Courtesan Cop Ch. 03


Jeffrey had a dilemma. He was, in fact, a licensed Courtesan, though he had never practiced the gentle arts, and was instead employed as a policeman. Upon his graduation from the Remy School, he was licensed as a Courtesan and since the license only expired upon death, he could not undo it. This was not something for a boy in his position to easily explain. The word 'rare' wouldn't even come close to describing his situation.

Because of Jeffrey's hesitation, Bethany believed she had made an impetuous mistake. She had rushed to mark and court the boy before she knew the whole of his history. As every silent second ticked by, she became more fearful. She felt a wave of nausea as the terror of having humiliated herself so horribly washed through her. She had moved too fast, and now she would pay the price of her stupidity. She looked at her intended conquest with a desperate plea for help in her eyes -- please don't humiliate me like this...

Caroline, the owner of Pretoria, knew the facts of Jeffrey's background and he glanced at her -- his pale face begging for her intervention. Caroline shook her head at the confused situation and looked at the Elderwoman, still standing proud in Witness. Caroline raised her hand, beckoning to her.

Caroline and the Elderwoman began walking forward toward each other with solemn faces as Bethany watched them. New horror began to creep into Beth's pretty face as she realized that not only had her boy had not responded, but the Witness was being hailed to confer with another woman -- her boss! She thought, how could this embarrassment get any worse? And as she watched and waited, she was sure it would get worse; much worse.

Jeffrey felt sorry for Beth and whispered, "Trust me", to try to keep her from breaking out into unnecessary tears of shame.

Caroline and the Elderwoman, Melissa, stood close. Caroline whispered for a moment in Melissa's ear, causing her face to at first scowl, but then become relieved with a smile that only the most mature and experienced among women can smile. It was the smile that said, 'I thought I'd heard everything, but now having heard it, I'm still not surprised.'

Melissa whispered something to Caroline, who then stifled a giggle turning it into a cough. The women parted and Melissa returned to her post where she had previously stood as Witness.

"I am Melissa Swisshelm, of 68 years and I bring news of facts so that there shall be no rumor, nor words against honor, spoken by all women everywhere!" Her proud voice rang out the prescribed formula of speech in the large room amidst total silence. She looked around the room, making sure that she had the full attention of "all women" as she had used a very uncommon piece of the formula of the Ritual, created for a purpose just like this. This statement was designed so that the women who were about to hear something uncommon, would not react to dishonor the suitor until they had heard it all. This was a wise idea of The Matrons, and very suitable for this day.

"I tell all women everywhere that Jeffrey Mason graduated with honor from the Remy Docault School of Courtesans, and was licensed as a Courtesan upon his 18th birthday." Beth's eyes were like saucers, and her face was going pale despite the fact that the preamble to Melissa's statement guaranteed safe news. Jeffrey feared she might faint from shame and squeezed her hands tightly to help her hold it together.

"I also tell all women everywhere that this boy has never practiced the gentle arts, nor accepted monies in exchange for his charms. He enrolled in the police academy, became a police officer, and was recently promoted to Detective -- the youngest male detective in the City's history!"

Beth was in shock. The worst possible news of her foolishness and subsequent humiliation had vanished. She now had heard the best possible news -- her boy, whom she was about to court -- was a trained courtesan. All women everywhere would be completely jealous of her great fortune! She threw her head back and whooped with joy as all the women in the room broke into cheers and applause before calming back down to await Jeffrey's answer.

Beth looked down into Jeffrey's pretty blue eyes, ecstatic that his honor, and hers, was still intact, and that she had been spared a scarring shame from which she might never have fully recovered. She whispered, "I do trust you," and smiled.

Jeffrey felt his heart melt a little. It was so difficult to keep it properly iced, he thought, when this bright young and attractive woman didn't just want to date him. She wanted to Court him -- old school. The romantic strings of his heart were being expertly pulled, and he knew it. But despite himself, he was warming to the idea.

He knew his complicated life was about to get far more complicated. He would have a Mistress. He would wear her mark around his ankle for the duration of her 90-day exclusive Courting privileges. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He wondered what effect this would have on his work as a police detective, particularly regarding the case of the murdered courtesan, Paul. He pushed the problems of tomorrow out of him mind, for just a moment.

And in his loudest voice, he said, "I do open myself, heart, mind, and body, to your courting!" He had completed his small part of the Ritual and was relieved to see the true happiness on the face of Bethany Remington. Jeffrey Remington, he thought, that had a nice ring to it. But then he caught himself, wait a minute, I've never thought to be taken as husband... Of course, he had never thought to find himself being marked and courted either...

The Elderwoman, Melissa, spoke again. "I, Melissa Swisshelm, do witness the Ritual of Courtship; Asked, Marked, and Answered. Let all women everywhere recognize the exclusive rights of Bethany Remington to court Jeffrey Mason for the time period prescribed by law."

Now the house exploded with whooping, back-slapping, and romantically teary-eyed women, congratulating Beth and each other on the exciting and suspense filled Courtship Ritual they had just witnessed. Many women gave Jeffrey a chaste kiss on the cheek and a one-armed hug around his shoulders, being careful not to seem sexually interested in him.

Jeffrey was in a daze. Events had spun so completely out of his control that he didn't know what to do with himself. He had to go home. He had to go to work tomorrow. He was a courtesan. He was a detective. And he was now marked and courted.

He never had, in his wildest dreams, thought that he would say these 4 words. "I have a Mistress", he whispered, and felt a chill of fear run down his spine at the same time as a warm feeling of exultation brewed in his tummy.

Looking down at his right ankle he knew that, above all other things, he was now the exclusive courtship possession of a woman he had just met. Certainly Beth was a great woman, very honorable to have gone the 'old-school' route in her pursuit of him. That she had done so was an honor to him, too, and he appreciated that as any boy would.

But his life didn't include being courted, falling in love, and being made husband. No matter if the woman was wonderful. It simply was not the plan. At the same time, he had to fight hard not to tear up due the complete overload of romance that had just taken place like a whirlwind with him in the eye of the storm. He couldn't help but struggle with the warm feelings of contentment a boy is subject to when a woman makes her pursuit of him so public and serious.

He was quite the center of attention; the object of romantic interest; the prize to be won and possessed. It was quite an exciting position to be in, he had to admit, and he was trying not to blush.

But as Beth hugged him to her in triumph, enjoying the successful first stage of her conquest, Jeffrey couldn't fight the mounting emotions any more. He softly began to cry. His tears ran down his face and into Beth's cleavage. She noticed the wetness and picked his head up to look into his teary eyes. She smiled warmly before clutching his head to her bosom again with joy.

After she held and rocked her sniffling boy for several minutes, the festivities faded and all the witnesses had gone back to their previous positions and tasks. Beth took Jeffrey by the hand and led him toward her car in the building's underground parking lot. She thought it was so cute and romantic as he continually wiped his eyes and sniffed, trying to regain his composure.

Beth said, "I'll take you home now, pretty one."

He looked up into her wise grey eyes and nodded. "Yes, Mistress," he whispered.

Bethany Remington's chest filled with pride and affection for the boy. He was a keeper, she thought. Already she was planning the many things she would do to prove to him that she, above all other women, could take care of him the way he needed to be taken care of. She knew he was not really aware of his true needs, and she was the woman who would show him what he had missed all his life...

She put him in the passenger seat and buckled him in. She paused to wipe a tear from his cheek with the back of her fingers. She smiled lovingly and looked into his wet eyes. "Don't be afraid, pretty one, I will be very gentle with you. You will see that you have nothing to fear with me."

He nodded, and Beth closed the door and walked to the driver's side, her feet never touching the ground. As she drove, following his directions to his apartment building, she took his hand in hers to hold him. Somehow, she couldn't bear the thought of letting him go, even for a moment. The clock was ticking, after all, and the Courtship period certainly didn't last forever. She had to start right away to give him a taste of the life she could offer him.

"Jeffrey, I've decided it would be best for me to stay at your place tonight. We'll drop by my place and I'll grab a few things. It'll just take a moment."

Jeffrey looked up at her, his eyes still dazed from the shock and suddenness of it all, but he knew the rules of courtship and simply nodded his head. Immediately his mind began to tour his apartment, wondering if he had left anything unkempt that would show he was not a good housekeeper. Immediately after that he reminded himself that marriage was not his goal and so why would he care if his apartment was a mess? But he did care, and that's what worried him.

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