tagMatureCourtesan Cop Ch. 06

Courtesan Cop Ch. 06


Note: This story is Female-dominant / male-submissive, with some BDSM twist to it. If you don’t like that sort of thing, please return to the menu and choose a story you will enjoy! Thanks!! All characters are over 18. This is part of a continuing story, and therefore the plotlines will not have fully resolved by the end of this installment. If you read this part before others have been completed, I thank you in advance for your patience…
And… if you are beginning this story here, you may be better off starting at part one, because it may not make much sense out of context…
To save time, here is a recap of the background as a refresher course:
*ROLE-REVERSAL: This story takes place in a world exactly like our own with two major exceptions: the traditional roles of male and female, in terms of power and dominance, are reversed throughout society; and, the physical size of male and female are altered to suit the situation. It’s a woman’s world, and boys have a tough time being taken seriously as the equals of women. In this fictional world, women are physically larger, averaging about 6’tall. Hips and breasts are large, and most women have ‘a little extra padding’. Women wear dresses for formal occasions, and for daily wear it’s slacks, blouses, and coats – certainly feminine, but not revealing except that a woman’s exaggerated curves are impossible to hide. Males average 5’7” tall, and are expected to maintain their muscular but trim figures, being out-weight by women an average of 25 pounds.
Boys know it is best to be submissive toward women, and women have engineered a society that strongly reinforces male submission and Female dominance.
*FASHION: Fashion for boys is designed to make boys look desirable to women, which includes thin and/or sheer fabrics; form-fitting stretch-pants featuring an obvious and extra thin pouch to fully display their genital bulges; low-rise pants and cropped shirts to display bare midriffs and navel piercings. Body hair is the bane of male fashion, and boys must take steps to be hairless from the neck down, especially there must be no noticeable pubic hair. Male beauty is based on the model of the 18-year-old boy – fresh and clean and virile – so males of all ages are pressured to look ‘young’. Boys must spend enormous time and effort in gyms and beauty salons living up to the ideal of ‘male beauty’.
*NUDITY: Art, advertising and all forms of media feature full frontal male nudity, including prime time TV shows. Male nudity is a very ‘normal’ part of everyday life. Male strip clubs are a popular place for women to have business meetings after hours. Many restaurants feature scantily clad waiters, and if a bar wants to be really successful they must be licensed to have ‘bottomless’ waiters. These societal ‘norms’ objectify the male body as a visual and sexual plaything and constantly reinforce the idea that men are merely sexual, not intellectual beings.
*SPANKING: Boys need a firm maternal disciplinary hand to guide them, and it is the ‘norm’ for mothers to spank their sons all their lives, even after such time as they leave home or are married off. Women also spank their adult husbands, consorts, boyfriends, etc., as it is assumed that all males are sometimes naughty or disobedient and need a woman’s guiding hand of discipline to keep them in their proper place. It is expected that males of all ages receive regular disciplinary spankings so that they can be calm and productive in their subservient role in society.
*MARRIAGE: Most women take a husband, sometimes more than one, but society freely accepts that they may also have one or more ‘consorts’ (regular boys on the side). Many affluent women will actually have their consort(s) live in their home alongside their husband(s). A first husband would usually be 5 years younger than his wife, and as time passes, she will usually take her consorts and/or a second husband even younger. No matter what the age of the woman, the ‘best’ age for her to take a male is 18-23.
*PROSTITUTION: Male prostitution is everywhere under the surface of society. It is regarded as a bit ‘naughty’, but it is an accepted necessity in society and lightly regulated and controlled. But there is a higher level of call-boy that is specially licensed by the government and is given some real respect, and there are actually trade schools for it. These very specially selected boys are trained from youth to be a ‘Courtesan’ – in the classical sense of being a sexual companion who is very well educated and intelligent, trained in the arts, fashion, music, courtesy and protocol, cooking, self defense, and every sort of high-brow knowledge. This makes a courtesan an extremely interesting companion for a lady of means, both in and out of bed…
I think that’s enough to get up to speed on this fictional society… and now to the story:

Courtesan Cop, Ch.06

At 1.30pm that afternoon, Mandy Beckett, personal assistant to District Attorney Angela Murphy, walked casually into the office of a young and enterprising ADA named Kate Morris. Kate’s office was just next to DA Murphy’s, and Mandy and Kate were friends since they were nearly the same age.
Kate had graduated with Honors at a distinguished university, receiving her Law Degree and passing the bar in her first attempt. Mandy had a 4-year degree in business administration and was building her career as a personal handler for powerful politicians - proving her indispensability by always thinking 3 steps ahead of her boss.
As Mandy walked into the large office, Kate was just stepping out of her private room, wiping her lower lip with her fingertips and smiling. The ‘private room’ was something most executives had attached to their offices. It was a room in which they could enjoy activities during the day that they wouldn’t want everyone to see, usually involving their young secretaries.
Mandy glanced into the half open doorway and saw Peter, the cute young blond intern, standing completely naked as he prepared to put on his tiny thong pouch. Mandy stopped a moment to admire the boy’s hairless genitals and was impressed with his size.
She hoped one day to have an office with a private room, and to have several young ‘assistants’ to supply her with visual entertainment as well as plenty of youthful semen. She smirked at the fact that her friend had just relieved her pretty young boy of his juices for a light snack.
It was no surprise to Mandy. Such pleasures were enjoyed in every office building in town. She knew that ADA Kate Morris had just enjoyed milking an ejaculation from the boy, and swallowing the healthful semen she had taken from him.
Everybody knew that semen was good for a woman - to ingest the youthful seed, to apply the enriching fluid to her skin, to take the welcome spurts into her vagina - all were very healthful indeed. And when a woman reaches a level of success where she can afford a youthful, handsome, well-endowed secretary…well then, why wouldn’t she enjoy the fruits of the boy’s charms?
And any young man lucky enough to be hired as a secretary, assistant, intern, - whatever - knew that he would be expected to put out. A lot. A good office boy knew his purpose, and what was expected from him in the workplace. And the expectation was that there would be certain times each day when the boy would need to be very obedient and submissive, and allow his boss to take his pants down.
It was only natural for a powerful woman to satiate her needs a few times a day at the office.
A boy in such a position was hired to provide some relaxation, entertainment, comfort, and a frequent “snack” of his healthy boy juices for his Mistress to enjoy. And that meant that his pants would be around his ankles several times a day in the service of his boss.
Mandy turned to Kate, who was just finishing licking her fingers, and said with a knowing grin, “Early afternoon snack, then?”
“Indeed,” said Kate, smiling in satisfaction, “my Peter seems always to have a snack ready whenever I need one. That’s why I like the boy so…”
“I see,” said Mandy as she eyed the blushing young man, walking into the room with a cup of tea for his boss. The boy wore a short tank top of a light blue color and a matching thong pouch that was absolutely sheer mesh, showing off the boy’s ‘talents’ in a very lewd and risqué fashion.
This sort of dress was certainly inappropriate for a business environment outside the private office of his boss. But in her office, he was expected to wear whatever she chose for him. And most executives allowed their secretaries only a sheer thong below the waist.
Mandy tore her eyes from Peter’s freshly-depleted, puffy pink genitals and raised her eyebrows at Kate in question. Kate blushed and giggled, “I like a boy’s charms to be….visible. It makes my day go by quicker. Besides, I only have him wear such things in the confines of my office, if I have him wear anything at all... It’s good for my morale.”
Mandy smirked and said, “Just don’t let him out of your office or the poor boy will be accosted by the entire staff and they’ll eat him alive. He’s quite an attractive thing…”
“Don’t worry, I’m not much for sharing,” said Kate, “I like to keep my Peter all to myself. He’s such a sweet boy, and very obedient.”
Young Peter, freshly out of High School and just turned 18, was bending over and cleaning Kate’s coffee table. Mandy took in the view of his heavy testes dangling nicely between his thighs, just below his very cute little bottom.
She noticed that his bottom was a bit pink, and she asked, “Has he been a naughty boy?”
Kate grinned, “Well, this morning he spilled a little coffee on my desk, so of course I had to reprimand him. He was a good boy across my lap, though. He took his spanking very well and tried very hard not to wiggle too much or make too much noise.”
“Good boy,” Mandy grinned.
Mandy changed the subject. “Well, I just dropped by to confirm that you’ll be taking lead in the Alexandros case tomorrow.”
“Yes, I’m looking forward to it,” said the young ADA. “Why is Murphy not taking it? It’s such a high profile case and we know she likes the limelight…”
“She’s got an engagement this evening that may make her unable to be in court tomorrow morning so early,” said Mandy, “And she has every confidence in you, so don’t blow it.”
“Right. Like I’d blow it….” Then Kate grinned, “I guess I do blow some things regularly enough, just not cases.”
While Mandy rolled her eyes, Kate said, “Hey look at this site I found…”
Mandy came around the desk and looked at the monitor of Kate’s computer. A film was running showing a hot college aged boy, completely naked, crawling and rolling around on a silk-sheeted bed. His pale white hairless skin contrasted markedly with the pinkness of his genitalia. His testicles seemed quite large, hanging loosely in his pink scrotum, and his penis was a work of art - possibly 8” long and very thick with pronounced veins. The head of his semi-erect penis was so dark a pink that it was almost purple.
“My goodness, you’re a perv,” said Mandy, never taking her eyes off the screen for a second, “Where did you find this site?”
Kate giggled, “It’s a pay-site called “boy-joy”, I think. Anyway, they just have film after film of beautiful young well-endowed males, prancing around all pink and naked and wiggly - just the way I like them. Sometimes the boys masturbate, but sometimes not. Keep watching because this boy is going to rub and spurt quickly.”
The two 30-something women just stood motionless, watching the action on film. The boy had rolled onto his back and lifted his knees high and tight together, so that his big pink testes were pushed out beneath his thighs - right at the camera.
“Doesn’t that just look yummy?” asked Kate.
“Mmm,” replied Mandy.
He slowly spread his thighs wide, keeping his knees up high, to fully reveal his charms to the camera at the foot of the bed. His pink penis was now fully erect and throbbing.
The young man kept smiling at the camera seductively - his eyes clearly saying ‘I know you ladies want me, you want to play with my big penis and make me spurt for you…’
Certainly, some things in life were true, and this was one of them.
Both women were unknowingly wiggling their hips and licking their lips as they watched the boy begin to stroke his stiff penis, causing his huge testicles to jiggle up and down with each stroke.
“Mmm,” said Kate, “Isn’t he nice?”
“Of course,” said Mandy, “He’s a beautiful boy and you shouldn’t watch things like this in your office.”
“Yes, but I love watching, don’t you?”
Just then, the boy on the screen was whimpering and moaning and then he began to spurt his semen. The camera zoomed in on his penis, capturing a close up look at each healthy spurt, and there were a lot of them. The boy just seemed to keep ejaculating without end.
Finally the boy fell back exhausted as the camera roamed all over his belly and genitals, recording each dollop and pool of semen glistening against the boy’s pale flesh.
“Tell me that doesn’t make you want to just lick him clean,” challenged Kate, “he looks so warm and fresh and yummy…”
“Ok, you win, he looks delicious,” admitted Mandy, gaining control of herself and her libido, “but I’ve got to get back to Murphy’s office before she shows up.”
Kate said, “Alright, but come back to visit soon, there are about a hundred clips like this on the site. Plus there’s my Peter, for when we need something more than mere visual stimulation to pass the day.”
Mandy leaned close to her friend Kate, whispering so that the young and delectable Peter wouldn’t overhear. “I’ve heard rumors, Kate. How many times a day to you milk that boy?”
“I’m on a special protein diet,” mused Kate, “and I like to have a little snack from my boy 3 or 4 times a day. It’s my right as his boss. Is there a problem?”
“No problem,” said Mandy, “it’s just that you always seem to get the cutest interns with the biggest boy-parts, and I wonder how you do it.”
“Mad skills,” said Kate.
Mandy walked out the door, giving her friend’s intern Peter one more look. That boy made her think very nasty things. Nasty things indeed…
Mandy looked at her watch. 2 o’clock. One hour until she’d go across the street and collect the young Courtesan and help him prepare for his deflowering. She smiled at the thought. The young detective was quite an eyeful, and smart as a whip they say… She knew she would enjoy their afternoon together.
She walked into DA Murphy’s office and found the woman sitting at her desk.
“Kate’s ready for the Alexandros gig, no worries.”
“Good,” said Murphy, “How about the Courtesan?”
“I talked to Sheldon and the boy is still studying the case files like a good detective. I’ll collect him in an hour, as you instructed.”
“Very well,” said Murphy, “do right by him, he’s a good boy.”
“Yes, Ma’am, I believe he is.”
As Mandy left the room, Angela Murphy looked up at the painting above her desk. It was a fictional depiction of the Goddesses Justice, Order, and Compassion, who bore the recognizable faces of the three women historically credited with the founding of the Female-Dominant Society, almost 400 years ago.
Justice was seated with a man across her knees, spanking his pink bottom with her hand. Her lips were open as if in scolding or lecture, but her eyes held love and harmony in them, expressing the knowledge that males needed discipline to live productive lives.
Order stood clothed in brocaded ceremonial robes depicting her power and authority, and she held the hands of a naked male at each of her sides. Her size towered over the smaller males, her large bosom and wide hips spoke of feminine power, and her face was cast with serene dignity in the knowledge that women ruled and men obeyed.
Compassion was seated with a male reclining in her lap, suckling her ample breast as she fondled his erect penis with her gentle hand. She looked down lovingly with an expression of nurture and care for the male’s needs.
These were the three virtues. The pillars upon which society was ordered. It was the natural way.
Murphy pondered the subjugation of the male of the species. How they were made to dress, kept in the home mostly, were considered the weaker sex despite their muscular strength, and were dominated by the women in their lives.
She wondered if that was really fair to all men. True, they were only men, but some of them showed great promise. Some few seemed destined for great things.
She pondered the young Courtesan, Jeffrey Mason. He could shoot, fight, think, all the things that a woman was supposed to do… He was a mystery to her. And she grinned at the thought that tonight the boy would be made a man. Deflowered.
His youthful penis would be sheathed, ridden long and hard multiple times before being eventually put away drained, exhausted, and very, very wet. The deflowering ritual for a Courtesan was very specific, in that the boy would be made to ejaculate multiple times in his first session of lovemaking.
He would be engulfed into a woman. She would have him come in her several times. She would make him orally service her for as long as she could stand it, and then sheath him again and again until he could no longer give her a stiff penis for riding.
She would forcibly extract every last drop of semen from the boy’s body, leaving him completely drained and very well-fucked.
He was in for a wild night, that’s for sure. Very much like a wedding night. A boy’s first time with a woman, and experienced older woman, of course. One who knew what to do with a young male’s body.
But this Jeffrey Mason was a licensed Courtesan. A trained sex-worker - who had not yet had real sex. What a conundrum!
She knew what a Courtesan could be like in bed. She’d had a few. So yielding yet aggressive. Soft, warm, yummy - yet athletic and very thorough. It was no wonder males were given all those strong muscles - when put to the right use, those muscles could engage in some very interesting sexual pleasures indeed.
Again, Murphy grinned. Her favorite boy cop. Her personal protector and hero. What an amazing young man this Courtesan… She wondered what the future would hold for him.
At that moment she remembered the assignment he’d been given - to pose as a submissive Courtesan and let women work out some of their most dominant emotions on his unmarked white flesh.
She made a mental note to remind the Captain and lieutenant to be sure to protect the boy. She didn’t want him truly harmed…

Jeffrey looked up from the files he had poured through three times, to see Mandy, DA Murphy’s assistant, standing in the doorway watching him.
He scooped up his notes and put them in his bag. He straightened his clothes quickly, causing Mandy to grin. Boy’s were always so worried about their appearance, she thought. This one would look good in rags…
“Hello, Ms. Beckett,” said Jeffrey.
“Hello, Detective Mason,” said Mandy with a big smile. “Are you ready to come with me?”
Jeffrey’s eyes went a little wide for a moment. He had not expected her to use such a seductive voice and turn a simple question into a naughty pun.
“Uh…Yes, Ma’am.”
She took Jeffrey’s arm and threaded it in hers, letting her left breast press against his forearm. She knew she could never afford a man of his quality, but she could enjoy teasing him - at least while fulfilling her assignment.
They walked out to her car and got in, and started the drive outside the city, to the Manor that was Caledonia House, a very respectable brothel. This was where the young detective sitting in the passenger seat would lose his virginity this night, thought Mandy.
Won’t he be surprised to whom.
She giggled to herself thinking of this proper pretty boy being sheathed and pounded and ridden and milked dry for his first time.

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