Carol Vorderman pulled into the car park of the Yorkshire Television Studios. The journey from the West Country had not been a good one and the unusually hot weather had made her journey even more unbearable. And by god the heat was making her feel horny. Since the break up of her marriage a couple of years before her sex life had plummeted somewhat, not that it was that good anyway, her husband only had a small cock and the straw that broke the camel's back was when she had an affair with a guy with a much bigger cock than her husbands and she knew that she needed large cocks to keep her satisfied. She'd had one or two relationships since the split but being famous had a tendency to scare away would be suitors. She always carried a vibrator with her when she was away from home, a huge nine- inch model, but she knew she was desperate for the real thing again.

She headed for the studios. It was the start of a new week and she had nine programmes of Countdown to record over the next three days. Heading into the building she said a cheery hello to the doorman and headed up to the first floor and her dressing room. The first thing she needed to do before recording started in an hour or so was to have a shower and freshen herself up. She let herself into the dressing room and threw her bag onto the chair and she switched on the air conditioning right to full blast. She went to her desk and scanned through her timetable and saw that she had exactly fifty five minutes before she was due in the studios. She undressed and caught her reflection in the mirror as she passed over the room to pick up her dressing gown. Hmmmm she thought to herself, not too bad for a woman of my age. Her tits were still firm, her arse was nicely rounded and although her hips showed the signs of bearing two children, because she worked out four times a week her body was nicely toned. She kept her pussy neatly trimmed and although she promised herself she would shave it completely one day she had never got round to it.

Carol looked at herself in the mirror and could not resist inserting a finger into her pussy. She was so wet. It actually surprised her in fact just how wet she was. She pushed her finger in and out five or six times and then withdrew it and brought it up to her mouth. Mmmmm she thought, I do like the taste of my own juices. Snapping back to reality, Carol realized she did not have time for this right now but promised herself that when the day was over and she had checked into her hotel, she would have some fun with her vibrator.

Although most of the stars at Yorkshire Television had their own dressing rooms, the shower facilities were shared and were entered by a room at the back of each dressing room. The women had dressing rooms on the first floor and the men on the second floor so there was no danger of embarrassing encounters with the male stars. Carol entered the shower room and at first she thought that she was alone but as she reached the cubicle area she saw that Christine Talbot and Carolyn Hodgson, two of the girls from the regional Calendar News team were there. Now she wasn't sure if she imagined it, but Carol thought she noticed a sudden movement from each of the girls as though they had been caught doing something they shouldn't have been. Both girls were totally naked and as Carol got closer she noticed that Carolyn especially had gone a very deep shade of red and that the nipples of both girls were extremely hard. She just smiled a little to herself and thought that it was none of her business anyway and just acted as though nothing had happened.

" Hi girls" she said before entering one of the cubicles and locking herself inside.

As the hot needles of water cascaded down onto her, Carol immediately felt a lot better and she started to soap herself clean. She ran her hands over her breasts and because she was feeling so horny lately her nipples instantly became erect. She rubbed them between her thumb and forefinger and was very quickly becoming aroused. Fucking hell I really do need a cock she thought and lowered her hand and gently started to rub herself on her very sensitive clitoris. Jolts of electricity coursed through her body and she leant back onto the cubicle and fingered herself to an earth shattering climax. When she had finished she cursed herself.

" Damn" she said " I didn't really have time for that"

She was now more horny than ever. Carol quickly finished washing herself and re-entered her dressing room to prepare for the first recording. She made it to the studio with about five minutes to spare. The first two recordings of the day were pretty normal and went very well, the contestants were the usual middle-aged type, but when the third recording was being rehearsed one of the contestants that was introduced to Carol took her breath away. His name was Winston Hall, he was about thirty years of age, six feet two inches tall and looked as though he didn't have an ounce of excess fat on him. He was also the blackest man that Carol had ever seen.

The recording started and Carol could not take her eyes off this man and when it was his turn to select letters for a new round she even found herself light-heartedly flirting with him. The feeling between her legs was good too and her juices started flowing into her panties as she was playing a different type of game in her mind. If only the viewers knew my juices she smiled inwardly to herself.

Eventually the recording was over and as it was the last one of the day all the stars, crew and contestants met in the bar for a few drinks. Carol immediately made a beeline for Winston Hall and the pair were soon involved in friendly chit-chat. It seemed that he had travelled from the south of England and because the recording of his show was scheduled to finish late in the day he had booked an overnight stay in a hotel in the centre of Leeds.

Usually Carol had dinner after recordings with the shows' presenter Richard Whiteley, but her mind started to work overtime. She had to have this gorgeous black man and knew she might never get another chance as he had lost his game this afternoon and was eliminated. She saw Richard on the other side of the room and made her way toward him. She told him that with the travelling this morning and the heat etc that she had developed an enormous headache and wouldn't be dining with them that evening. Richard was very sympathetic and told Carol to get back to her hotel, get a good nights sleep and he would see her in the morning. Carol thanked him, said goodnight and turned to leave. She smiled. Sleep was the last thing on her mind.

On the way back across the room she stopped at an empty table took out a piece of paper from her handbag and scribbled something. She saw Winston talking to some of the other contestants and made her way to say goodbye to them. After apologizing about leaving early she made her way to leave and when it came to Winston she just said goodbye and shook his hand. This time though a piece of paper passed between them and Carol left.

About ten minutes later, Winston, who had clasped the piece of paper in his hand, casually unfolded it and looked to see what was on it. It simply said: Leeds/ Bradford Post House 7.30. He glanced at his watch it was 6.25.

Exactly one hour later Winston found himself standing in the foyer of the Leeds / Bradford Post House and a very happy looking Carol Vorderman was making her way toward him.

" Hi" she said, " I'm glad you could make it"

Winston smiled, " How could I refuse an offer like that from a celebrity like you" he replied.

Carol could feel herself blushing.

The pair made their way to the bar and Carol ordered them both a drink. After about twenty minutes if idle chat Winston suddenly asked Carol why she had invited him here.

" I think you know the answer to that" she replied.

He smiled again and simply said " Then let's do it".

Carol stood up, again shook Winston by the hand and left the bar. Another piece of paper had passed between the two and as he was walking out of the bar ten minutes later le glanced down at the piece of paper and saw the figure 702. Five minutes later he was in Carol's room.

She had got undressed and was wearing a long silk nightdress. They both knew what they wanted and Winston pulled Carol towards him. She melted in his arms. He started to kiss her and she willingly responded to him walking him backwards pulling him toward the bed with her. They collapsed onto it and both got undressed like over eager teenagers going at it for the first time. Very soon they were both naked. Carol's nipples were as hard as bullets and her pussy was flowing like a river. Never had she felt so wet. Winston's cock was like an iron bar. Carol gasped at the size of it. It was nine inches long and as thick as a baby's arm. He started to kiss her nipples and began biting on first one then the other, chewing them between his teeth. Carol threw her head back and groaned in ecstasy. Running his tongue gently over her stomach, Carol opened her legs as far as she could get them, allowing Winston total access to her by now fully aroused clitoris.

He gently nibbled her clit between his teeth and Carol came almost immediately.

"AAAARRRRGGGHHHH" she cried, " Lick me, please lick my cunt"

Winston duly obliged and snaked his tongue inside the folds of Carol's labia and then deep inside her pussy.

As he was licking her he cleverly maneuvered his body so that they were in the classic 69- position and his cock was only inches away from Carol's mouth. She eagerly took it and started sucking eagerly taking it deep inside her mouth fondling his massive balls as she took as much of it as she possibly could.

They were both nearing climax, and as Winston licked harder on her pussy Carol sucked even harder on his cock. Their timing was perfect, as Carol hit her orgasm so Winston shot a huge load of cum into her mouth and she hungrily swallowed every last drop.

What really amazed Carol was that when she came down from her orgasm, Winston was as hard as he was before and she knew she was going to have this wonderful cock deep inside her very soon.

Winston changed his position and laid Carol back onto the full length of the bed. Her legs were wide open and her cunt was glistening.

Who would believe me if I told them he thought ruefully. He guided his cock towards the entrance of her cunt.

"Fuck me " she hissed, and with one swift movement he buried his cock into her right to the hilt and could feel his balls against her arse.

"NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH" was all she could say.

He started to fuck her and gradually she became accustomed to his size. She tried to get her legs open wider so he could get deeper. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her and she had orgasm after orgasm. God how she needed this and she found herself rising off the bed to meet his every thrust until finally he came again shooting another huge amount of cum deep into her womb.

Carol lay exhausted. Winston laid above her and smiled.

" We haven't quite finished" he said.

" What do you mean" said Carol.

He laughed again and stroked her forehead very gently,

" Well there is still one hole that we haven't filled yet"

Carol gasped. " Oh god no" she said, " I've never had a cock there and couldn't possibly take anything as big as that"

He stroked her forehead again, " Trust me" he said, " I promise that once I am in you will be begging me for more".

He turned Carol over and told her to get onto her knees. Reluctantly she did but was apprehensive about taking such a huge cock in her arse.

Winston put the tip of his cock at the entrance and slowly started to force his way inside her.

" Oh god it hurrrrrrts " she cried

" Trust me Carol, please trust me" he said and he pushed passed her sphincter and had about three inches of his cock inside her.

He stopped to allow her to become accustomed to this new intrusion into her body but she was breathing very heavy as the massive cock took her breath away.

Slowly he inched further inside her, and Carol started moving beneath him. She could not believe it, he was right, the cock inside her felt so good.

" Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck my celebrity arse" she squealed and found herself pushing back onto him and taking his full nine inches inside her.

Winston pounded away at her and Carol was indeed begging him for more.

" Shove your cock all the way up my arse, please don't ever stop fucking me"

Moments later Winston had his third cum of the evening as he deposited another huge load into the lovely Carol Vorderman's tight sweet arse.

The two of them soon fell asleep in each other's arms.

When she woke the next morning Winston had gone. A note with a simple one-word sentence of " Thanks" was on the table beside the bed.

An hour and a half later after showering and breakfast Carol pulled into the Yorkshire Television Studio car park for another day's recording.

As she was arriving she noticed Carolyn Hodgson was also parking her car and her mind drifted back to the shower incident of yesterday.

I wonder if they were making out she thought to herself.

Maybe it is another avenue I could develop she mused as she joined Carolyn for the short walk to the dressing rooms.

The End.

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