tagRomanceCourtesan Cop Ch. 02

Courtesan Cop Ch. 02


Note: This story is Female-dominant / male-submissive, with some BDSM twist to it. If you don't like that sort of thing, please return to the menu and choose a story you will enjoy! Thanks!! All characters are over 18. This is part of a continuing story, and therefore the plotlines will not have fully resolved by the end of this installment. If you read this part before others have been completed, I thank you in advance for your patience...

I would highly advise you, dear reader, to peruse part one before reading part two -- thanks!

For Linda.


Jeffrey's afternoon at the Spa -- and the advent of Bethany

He walked into the door and saw Caroline, the Spa owner and manager, whose face brightened with glee when she saw him. "Jeffrey!" she said, coming round the counter and giving him a big hug, molding his face into her rather large cleavage. "It's so good to see you!"

She took him by the hand and stood next to him at the counter. "What'll it be today, pretty one? Massage? Wax? Facial?"

"Well, my boss told me I had to spend the day here, on the city's tab, so I was thinking..."

She cut him off. "The City will pay? Really? That's wonderful. I know just what to do with you; I'll sign you in for the Pamper-Fantastic, and I'll make sure Rachel is free for your massage; how's that?"

"That would be great," he said, "My boss is Lt. Sheldon, she said to give her the bill."

"Oh, that's just fine," she said, "I'll mark that down and send her the city's bill to approve." She jotted some notes and checked some boxes on the form and then handed it to a sharp-looking and smiling attendant who looked to be in her mid-twenties. "Jeffrey, this is Bethany. She will take charge of you and see that your spa day is as wonderful for you as possible. As you know, the Pamper-Fantastic treatment includes pool, steam & sauna, massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, wax or laser touch up, and of course a final lotion-rub. Bethany will attend you throughout your visit and keep you on track for all your appointments."

Jeffrey took Bethany's outstretched hand, "Hi, Bethany," he said warmly, noticing the girl's visible excitement.

She said, "Hi, Jeffrey," and held his hand a little longer than necessary, but not inappropriately. "Let me just take the clipboard, and we'll find you a locker and get you started with your Pampering, shall we?"

"Oh, yes please," said Jeffrey, "Lead on and I shall follow."

They said their goodbyes to Caroline at the counter, and Bethany took Jeffrey's arm in hers, which was the ladylike thing to do. "You've been here before, dear?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

"Oh, you don't have to 'ma'am' me," she said, "I'm only 27, and I haven't taken a husband yet. You can just call me Beth."

"Ok, Beth," he said, "Thanks."

Beth happily led him down the hallway, enjoying the envious grins of her coworkers who saw what kind of attractive client she had drawn. They knew from the clipboard she was carrying that she had a wonderful 5 hours before her, all spent with a delicious young boy, very handsome and so well dressed. They each eyed his pouch and wondered exactly what he looked like naked. They all determined to make sure they found themselves in the boy's presence several times during his stay so that they could find out.

Beth led Jeffrey into the locker room and over to the boy's section which was right in the middle of the room. The boy's area had an island of lockers, only single high, whereas the women's lockers were along the walls stacked two-high. The Ladies had an optional enclosed changing area, but the boy's were expected to disrobe in the middle of the room, in full view of any female guest.

There were two women of perhaps fifty, sitting in tennis outfits on benches by their locker. They ceased their conversation so that they could focus on the newcomer, and grinned at each other.

Beth took a key and opened his assigned locker as she said, "Jeffrey, why don't you start undressing and put all your things in here while I go get you a towel."

"Ok, Beth," Jeffrey said, taking off his coat and stepping out of his loafers. The two older ladies gasped at his shoulder holster and big looking gun. Jeffrey removed the shoulder rig, took out the gun and dropped the magazine, then checked the chamber of the weapon, kicking out a bullet and expertly catching it in his hand. He reloaded the magazine and put the gun and holster into the locker.

Next, he removed his shirt, baring his white skin and little pink nipples along with a nice musculature including visible abdominal muscles. The ladies smiled their approval and tried not to lean forward on the bench in anticipation of what would happen next. Jeffrey knew they were watching and couldn't help but take extra time to slip the waistband of his leggings ever so slowly and carefully down to the pouch, revealing the taut expanse of hairless belly just to the top of his shaft.

Then bending over, he slid the leggings to his ankles, revealing his white bottom to his onlookers, and just a hint of dangling pink scrotum between his slightly spread thighs. Standing up, he carefully folded the leggings as the ladies admired his pert young bottom -- no doubt imagining how it would feel as their hands swatted him lovingly over their experienced laps.

Just as he locked his locker and put the elastic key band around his wrist, he turned to see Beth coming toward him holding her clip board and his small towel. The women who owned and ran the spa took satisfaction in segregating towels for ladies and boys. The ladies' towels were large sheets of supple cotton that could wrap all around their bodies from chest to knee. Boys' towels were much smaller squares that wouldn't reach around a boy's waist and so could only be carried in such a way as to cover their genitals, thus leaving male bottoms exposed at all times, and more if the boy had to use the towel.

By turning toward Beth, and standing casually with his hands at his sides, he exposed himself fully to both her and the two ladies, who were now grinning from ear to ear and whispering to each other. Beth's eyes went happily wide for a moment as a smile danced upon her lips, but then she recovered her professionalism quickly and managed to keep her eyes on his face. It was difficult, but as a professional beauty trainer, she knew how to behave properly.

"Jeffrey," she said calmly, "I have your towel, and now I'll take you to the pool." She folded the towel under her arm with the clipboard, and offered him to take her free arm. She couldn't keep a small grin off of her face as he took her offered arm as she escorted him to the pool area. She enjoyed carrying a boy's towel so that he would have to wall naked and jiggling, always a special treat for the ladies in attendance.

The indoor pool was very warm, and there were about a dozen women there, but only a few with husbands or boyfriends. Three women were swimming laps, and the rest were laying or sitting on poolside chaises. All the women had pretty colored one-piece swimming suits on. The 3 boys were of course undressed, as it was not considered seemly for males to have swimming attire. Swimming suits for males didn't even exist in stores. Males were always required to undress for swimming whether in an ocean, lake, river or pool. It was the natural way of things.

Jeffrey, as an unattached male, was very much fair game to any woman. However, their advances would be tempered by the presence of his Beauty Trainer, Beth, in her sharp uniform. It was her job to watch over him so that he could have an enjoyable experience at the spa, free from any all-to-aggressive advances by any of the more lecherous lady clients who might be there.

Jeffrey blushed when he saw that one of the boys, laying on a chaise and being kissed passionately by his Lady, was having an erection as the woman fondled his testes. Beth was smiling and taking in the view -- nothing like an aroused boy to brighten your day, she thought. She then imagined how she'd soon be seeing Jeffrey equally aroused, as his appointments progressed.

She had already seen his properly hairless genitals, all soft and pink and pretty, as they dangled so sweetly between his muscular thighs. His overall size appeared to be must 'medium', but what he lacked in excessive bulk was more than made up for by his truly text-book shape and coloring. Such a perfectly 'pretty' set of penis and testicles she hadn't often seen. And soon she would see how his pretty penis looked erect. She looked forward to his massage with renewed anticipation.

Jeffrey stepped slowly down the steps into the warm water of the pool as the eyes of all the women were on him. He was used to it, and he couldn't help but take his time getting into the water so that they'd all get their eyeful. Women were so predictable, he thought...

He swam a few laps, really stretching out and working his supple muscles. He was always a good swimmer and put on a clinic for his observers, giving them visual lessons in freestyle, butterfly, and the perennial favorite of all females, backstroke. As he made a pass by her, the smiling Beth tapped her watch and shook his towel at him, beckoning him out of the glorious water.

By the time he was coming up the wide stairs out of the shallow end, many of the ladies had amazingly repositioned themselves at the shallow end of the pool to enjoy his emergence. They eagerly watched his slow rise from the warm watery womb of the pool, and enjoyed every sway and wiggle of his bare genitals as the water spilled off of him.

He stood calmly with his feet apart and his arms raised as Beth patted him down with the towel, grinning and enjoying herself as she spent an extra few moments to make sure both his bottom and genitals were especially dry. It was in her job description, of course...

She put the wet towel over her shoulder and took Jeffrey by the arm again, leading the naked boy back into the spa area. Jeffrey received many smiles and 'hello's' from ladies and spa staff as Beth received looks of envy from the same. It was a rare treat for her to have such a lovely young fellow as her charge for the day.

As they approached the steam and sauna area, Beth checked the settings outside the door and said, "Everything looks fine." She opened the door, letting out a rush of steam, and gave him a couple gentle pats on his bottom to shoo him inside. "Don't let all the steam out, pretty one," she said.

Jeffrey scurried in, as though the pats and her admonition were swats and scolding, much to Beth's amusement. She sat down and checked the clock so that the boy would get a nice 15 minutes of steam before moving on to his next pampering venue.

One of Beth's coworkers, and 24 year old blonde beauty over 6' tall sat down beside her. "So Beth, you've got some sweet duty today."

"You don't know the half of it. I've got him most of the day. He's getting the Pamper-Fantastic, so I'm stuck with him for the next 4 or 5 hours. Shame, Candy, it's just a shame." The two women giggled with delight.

"Oh, I'm sure it's just horrible for you. If you need any help, such as if he's too saucy or naughty, you just let me know," the blonde smiled.

"I don't want that pretty white bottom of his all red and sore -- at least not today," said Beth with a giggle, "I know what you'd do to him in the janitor's closet with your little paddle, given half a chance." She smiled at her friend and enjoyed being in the cat-bird's seat for once.

"Well, I'm just saying..." said Candy, "He's the sort of boy that needs a good swat. And by the look of him, it's been a while since that cute bottom was properly warmed. He's unattached, isn't he?" It was a statement not a question.

"Yes, and he packs more than you've seen. When he undressed, he wore a gun. I think he's a policeman."

"They let them have guns now?" said Candy with a sly matriarchal smile, and then she stood up and started back on her way to perform her duties. "All the more reason, Beth," she said over her shoulder, "That he needs to spend some quality time across a woman's lap. You can't let a boy get too uppity..."

Beth smirked. She had certainly thought of it, that's for sure. What woman wouldn't imagine a cute round bottom like Jeffrey's laid across her knees and wiggling with a nice pink glow. But that wasn't a 'service' offered at Pretoria, though she thought she might slip a note on that subject into the suggestion box...

A few minutes later, she opened the door again. "Jeffrey," she called, "Time's up, dear."

She peered into the clearing mist to see Jeffrey hop down from the top row of seats. There were towel-clad women on both sides, just below him, who had turned themselves to look up as they had chatted with the boy. The women's positions had afforded them a marvelous view of his pretty pink genitals, dangling very limp and relaxed in the hot steam as they looked up at his face.

He said his goodbyes to the disappointed matrons, and stepped out of the steam room as Beth closed the door behind him, blocking out the pouting faces of the women inside. Well, they had a nice time, thought Beth. Since Jeffrey's boy-parts were still hanging so soft and delicate looking, she assumed the ladies had had the decency to keep their hands off him. That was good because part of her job was to keep unescorted male patrons free from molestation; at least from the female customers.

She offered the naked boy her arm again and he took it and she lead him to the shower area where he rinsed off. She got a fresh towel from the rack and patted him down again as he stood patiently, feet apart and arms raised. She dried him with extra care below the waist again, and tossed the used towel into the hamper.

"Now, Jeffrey," she said, "I'm going to take you to see Rachel for your massage. You've had Rachel as your masseuse before, haven't you dear?"

"Yes, Beth, she has massaged me about 5 times before." He lowered his eyes, embarrassed, which was a tall order for a courtesan-trained boy, "She's very good, um, with boys..." he murmured.

Beth smiled, "Yes, I've heard that about her." They walked down a long hallway, the sharply uniformed brunette with sparkling grey eyes, and the blue-eyed boy with his bare pink genitals, swaying in a relaxed fashion with each step. Beth smiled to herself, this will be a very enjoyable day, she thought.

They passed through a stone archway, very modern in style, with the word "Release" carved at the top of the arch. This was the massage area exclusively for boys and Rachel was the manager of the 4 therapists who worked in the department. This was perhaps one of the most desirable positions in the entire spa, and every young girl who graduated with a reflexology degree hoped one day she could find employment as a masseuse in the boys' area of a luxury spa. The ability to get her hands on a variety of naked boys every day was the dream of many a college girl.

There were two women at the little counter in the waiting room. One was a younger brown haired girl perhaps 20, and the other was a petite (5'8") blonde in her mid-forties -- Rachel. Rachel beamed and came around the counter, eyeing the naked boy mischievously up and down as she opened her arms and took him in a loving embrace. "My Jeffrey has come to see me again!" she said brightly, "What a pleasure it will be to remove all the tension from your young and manly physique."

Jeffrey smiled in response, "Nice to see you too, Ma'am."

Rachel scowled playfully at the boy, "Don't you 'ma'am' me, mister. You will address me properly as 'Mama', young man." Without waiting for his response, Rachel addressed Beth, "and Bethany, don't you have a lovely charge today? Will you join me in the massage suite, to assist me if I need it?" She smiled and winked over the top of Jeffrey's head as he noticeably tensed in her arms. Rachel stifled a giggle.

"Of course," said the elated Beth, "It would be my pleasure..." she paused to let those words tease the boy. "I am obligated to keep charge of Jeffrey, after all, and see that his experience here at Pretoria is without peer."

"Yes, dear," said Rachel, "I'm glad for your assistance."

Rachel kept her arm around Jeffrey's shoulders and guided him down the hallway as Beth followed close behind. She just couldn't keep a grin off of her face as she eyed the boy's bottom and thought about Candy's suggestion that the boy could benefit from a little bit of disciplinary nurturing. She idly wondered how long it had been since his last spanking...

They came to a door and Rachel opened it and guided Jeffrey inside with her hand on the small of his back. The room was dim and candle-lit. A large massage table was in the center of the intimate room and Jeffrey stood next to it as soft electronic music played in the background.

Rachel said, "Let's have you on the table on your tummy, pretty one, and we'll begin your therapy."

"Yes, Rachel...uh, Mama," he said softly, and he climbed up on the big table a little awkwardly, and then lay down on his belly, adjusting his genitals with his hands to a comfortable position, allowing them to rest between his slightly spread thighs. He closed his eyes with his face in the horse shoe, and let out a deep breath to try to relax. He was a little surprised by Rachel's invitation for Beth to join them. After all, a massage was an intimate thing between a boy and his masseuse. While a boy was expected to show off his body, within the boundaries of fashion and custom, he was not to be 'slutty'. Even the visible arousal of a boy was accepted as 'natural' in most circumstances, but a massage was something different -- the arousal of the boy and the subsequent release of his semen was part of the therapy.

Jeffrey knew that Rachel would relieve all the stresses in his muscles, but being a boy, he would be expected to have an erection by the end of the massage, and it would be relieved of its stiffness as a matter of course. No matter how hard a boy might try to be 'modest', it was the masseuse's duty to arouse the boy and take his semen. Jeffrey hoped such an intimate thing could have been only between him and Rachel, as it had been on previous visits. He decided that, since he had no choice, he would not object to Beth's presence. After all, he would not be thought 'slutty' for having his semen taken during a massage. It was just the normal and natural thing that happens to a boy.

The massage of his back proceeded very well, and he felt tension flowing out of him as Rachel's expert hands soothed and dug and caressed his body. As was usual, the masseuse spent a little extra time working any latent tension out of his bottom, kneading and squeezing in a way that not only relaxed his muscles, but pleased her as well. Usually, a boy would have some redness or light marking on his bottom from recent spanking, and though Jeffrey had none, Rachel still rubbed his cheeks with the usual healing techniques.

He tried not to flex his cheeks in modesty when she spread them, and he quieted any gasps that tried to slip from his lips when her oiled fingers massaged and explored his pink and sensitive cleft. But he couldn't hide his sharp intake of breath when her well oiled finger played circles at his anus, probing and pushing and teasing.

Once she'd had her fun, Rachel told him to roll over. She took a large pillow from a nearby shelf and said, "Legs up, dear." He lifted his legs and she slipped the pillow underneath his knees and settled him into the desired position, spreading his thighs apart on the wide table. She put a small, soft pillow under his head and neck to add support and asked, "Are you comfortable, pretty one?"

"Yes, Mama, thank you," he whispered. His eyes caught Beth, seated very near on a stool and viewing the festivities with peaked interest. He quickly closed his eyes and tried not to imagine her nearness and the look of lusty pleasure in her eyes that all boy's found quite disarming and dangerously attractive.

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