tagRomanceCourtesan Cop Ch. 04

Courtesan Cop Ch. 04


Note: This story is Female-dominant / male-submissive, with some BDSM twist to it. If you don't like that sort of thing, please return to the menu and choose a story you will enjoy! Thanks!! All characters are over 18.

Chapter 04

Bethany begins her Courting, and they have a discussion

Beth made her quick stop by her apartment, grabbed a toothbrush, some make up supplies, a clean pair of panties and some clothes for the next day, which was her day off at the spa. Jeffrey's apartment turned out to be only a couple miles from hers, so they quickly arrived and Beth parked in one of the visitor spaces and hopped out.

Beth grabbed her bag with all her stuff, and took Jeffrey's hand as they waited for the elevator. She looked at the object of her romantic pursuits and he seemed much more timid than ever before. He looked absolutely adorable in his tight little leggings and manly leather jacket. And he packed a gun, which was just so dangerous... My little policeman, she thought with a smile.

Jeffrey was still dazed with all that had gone on this day, since he was awakened by the phone call from Police Plaza. He needed time to think, and to be alone and sort things out. But it seemed that would not be in the cards, since he now had a Mistress and she had invited herself for a sleep over. He wondered if it had ever occurred to her that he was a virgin.

Very few women knew the inside of the Courtesan industry, and that a Courtesan's biggest paycheck was on the day he lost his virginity. It was a small but enormously lucrative market. One of the reasons a boy began work in one of the Houses, was because only in a Courtesan House would the marketing of his virginity be handled to maximize revenue. Even though the House took their percentage, a Courtesan could easily earn two or even three years income in one night with a woman of means.

Jeffrey had chosen not to get that paycheck before he went into the Police Academy because if he had, he would have been contracted to the House for the usual 3 year period. He'd have earned a very good living in those three years such that a boy could greatly add to his savings on top of his 'virgin money', but Jeffrey didn't want to wait to fulfill his dream of being a police officer, and so had never entered a house.

He had also never allowed himself to attract a Suitor, as had now happened to him anyway in a completely unexpected way. It was a great waste were he to give his virginity to Beth, regardless of the fact that she was a wonderful woman. He could buy his apartment for cash if he sold himself in a House. But to do so now would be to betray the honor of his suitor, Beth.

"Ugh, this gets more complicated the longer I think about it," he mumbled to himself.

"What was that dear?" said Beth.

"Oh, nothing," he said, "I was just thinking out loud..."

"What about, honey?" she asked in a helpful and supportive tone.

The Elevator door opened and some people got off. It was his neighbor Sheryl Kincaid and her husband Sean. Sheryl was a tall blue-eyed blonde in her mid-forties; Sean had black hair and brown eyes and was about 35. They smiled as one, and Sheryl said, "Hi, Jeffrey." She looked at Beth and back to Jeffrey, then her eyes flowed down his body to his ankle chain and her face went white as a sheet.

Sheryl stuttered, "Well, are you going to introduce me?"

Jeffrey was completely unprepared for this. He'd hoped he could get in and out of his apartment without running into anyone he knew, because he had no idea what to say.

"Well," Jeffrey said, "This is my Suitor, Bethany Remington. Ms. Remington, this is Ms. Sheryl Kincaid and her husband Msr. Sean Kincaid."

Sheryl's eyes went wide in shock. "Suitor? Well halleluiah, it seems our Jeffrey is finally on a leash. I'm very glad to meet you Bethany," said Sheryl, holding out her hand.

"And I'm glad to meet you too," said Beth as she took Sheryl's hand in greeting, "and hello to you too, Sean."

The Kincaids smiled and nodded. Sean looked at Jeffrey with a question in his eyes and Jeffrey shrugged and looked as confused as he really was. Sean was still grinning at him when Sheryl took his hand and began to drag him away.

"They seemed nice," said Beth, "are they your neighbors?"

"Yes, Mistress," said Jeffrey as he pushed the button for the tenth floor. As they rode the car up to Jeffrey's floor, he began to fill Beth in on some of the facts of his life. "The Kincaids live next door in a big corner duplex, along with Sheryl's consort Steven and her daughter Rene'. Steven is only 22, and Rene' just turned 17 last week. They are a very nice family, though you may be breaking Rene's heart since I've been trying to avoid her advances since I moved in. Obviously, I'm much too old for her, but I've tried to be civil. Sheryl owns a Mortgage company, and she's quite traditional."

"Ah, the complications of your life begin to unfold," said Beth with humor in her voice, "I hope to make your life simpler, not more complex, dear."

"I know, but we're going to have to talk. And I think whiskey would be appropriate. You need to know a lot more about me before you press your suit." Jeffrey was trying to be polite, but an edge of panic was beginning to set in as the dazedness of his latest adventure was beginning to wear off. "I am a Courtesan, and a Police Detective, and I have a life. Or at least I'm trying to build one..."

Beth gently put her hands on his shoulders and stood in front of him until he looked up into her eyes. "There's plenty I don't know, Jeffrey, and I want to hear it all. Most of all, I want you to understand something about me. I may have begun our relationship with the Courting Ritual, which in your mind might place me in the 'ultra-conservative' category, but I'm really just a big romantic. I don't want to break you, or destroy your life, or ruin your dreams. I want to learn about your dreams and support them. I am a very liberal woman and would have no problem with a husband who had a full career as a police officer. If you'll just talk to me, you may find out that you like the way I see things."

"Ok, fair enough," said Jeffrey, feeling better already. "I'll give it to you straight, and you can see what you can or cannot handle about me. But I'll tell you up front, I've never even considered that I would marry."

The elevator door opened and they stepped out into the hallway.

"Well then," said Beth with a warm but determined voice, "It is my job to convince you that it would be a very good idea for you to marry me, or we shall part ways." She held out her hand to shake, "Deal?"

Jeffrey smiled and said, "Deal," and shook her hand.

They took a few paces down the hall to Jeffrey's door, and he passed his identity card over the scanner, unlocking the door. They stepped into his apartment and Beth stood in the entryway, looking into the rooms with great interest. You could tell a lot about a boy from the way he lived -- especially if the boy lived alone. Her eyes scanned the living room; neat and tidy. She looked into the bedroom and saw that the queen-sized bed was unmade -- but just on one side. That was kind of cute, she thought, the bed was definitely out of balance but she hoped to remedy that soon.

Jeffrey moved into his space, smoothly depositing the key and contents of his pockets into a glass bowl on the entryway table, and slipping off his jacket which he dropped onto a chair in the living room.

The apartment consisted of a kitchenette with a little table and two chairs, a living room with two stuffed chairs, a sofa, coffee table, bookcase, and a TV on the wall, a half bathroom, and the bedroom. It was a 'studio' apartment, the smallest kind in the building and very suitable for a single person. Beth liked how manly it looked, fairly Spartan and simple. He wasn't a packrat, and that pleased her.

She looked at the bookcase and saw a mixture of classics, criminology textbooks, and shockingly, romance novels. How interesting, she thought, that the Courtesan with the cool exterior had a soft heart for romance. She smiled to herself that her choice of 'old school' Courtship was a good play after all.

Before Jeffrey could say anything, she whisked into the bedroom, deposited her bag on the dresser and flopped into a sitting position on the bed to see how comfy it was. She decided it would do. She looked up and smiled at the boy as he stood in the doorway, with a wary look.

Beth said, "Don't worry Jeffrey; I'm not planning to bed you at this moment. I'm just having fun checking out how you live. I'm learning lots of interesting things about you already."

Jeffrey looked sheepish and said, "Ok, I guess. It's not like I can stop you, apparently." He started unbuttoning his shirt, "I'm exhausted. How about I change and then get us some drinks and we can sit in the living room and talk."

"Sounds great to me, honey, I'll get out of your way." Beth hopped up off the bed and slid past him into the living room and seated herself on the sofa to wait for him.

Jeffrey undressed quickly, and tried to decide what to wear. The sun was going down, and he was tired. He really wanted to get into his flannel pajamas. On the other hand, he was entertaining a lady, and flannel pajamas were just frumpy and ugly. Vanity won out and he came out of the bedroom moments later wearing fashionable bedtime attire -- a sheer white thong with a sheer nightshirt over it.

He couldn't help but smile when Beth looked at him with pleasure and a little bit of lustiness in her eyes. No matter how he tried to deny it, that was the look a boy wanted to see when he dressed a little bit sexy, and it pleased him that she liked what she saw even though they had already spent hours together with him completely undressed.

Beth smiled and patted the couch next to her, "I've reserved a comfy spot for you, dear," she said warmly.

"Just a minute," said Jeffrey, "Let me get us a couple drinks so we can get down to business."

"I like the sound of that," said Beth with a wicked smirk. "But I know what you meant, and there will be plenty of time for making out later..."

Jeffrey blushed. My, this woman is incorrigible, he thought. "Yes, uh, right," he muttered with a little embarrassment. He fixed two stiff Maker's Marks on ice and set them on the coffee table -- on coasters -- which again pleased Beth. He sat down where she patted, and Beth snuggled up to him with her arm around his shoulders.

She sipped her whiskey, "Nice," she said, "Now then, dear, I think you have some things you want to say to me."

"Yes, Mistress," he said.

Beth just couldn't stop herself from smiling, I do like the sound of that, she thought. "Say on, Beloved," she proclaimed.

Jeffrey settled into the warmth and comfort of her embrace, and began to tell her all the things he thought were most important for her to know...

His grandfather was a Courtesan whom his grandmother had taken to husband later in his career. Jeffrey's mother had always wanted him to follow in her father's footsteps and had enrolled him in Remy-Docault. He had always wanted to be a policeman, and had rebelled upon his licensure as a Courtesan and become an officer.

He told her that he was a virgin and why. This was a completely unexpected surprise to Beth, but she grew in respect for him. She understood the dilemma of basically pissing away a small fortune if she were to be the one to take his virginity. She told him she would think on this.

He told her of the Case of the Murdered Courtesan, Paul Fields, and that he had a meeting in the morning. He had already thought about it and suspected that he'd be on that case for a while, and perhaps even go under cover.

His dreams were to be a career police detective, and one day be the Captain at Police Plaza. He told her about saving ADA Murphy from kidnapping, to which Beth had replied, - "so you're the one" -- just like everyone else who had seen the news on TV but had not seen his face.

He told her a million other things, big and small and she patiently listened and only spoke with an occasional interested question.

In the end, Jeffrey was impressed that she didn't once judge anything, express and opinion, nor did she correct one of his. All of her questions were for clarity of understanding only, and it was clear that she was not only interested in everything he said, but that she seemed quite accepting, even of the sticky parts.

When Jeffrey had paused sufficiently, Beth asked, "Is that what you want to tell me for now?"

"Yes, I think that covers it, at least for now."

"Very well then," said Beth, "I didn't hear a single thing that changes my mind about you. Quite the contrary -- everything you've said just makes me think you are an even more outstanding catch." She sipped her whisky and gave him a chance to say something, but he didn't.

She said, "Alright, are you comfortable letting me talk for a while?"

"Yes, absolutely," said Jeffrey.

"Then I want to move a little bit. I'd like to have you lay down with your head in my lap and let me comfort you while you listen. Would that be ok?"

"Sure," said Jeffrey, smiling.

They jostled for position, chuckling at their awkwardness together, but finally Beth got him where she wanted him with his head cradled in her arm, against the arm of the couch, and his shoulders in her lap.

"Are you comfortable honey?"

"Yes, thank you," said Jeffrey.

Beth had an overwhelming desire to share an intimacy with him, and began to unbutton her shirt as she smiled down at his cherubic face. "You wouldn't mind if I gave you a breast, would you dear?" she asked.

"Not at all, Mistress, thank you," Jeffrey said.

She unhooked her bra and pushed her shirt aside to reveal a creamy white globe of soft warmth, topped with a nice silver-dollar sized areola of light brown and a pert button of nipple. She held her breast to his lips and wiggled to position herself to properly offer the boy to suckle. Jeffrey accepted the offer with gentleness and gratitude, drawing the warm brown flesh into his mouth as she nestled his face in the soft pillow of comfort that only a woman could provide a boy.

Jeffrey began to suckle gently and respectfully, lapping softly with a relaxed tongue. It pleased Bethany Remington that the boy seemed so content in her embrace, and his mouth felt good on her nipple. She rocked ever so slightly as she held his head to her, and though his mouth on her breast was arousing, she knew this was a time for nurture and love and comfort, not a time for sex.

She started to tell him what she thought of his life, and how she hoped to fit into it like a hand in a glove.

She told him she was delighted that he was a Courtesan, and was aroused just at the thought of enjoying some of his special charms. She said she understood about his virginity, and would not take it unless he asked her to. Instead, she allowed as how he might be able to sell his virginity to a House without any contract of any term. After all, she mused, he was a famous hero detective and that celebrity ought to bring a higher price and prestige to the house who would arrange his deflowering, such that their profit could be enormous and his fee could still be larger than average. This would of course have to happen before their official engagement, but if he chose this road, he had her permission.

She said he should think about this, and she would respect his virginity until he had made his decision, and she would support whatever decision he made. But that didn't mean they couldn't enjoy each other's bodies in the meantime, while he remained a virgin. Beyond that, she wasn't sure she'd want or need a consort in their future together. She'd prefer to have a husband be enough for her at home. If they married, she would of course require him to be faithful to her and pledged that she would keep him flowing well at home so that he would be too exhausted to mess around. And when she needed a little variety, she would see to it that her dalliances, if any, were satisfied far from home.

Secondly, she would be perfectly content to have her husband be a police detective. She was ready and willing to support his career, even if she had to hire someone to do some housework since she expected him to work long hours. All she wanted was for him to leave work and work and be hers when he was home.

She felt that what she had offered him should be enough to allay his fears, and asked if there were any other issue he'd like to address.

Jeffrey gently took his lips from her nipple and said, "No, Mistress," and immediately went back to her breast with renewed gusto. He began to suckle more vigorously and lapped more urgently at her erect nipple, turning a comforting suck at her breast into the beginnings of foreplay.

Beth responded to his new techniques with the happiness only a woman can feel when her boy opens the door to her pleasure. "Mmmm... Jeffrey, that's very nice..." She caressed the side of his face with her free hand as she enjoyed his attentions and felt herself moistening.

"You know, dear, I have another breast that isn't getting any attention..." she cooed.

"Yes, Mistress," he said with a smile, sliding down and repositioning himself to accept her other nipple, which was fully erect and eager for his lips and tongue.

"Ahhh..." said Beth, as Jeffrey set to pleasing her fresh nipple. "You're such a naughty boy, making your Mistress wet her panties. I'll give you 20 minutes to stop that, Jeffrey," she said grinning.

He disengaged enough to speak, "Oh Mistress," he whispered, "I'm so sorry. I'll just have to clean up any moisture that I cause, please let me know when you wish me to take care of that problem." Immediately, his mouth was back on her breast, pleasuring her nipple fiercely.

She hugged him to her breast, "You're quite the naughty little Courtesan, my darling, and you're definitely going to have to take care of my problem right away. Up with you and help me get these slacks and wet panties off!"

Jeffrey quickly had her pants laid across the chair on top of his jacket, and a moment later her panties were dangling off of one ankle as he knelt between her thighs with her legs over his shoulders. He grinned the dark grin and boys have when they're determined that their Mistress will cum again and again, and he dove between her white flesh to demonstrate his affectionate talents between her thighs.

He began to slowly and methodically devour the soft pink folds of her womanhood, keeping her desire for more just ahead of his progress. It's always best err on the side of procrastination to keep a woman's arousal building mightily. Either she was naturally horny, even for a woman, or this Vixen had been hiding her arousal for quite some time, since he almost couldn't keep her from climbing the mountain to orgasm too fast. He wanted her to be excited to the edge, and to hold her there, teasing. If he let her come too quickly, her first orgasm would be less intense. He definitely wanted to have his Mistress shaking and screaming so that the entire floor would hear of her satisfaction and his skills.

Beth was moaning and writhing, bucking her hips against the onslaught of his tongue. "Oh, god...Jeffrey, oooooohhhhh yes! Yes!! YES!!!" He couldn't hold her back any longer, so he had no choice but to give her everything he had. He slipped a finger into her vagina and rubbed her G-spot and he flicked his tongue against the erect nub of her clitoris. With another finger, he probed gently at her anus, just pushing and circling without actually seeking entry. That was well more than enough.

"Oooohhhh gooooodddddd," Beth cried out as her head shook from side to side. Her body wracked with the throes of Orgasm as she struggled to ride the crashing waves of intense pleasure that overwhelmed her. He kept up his lovemaking and believed she had peaked four times in rapid succession before beginning a slow descent with many small bumps and hills. He became gentler as he helped down the mountainside, while making sure she bucked again and again at the outcroppings of pleasure that continually surprised her slow tumble down the last few hillocks.

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