Courtesan Cop Ch. 06


“Ah, my dear,” said the Mistress, “They are various herbs and compounds that will help our young man to perform at his very best.”
“Oh, my,” Mandy muttered under her breath. She thought this was perhaps a glimpse into the world of Courtesan tricks of the trade. She imagined Jeffrey’s penis remaining stiff for hours and ejaculating many times. How marvelous, she thought.

A couple hours later, Jeffrey had been freshly shaved over his entire body, had a haircut and manicure, was massaged with exotic oils, and bathed in sweet smelling water by various attendants, all in a rather business-like manner.
Of particular interest to her was the last ‘preparation’ - an application of some kind of cream that Karena herself had gently applied to his penis and scrotum. She had put on several ‘coats’ of the stuff that seemed to soak into his skin rather quickly.
After that, she had applied a different lotion only to the head of his penis, again in several applications.
It was clear to Mandy that the pills and injections were working, since his penis had become erect and seemed to be intent to stay that way. He wasn’t particularly large, she thought, but kind of average. But what he lacked in size he made up for in beauty. She thought his penis should be pictured in the dictionary under the word ‘erection’ as the perfect example.
Mandy followed as Jeffrey was lead naked down another hallway, and she had a chance to whisper to Karena. “What were the lotions you applied to his genitals?” she asked.
Karena leaned close and replied, “The first lotion is to increase his sensitivity, so that he will be very responsive to stimulation for his Mistress, and the last just on his glans was to counteract and desensitize him. In this way, it is intended, that he be a responsive lover who will last a while between ejaculations.” The Mistress smiled knowingly, “A virgin is often overwhelmed by his first sheathing, and we’re trying to help him not embarrass himself by spurting too quickly. Besides, it’s more fun to sheath a man if you can enjoy his stiffness for a while before you make him ejaculate, don’t you think?”
Mandy smiled, “Yes, I suppose so.”
“Showtime,” said Karena, as they entered the boudoir, where Jeffrey’s deflowering would take place.
Mandy saw a warm candle-lit room with draperies and richly appointed furnishings. In the center was a very soft-looking and elaborately decorated riding bench, more richly appointed than she had ever seen. Behind it, against a wall, was a very large 4-poster bed with a rich canopy of brocaded fabric that looked very romantic.
Mandy knew that after the initial coupling, the Mistress would un-tie the boy and take him to the bed for more slow and intimate lovemaking.
She watched from the side of the room as Jeffrey laid down on soft downy pads of the narrow bed-like bench. He laid on his back, stretched out lengthwise down the narrow soft surface, and raised his arms above his head and closed his eyes.
The attendants used wide silk ribbons to secure his wrists and ankles to the bench gently but firmly. His testicles were pulled up by one attendant while another secured a scarf across his thighs, pushing them tightly together, and then his testes were laid back down so that they were resting atop his thighs. A final silken bond was fastened low across his hips to secure them in place.
Mandy smiled, amazed at how delightfully helpless and sexy he looked, with his stiff penis jutting straight up from his supine form. Surely he was now at the mercy of the woman who would sheath and ride him. The lucky woman would have the boy completely helpless to resist whatever she wanted to do - whatever way she wanted to enjoy his penis, she would be able to do it.
Many wondered how long the boy would be able to remain erect…hours? Who knows? She only knew that the woman who would take his virginity would have him as long as she wanted, only freeing the boy when she was through with him.
Seeing the delicious looking young man, all pale white flesh and stiff pink penis of him, it reminded her of the saddles at a rather risqué bar that many of her office mates attended regularly. It was near the DA’s office in the down town section, and she herself had spent a few Friday nights out with the girls at that establishment.
It was called, “Jessie’s Last Ride”, and was a bar with an equestrian theme, and a very naughty place indeed. The bar was bottomless, of course, since the law required that all waiters wear at least one article of clothing for modesty’s sake. Which was a joke since the waiters were uniformed in tight-fitting mesh tank tops, cut short above their usually-pierced navels.
It was almost impossible for a woman to spend any time in the place without becoming aroused at being surrounded by so many naked and accessible penises. At every table you could see waiters taking orders while female hands massaged, caressed, and fondled their genitals.
The waiters all seemed to be at least 5” long when flaccid, and of course much bigger when it was time for them to take the pill and pull duty in a saddle. In the center of the room and above the bar, there were naked dancing boys, erect and writhing to the beat of the music, and masturbating (a strict societal no-no).
The ladies cheered the dancers on and scream for them to ejaculate, applauding wildly when spurts of semen flew from the heights to land on tables or a lucky lady, who would wear the stain as a badge of honor, laughing happily at her good fortune.
It was a very busy bar, especially at the long mahogany bar itself, because it was lined with real English saddles that had ingeniously placed holes, just right for a jutting penis. On a busy night, the staffing was high and the saddles were kept occupied with a waiter below and a customer above.
The waiters always would end their shift by taking an hour’s duty as a saddle boy, laying beneath the saddle with their enormous erect penises thrust upward so that any lady that liked what she saw could discard her panties and take a seat.
A woman could drop a quarter in a slot and cause the saddle to wiggle and vibrate, or even bounce slightly to give a lady a real ‘ride’. On a Friday night, the place was packed and a girl had to take a number to get a seat at the bar and a chance to ride a nice big cock.
The clientele were well-to-do women, lawyers, politicians, doctors, and business owners, because the prices were just crazy. But the experience was worth it, at least once in a while…
So Mandy thought Jeffrey looked like a ‘saddle boy’ from Jessie’s as he lay on the sumptuous riding bench, awaiting the Mistress who would be the first woman to engulf his penis and possess it fully. The boy’s breathing was deep and relaxed as he awaited his fate. Mandy wondered if one of the pills might be a relaxing concoction to keep the boy from becoming nervous, though as a Licensed Courtesan, she doubted he would be nervous.
Finally, the moment arrived and a curtain was drawn back. A woman entered the room, dressed in a lace robe of scarlet and black, obviously naked beneath it. Her hair cascaded around her head and shoulders and she looked the picture of female beauty and power as she strode confidently toward her prey.
Mandy had never seen DA Angela Murphy look so nice.
There was a dark lust in the woman’s eyes as she looked at Jeffrey. But when Jeffrey opened his eyes and looked at his Mistress, his pretty blues went wide with surprise.
Murphy said, “Hello, pretty one, I suppose you didn’t expect me.”
“No, Mistress,” he whispered, “I did not.”
She smiled down at him and said, “Well, I have friends in high places who arranged you for me, and I thought you might prefer not to be taken by a complete stranger.”
“Thank you, Mistress,” he said as he returned her smile.
Murphy looked at Mandy and Mistress Karena and smiled as she watched the attendants silently retreat and leave the room.
Murphy smiled warmly down at the boy again and said, “I suppose we should just get the deed done, so that we can be alone. What do you think?”
“Yes, Mistress, I suppose that is best.”
Murphy parted her robe to reveal a well groomed patch of hair between her thighs - the sign of female maturity and superiority juxtaposed against the boy’s shaved-naked genitals - as she lifted a leg across his body and came to straddle his thighs.
She moved gracefully forward, taking Jeffrey’s erection in her hand and guiding it to the entrance of her vagina. She whispered softly, “Are you ready pretty one?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he whispered back.
Murphy looked at the two witnesses, as required by Courtesan Tradition, and said, “Are you ready?”
Karena smiled and nodded sagely while Mandy nodded her head with wide eyes.
Murphy looked Jeffrey in the eyes, turned her head slightly, and mouthed the words “Stay calm,” so that the witnesses could not hear her nor see her lips move. Murphy rocked her hips slightly, let her robe fall at her side, and pressed downward until she was clearly seated on Jeffrey’s testicles, eliciting a groan from his throat as his eyes went wide.
Having seen what she expected, Karena smiled, nodded at Murphy, and took Mandy’s arm to lead her silently from the room.
Once the door had closed behind the two witnesses, Murphy smiled and giggled as Jeffrey looked up at her in complete shock and surprise.
Murphy glanced down at the joining of their groins and studied the head of Jeffrey’s penis as it jutted forward just visible in the curls of Murphy’s pubic hair.
“Consider this pay-back for saving my life, pretty one.”
“How?” muttered Jeffrey, still in obvious shock.
Murphy began to rub her labia up and down his shaft, and grind her clitoris against the stiff male flesh - obviously designed for this purpose.
“Oh, I have my ways…” said Murphy with a sly grin as she pleasured herself against the boy’s penis, “And besides, I think you’re going to be so grateful that you’ll make me come so many times I’ll pass out. You are grateful, aren’t you dear boy?”
“Oh, yes, Mistress,” he said with his own devious grin, “I’ll consider it both an honor and a challenge to prove my gratitude.”
Murphy reached up and jostled his hair, “Good boy,” she said. “Now then, I’m entitled to use you how I like, ooohh, and I like this, ahhhhh, very much, yesssssss, so just hold, mmmmmm, still for a minute…”
Murphy ground her engorged lips and clitoris against the underside of Jeffrey’s stiff penis, pressed against his belly - never having entered her - and she soon writhed in a long orgasm, screaming her pleasure as Jeffrey made submissive moaning sounds to increase her arousal.
When the woman collapsed satisfied onto his chest, Jeffrey soothed her with submissive words of praise according to Courtesan Tradition. “Oh Mistress, you’re so powerful and beautiful in orgasm,” he whispered, “it is my honor to be used for your pleasure. Please take me and enjoy my body for your pleasure for as long as you wish.”
The words were hollow and old-sounding, but Murphy grinned at the tradition and said nothing while she caught her breath.
Eventually she got off of the boy and untied him, leading him to the big bed where she dropped her robe and motioned for Jeffrey to lie between her thighs as she lay on her back in position to be served.
He kissed her all the way down her body, teasing her nipples and belly, and finally beginning to work his magic with his lips and tongue upon her engorged and puffy pussy. He proved very adept at thrilling her clitoris with flicks of his tongue while fingering her G-spot expertly, bringing her to rich, full, deep, mind-blowing, multiple orgasms.
Over the course of the next two hours, Jeffrey succeeded in exhausting the DA of the City with orgiastic bliss until she couldn’t take any more and begged him to stop.
As they lay together, cuddling in the afterglow of Murphy’s prolonged pleasure, she fell in and out of consciousness a few times, so deep was her relaxation. When she came out of the sexually-driven stupor, she whispered, “I’ve never come like that in my life. Not half that much in a week. What do they teach you at Remy-Doucalt anyway?”
“Gratitude, Mistress,” he whispered as he caressed and kissed her breasts, “Gratitude.”
Murphy smiled and looked down at Jeffrey’s erect penis, still very stiff against her thigh. “Whatever are we going to do with that penis of yours, pretty one? You can’t go around town like that or you’ll be raped by dock-workers.”
“I don’t know, Mistress, what do you suggest?”
Murphy smiled, seeming to have got back a little energy. “I suppose I’d like to watch you thrust, Jeffrey. See if you know how to use that thing, and to see the look on your face when you spurt for me. After all, I am sort of expected to drain you, am I not?”
“I would be delighted to serve you Mistress,” he whispered while nibbling lightly on her ear.
Murphy was delighted to watch the young Courtesan work his beautiful stiff cock between her breasts. It was very pleasing to hear his moans and whimpers and to watch so closely as his penis spurted semen into her open mouth, onto her face, and running down her cheeks and neck. She made him do it again, but the next time to spurt onto her breasts.
Then she raised her thighs and held them together as Jeffrey thrust his penis between them, so close to her pussy that his testicles bounced against her vulva with each thrust. He ejaculated copiously into the juncture of her inner thighs and pubic mound and Murphy wisely spread the juicy puddle of semen all over her crotch to be sure that she had all the right ‘signs’ of having bed the boy properly.
Finally, she had him kneel between her spread thighs and masturbate, spurting his semen directly onto her vulva and labia as she parted her nether lips with her fingers. When he was spent, she used her fingers to dip his semen into her vagina and rub it around.
“Ooh,” said Murphy, “That feels so nice and slippery. Makes me wish I’d made you spurt in me, pretty one.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said, as he laid next to her with a softening penis.
Murphy was quiet for a while and then said, “Now I’ll need to explain everything so that you’re on the right page.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said as he snuggled his face between her breasts.
“You, Me, Bethany, and Mistress Karena are the only ones who know you’re still a virgin. Do you understand? My assistant Mandy was easily fooled as a witness, and therefore the entire political and law-enforcement circles in this town believe that you and I have just had vaginal intercourse.”
“How did Mistress Karena go along with this?” he asked.
Murphy smiled, “She is an old friend of mine, and she thinks this is the most romantic thing ever. What with Bethany actually courting you old-school, and you saving my life, and me returning the favor to leave you pure for your suitor… Karena thinks it’s all just delightfully daring and adventurous and steeped in the romance of old. She’s a very traditional woman, as you well know.”
“Ah, I see,” said Jeffrey. “So we’ll all keep my continued virginity a secret and that’s it then?”
Murphy grinned, “Well, not exactly.”
Jeffrey frowned, “What then?”
Murphy said, “Well, since I’ve gone to all this trouble, and it was considerable - believe me - I had to call in a lot of favors and twist a lot of arms to be the one in this bed tonight. The bidding was high to deflower the city’s only decorated police detective / Courtesan, I can tell you. But I did it and Bethany agreed.”
“Agreed to what?” he asked.
“Well, when you two are married and she has taken your virginity, she has agreed to loan you to me for a weekend and then I’ll get to really collect on all of this trouble.”
Jeffrey frowned, “That all assumes that Bethany will in fact marry me. What if that’s not what I want?”
Murphy looked at him and all the compassion ran out of her eyes in an instant. “Right now I’m your guardian angel, Jeffrey. Your best friend in the city. Don’t change that by screwing with my plans. I can be your worst nightmare as an enemy and I don’t want that.”
She shook her head and her face relaxed back into pleasantness. “I’m sorry. I guess I live in a world of brinksmanship and intimidation. Forgive me pretty one. Bethany guaranteed me nothing and in fact said this would happen only if you chose to marry her. You should think about it. She is perhaps the best woman you could have as a wife and Mistress. She is very progressive in her thinking about how to treat boys as near-equals. Something I’m not on board with, but that’s how it is.”
Murphy held his face between her hands and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. “Just consider Bethany’s offer, Jeffrey. Talk to her. Tell her about your worries, fears, dreams, and plans. You may be surprised at her ideas being not far from yours at all.”
“Okay, Mistress, I will do as you ask.”
“Good boy,” said Murphy happily, “Now I supposed I should ring the bell and they can collect you and clean you up.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said, his mind brooding on what Murphy had done for him, and for Bethany, and what she suggested about really talking to Beth. It bore much consideration.
Soon Karena, Mandy, and the attendants arrived, all beaming as if this had all been a wonderful honeymoon. Jeffrey noticed Mandy and the attendants all eyeing Jeffrey’s soft penis and Murphy’s semen-soaked body with knowing smirks on their lips.
Karena winked at Jeffrey as she took him by the hand and led the naked boy from the room herself, leaving the others to attend to the DA.
When they were alone in the bathing room, Karena whispered, “I hope you appreciate what we have done for you, pretty one.”
“Oh yes, Mistress, I am truly grateful.”
“That’s a good boy. Now you do what you have to for the criminal investigation - yes, Murphy filled me in somewhat - and get your cute bottom back to that lovely Bethany where you belong.” The Mistress of Caledonia House took on a wistful look, “Ah, this is just too romantic for words.”
She turned to Jeffrey, “It’s enough to make an old woman hot in the panties - all this young love and devious doings - I think I’m going to go home and have my first husband for dinner!”
She grinned at Jeffrey, and then was gone from the room, leaving him to shower and dress.
Jeffrey had some new ideas to consider about Bethany’s offer to court him for marriage. But he also had to think about starting work as a ‘decoy Courtesan’ to try to capture the Courtesan Killer or Killers.
He decided his life was just becoming more complicated than a boy’s should be.
Maybe his mother was right about her goals for his career path.
Perhaps he shouldn’t have become a policeman after all.
But too late now. He had a job to do. He was determined to help catch the Courtesan Killer. For Paul. For the other Courtesans now dead.
And to save his own life.

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