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Corsets And Stockings


He reached into the car and took her hand. She stepped out, the rings on her ankle tinkling softly, and lifted her blue eyes to his then bit her lower lip and grinned at him. He chuckled, "I don't know what you're so nervous about, little one." Then he took her hand and led her across the parking lot to the little boutique. When they stepped inside, her eyes were wide, taking in the array of lovely lingerie.

"Hello, may I help you." The saleslady asked. She appeared to be in her early sixties but exuded class and sensuality. Her generous curves were well defined and her outfit displayed her ample cleavage.

"Yes, we would like to look at some corsets and hosiery." His deep voice and gentle control was clear to the woman and she glanced at the quiet lady at his side.

"Certainly, I'm Anna and I'll be glad to assist you."

She extended her hand to the gentleman who shook it and replied, "Thank you, Anna. My name is John and this is Pamela." The woman slipped her arm around Pamela's waist and led her away.

"Well dear, this is going to be fun. Have you ever worn a corset before?"

Glancing at John, she replied, "No ma'am, but I'm hoping you have something in my size."

"Oh of course we do. You two follow me to a sitting room and I'll bring you a collection of catalogues to look through."

When Anna pulled the door closed behind her, leaving the couple alone in the elegant little room, John walked up behind Pamela and pulled her hair aside. She closed her eyes as his lips brushed her neck, but they flew open again as he lowered the zipper of her dress. "You'll need to take your clothes off, little one, so you can be measured." She blushed all the way down to her cleavage, touching her skin with a hint of rosy color. He turned and sat down in the large leather easy chair and watched his charge hesitate and then obey. She slid the dress off her shoulders and down her body, stepping out of it. As she reached up to hang it from a nearby hook, his eyes moved over her body.

He had been with many women in his life but never one with a body like Pamela's. She was unable to understand that he found her desirable, but he did. She was on the curvy side, but what he saw when he feasted his eyes on her was the full curves of his beloved pet. While the other women may have more svelte, their passion for him, respect for him and submission to him had also been less abundant, if not absent all together. Possessing Pamela had introduced him to facets of beauty and desirability that he had never experienced before.

As her bra slipped forward off her shoulders, he noticed the blush extending down her back and legs. How he loved her timid nature and her complete submission of that part of her nature to him. "Turn around, little one." As she obeyed his cock thickened. Her nipples were moist, the stress and erotic sense of this adventure causing her to lactate. She had learned well, how to make her body lactate for his pleasure, even though she had never had children. His mouth watered at the sight, "Come here, pet." When she drew near he reached out and drew her closer, his mouth closing over first one nipple and then the other, drawing deeply of the sweet liquid. She bit her lip hard, stifling the sound of her moans. Oh how he longed to thrust deep inside her sweet sex, she brought him such pleasure.

Remembering where they were, he released her once he was sure she was steady on her feet and sat back in the chair. She turned and hung the bra up with the dress then bent forward and slipped the lace panties down over her ass. Oh God, what made him think he would be able to remain detached during this adventure. The creamy globes of her ass swayed in front of him as she stepped out of her panties. She turned toward him, naked, just as Anna tapped on the door. John quickly pulled a magazine down onto his swollen lap as Anna walked in.

She only pause a moment when she noticed her naked customer, "I see someone has shopped for lingerie before, let me begin taking some measurements while you browse thru these catalogues, John."

Once the measurements were noted an a size determined, Anna again left them alone. "How are you doing, little one?" he asked.

She smiled gently, "I'm better, Sir. Anna is very nice. I hope she can find something you approve of."

He sat forward and reached out to take her hand, it was ice cold from nerves. He pressed her hands between his and rubbed them to add some warmth, "I love you naked, pet, how can you think I would like you less in lovely lingerie." Pamela jumped when Anna came back in, but John did not release her hands.

"Here is a wide selection, I'm sure you are going to have a hard time choosing just a few." With that and a bright smile she left them.

John stood and moved to the door, locking the little latch. He picked up a beautiful light blue corset. The jacquard print was so rich looking and the soft lace along the edges was very good quality. He slipped it around her body, pulling it up under her breasts. The cool satin slide of the material against her skin was erotic and her eyes fluttered close. He watched her face in the mirror and his cock throbbed. "Hold it in place, pet." She did so and he began lacing the corset, when he tightened it one more time her eyes opened and met his in the mirror. "Too tight?" he asked.

"Maybe just a little." she replied.

"Good." was his response and he tightened it once more.

He slid his hands up her side, noting the dip of her waist and the lovely curve of her full hips. He pulled her body back against his, pressing his aching cock against her ass, his eyes lowering to half mast in barely restrained lust. He release her, "Sit on the edge of the chair." When she did so, he noted how tall she sat, the stays of the corset no doubt biting into her flesh. Her breath was shallow but her large breasts heaved, the nipples again damp. He slipped a stocking up first one leg, connecting the garters. Then he slid the other stocking onto her foot and under the ring at her ankle then up her leg, again attaching the garters. Finally he slipped her shoes on her feet and helped her up. "You're beautiful, little one. Look at yourself, and see what I see." He turned her toward the wall of mirrors and again pulled her back against his body.

He saw the amazement in her eyes and then, when she lifted them to his smoldering eyes, he saw passion there. With a growl of desire, he pressed her forward against the mirror and lifted her arms up above her head. She pressed her hands against the cool glass and her ass back against his body. He lowered his zipper and let his full cock spring free. She moaned softly as he slid it along her crack but when his fingers slid over her mons and deep into her moist sex, she bit her lip stifling a whimper. His fingers were covered with her juices when he pulled them free and slid them instead down her crack and over the rosebud there. When he pressed one finger into her ass, thrusting gently, he whispered for her to be very quiet. As a second finger joined the first and the thrusts became more forceful she began to pant, her eyes rolling back in exquisite ecstasy.

He bent her over a bit, widened her stance, and pressed the head of his cock against her ass. When the head popped inside she gently groaned and again he warned her to be silent. He slowly pressed deeper into her heat, and when he was fully buried there he reached around and began squeezing and stroking her clit. Soon his thrusts were matching the movements of his fingers. She had whispered her requests to cum repeatedly, but he had told her to wait. Now her body was trembling and her legs were unable to hold her up. He lifted her and pressed her flat against the mirrored wall. Her toes were barely touching the floor and her body was trembling uncontrollably. He drove into her several more times as he kissed and bit at her neck. She was speaking, begging, but her words were incoherent. Finally when he felt his own orgasm nearing he whispered in her ear, "Cum for me now, pet. Cum Pamela. Cum, little one." Her body shuddered and her muffled cry filled the air as she fell apart in his arms. Her juices flowed freely and spilled down her thighs as his seed filled her ass.

He held their bodies steady against the wall for some time. Then he helped her into the adjoining bathroom and sat her on the toilet. She started to cover her face in embarrassment, but instead laid her hands in her lap as she relieved herself. Afterward, he washed her legs and sex and zipped her dress back up. Her bra and panties were scooped up with the other corsets and stockings Anna had provided. They would be taking them all. As the lovely couple left the store with their many purchases, Anna smiled knowingly. What a lucky Master to have such a devoted submissive. And what a lucky pet, to belong to such a Master.

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