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Countdown Carol in Austria


Since Carol Vorderman became a single woman again it caused something of a sexual awakening in her life. After so many years taking the same cock in the same unimaginative positions at more or less the same times every week she decided it was time for some much needed fun in her life. Together with a very small group of trusted friends, she had been immersing herself in all the fantasies left unfulfilled by her years stuck in a sexually boring marriage.

Simply because she was so well known in the UK, most of these sexual adventures either took place abroad where her face wasn’t so well known, if at all; or they happened in well-planned situations with those she could trust not to tell all to the gutter press. Picking up men in bars and clubs solely for a good fuck was obviously out of the question for one of the most beautiful television personalities in Britain. Those who did catch her eye were thoroughly vetted and wouldn’t get past a goodnight kiss for a long time, until Carol knew they could be trusted. Abroad it was different, she could pretend to be a housewife from Bristol or a schoolteacher from London and no one would know any different. So this she did – frequently. If only all those foreign men knew exactly who it was that was so eager to accommodate them in every hole, begging them to do things her ex-husband thought too crude. Getting double penetrated, taking a load of sperm over her face, wrapping her gorgeous breasts around a throbbing cock and working it until spurts of cum dripped down her cleavage – she did all these things and more.

Eighteen months ago, Carol and a non-lesbian girlfriend, Valerie, had picked up a young Austrian hitchhiker whilst they were driving back to Vienna during a weekend break on the continent. Carol was feeling horny as fuck so she had started the flirting and before long it was obvious to the both of them that he was game for a ride. Carol looked into the rearview mirror and catching the hitchhiker's eye, said she was tired and did he mind if she lay down in the back beside him where there was more room. Soon after the car had moved off again, Valerie glanced back and smiled to herself as she saw Carol's hand moving up and down the guy's exposed erect shaft as they kissed each other passionately. With one hand on the wheel, she began to undo the top buttons on her blouse, letting the air rushing in the open side window cool her rising temperature. Most times they targeted men in pairs, but if Valerie was being honest with herself, there was an extra excitement about sharing one man between both of them.

The second time she looked in the rearview, she could see that Carol's skirt was rumpled up and either him or Carol had pulled Carol's panties down until they were stretched alarmingly half way down Carol's parted thighs. The guy had two fingers buried deep in Carol's, by now very well lubricated, vagina and was massaging the area of her exposed clitoris with the knuckle of his thumb. Carol’s fanny juice was coating the boy’s fingers and hand and then dripping out onto the car seat as she raised her hips, wanting to feel his touch deeper inside her. Carol was certainly enjoying getting her cunt played with but it was knowing that Valerie was watching that was turning her on even more. Val could smell the sexual arousal in the confined air of the car and could now feel her own arousal dampening her own panties and found it difficult to concentrate on driving because she was desperate to join them in the back and get her own hot, sticky cunt fucked hard. Carol moaned breathlessly and pumped the guy's cock harder and faster as their passenger spread his two fingers inside her dripping cunt and rubbed the inner walls of her contracting hole. She was very close to cumming at that point so took herself to a very potent climax by leaning down and licking off the small build up of precum which had puddled in the head of his prick. Valerie gasped, slowing her 4x4 to a crawl fearful of losing control as she watched and listened to Carol being finger-fucked by a complete stranger – oblivious to the fact that he had his hand inside the most sought after pussy in England.

Neither Valerie nor Carol spoke any Austrian and the hitchhiker only had a basic grasp of English, but it didn't take too much of a grasp of either language to understand the very aroused hitchhiker was dying to impale either or both of them with his impatiently throbbing cock. Fortunately they were miles from any living soul so Valerie pulled over into a passing place in the narrow alpine road and stopped the car.

As they both got out the car to change places so Carol was in the front and Valerie had taken her place in the back, Carol gestured to Valerie with her palms a good nine inches apart that the guy had a good-sized cock on him and they both licked their lips in appreciation and anticipation.

Carol watched from the front seat after she had finished completely removing her skirt and knickers, leaving her in just her thigh-high hold ups from the waist down. Valerie climbed into the back and positioned herself so the hitchhiker could fuck her from the rear. He could see that Valerie's cunt was open and waiting so he wasted no time in burying his shaft deep inside and, hand on her hips, he screwed her deep and hard until lines of cunt juice were trailing down her inner thighs. Moans of ecstatic delight could be heard coming from the front as Carol looked over enviously, rubbing her pussy lips and clitoris as her best friend had orgasm after orgasm until the hitchhiker collapsed on top of her, pumping copious amounts of his own hot cum inside her.

Carol seized her opportunity! She got out and opened the back door at the hitchhiker's side and edged him out of the way and lay down on the back seat with her head and shoulders between Valerie's spread thighs as Valerie rolled over onto her back panting, and Carol almost came again instantly as she spied the cum-filled treat before her eyes. Valerie got the shock of her life as she felt her best friend's mouth lapping at her overflowing quim. She was shocked that Carol was doing this to her, but more shocked that she actually found it very erotic, creating more tremors in her pussy.

She moaned softly with delight at this new experience of another woman eating her out.

The young Austrian was temporarily forgotten as Carol concentrated on sucking and licking the cocktail of juices of the hitchhiker and Valerie from the latter's dripping pussy. Not that she needed any encouragement, but Valerie pulled Carol's head down until her nose and mouth were buried deep in her new lover's wet fleshly hole, smothering her open mouth with the mixture of male and female love juice. Carol drank willingly. All of Carol's senses were bombarded as she tasted her best friend's previously unexplored love nest, the sound of Valerie squealing loudly in encouragement drove Carol to thrust her tongue even faster and deeper into her lover's hole, driving them both over the edge together into another climax. The scent of Valerie's precious cunt, wet and glistening with her own excitement mingled with the musty smell of the young Austrian's sperm flooded her nostrils, but it was the sight before her that had Carol reaching under herself to plunge three fingers into her own dribbling, roasting-hot cunt; right before her eyes was Valerie's open, inviting pussy — a pussy she'd dreamt of drinking from for a long, long time — and Carol wanked herself deep and hard simply at the sight of those folds of pouting, hot female flesh.

Orgasm followed orgasm for the both of them as they made the most of this new bond between them, Valerie enjoying immensely the sensations radiating from her groin and Carol pleasuring herself at the experience of going down on her long-time friend. The hitchhiker hanging halfway out the open door was forgotten until Carol felt his erect prick fighting for space inside her wet cunt occupied by her own writhing fingers.

"Please, please", pleaded the Austrian, so Carol pulled her fingers out of her pussy, offering the coated digits up to Valerie's mouth for her to taste. With all the work Carol had been doing on her pussy, Valerie was now well past the stage of any thoughts of resistance and, now eager to experience every aspect of fucking other women, gladly took the offered fingers into her mouth, biting them and licking another woman's juice from them.

Fully erect again, the hitchhiker slid his tool easily in and out of Carol's slobbering hole, stretching her and filling her, slipping it in her from behind until his balls were tight against the spread lips of her cunt. It was all too much for Carol, who loudly egged him on to fuck her harder. A massive orgasm burst through her making her shake with lust as he spurted inside her before withdrawing to shoot what was left over her arse cheeks and thighs.

The three of them satisfied and exhausted, they all got in the back and closed the outside world outside and just lay down out of sight, occasionally fondling or fingering each other gently.

The hectic and unexpected session was rounded off when the virile young Austrian came for a third time down Valerie's throat whilst her new lover Carol slept at her side, their legs interlocked as they lay squashed together on the back seat.

The hitchhiker was later dropped off at Vienna's main railway station and Carol and Valerie tried to slip up to their hotel room unnoticed because they knew they looked not too pretty with their hair and makeup a mess, their clothes disheveled and both of them smelling of sweat and sex.

The two of them were soon submerged in the hot tub, naked and alone for the first time they softly stroked, kissed and nibbled every inch of each other's naked body, but mostly they just talked — about how today's events would change both of their lives for ever.

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