Courtesan Cop Ch. 02


Her face had held genuine care and affection for him and that was a very hard thing for a boy to ignore, let alone wipe from his memory. It was the nature of boys to respond favorably to that look, and the hormones and chemicals coursing through his veins were designed to heighten that vulnerability ten-fold.

Jeffrey knew that he must be quiet. He must not open his eyes and look at Beth's face. He must not fall in love. But just as a person responds to the command, "DO NOT think about a red corvette!" by seeing it clearly in their mind, his attempt not to think of Beth's face didn't work either.

Oh, no, he thought, this cannot happen! I am a Courtesan of the Remy School and I must control my emotions! He played that mantra over and over in his mind, trying to establish the dominance of his training. He truly hoped it was working...

He concentrated on shooting contests at the academy, where he had won medals. He thought of lifting weights and running on the track and then he thought of swimming laps in the pool... Naked. With beautiful Beth's seductive eyes on his naked body... Damn it!!! NO! NO! NO!

His concentration was broken, as Rachel had finished expressing the last drop of semen from his now-flaccid and sensitive penis. She was wiping spilt semen from the head of his penis with her finger, as gently as she could. She laid his soft shaft, still distended and feeling a bit numb, carefully upon is thigh and began wiping his messy scrotum and tummy with a warm wet cloth.

"All done, sweetness," she whispered, "Just lie still as I clean up your big boy-mess. You ejaculated very well today, dear, and I am most pleased to have given you a very satisfying release."

"Thank you, Rachel," he said in a small soft voice, wishing Beth would leave the room and his life forever. But the young woman was still caressing his chest and face. It felt so good to be comforted by her. He could smell the scent of her skin and feel the softness of her caring caress. Damn it.

Beth had been eyeing the dollop of liquefying semen she had let lay upon the back of her hand. Seeing it was in danger of dripping off, she carefully raised her hand to her mouth and licked up the small deposit, rolling it on her tongue to savor every nuance of his flavor. Mmm, she thought, what a nice little gift. And if I were to court this boy, I would be entitled to as much of his semen as I could take from him. Wouldn't that be nice?

Having cleaned him up thoroughly, removing all evidence of his beautiful spurts, Rachel was pleased with herself. She noted how Bethany was looking at the boy, and she knew exactly why the girl had put the back of her hand to her mouth. Uh-oh, Rachel thought with satisfaction, I detect a budding romance. Good luck little girl, I don't think you know what you have here, lying so compliant on my table. If you pursue this one, you may find he's more than any one woman can handle...

Rachel hid a grin and said, "I'll leave you to him, Bethany, and you can bring him out anytime you're ready. I don't have need of this room again for a half hour." She grabbed all the soiled towels and left the room, softly closing the door.

Jeffrey took several deep breaths, and satisfied that he had calmed himself successfully, opened his eyes and sat up. He softly said, "Bye, Rachel, and thanks once again." Courtesan or not, he still couldn't shake the undertone of intimacy and embarrassment that a boy always felt after 'genital therapy'.

Having an ejaculation for a woman was a very personal and intimate thing, and a boy couldn't help but make a complete fool of himself when he was spurting. It always made him feel embarrassed to have been seen in such a state of wanton arousal, having abandoned all comportment and surrendered to the pleasure Rachel gave him in order to take his semen.

When a woman takes a boy's semen, he no longer has any secrets. He has displayed himself inside and out and the woman now knows more of him than before, and he is undone before her from that day forth.

He knew that these feelings would pass soon, and he also knew that such feelings were common to all boys. While boys could feel like they had been slutty or immodest when they were writhing and moaning during ejaculation, the women always seemed to think it was cute and adorable and nothing a boy need feel ashamed of. Thank goodness for their delusions, he thought.

He finally looked at the smiling Beth. She was looking at him and just brimming with a gleeful expression on her face. She said, "Welcome back to reality, pretty one. Are you ready for me to take you to your next appointment?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said rather formally, causing at least some of Beth's happy smile to be tempered with concern.

She wondered why he didn't call her 'Beth' as she had instructed him to do. Was he pushing her away? She decided that the boy was merely embarrassed at sharing himself so intimately with her as he surrendered to Rachel's prowess as a masturbatrix. It must be hard for a boy, she thought, to be so intimately exposed, both physically and emotionally, during his ejaculation. That was it, she thought, he was just feeling a bit more 'naked' than usual -- inside as well as out.

She took him by the hand and led the naked boy out of the room and down the hallway. Jeffrey noted immediately that she had forgone the protective posture of putting her arm in his, and instead had taken him by the hand with interlocked fingers, in a more possessive posture. He would have to watch her body language carefully if her were to successfully fend off her advances.

He wished that Rachel hadn't made him cum so hard that he completely lost himself in Beth's eyes, but alas, Rachel's job was to milk a boy to within an inch of his life. And so she had...

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