Courtesan Cop Ch. 05


"Whatever you want, Mistress," said Jeffrey.

She smiled, "Always a very good answer, Jeffrey. I can get used to hearing you say that, sweetheart." She took him into her mouth again and started rubbing and sucking with a purpose, quickly causing the boy to begin to writhe in pleasure under her and gasp as she hummed happily to herself.

Bethany was not without skill born of experience, particularly from all the hours 'helping' with the delicious Locksmoore swim team. It didn't take her long to bring her Jeffrey to the panting, moaning, wiggling precipice of climax that a girl just couldn't help but love to see.

From her vantage point, she could watch his face and his whole upper body. She loved how helpless and vulnerable he looked with his mouth open as he panted and sighed, and she thought the way his hands were gripping the pillow for dear life was just adorable.

She bore down on him, increasing her suction and speed of her strokes and was rewarded with a loud moan, so exquisitely male, as his whole body shook and tensed just before the release of his first spurt of semen into her greedily sucking mouth.

There it was, a nice big spurt of his fresh warm offering shot into her throat. She swallowed quickly and kept at it, making him spurt again and again, draining him as best she could. When his body finally fell back exhausted, she gently removed her mouth and smiled at him as she licked her lips in satisfaction.

His eyes were nearly closed, but looking at her. She made a show of swallowing and said, "You are yummy, dear boy, thanks for the breakfast snack."

"You're welcome," he whispered sleepily, "and thank you for the...wake up call."

Beth smiled and happily spent a few moments stroking his softening penis from base to tip, drawing little drops of additional semen up to make cute little pearls for her to gently dab with her soft tongue. She was quite pleased with herself for both her ability to make him come for her so quickly, and also for the amount of semen he had produced. He had given her a nice come, and that was very satisfying for any girl.

Beth always felt proud when she could make a boy come hard. It was a confirmation of her skills as a lover and as a woman. It made her feel great satisfaction to give a boy pleasure and take the reward of the semen he offered, and it was especially good to take a boy by surprise and force him to ejaculate quickly. A woman's natural dominance was always reinforced when she took a boy's semen quickly and easily.

Another nice thing about boys was that they were almost always easy, she thought as she smiled to herself.

And now, as a practical woman, she needed to keep the day moving along. She said, "I know you'd like to roll over and sleep, pretty one, but that's not in the cards. Now you sit up and let me feed you breakfast, and then it's into the shower for you and then off to work."

"Yes, Mistress," he said, smiling and sitting up against the pillows.

Beth happily picked up the plate and swatted Jeffrey's hands away as he reached to take it. "Hands at your sides like a good boy," she said, "I'm going to feed my Beau his breakfast on our first morning together. So you just sit back and let your Mistress take care of you."

"Yes, Mistress," he said, a little bit amazed at her willingness to be so... well... wonderful to him. He dutifully opened his mouth each time she brought a fork laden with eggs or bacon toward him, having a hard time suppressing a grin while doing so. It was a new and delightful experience for him, and he just couldn't get over the warm feelings her care of him created in his heart.

Those were dangerous feelings, he reminded himself. It was one thing for a Courtesan to allow himself to be so thoroughly drained by a woman's aggressive morning behaviors, and even to enjoy the unique experience of being hand-fed. But to allow those warm feelings of being loved and cared for – well, those were not the kinds of feelings that a Courtesan allowed himself to have.

But Jeffrey set those thoughts out of his mind and began to think about the big meeting he had been told to attend this morning in the Captain's office. He wondered again what was in store for him...

Less than an hour later, Beth kissed Jeffrey and sent him on his way, smiling proudly that her boy was off at the appropriate time as she shooed him out the door. Boys needed a woman's guiding hand to keep them on task, she thought. Beth was a stickler for promptness, and no household of hers would be lazy or late anywhere. She was actually surprised that he'd managed to hold down a job without a woman to keep him on schedule.

Now, to see to a few changes in his apartment, she thought. It was a little sparse for her tastes. She would drive to her apartment and pick up a few things to make his apartment more livable...

She was excited to have the time to live with her Jeffrey during the courting period, and she was determined to win his love, no matter what the cost.

There was a cab strike on.

Jeffrey realized this when he hit the street and could find no taxi - that's when he remembered the news report the previous night. Damn it. He'd have to take the subway across town. And he was formally dressed.

If he'd had it to do over again, he'd have argued about how Beth had insisted he dress for the big meeting with the brass that morning. Beth had insisted that he step up his wardrobe and dress 'formally'. That meant a nicer shirt and tie, a silk jacket, and formal leggings with a foundation garment.

Now he would have to ride a crowded train in formal wear. It would be grueling, he was sure.

As he walked to the two blocks to the nearest station, he felt self-conscious about his clothes, and that was unusual. The formal leggings and the foundation briefs were meant for formal occasions, like dinners, theater, weddings, etc. Beth had insisted since he would be meeting with the captain and who knows who else, that he dress his very best.

Slave to fashion that any Courtesan was, Jeffrey had a full set of foundation briefs. They were male underwear that had not only an elastic opening in the crotch through which the genitals would hang naked, but also had a stiff tongue of sorts underneath to push the genitals up and outward, to present them more clearly. The television ads - all aimed at the Mistresses of the house - insisted that any male would look his best in these garments as they would "lift and present" the boy's charms delightfully.

The 'formal' leggings were woven of the usual thing and clingy fabric, though somehow more expensively, and the key feature was the genital pouch. Somehow, the fabric of the pouch integrated in 'formal' leggings was somehow more thin and sheer and clingy than seemed possible. The 'formal' pouch made every detail of a male's shape, size, and even hints of color clearly visible.

It was almost like merely painting a boy's genitals, and was the most revealing garment made for males, as it was the closest thing to being naked. The upside was that 'formal wear' always got appreciative ogling from the females, and at least that was something.

The problem Jeffrey dreaded, as he walked down the stairs into the subway station, was that he would soon be subject not only to the grinning stares of every woman, but he knew he would be the subject of anonymous groping in the crowded train compartment.

He passed his rail card across the terminal scanner and stood in the waiting area just as a train pulled up. There was a small group of female executives with briefcases and blackberries that arranged to make room for him, and then closed tightly around him.

They smiled nicely, as the door closed, but he caught them glancing and grinning furtively at each other and he knew what he was in for. He took a deep breath and relaxed, knowing there was nothing he could do without making a big scene, and as the larger women crowded around him, he couldn't be seen by other passengers anyway.

The care was quite crowded and it began to move. Almost immediately he felt hands begin to caress his bottom - which was often affectionately referred to as 'a cute bubble-butt' by females he had known. Then he felt hands caress his thighs from either side, and as the train got up to speed, an anonymous hand boldly cupped his genitals and began to massage.

This was the old game. The boy couldn't stop the caresses, so he just had to relax and think of other things. The women were intent not only on copping a feel, which was nice of itself, but the secondary goal was to make the boy have an embarrassing erection when he got off the train.

If a boy did have an erect penis coming off a train, everybody knew why and he would be looked at as a 'slut', even though it was not his doing. The old double-standard at work - nothing new there.

Jeffrey tried to relax as the anonymous hands took turns caressing, squeezing, and fondling his nearly naked genitals through the oh-so-sheer pouch. He used all his powers of control as a Courtesan to not be affected by the lewd and erotic behavior of these ladies. He was glad that Beth had so recently relieved him, since it was a great help.

He heard voices whisper in his ears. "Come on, pretty one, give us a little stiffy..." "Don't be bashful, little slut..." "Can you make a little spurt in your pretty pouch, dear?" And so on.

Happily, Jeffrey was still soft when he stepped off the train, much to the disappointment of the band of gropers who dutifully let him off at his stop. At least they observed the rules of fair play, he thought.

Jeffrey climbed the steps out of the Plaza Station, and hit the street right next to Police Plaza. He mounted the steps of the 'office' and noted the exact spot where he had shot the Felon and saved the life of ADA (now DA) Murphy.

It caused a smile to play on his lips. That was a fun day, he thought.

At exactly 8AM he walked into the Captain's office and stopped dead in his tracks.

Sitting there, like it was nothing special, were the severe and gaunt-looking Captain Ellen Andrews, the voluptuous Police Commissioner Patricia Kinkaid, the prim and motherly Lt. Dorothy Sheldon, the severe-looking District Attorney Angela Murphy (who smiled and winked at her favorite boy-cop), and the esteemed and chubby Mayor Catherine Marshall.

It was like a 'who's who' of city politics and law-enforcement.

The women were all grinning and giving Jeffrey the once-over, particularly attentive to the sheer pouch of his formal wear. But then as one, the women's eyes all focused on the chain around his right ankle, and began to frown.

ADA Murphy was the first to speak. "What the hell, Jeffrey?" she said, staring at his ankle chain, "When did this happen?"

"Yesterday, Ma'am," said Jeffrey, feeling the palpable disapproval in the room.

There ensued hushed words between all the women of power as they tried to make sense of the situation, which apparently had large impact. After a few minutes of harsh whispers, Murphy spoke again.

"Who's the suitor?"

Jeffrey gave Bethany's name and cell number.

Murphy smiled and spoke in a confident voice to the other women. "Give the boy the details while I make the call."

She got up from her chair and left the room, grinning at Jeffrey as she passed. She whispered, "My, you are a complicated little beastie..." as she went by and out the door.

The remaining women all looked at Lt. Sheldon, and she cleared her throat and spoke. "Detective Mason," she said, obviously not happy with the latest developments, "I'll make this short. We don't know what effect your Courtship will have on this matter, but while DA Murphy sees what she can do, I will explain our idea."

There was additional nodding and frowning among the women and then Sheldon continued.

"The plan is...or have you go under cover as a Courtesan. Uh...the was our victim Paul Valentine, in the hopes of luring the UnSub into the open and making an arrest."

She paused to see how Jeffrey would react, but he remained stoic, even though his mind and heart were racing at the implications.

She continued. "The part of this case that has been kept from the media, and even from almost everyone who is not in this room is this: Paul Valentine was victim number 3. We have a Serial Killer."

Jeffrey's mouth dropped open and he didn't know what to say. Three victims and nobody knew anything...

He asked, "How has it been kept silent?"

Lt. Sheldon was surprised that this was the boy's question, and not a question about his dangerous role in the scheme. She liked him even more, and was almost to the point of respecting him as a policeman.

"As you know better than any of us," she said, "a boy like Paul Valentine is a very expensive and...exclusive commodity." She regretted that last word the moment it came from her lips, but seeing no reaction from the boy, she continued.

"His clientele, as well as that of the other two victims, should I say it...high class? In other words, everyone in this office is under enormous pressure from many very influential people to both keep this quiet, and get it solved. That's all I will say at this time."

Jeffrey imagined who these 'influential' people were... but to muzzle the media and the law enforcement machine of the city meant that they were indeed some powerful women. Jeffrey knew that powerful and rich women were the kind that could afford and enjoy a session with a boy like Paul, and really, it wasn't much of a surprise.

Just then, DA Murphy strutted back into the room, winking at Jeffrey as she passed him.

All eyes were on Murphy as she said, "Not a problem with the Suitor. She is quite the open-minded young lady. It's Bethany Remington, and I do mean that kind of Remington." There was a collective gasp among the women present, as if this was a very important bit of information.

Whatever it meant, it was lost on Jeffrey and he couldn't keep the confusion off his face.

Murphy looked at him with surprise and then she giggled. "He doesn't know," she said, "how precious!"

Jeffrey frowned at her.

She said, "I'm sorry, honey, I didn't mean to make fun. But you really don't know who she is, do you?"

"I guess not," said Jeffrey, feeling like a complete idiot.

"Well, dear, don't be alarmed but her mother is Sarah Hathaway Remington."

"Oh my god," Jeffrey said, visibly shaken. How could Beth have kept this from him. He was both awed by her humility and angered by her secrecy. She was going to get both barrels and have one pissed-off boy on her hands when he got home...

Murphy said, "Don't feel bad, honey, it's not your fault. Bethany is known to be an independent vixen in the circles of high society. It would be like her to go 'old school' and court a boy, and also to have a job and keep her true identity quiet. She's either nuts or a heroine of sorts. Given her taste in boys, I'd bet on the latter."

Murphy smiled and gave Jeffrey a pat on the shoulder. "Cheer up pretty one, you've just landed the most eligible bachelorette in the City."

More whispers ensued between the women of power. Their lives and plans had become, again, even more complicated at this new revelation.

Murphy rolled her eyes and interrupted the banter. Even though the Mayor was present, it was lost on nobody that Murphy was the most powerful politico in the room. She could have the Mayor's job any time she wanted it, so she was actually the First Lady in the room. For that matter, in any room in the City as far as politics were concerned.

She said, "Ladies, the Suitor is not a problem. She's completely cooperative, and kind of fascinated by the whole thing. But there is one thing we'll have to deal with." She smiled at the last moment of her secret knowledge before she would have to share it with the other women of power.

Murphy said, "Our Detective Jeffrey, Licensed Courtesan of the Remy-Doucault School, is a virgin. He never went to a house and there was never an auction."

The room was filled with shocked silence.

Murphy just looked at her favorite policeman and murmured under her breath, "just marvelous..."

Jeffrey felt like he had been stripped bare. His whole life was now an open book that he had hoped to keep closed so that he could live a fairly normal police detective's life. The issue and complexities of his being a Courtesan was always in the background. But now it was at the forefront of everything - just where he wanted it NOT to be.

He just waited to be fired, or yelled at, or something. He felt undone. But he had underestimated Murphy.

The District Attorney to his rescue, again.

She said, "Look, Ladies, this is a simple set of problems that will take about 24 hours to resolve. As I see it there is nothing stopping the plan of putting Detective Mason under cover on this investigation, as long as he volunteers."

Her steely gray eyes fixed upon Jeffrey, and he nodded, hoping for the best.

"Good," she said, turning her gaze back to the room at large. "Number one - we simply have to get him properly laid. My assistant is in contact with Bethany and is poling various persons of interest to establish value. She is also in contact with Ms. Rene' Albergion, Mistress of the Caledonia House, my personal friend, who will officiate the matter discretely and without charge."

Murphy looked to see if everyone was understanding the situation, and seeing nodding heads all around, she continued.

"This matter can be put to rest either tonight, or tomorrow evening, if it's alright with our Jeffrey." She saw Jeffrey give a resigned shrug - things seemed pretty much out of his hands at this point anyway, and she spoke again.

"The next matter is that little ankle chain. A Courtesan wouldn't wear one, and so as an undercover officer, neither will Jeffrey. I have already obtained this permission from Bethany Remington."

She smiled and said, "So, by Friday night, I think we're in business. Unless anyone else has anything to add, I'll work with Lt. Sheldon to see to these matters personally."

The Mayor, Police Commissioner & Captain, and Lt. Sheldon all nodded agreement, and just like that, the meeting was over.

In a moment, only Jeffrey, Murphy, and Sheldon were still in the room, the other three women having fled.

Murphy's Blackberry beeped and she looked at it and then casually said, "So, Jeffrey, looks like you've an appointment for this evening at 8PM, to take care of the little problem of your virginity." She looked at him and frowned. "I'm sorry dear, I think I'm being too cavalier with an important moment in your life. I apologize. Let me start again. My assistant will test you Rene's number and you can talk to her about tonight. She has it all set up for you."

"Thanks, I guess," he said.

Just then a young woman entered the room. She was perhaps just under 30, with black hair and black eyes to match. Very pretty and lithely tall, she was a well dressed and entrancing figure.

Murphy said, "Jeffrey, this is Mandy, my personal assistant. She will drop in here at 3pm and take care of you from that time until tonight."

Jeffrey shook the woman's hand and then Murphy and her assistant departed with a smile, leaving Jeffrey with the Lieutenant.

Lt. Sheldon said, "Wow, that was more than I expected. You're quite a complicated boy, aren't you Jeffrey."

"Yes, Ma'am," was all he could say.

"Well, Detective," she said, "I'm going to leave the politics and social issues to my betters and stick to police work. Let's go to my office and I'll get you up to speed on everything we know about the 3 murders, and how it is that we plan to keep you alive to the conclusion of this assignment. How's that?"

"That sounds really good, Ma'am," he said.

For the next several hours, Jeffrey learned all about the Courtesans who had been killed in similar fashion to the victim Paul, whose crime scene Jeffrey had analyzed. All during this time, he tried to keep his mind off the fact that he would be losing his virginity that night.

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