tagNonHumanCount Down To Moonlight Ch. 04

Count Down To Moonlight Ch. 04


*Sorry this chapter has taken so long. Thank you all for the comments on the last three chapters, they really made my day. Enjoy.*


Duncan smiled and stretched as he awoke to the feeling of the warm body curled beside him. It had been a long time since he had someone to wake up to. Snuggling after sex was usually saved for a mate. Now Duncan was happy in the knowledge that he would never have to sleep alone again. He had found the one woman he was destined to be with. Now he just had to convince her that they were meant to be together. But he was looking forward to the challenge.

Opening his eyes, he glanced around the dark room. He didn't think anything of the lack of light. Instead he turned more into Keelay's embrace and sighed. But then his brain started to work and he realised that the lack of light was a problem. He bolted up in bed, dislodging a sleeping Keelay in the process. She grumbled and curled up into a ball, hugging the pillow Duncan had abandoned in an effort of comfort. He lifting his left wrist he glanced as his watch and Keelay grumbled again as her right hand shot into the air.

"Mmmmm, what's wrong?" she moaned, still half asleep.

"It's just left seven. Moonrise is at ten twenty three. I have three hours and twenty minutes, to free you and get to the cabin. Fuck!" he seemed to be talking more to himself than Keelay. "Come on babe, we need to move."

Keelay growled, causing Duncan to grin. She's so cute. He couldn't help but admire her as she sat up and stretched. His cock got hard just watching her firm titties bouncing as her arms moved above her. Sleepily she looked at him and smiled shyly.

"Hi." She whispered.

"Hello yourself, beautiful." he ginned as he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her onto his lap. When he felt the warm dampness between her legs he felt an urgency that had nothing to do with getting the chain off them before the moonrise. Duncan couldn't get the brain on his shoulders to work, instead letting the head between his legs control him.

Keelay wrapped her long legs around Duncan's waist as his hands cradled her bottom. Kissing him gently she reached between them and guided his hard cock into her wet pussy. They both groaned at the hot feel of her tight hole gripping him. Gentle kisses became fevered as their bodies moved together in a dance as old as time. Sweating and panting they moved, building the fires inside them. Together they reached their peaks and cried out into the night as their bodies wept in passion. Their hearts beat in an uneven tango as they came down from their high. Together they sat and looked into the other's eyes the truth became clear. They belonged together.

Neither spoke of this new knowledge. Neither knew what to say. Duncan was at a loss as to how to explain and it was all too strange and new for Keelay. So, silently and swiftly they dressed.

Duncan's anxiety grew with each passing moment. He felt the night passing him by. He had too many things that needed to be done and not enough time to do them in. He led Keelay out to the garage and they climbed into his little Renault Cleo.

Oh God! What the hell do I do? Where do I go? Should I take her with me? I can't take her with me; she'll be in more danger. Do I leave her at a friend's house? Damn it! Everyone's at the cabin. Why, why, why did I fall asleep? I was supposed to stay awake and to get her to a safe place! I failed, I failed big time!

Duncan's mental barrage was interrupted by a small voice asking where they were going. Feelings of guilt ripped through him at the sound of her voice because he'd slept in and couldn't figure out a way to get them out of their chains. He was also guilty of ignoring her after sleeping with her not just once, but twice.

"Have you ever been to Strathyre Forest?" he asked.

"No, why?"

"Well, you read in my dad's note that I'm supposed to be at my family's cabin tonight, right?" he asked as he pulled up to a pair of lights. Looking at her, he could see the suspicion and worry in her eyes as she thought about his question.

"Yes." she drawled.

"Well, our cabin is there and that's where I'm going."

"What! I can't go to Strathyre bloody Forest!!" she shrieked in alarm. She couldn't go, she just couldn't. She needed to go home and shower to start with. She could feel Duncan's seed being squeezed out of her cunt every time she moved. She also needed to contact a few people. She hadn't spoken to anyone besides Duncan since the party. Not that that was a bad thing, she just wanted people to know she was alive.

"I have things to do, people I need to contact." She started to tell him before she was interrupted.

"I'm sorry, but that's where we need to go. I have things I need to do too." He said calmly. "But until we are freed from this chain, we're stuck together and I really need to get to that cabin, baby." He ended.

"Look, I'm sorry but I just can't go to this cabin with you, ok!" she cried.

"Why? What's the big deal with spending one night in my family's cabin?"

"That's the big deal right there! It's your FAMIlLY'S cabin, meaning your family will be there. And I cannot meet your family looking like this!" she adamantly reasoned. Duncan reached over and squeezed her knee with his left hand in comfort.

"Of course you can meet them baby. You look fine." He assured her.

"I do not look fine you lying......male! I'm wearing last night's clothes. I smell of sex and I have goo running out from....certain places." Her denial had started strong but as she finished she was close to tears. This caused Duncan great distress and he struggled hard to find something to cheer her up.

Taking her hand, Duncan laced their finger and brought them to his lips. "Sweetheart, you look beautiful," he nibbled her fingers " you look edible," he whispered before sucking her middle finger into the cavern of his mouth. "And I love how you smell like me" he added with a naughty grin.

Keelay laughed at the outrageous comment and shook her head. Duncan had a way of making the things....easier. The idea of being chained to a stranger, of allowing a stranger to do to her what Duncan had done recently, freaked Keelay out but there was something different about him. She felt safe with him, she felt she could trust him, she felt like she knew him.

The lights turned green and Duncan sped off. He barely concentrated on the road, his attention on other things, but this didn't alter his driving. He still drove with better care and a faster reaction time than most human's on the road, in his capable hands, the little car ate up the distance between themselves and the cabin. Keelay watched as Duncan got more and more agitated. His shoulders became rigid and he gripped the steering wheel so tight, his knuckles had turned white. He kept shooting worried glances at his watch, then at her and then at the sky. He was acting like the devil himself was chasing them.

The tension in the car rose as the minutes ticked by. The silence was awkward and Keelay started to think it had something to do with her. She sighed and looked out of the window. She couldn't see much, the night was dark and the only light came from the occasional streetlight. She tried to think how much money she had in her bank. Maybe she could get him to drop her off at a hotel after the chain was broken.

As she started to suggest that, the silence in the car was cut by the annoying sound of the Crazy Frog ring tone. Duncan made a grab for it as he glanced, extremely embarrassed, at Keelay.

"Hello?" he answered. The person on the other end was obviously shouting as Duncan moved the phone from his ear a fraction and his expression bunched up in annoyance. "Look, Dad, yell at me later all you want ok but I kind of have a situation here that I really need help with." He interrupted.

Duncan was silent for a few seconds as the other person replied before answering. "I'm not alone, I brought my...mate...with me." he said emphasising the word mate. He shot a look at Keelay who sat in her seat glancing out the window, pretending not to be listening to the one way conversation. Moments passed before Duncan said, "I didn't have a choice." before being interrupted. That last sentence made Keelay stiffen. She felt like a party crasher, unwanted and unwelcome. You told him you didn't want to come; it was his choice to bring you. There could have been another way, she thought.

"We're kind of stuck together."

Short pause.

"Two foot chain."

Another pause.

"No idea. We woke up this way."

A long pause.

"Yea well, I haven't been thinking straight. My priorities have been mucked up." Something had obviously been said to annoy Duncan as his tone became defensive and angry. Tucking the phone between his ear and shoulder, Duncan changed gear before reaching over and lacing his fingers through Keelay's.

This confused her more. On the on hand, Duncan acted like he didn't want her there, but at the same time he acted like they had been dating for months. For that matter, he had referred to her as his mate to the caller!

"Can you get Jake to meet me somewhere near Strathyre? He's the only one I trust right now....Yea.....He'll need to bring some tools to get this chain off.....yea ok....ok.....yea.....whatever it takes......fine......ok, bye." Sighing with some relief, Duncan hung up the phone. Understandably his father was pissed at him. He was bringing a stranger, a human, into their world. This endangered the whole pack. But he didn't have a choice. Looking at Keelay, he wondered how she would take it when he told her what he was. She wouldn't be the first to run from her mate. He hoped she could handle it. He wanted her in his life. Wanted them to have a life together.

His parents were a true mated pair. Had found each other by accident while both dating other people. He had never really paid attention to their stories about how they had met, but now he wished he had. It would have given him some insight into the connection and the draw between mates.

He was a bit worried over the fact that Keelay was human. No werewolf in his pack had taken a human mate for over two hundred years. And he didn't know about other packs, because rival packs didn't mix well together. His mother was a born Werewolf. She had been raised in another pack, only joining this one after marrying his dad. That's how packs grew. Female Werewolves married into their males pack. Kind of chauvinistic but it was tradition. Males could marry into the females pack but that was too much hassle, so generally wasn't done. In order to join a pack, a male would have to fight a challenger from that pack, to prove his worth. If he couldn't protect the pack, he was no good.

But it wouldn't be a problem for Keelay. She would be welcomed with open arms into the family. His father had no doubt spread the news that his youngest had found his mate. The whole family would be curious and eager to meet her. He would have to be sure they didn't overwhelm her. And that his good looking cousins and older brothers stayed the hell away from her! The idea of any males around his mate set his teeth on edge.

They drove for another half our in silence, each glancing at the other to assess the mood. Duncan didn't seem so stressed. His telephone conversation with his dad had obviously calmed him down some. His death grip on the steering wheel had loosened, his thumb tapping a rhythm as he guided the car around the darkened roads.

Keelay's stress, however, grew with each passing mile. The logical part of her brain was now breaking through the desire and lust. She was starting to think her judgment was seriously warped. How on earth could a smart, modern day woman, allow herself to be swept away by her hormones? How could she have followed this man, without question to the point that he was now taking her to a forest in the middle of Scotland? Keelay had been raised to think rationally and logically and neither traits were evident in her actions. It was neither rational nor logical that she was sitting in a car with a man she barely knew, going to a place she had never been.

While she tried to justify her lack of logic, Duncan was driving ever closer to his destination. His father had suggested sending someone to meet them. Someone who could protect Keelay while Duncan changed. While the wolf snarled jealously at the thought of Keelay with another male, the human rejoiced at the solution to a horrible dilemma. His cousin Jake was meeting them a few miles away from the forest edge. Jake was the only person Duncan could trust. There was no question of him losing control and turning furry, so there was no danger to Keelay. Jake had been born with a strange abnormality. He didn't have a wolf. He couldn't turn into a werewolf and had no wolf personality. It was as though he was human, except he displayed all the other perks of being nonhuman, the better than average strength, speed and healing abilities.

Half an hour later Duncan pulled off the main road and into a narrow country lane. After driving for another twenty minutes, the car lights flashed across a row of trees and landed on a small blue Ford Fiesta. Leaning against the car was his older cousin Jake. His pale hair looked lighter as the lights fell on his form. He was dressed casually in jeans and a black shirt. His arms were folded across his chest and a small black holdall lay at his feet. Duncan had never been so happy to see him. He grinned at Keelay, who looked confused. He laughed and kissed her hand before stopping the car completely and opening his door. He didn't give Keelay the chance to move before he wrapped his big hands around her slender waist and pulled her into his lap.

"Hey!" she squawked. As she grabbed his shirt for balance.

"Sorry, sweetheart. Did I scare you?" he asked playfully. Keelay just smiled as his childish behaviour and shook her head. He looked so cute with his little boy grin and sparklingly pale eyes. She was happy that he was happy. He swung his legs out and stood, all while carrying her in his arms.

Jake smiled at their approach. His cousin looked happy, though a little tense. The woman in his arms was beautiful. Glossy black hair, a firm figure and a pixie face. She was staring adoringly at Duncan as he carried her over to him. He reached down into his little bag and rooted around until he found the wire cutters. No point betting around the bush. Duncan still had three quarters of an hour drive ahead of him.

Duncan placed Keelay beside him on the side of the lane. Jake, armed with the wire cutters moved in front of them. Duncan grabbed Keelay's little hand in his larger one and held them up, letting the chain dangle between their arms. Without any fanfare, Jake cut the restraint and they were free.

Keelay could not understand her reaction to what Jake had done. As soon as the chain had been cut, Keelay felt worried and panicky. She couldn't help but think that without the chain, she would never have gotten to know Duncan. Without the chain, Duncan had no reason to be around her now. She was at a loss. What would happen now? Where did she go from here? Although Duncan seemed to like her, was that enough to start something on? Maybe she was imagining the connection between them.

Duncan's reaction was similar. He felt the sudden loss of the physical connection between them like a blow to the stomach. With her freedom restored, Keelay could leave him. She had no reason to stay. He had been nothing but rude and awkward and grumpy all night. No woman was going to stay around for that. He had to give her a reason to stay. He had to convince her that he was good enough for her. That they could be good together.

But he didn't have time. The moon would be rising soon and he had to leave.

Turning to Keelay he slid his hands into her hair and kissed her with everything he was. His told her with his lips what he couldn't say with words. He wanted her. He needed her. She was everything. She was his. The kiss left Keelay breathless and as he untangled his lips from hers, she clung to him. Resting his forehead against hers, he sighed.

"Give us a minute, will you Jake." He called out into the night, not looking away from Keelay. He knew Jake would comply as it was more a command than a question.

Jake slide of the bonnet of his car and walked into the forest surrounding them. Duncan's breathe came out easier, knowing he was gone. Duncan stroked Keelay's ears and hair, touching her as much as he could.

"Baby, I need you to go with Jake ok...."he started

"No way!! I'm not going anywhere with him. I don't even know him." she interrupted. Duncan however talked right over her.

"Jake's gonna take you to our cabin, get you settled in and everything. " something in her face must have betrayed her emotions as he quickly tightened his arm around her.

"It's not for long, I promise. Just until morning, then I'll come back and get you." He assured her.

"And why can't I just stay with you. You know if you don't want me here Duncan, just say and I'll find a hotel." She turned away and started moving back the way they had come. She wasn't about to stay with a guy that didn't want her. She tried not to acknowledge how much it hurt to think he didn't want her.

Duncan's arms shot around her, halting her departure. Like steel bands they trapped her against his warm chest and she could feel his erratic heartbeat against her shoulder.

"No! Please, don't leave ok." He begged. Looking at him, Keelay could see that he was worried and slightly scared. Why? W hen she asked this he answered, "I don't want you to go. I want you....here. I want to get to know you and....and....see you. You know, like go out on dates and stuff." He answered hesitantly unsure of her reaction.

"Then why do you want me to go with Jake?"

"I...I don't....It's best...Please just go with him tonight and I'll explain in the morning. Ok? Please Keelay, just...trust me. Please." He pleaded. He didn't know how else to convince her. He didn't have time for an explanation and even if he did what was he to say?

Keelay looked at Duncan and despite the strangeness of the request, she trusted him. If he wanted her to go with Jake, then she would. But she wanted answers.

"I'll go with Jake, but tomorrow morning I want an explanation. Ok? Some weird stuff has been going on between us and I want answers." she told him firmly.

He released a breath he wasn't aware he was holding. Her acceptance was like a weight lifted from his chest. He felt lighter in the knowledge that she would be safe. He didn't care about himself. He didn't care about his cousin. All that mattered was Keelay.

Jake took her agreement as a sign to return and was standing by the open passenger door when Duncan kissed her lightly on the lips. "Thank you." he breathed. With his arm secure around her waist, Duncan led her to the car and helped her into the seat. It was hard to leave her though. His whole body screamed against it. His wolf snarled at the idea of letting her go with another male. She was his, he should protect her.

Shutting the door, he stood and motioned his cousin to follow him. His body twitched, the need to change riding him hard. Jake followed him to the forest edge and into the sanctuary of the trees. The darkness surrounded them and the smell of the woods filled his nostrils. This was his world.

Once out of sight of the car, Duncan turned to Jake and looked him straight in the eye. "I'm trusting you Jake. I'm entrusting her to you. I need you to keep her safe. I don't....I don't know what I'd do without her Jake." he whispered. He needed his cousin to know, needed him to understand, just how much she meant to him.

"Don't worry. She'll be fine. I promise." he assured. Jake had always been a man of few words, never feeling comfortable speaking about his feelings.

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