Courtesan Cop Ch. 01


He sat silently with his lieutenant on the sofa for a moment, both of them lost in thought. Lt. Sheldon was feeling very sorry for the boy Paul to have died that way, now that she really understood his life and work. She also had compassion on little Jeffrey as he sat next to her in his fashionable outfit. She still had lingering doubts that the boy might be must be shaken by such a brutal murder even though he was putting up a very professional front.

Jeffrey was thinking that this could have been the end of his life, were he to have pursued a career as a courtesan, rather than a policeman. His mother had complained that police work could be dangerous. Isn't it strange, he thought, that the safe road isn't always that.

Lt. Sheldon rose from the sofa and held out her hand to help Jeffrey up, which was the gentlewomanly thing to do. He took her hand and rose, looking into her concerned eyes. She said, "Jeffrey, I want you to take the rest of the day off. It's only 9AM, so I want you to go to the Pretoria Spa on the city's account. Just give Caroline my name. Pamper yourself and have a nice day. Then, report to the Captain's office tomorrow morning at 8AM. There is a meeting scheduled and it's important that you be there. Can you do that for me dear?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" said Jeffrey, visibly brightening at the idea of a "spa day". He smiled, "thank you, Lieutenant, that's very kind of you."

She smiled down at him, filled with motherly affection and protectiveness, "You've earned it pretty one, now shoo and have a good time." She smiled and gave him a firm slap on his bottom and he scurried smiling from the crime scene.

He walked down the hallway again through the gauntlet of uniformed policewomen, happily strutting his way between them as they ogled him lewdly. He didn't mind; he was going to the spa!

He took the elevator down and sprinted to a waiting taxi. Hopping in he said, "Pretoria Day Spa, please," to the smiling driver.

The driver chuckled to herself, pleased to have such an attractive young patron. She enjoyed watching him hurry toward her car with his fashionably sheer pouch jiggling so nicely. She wished it had been a longer walk for him. "So, off to the spa, are we? Isn't it sad I can't be off work? Otherwise I'd follow you in, dear."

Jeffrey smiled into the green eyes in the mirror. The woman was in her mid thirties, quite attractive in a big-boned sort of way. He wouldn't have minded her tagging along, but then again, he wasn't as shy as all that. Courtesan school seemed to un-install modesty at the same rate it installed education, but of course he had noticed her stare and of course he had appreciated it. "Well, that's too bad, Ma'am, I was hoping you'd be able to at least sit by the pool for a while..."

She chuckled again and said, "Yeah, right. So why are you in such the rush? You ran into my cab faster than boy's usually do. Did you rob a bank?"

"No," he said, "My boss gave me the day off and said I should go to the spa." He grinned from ear to ear.

"Well, it's always wise to obey your boss, isn't it pretty one?"

Using his sweetest, sexiest, little boy voice, Jeffrey said, "Yes, Ma'am, it's always wise to be a good obedient boy." He smiled coyly into the mirror, using his boyish charms to titillate the pleasant woman.

"Oh, I can see you're a naughty one," she said returning his grin, "I've a mind to pull over and take you across my lap."

Jeffrey put his hand to his lips in surprise, "Oh, my," he said with mock trepidation, "You wouldn't really, would you? I promise I'll be good..."

The driver just laughed loud and hard. Wiping a tear from her eye, she said, "You are a treasure! I can tell from your outfit that you're out of my league, but damned if you're not a saucy boy, and I do like saucy boys if you know what I mean."

"I'm sure I do," he said with a deeper and more seductive voice and darker eyes.

"Stop that!" she chuckled, "You're going to get us into an accident!"

When their mutual laughter had subsided, the driver got back down to business and pulled the cab to the curb. "We've arrived and it's a good thing I'm getting rid of you," she said. "I can see that any further relationship with you would bankrupt me."

Jeffrey smiled and got out, rounding to the driver's side to count the money out of his wallet. He always thought it was a boy's duty to be generous when providing some midmorning viewing pleasure to a nice lady. He paid her, smirking at the fact that she had stared at his pouch without blinking as he'd counted out the money. She said, "Thanks!" when she saw the generous tip, and sped off into the morning light.

Jeffrey turned and walked up the stairs and in the door, under the sign that said "Pretoria Day Spa" with a full statue of the David as their logo. He was so much looking forward to his afternoon off of work. What better way to spend most of the day than to be pampered like a prince?

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