Sally replied with a terse, "Wanker, nice bum for an old bloke though."

"Yeah," Gail agreed. "And he's a lot cleaner than a lot round here. Trouble is after a fuck all he wants to do is talk to you. I think I prefer the ones who fart and turn over to sleep, unless they're up for it again, of course."

After they had watched the corner quietly for another few minutes, eager to discover who fate had chosen for them, Gail broke the silence. "You were telling me about you and Martin but we got side-tracked after the first blowjob what happened after?"

No sooner had Sally started back into her tale than Gail saw a movement at the corner and shut her up by pointing at the approaching figures.

She murmured, "Oh shit! Now there's an idea worth exploring."

Sally looked down the street at Tyrone and Maria as they walked hand-in-hand towards the house. "OK, Gail, We'll give him a try, but how do we pry him away from Maria?"

Gail shook her head, "No, we're not allowed to separate them, we have to take them both on, like a matching set. It's in the rules. They were both number three."

Sally looked puzzled, "Any ideas of how we do that?"

Gail quickly moved into action. "Hmm. I think we can swing it. Is that bit of copper pipe still on the bathroom window sill?"

"Sally thought for a second, "I think so. Why?"

Gail slipped a dressing gown on and threw another to Sally. "Put that on and call them over when they get nearer. Say you want Tyrone to help with a sticky tap. She hurried from the room as a bemused Sally went back to the window and waited for the young lovers to move into calling range. Meanwhile Gail was busy in the bathroom. She put one end of the pipe over the hot water tap handle and jammed it solidly in the off position. Then she hid the pipe under a pile of washing and rejoined Sally. She had just explained what she had done when the young couple walked by the window. "Tyrone. Hello. Up here."

Tyrone and Maria looked up at the window as they kept walking and chorused, "Hi Sally."

Sally was now looking at their backs as they continued along the street and she called more loudly. "Tyrone, could you help me. My bathroom tap's stuck and I need a strong man to unjam it. Could you spare a second?"

Tyrone turned and walked back followed closely by Maria. "No problem Sally. I'll have it done in a jiffy."

Sally went down to open the door and a few moments later the young couple entered the sitting room. Maria smiled as she saw Gail sitting on the sofa with her legs folded under her. Sally stood by the door and said, "I'll show you where it is, Tyrone. Maria can keep Gail company.

As Maria moved towards the sofa and Tyrone walked along the passage, Sally held both hands up to Gail with all the fingers extended. She mouthed the words, "Ten minutes" at her and disappeared in pursuit of her prey. Gail patted the seat beside her and said, "Make yourself comfortable Maria, he won't be long."

By the time Sally caught up with Tyrone he was already in the bathroom. As she arrived at the door he asked, "Which tap is it Sally."

She didn't have time to panic. Before she finished saying, "Um, er, it's the..." he had checked the two sink taps and moved to the bath. "It's the bath tap," she said. He turned the cold tap on and off again. "...Not that one, the other one," she concluded.

Tyrone grabbed hold of the hot tap and tried to turn it on. It didn't budge. "I'll soon have this fixed Sally," he said and took a fresh grip. As he exerted more force his face contorted and he suddenly let go shaking his hand violently to ease the pain. "Fooking hell."

As soon as he realised what he had said he started to apologise.

Sally was more amused than offended and she smiled at him. "Don't worry about it Tyrone. I've heard the word before. I bet there's plenty of 'fooking' going on at Vera's when you and Maria get together, isn't there?" She took a step closer and continued to tease him. "I bet there's all sorts of stuff happening when a randy young stud like you gets started."

He looked at his feet and mumbled, "Oh aye."

"You're not embarrassed are you? I mean with me talking like this."

He looked up at her and his mouth dropped open when he noticed that she had one hand inside her dressing gown and was obviously fondling one of her breasts.

"Does Maria suck it for you Tyrone?"

His feet became interesting again and he whispered, "No." Then he got a bit bolder and added, "But there was one night when we'd had too much to drink and I dared her to kiss it and she did. But as soon as her lips touched it I shot off on her face and she wouldn't speak to me for a week."

Sally made a supreme effort to restrain her laugh and just managed to say, "That's a shame."

Tyrone looked at her again and saw that her dressing gown was gaping wide open giving him a view from her neck down between her breasts to the mass of dark hair at her crotch.

"If it was me, I'd carry on speaking to you Tyrone. If you wanted to put your cock in my mouth I'd suck it and lick it as long as you wanted and I'd swallow everything that came out. Would you like me to do that?" She reached behind her to lock the door and as she faced him the dressing gown slipped from her shoulders leaving her standing naked before him.

Tyrone just murmured a quiet, "Fooking hell," as she dropped slowly to her knees in front of him and unzipped his trousers. She kept her eyes fixed on his face as she reached inside to find his rapidly stiffening cock. It was so big that she could barely close her hand round it.

"Oh my God," she thought, "It's thicker than he is."

She wrestled it out through his fly and stared it in the eye. It was shorter than the average but so much thicker that Sally wondered if she might regret her promise to blow it. She slowly pushed the skin back to fully uncover the thickening knob and stroked the length of the shaft twice as it grew to full erection.

Sally leant forward and opened her mouth as widely as she could to encompass the swollen helmet. It was all she could do to take the bell end into her mouth and she decided to settle for that. Breathing only through her nose she started to swirl her tongue around the smooth hot lump of meat.

Two seconds later anyone listening at the locked door would have heard Tyrone grunting, "Fooking hell. Fooking hell," as he pumped his load of hot sperm into Sally's waiting mouth and throat.

Downstairs there had been an awkward silence as Maria and Gail sat side by side on the settee. Then finally Maria plucked up the courage to ask Gail the question that she was dying to ask. "Gail, can I ask you something sort of personal?"

"Gail gave Maria her friendliest smile, "Of course you can love. We're all girls together here. What's the problem?"

"Well. Um, I was wondering why you and Sally are wearing dressing gowns in the middle of the afternoon."

Gail thought for a moment. She could have made up a story about trying on clothes or a similar excuse but she decided that she might be able to hurry things along a bit if she told the truth.

"Can you keep a secret Maria?"

Maria nodded

"Promise you won't be shocked, but we've been in bed together, making love. We do it two or three afternoons every week." Gail saw the look of surprise on Maria's face and continued almost without a pause. "Oh. You are shocked. Perhaps I shouldn't have told you. Do you think we're awful?"

Maria shook her head slowly. She WAS shocked but she decided to try and hide the fact. She thought the mature thing to do would be to pretend that revelations like the one she had just heard were commonplace. She looked curiously at Gail, now very conscious of the fact that beneath the dressing gown the older woman was naked.

She spoke hesitantly, "But why Gail? I mean you and Sally have been married and had lots of boyfriends. I didn't think lesbians did that."

Gail laughed, "We're not lesbians Maria. We're just two healthy women who enjoy sex. If it happens to be with another woman sometimes so what? Every partner is different. They all have their own little tricks to make it extra special. Let me explain what I mean. It's like when you and Tyrone are making love, and you come, it's a totally different feeling from the one you get when you do it yourself with your fingers or a vibrator isn't it?"

There was a long pause before Maria whispered her reply, "I don't know. I've never come when Tyrone does it. I have to wait until he's asleep and I make myself come then."

Gail felt a wave of sympathy for the young girl and put her hand on her arm, "You poor love. Do you know why it doesn't happen?"

Maria was close to tears and sniffed as she replied, "Oh I know alright. It's him. It's just over too quickly for me to get in the mood."

Gail looked concerned, "How quick?"

"Well he just kneels between my legs and spits on his hand. Then he rubs the spit on his... on his..."

"Cock," Gail prompted.

"...On his cock." Maria was embarrassed at the word and swallowed nervously before she went on, "Then he puts it inside and moves it in and out two or three times. Then his face goes all funny and he says 'Fooking Hell' and he sort of drops on top of me and that's it."

Gail was horrified. "The selfish bastard. Do you mean that he's never made you come? Not even once?"

Maria shook her head.

Gail put her hand on Maria's arm and asked quietly, "Would you like me to show you? Would you let me make you come so you know what it's like?"

Maria's frustration overcame her shyness and she whispered, "Would you Gail? Would you do it for me?"

Gail smiled inwardly as she thought, "Is the Pope Catholic?"

She spoke quietly, "Of course I will. Here, let me get more comfortable."

Gail got up from the sofa and knelt on the floor by Maria's feet. She put her hands on the girls bare knees and said, "Just lie back and relax Maria. You'll love it."

Gail had just started to slide her hand up the smooth thighs, pushing the skirt before them when Maria lost her nerve.

She put her hands on Gail's and stopped their progress. "No. Stop. I mean what if Tyrone or Sally comes down?"

"They'll be ages yet." Gail reassured her, "Sally's plumbing needs quite a bit of attention. Don't worry about them." The thought struck her, "Are you shy about me looking at you? Let me take this off and then we've got no secrets left."

She stood in front of Maria and watched her face as she slowly undid the belt of her dressing gown and let it fall open. After allowing the younger girl a few moments to take in the sight of her exposed breasts and bush she pulled the robe open and back allowing it to fall in a heap behind her.

Gail smiled down at Maria. "See nothing to be shy about." She cupped her breasts lifting them as if she were offering them to be tasted. "Look. Two boobs, just like you've got, only yours are probably a lot firmer than these." One hand moved down to her groin and idly stroked through the mass of hair which hid her lips. "Here's my cunt. Everyone's is the same really, so it's just like yours."

She drove a finger deep between her legs probing for the moist opening and then brought it out shining with her juices. She held it out towards Maria's face. "Smell it Maria. I bet that's exactly how your cunt smells isn't it?"

Maria only had to move forward a few inches to detect the aroma rising from the outstretched finger. She recognised the familiar smell that lingered on her hands whenever she had to finish the job that Tyrone had started.

Maria nodded silently. Things seemed to be happening so quickly. Ten minutes earlier she had been in the Kabin with Tyrone and now she had just watched Gail stick a finger up herself and was sniffing it to examine the scent. She couldn't remember a stranger Thursday afternoon. It would get stranger still before she and Tyrone finally walked shakily down the stairs and out into the evening air.

She swallowed nervously as the naked Gail resumed her place kneeling at her feet. She began to slowly slide Maria's skirt upwards exposing more and more bare thigh until she finally saw the wispy red material that covered the girl's mound.

This time Maria didn't stop her and she continued the movement until she could feel the waistband of the red knickers beneath her fingers. She paused for a moment then slipped hgasm and she hadn't stopped to think about it. Now Gail was asking her to do it again, as a stand-alone act rather than part of a scene and she didn't know if she was ready for that.

Finally her desire to please her teacher overcame her scruples. She leant forward slightly andone arm around her shoulders and using her other hand to push the rolled up knickers further down until Maria finally lifted her legs and kicked them off.

Gail asked one last time for permission to go on. "OK Maria? Are you all right?"

Maria was blushing furiously but nodded her assent.

Gail's hand stroked gently in a circular motion. She began near Maria's navel and worked downwards towards the patch of dark hair that was her target. When her fingers finally touched the first stray hairs which grew away from the rest, she stopped again and looked at Maria. The youngster was tense and had her eyes tightly shut. She missed the smile of triumph which crossed Gail's face when she slipped her questing fingers lower to caress the soft fleshy lips which guarded the entrance to Maria's warm pussy.

She pressed gently and her middle finger slipped easily into the wet opening. She pulled her finger out and looked at it. The excited girl's juices had coated it completely and Maria opened her eyes a fraction just in time to see Gail suck it clean.

Gail looked into her eyes and said with a smile, "We taste the same as well."

Maria watched this time as Gail reached for her body again. This time she pushed two fingers into the wet flesh and worked them to and fro for a minute until Maria was squirming with excitement. Maria jumped a mile when she felt the first touch of Gail's fingers on her clitoris. It started as a light touch as her fingers explored the area but she realised that Gail was devoting more attention to her sensitive bud each time she passed it. Until at last her stimulation was focussed exclusively on the hard little button.

Her hips were thrusting involuntarily as her orgasm started to build and she was gasping, "Oh Gail, Oh Gail."

Gail's experience enabled her to pick the exact instant to strike. She tightened her arm around Maria's shoulder and said quietly, "Kiss me."

At that moment Maria was beyond thinking for herself. She could no more have resisted Gail than fly and she mashed her mouth hard against the older woman's. For a moment she registered the smell of her juices on Gail's lips and then their tongues met and the most powerful climax she had ever known washed over her. She thrashed and jerked violently as if she was trying to dislodge Gail although that was the very last thing she wanted to do and she wanted the sensations to last forever.

Upstairs in the bathroom Sally wiped her mouth clean on the back of her hand and stood up. She still held tightly onto Tyrone's cock and was pleased to notice that it showed no signs of getting soft. "That's the best thing about younger men," she thought, "What they lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm and rapid recovery times."

She moved slowly backwards pulling him with her until her bottom rested against the edge of the bath. Her thighs spread wide as she aimed the thick rod between her pussy lips and waited for him to ram it inside.

Then Tyrone realised what had seemed strange the first time he saw Sally's naked body. He stared down at his prick pressing against the almost black pubic hair that covered her mound. "You're not a real blonde Sally. I always thought..."

She cut him off in mid-sentence, "I am a real blonde. It just happens that I dye my pubic hair a darker colour."

Tyrone was curious. Even at the start of his first ever knee-trembler he had to ask, "Why do you do that?"

Sally was getting impatient and snapped, "It's a long story. Perhaps I'll tell you later when we've got some time. Now if you don't mind I'd like you so start fucking me with that monster instead of discussing my hairdressing habits."

She reached round him and clutched his buttocks using them to pull him into her.

The fat cock slid smoothly inside her in a single thrust and she marvelled at how full she felt as he impaled her. This time he lasted much longer and she wrapped her arms tightly round his back as he brought her to a climax not once but twice before finally grunting loudly as he shot deep inside her.

"Fooking hell Sally that were great."

Now she had been screwed to her satisfaction Sally became more businesslike and remembered why she was in the bathroom in the first place.

As Tyrone's softening cock fell from its snug nesting place she walked to the toilet and tore off a strip of paper. She wiped it quickly between her legs and flushed it away, before turning back to Tyrone.

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