tagIncest/TabooCorrupting Kinfolk

Corrupting Kinfolk


Mark Corbin waited in bed for his wife Lissa to return to bed, his patience was wearing thin. He and Lissa had been in the midst of one of their most incendiary fucks, as had been their custom over the past year. Their sex life had never been better, very unusual for a couple in their early 40's.

It hadn't always been that, Mark remembered, as raven-haired Lissa sauntered back into the bedroom and joined him in bed. She ran a slender finger down his naked chest, her dark eyes looking into his brown ones, full tits threatening to spill out of the red satin corset she was wearing. "Now, where were we?" Lissa smiled, feeling his hot skin under her fingertips.

"We were fucking like bunnies," Mark smiled. "Who was on the phone?"

"My brother Matt," Lissa answered. "He's sending my nephew Jeremy here for the long weekend – they're going to Las Vegas and having their bathroom renovated while they're away, so they asked if we could keep an eye on him."

"Christ Lissa, did you forget this is the week my niece Candy is coming to stay with us?" Matt sighed.

"Fuck, I did. Well, it can't be helped and they're both nice kids – it won't be a problem, will it?"

Mark shook his head. "No, I guess not – although it'll put one hell of a crimp in our sex life."

Lissa crooked her head for a moment, then answered "It doesn't have to, you know."

Matt sat up, leaning on one arm. "Lissa, what's going through that evil and perverted mind of yours?"

"Let's fuck them."


"You heard me. We've been having a blast the past few months, why let it end because of the kids coming? Jeremy's 18 and Candy's almost 19 – I bet we could get them into bed and party with both of them, I haven't had any young cock in a little while and I know you love young pussy – not that I blame you." Lissa licked her lips.

Mark gave it some thought. This was what had changed their marriage for the better – Lissa's open mind, they hadn't always been this kinky or passionate. Things had slowed down to a crawl, until over lunch one afternoon, Lissa had been griping to her friend Holly. Holly had bluntly suggested Lissa and Mark join a Swingers Club she knew about. Mark had been reluctant at first, now he wondered why? Both had gone to the Club that first time with little expectations, both had come home with huge smiles on their faces. Lissa had been fucked by 3 men, including a father and son, and the Mom even got in on the action at the end. The family told her the sister would have been there as well, but had a cold and stayed home. Mark had fucked the Mom, her sister, a pretty black girl he still got it on with named Shashawna and her roommate, Grace. They were frequent visitors to the Club, their sex life at home accelerated as well.

Candy was a cute little thing, he hadn't seen Jeremy in a while, but if Lissa was willing to risk it ...?

"Hell, why not? It might make for an interesting few days, got any ideas on how we go about doing all this?"

"A few," Lissa grinned, lowering her head. "But for the moment, I think I want some cock. It can wait," Lissa replied as she began sucking her husband's cock.

Candy got off the train and Mark had to actually blink, the passage of time since he'd last seen her had made remarkable changes. The once reed-thin teenager was now a slender, tanned beauty with highlighted strawberry blond hair, beautiful brown eyes and a very perky set of tits, from what Mark could make out under the checkered shirt she wore. Her long legs were on full display in denim shorts that hugged her cute little derriere and she also wore kicky GoGo boots with a small heel. A lovely piece of eye candy – he could already imagine her grinding and twisting on his cock and visualize her and Lissa wrapped up in each other's arms.

Candy gave him an affectionate hug and Mark could feel the warmth of her body and those perfect little tits pressed against him. He wanted to squeeze her ass and let her know how interested he was, but he thought better of it and helped her take her bags to the car. It was hard to keep his eyes on the road; the little nymphet was that much of a distraction.

Lissa made a big fuss over her niece, telling her how pretty she was, how glad they were to have her – she winked at Mark, Candy had no idea what she was in store for. Jeremy arrived a few hours later on his new motorcycle. Lissa could see that he'd become a bit of a jock, he had nice muscles under his leather riding jacket and he looked at his aunt with a bit of desire, but hid it as best he could.

They had a nice family dinner, followed by a swim, then watched a DVD and called it a night. Lissa and Mark found it hard not to fuck each other's brains out, they were both so turned on – but Lissa promised Mark if he could get Jeremy out of the house for a few hours the next afternoon, they'd make up for the lost night of fucking – and then some.

Mark got Jeremy out of the house the following afternoon on the pretext of having to pick up pool chemicals and a few other gardening supplies and left the women to their own devices. He knew Lissa's devious mind – she would have Candy right where they wanted her by the time he got back.

Lissa was stretched out by the pool in a bikini that would have been illegal on a public beach, it was so skimpy. Candy had been in the process of putting on a modest one-piece, but Lissa told her niece that she was wasting a nice opportunity to catch some sun and she had a bikini that she was sure would fit the girl. Candy had no idea her aunt had gone out and purchased the bikini especially for her, making sure it was a bit too tiny & tight for the pretty little thing. They enjoyed the sunshine and talked, Aunt Lissa even suggested they share a nice, cool pitcher of Margaritas, hoping the alcohol and the warm sun would loosen both her niece's tongue and inhibitions.

She oiled her niece's back and then had Candy oil hers – she had an exquisite touch and Lissa hoped things would progress, because she dearly wanted to have those hands on her front and she wanted to play naughty games with Candy. She decided to test the waters and push the envelope a bit.

"You're a very lovely young woman Candy, you've probably got lots of people wanting to date you. Are you seeing anyone?" Lissa smiled as she moved away from her niece and stretched back out on the chaise lounge.

"I date once in a while Aunt Lissa, but no one special," Candy replied.

"How about sex? Are you fucking anyone?" Lissa asked bluntly.

"AUNT LISSA! How you talk!" Candy said, almost embarrassed. "No, I haven't ... fucked ... any of the boys I've dated yet."

"How about girls?"

"Jeez, AUNT LISSA. I don't sleep with girls, I'm certainly not a lesbian and besides, you can't fuck a girl."

Lissa chortled. "You'll find your Uncle and I are very open around here, kitten. You're wrong about a few things. You don't have to be a lesbian to have sex with girls and oh, a girl most certainly can fuck another girl."

Candy thought she knew what her aunt was saying, but she was inebriated enough to be bold and ask. "What are you saying, Aunt Lissa. You've had sex with girls? You've fucked another girl?"

Lissa was thrilled, Candy was swallowing the bait. "To answer your questions, yes, frequently and yes, frequently." Lissa was nonchalant as she sipped her Margarita.

"Wow, Aunt Lissa – that's shocking," Candy said, her mind spinning a bit.

"Does it bother you, kitten?" Lissa asked, still keeping a sense of tranquility about herself.

"Well, no, Aunt Lissa," Candy replied, still trying to comprehend what was going on. "Actually, I think it's kinda cool that you're so up-front about it. Does Uncle Mark know about this?"

"Certainly, I don't do anything behind your Uncle's back. As I said earlier, we're very open around here. While you're staying with us this weekend, you'll be treated as an adult, with all adult privileges extended to you."

"Thanks Aunt Lissa. You're such a cool lady. Can I have a hug; I want to say thanks very much for letting me stay with you."

"Of course, dear," Lissa said, sitting up so she and Candy could embrace. Lissa pressed herself a little closer to her niece than necessary, feeling the girl's perky tits pressed against her own as the bikinis offered almost no protection. She sensed that Candy was aroused, but was also still a bit conflicted. It was time for Step Two, she removed her top.

"I want to get some sun on my boobs, hope you don't mind?" Lissa asked. She could feel Candy's eyes staring hard at her big tits.

"Oh no Aunt Lissa, you have gorgeous tits. Hey, it's just us girls ... I'll take my top off too, no tan lines!" Candy giggled.

Lissa was thrilled – she was getting to her pretty niece, the hedonism under which she and Mark lived was infectious. Candy's tits were coming into view, they were perfect round breasts, perky and firm and Lissa couldn't wait to taste them, but all in good time.

"Candy hon, could I get you to oil my front? I left the lotion over there and I'm too comfortable to get up," Lissa said, hoping it would work. Candy teetered a bit from the effect of the Margaritas. She grabbed the lotion and put some on her hands, then began oiling her aunt's lush boobs.

"Wow – you have such gorgeous tits, did I say that?" Candy giggled. "It's true though, they're so luscious and full. I wish my tits were like yours."

"Candy, you have a nice touch, mmmm, that feels good. Don't be silly darling, you have lovely tits, you're a sexy young woman. Would you like me to oil your front?" Candy nodded, handing the oil to her aunt, who proceeded to rub in the tanning lotion into her niece's front in gentle circles, knowing the effect it would likely have on the pretty teen.

"Ohhh Aunt Lissa, that feels nice. You have a beautiful touch, I feel wonderful Aunt Lissa," Candy sighed.

The time was right – Lissa went for it. "A woman knows how to touch another girl in the right way, Candy love. Would you like me to touch you some more and show you?"

Candy considered it for a minute, then spoke shyly. "I – I think I would Aunt Lissa, yes please."

Lissa gave her one last chance, just to be certain everything was on the up & up. "You understand what I'm saying, right Candy?"

Candy nodded. "I-I think so Aunt Lissa, you're asking me if I want to have sex with you, aren't you?"

"Yes. I know some might consider this wrong, it's incest, but I don't really care about that. Mark and I live by our own rules, the rule of if it feels good, do it. Frequently. So if you want me to show you, I need to be sure."

"Yes, Aunt Lissa. I want you to be – my lover." Candy swallowed hard, but her heart was pounding. This was the most exciting thing she had ever done, but as she looked at her uncle's beautiful wife, it didn't feel wrong, it felt – good – so she was going to do it.

Lissa leaned in for a kiss and the strawberry-blonde teen met her lips with her own lips, soft and sweet. Lissa's tongue shot out and was met by Candy's, they tangled, parted and then the women kissed again. Her hands went out and she fondled her niece's tits, no longer on the pretext of putting on tanning lotion, but with desire. She caressed and stroked Candy's lovely tits and heard soft purrs coming from the sexy little nymph.

"Oh, Aunt Lissa, this feels ..."

"Darling, just call me Lissa. Play with my titties baby, squeeze my big tits. Suck the nipples if you want, the tanning lotion is edible. Do whatever you want, we have plenty of time, the men won't be back for a bit."

Candy did just as her aunt asked, she played with Lissa's boobs and sucked her big, dark nipples, loving the fact she was obviously turning her older, mature aunt on with her actions. They kissed again and she was really getting into it.

"Fuck Candy, I knew it, I knew it. I knew you'd love this once you got started, you're a perverted little slut, just like your Aunt Lissa and I'm going to teach you a whole bunch of nasty things while you're here. I'm going to teach you how to be a perverted lezzie slut, one of the fuckiest girls imaginable. Would you like that, my nasty little whore?" Lissa said, keeping up the verbal barrage.

"Yes Aunt ... yes Lissa, please, I love how you're making me feel, I want to learn, yeah, oh fuck, I want to be a ... a slut, this is so fucking good!" Candy groaned, getting into the spirit of things, her inhibitions flying away.

"Lie down baby, we're going to take off that bikini bottom and Lissa's going to eat your pussy. I'm going to send you to heaven, you naughty little bitch, Lissa is going to show you how nice it feels to have your pussy sucked and licked. Want that, baby?"

"Yes Lissa, eat my pussy ... suck my cunt ... do it Lissa-lover, show me all those nasty things, I want to learn them all!" Candy groaned as she lifted her hips so that Lissa could remove her bottoms.

"I'm very proud of you so far, my naughty girl ... we're going to have a lovely week," Lissa beamed before she moved her face deep into her niece's cunt as the girl asked her to do.

Mark figured he'd given his wife more than enough time in the 3 hours he and Jeremy had been running errands. His cock was twitching in his pants, he couldn't wait to see Candy and his wife together and he ached to put his cock in his niece's sexy young cunt. He was sure Lissa was equally eager to get at Jeremy, although her fire had likely already been stoked by her antics with Candy.

They put the pool supplies in the garage and the groceries & steaks they had picked up for dinner in the fridge, no one was around. Jeremy wondered where the women were, Mark told his nephew they were likely out by the pool enjoying the nice afternoon. He was pretty sure he knew what he'd be seeing once they got poolside.

Mark was more than pleased when they got there. On the chaise lounge, Candy on top, Lissa on bottom, were in a heated sixty-nine. Mark could feel his startled nephew's presence behind him.

"Holy fuck, Uncle Mark, that's ..."

"Yes, that's your Aunt Lissa and my niece Candy. They look like they're having a good time, it looks hot, doesn't it?"

"You're not freaked out?"

"No, your Aunt and I are pretty liberal about things like this, it isn't the first time she's swung with another girl or even someone your age. Why don't we let them know we're here?" Mark cleared his throat and the women heard him and broke apart.

"Hello darling, I'm glad you're home. Candy and I have been having a lovely time, haven't we baby girl?"

Candy moved up and sat before her relatives, totally naked. An hour or so ago, she would have been too timid, but now, she felt empowered and sexual. She let the men have a good look at her body, proud of her new sexuality. She was well on her way to being a true slut. "We sure have, Uncle Mark ... your wife says I'm going to be a damned good fuck, she said you might want to fuck me. You want to Uncle Mark? Want to fuck your niece's slutty cunt? Don't you go anywhere Jeremy ... you're going to fuck me next, but I think Aunt Lissa's got her own plans for you!" Candy grinned lewdly.

Mark was already getting out of his shirt and pants, he had gone "commando" so it didn't take him long. Jeremy was still a bit stunned, so Lissa stood up, her body imposing, and took him to the other chaise lounge where she could get at his cock. She hoped it was a nice size, she was really horny for a nice, thick dick.

"Oooh, Uncle Mark, what a nice package. I'm sorry I'm not an experienced ... cocksucker ... like Aunt Lissa, but I promise to practice this week and you can have me visit whenever you want and I'll fuck with you both." Lissa wrapped her tiny hand around her Uncle's cock, ovaled her mouth and took it in her mouth, licking and sucking. Mark's knees nearly buckled – once Candy got some experience, she was going to be dangerous!

"Umm, this is wonderful ... I love sucking cock, I love everything I've done so far today, I'm having a ball, I feel so nasty and free!" Candy groaned as she throated her Uncle again. She was surprised she wasn't gagging, Mark had such a nice, big, thick cock, but during their play, Lissa had told her some women had an innate talent for doing things sexual. Evidently, she was one of them – a born slut.

Lissa's dark hair was flailing about as she sucked Jeremy. He was far from a virgin, having fucked around 10 girls and had a girlfriend, but his current girlfriend had nothing on his horny aunt. Lissa sucked cock like she lived for it, his cock was throbbing and aching to fuck her horny cunt soon, but he imagined she'd likely want some foreplay first.

Lissa felt Jeremy move away from her lips, she was a bit disappointed, but appreciated the fact he was going to eat her pussy and give her some foreplay. She didn't really need it, she and Candy had heated each other up nicely, but she was curious to see his technique.

Mark was now happily licking his niece's cunt. She'd already had two ... two! ... orgasms that afternoon, never even having one before today, but she was certain she'd be having a few more. Uncle Mark ... Mark, she guessed she should call him ... knew what a girl liked, he was almost as good as Lissa. Candy still couldn't adjust to the fact she now liked girls, that she was obviously bi, but there was a whole world of options open to her now.

"God-fucking-DAMN Mark, you sure know what a girl likes, eat my pussy, you wonderful fucker! Lissa, Mark ... thank you for all this, thanks for opening my eyes to all this sexy fun!" Candy groaned as her uncle's face emerged from between her legs, glistening with her dew.

"I'm not technically a fucker yet, kitten," Mark grinned at his niece. He looked over at his wife and nephew and saw them having fun, so he felt okay about everything.

"Let's fix that now, Uncle Mark. Time for you to put that wonderful cock in my cunt at last and fuck me. I hope it'll be good for you!"

Mark grinned, the fresh, sexy appeal of Candy's body assured him it would be. He let his niece take him from on top, that way, it wouldn't be quite as hard on her the first time. He saw her nubile form descend on his cock and he smiled, loving the feeling as her warm, wet pussy wriggled down on his dick. There was some resistance, but an evil grin crossed Candy's face, she slammed her body down and her virginity was a thing of the past.

"Oh yeah Mark, you fucking wonderful bastard ... fuck me, fuck my horny cunt, I love it, it's so good, do it Mark, show me how a slut should be treated, just fuck me!" Candy growled.

Jeremy was really pounding it to his Aunt Lissa, the way she'd instructed. She loved it savage and raw, after her gentle play with Candy, she was really getting off on her nephew's cock. She hadn't had to worry about his endowment, he wasn't Mark's equal, but he had more than enough to get the job done. He was pretty good too, his hands were squeezing and playing with her tits as he pounded into her from behind.

Lissa looked over and felt a huge sense of satisfaction. With her niece and nephew now fully corrupted and happy to be a part of their fun & games, she knew they'd always have willing playmates. Candy lived a bit too far away for her liking, but they had an entire week to show the little nymph the depths of her own sexuality. Candy had taken to sex like a duck to water, she suspected that Candy's depravity might come close to her own and she looked forward to finding out. She blew her niece a kiss, Candy caught it and sent it back.

Lissa returned to fucking Jeremy, tightening her educated cunt around his cock, milking him, squeezing it and hoping he wouldn't last too much longer. She wanted them all to go indoors, head up to their big bedroom and take the fun and games to the next level.

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