tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCounty Music Female Teen Tour Ch. 1

County Music Female Teen Tour Ch. 1


Reader's Note-I never planned on doing a story involving Lila because I have a HUGE respect for her. Plus, I know her. However, she's DAMN FINE and this story was requested. So, here it goes.

* * * * *

Lila McCann was sitting in her dressing room, relaxing before an appearance. She LOVED the stage and her fans are AWESOME,(hint hint,) but she was EXTREMELY tired after a few shows. She was about ready for a nap, when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?


She walked to the door, peeked in the hole, and sure enough it was Jessica Andrews. Lila unlatched the lock and let her in.

"So. WUZ UP?" the upbeat singer laughed.

"Well...whenever I see you I never get much of a chance to say much, and I wanted to tell you that I'm a HUGE fan. I think your music is REALLY GREAT! Especially "Rain of Angels." That song is VERY emotional."

"Thanks. I also LOVE "Who I Am."

"I Will BE is one of my faves, as well. I wish that song became a smash.

"Yeah, me too. Oh, well. What can ya do?"

The brunette looked down. Shyly, she said, "I think your LOVELY, as well."

"AWWW...well, your good looking. Don't sell your self short."

Just the, for no reason, the young star hugged her.

Feeling a bit awkward, but not wanting to look foolish, the blonde returned the favor. As they embraced, the "I Wanna Fall In Love" youngster felt the others tits harden against her own jugs. What is going on? she wondered. And why am I SO turned on?

As Jessica's head came off the star's shoulder. she passionately kissed Miss McCann on the lips. Not friendly, but aggressive.

Secretly, Lila wondered what kissing a girl was like, even some of her female fans seemed to have the hots for the newly-turned 19 year old. However, the young woman didn't imagine she would ever have the lesbian experience. Can't complain too much, she told herself.

Miss Andrews took the initiative and popped her tongue into the optimistic beauty. Then, the other singer guided her hands to the teenager's plump ass. Sure, Neil McCoy said it was big, but not HUGE. Deciding to be naughty, the teen spanked her.


Finally, their kiss broke. "Um, your such a nasty slut."

Completely in shock, but aroused by the gorgeous celebs vulgarity, she spanked her again

SPANK. "You like your ass whacked?"

"OH YEAH." she announced, enthused.

The lovely woman grabbed Lila's wrist and spun her around. With her back towards her, Jessica groped the singer's large breasts. The weren't in a bra, and the brunette could tell her nipples were erect. Lowering her hands, the celebrity traveled down the beauties stomach and found her pussy. Someone's horny."

"OH, YES. FINGER ME." The babe insisted.

Jessica Andrews pushed 2 fingers into the virgin's sex and violently hump her her.


The country star grabbed Lila's hips with her free hand and furiously thumped her with the other. "You like getting finger-fucked?"


With her free hand, the teenager slapped the young women's ass.

"I WAANNT IT." she hissed. "I'M CUUMING." she screamed. Just then, the starlet's orgasm rocked her and rolled down Jessica's hand. "AHHH. Your turn." The newly de-flowered blonde twirled around and placed her hands on the teen's breasts. They certainly aren't as large as Lila's, but they will do. The beauties fingers slowly guided down to Miss Andrews box. In one fast motion, Lila pushed 2 digits in.

"Yeah. I LOOVE YOUR TOUCH. MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR HAND, BITCH." Her hips were violently shaking back and forth. OHH, I FEELS SOOO GOOD. FINGER MY CUNT."

The California resident was humping the singer with furious ecstasy. "NASTY WHORE. You like it?"

"YESSS. I GONNA CUM ALL OVER YOU. HARRDER." Jess growled. "OH, MAN. JUST LIKE THA. UM. I'M CUMMINGGG." she hissed, as a massive amount of sticky filth ran down Lila's hand. "AHHHHH. You better get dressed. Your on in 10 minutes."

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