Courtesan Cop Ch. 07


She let him thrust comfortably in her mouth for a long while, relishing his flavor and sensations. She gently patted his bottom and looked up, signaling a pause, and he slowly withdrew. She took a sip of wine, and then she looked up into his pretty blue eyes.

"Now, Jeffrey, I want you to thrust more quickly, but not too deep, and I want you to go ahead and spurt for me now. I want to taste your cream."

"Yes, Mistress," he said.

With her hands on his bottom, she guided him into her mouth again and he began to thrust his penis forward between her lips with a little more vigor. "Mmmmm.... NNNNmmmmm...." She said in encouragement, her smiling eyes looking up again to watch the urgency on his face.

She thought how sweet he is, and so slutty - he really needs to cum... She began to suckle upon his penis, holding her tongue tight against his sliding shaft to increase the sensations. She was again delighted with the little moans and gasps escaping the boy's lips as his taut bare tummy and his round spankable bottom tensed to slide his thrusting penis forward and back lasciviously.

SWAT! Upon his bottom. SWAT-SWAT-SWAT!! Each of his curvy cheeks received firm spanks, in time with his little thrusts. She made him gasp and moan and his hips wiggled - SWAT-SWAT-SWAT - her hands took turns on his cheeks, adding a warm stinging bottom to the sensations he felt in his penis.

"Ohhhh..... Ahhhhh...." He whimpered seductively. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT she responded. "Ohhh... Mistress.... OOOoooohhhh....." he cried, as she continued to swat his bottom more firmly and forcefully.

She wanted him to come for her as she spanked him - to mix the pleasure of spurting his semen into her mouth with the stinging reminder of the natural dominance of the female. Darla was a big believer that males should always be put in their place when they were allowed to spill semen.

Darla's thought of her boys at home, her 36 year old husband James and her 22 year old concubine Aiden, were never allowed to spurt except while their nipples were pinched or their testicles patted firmly, or their bottoms swatted. It kept them humble and submissive to her, like good boys should be...

Then she thought of the other thing she regularly did that kept them quite humble...

Jeffrey's gasps and moans were increasing steadily, she knew he was approaching that moment when he would deliver his sweet cream to her waiting lips. She was ready and happy to receive his submissive offering and swatted harder with her skilled palms as she sucked on his thrusting penis more urgently to force him to completion.

That was another thing she relished, as a real woman always did. She never 'allowed' a boy to spurt for her - it was a sign of her womanhood that she always took the proper steps to 'make' the boy come. She happily licked and sucked his thrusting, throbbing penis to make sure that he was forced to come. Such a thing should not be left to a boy's choice - it was always to be the careful choice of the woman as to how and when a boy's penis should spurt his cream.

"Arrrggghhhhh.... Mistressss....." gasped the boy, now completely caught up in her powers, "Mmaayyy... oooohhh... iiiii... come for.... Ahhhh.... You?" he asked in a small desperate voice.

Her big gray eyes looked up to his face, studying the desperation, need, and helplessness written in his creased forehead and anxious eyes. He simply looked adorable, if only she could keep him like this for hours.... But she had other plans for the boy, and so her lips smiled around his pretty cock, and she nodded slightly.

With three more thrusts of the Courtesan's delicious little penis, and three more firm SWATs from her experienced hands, a loud and helpless "Ooohhh!!!" of complete surrender leapt from his lips as he came.

Darla gleefully gobbled his shaft, sucking spurt after spurt from the head of his penis, swallowing the first three down and then collecting the smaller spurts and pulses in her mouth to savor.

The boy's hips bucked with abandon as he whimpered and purred with the release of semen that she skillfully forced from his pulsing penis. Finally, his body went nearly limp and she had to help support his weight with her hands at his hips.

She held the boy firmly, bathing his spent but still pulsing penis with her semen-soaked tongue, licking and sucking a few last drops and savoring the flavor of his precious offering.

She swallowed, licked, swallowed again, cleaning him of every last pearl of her prize. She knew his glans was now dark pink and very sensitive, and though she was as gentle as possible as she licked him clean, she had to hold his hips still in her strong arms to keep him from pulling away until she was finished with him.

Once she was satisfied that she had milked the boy completely, she guided his hips away from her face, letting his softening penis plop from her lips, and she guided the shuddering boy to sit in her lap. She positioned herself and guided his position so that he could cuddle in her lap with his face at her breast.

"Good boy, Jeffrey," she said soothingly as she held his head in the nook of her left arm. With her free hand, she took a sip of wine, watching his angelic face as he closed his eyes and rested.

She smiled as he whispered softly, "Thank you, Mistress."

Knowing what a boy needs after he is made to spurt, Darla unfastened a few buttons of her blouse and exposed the bra cup of her left breast. She could feel the milk letting down already as she unfastened the clasp that revealed her large brown nipple, already seeping, and held it to his mouth.

As the boy began to suckle, drinking the elixir of womanhood from her full breast, Darla thought how interesting nature was. How Woman had been made to care for man. It was almost embarrassing to her how matronly she had become over the years. After producing her daughter Veronica, as was the goal of child-bearing, her breasts had naturally kept their milk and probably would the rest of her life.

The milk was no longer for her child, but now for her males. She giggled how quickly her milk let down now after she drank semen. She thought it was a fair exchange, to take from a boy his life-giving juices, so healthy to womankind, and in return, give him the comfort of her warm milk from her soft breast.

She thought of her home, and her husband and concubine. How often she would take semen from both of them and then suckle both of her boys at the same time. It made such a wonderful bond in her family, to sit comfortably together in the living room with her two naked men at her breasts, their soft and spent penises laying moist at their groins as the suckled from their Mistress' bounty.

To look across the room and see her daughter smiling contentedly, studying for another of her college exams, feeling safe and secure in her home in the knowledge that her mother cared well for both her father and her mother's young concubine. Darla always tried to set a good example for her daughter, so that she would grow up and take men of her own, treating them well in every respect.

For a woman's home should be happy. That didn't mean that her men didn't need regular discipline, certainly their bottoms should always have a rosy color or a few marks that showed their Mistress was strict. But also, there must be lots of love. Not just keeping her boys' semen well harvested, but caressing them, giving them her milkbond, and speaking lovingly to them.

As she looked at the pretty Courtesan at her breast, his eyes closed contentedly, she had no worry that she would milkbond him. She knew that many other women would need to suckle him too, as their milk let down during their time with him.

She stirred him up and guided him to her other breast, so that he could relieve its pressure as well. Darla loved suckling men, it was intimate and wholesome, and it was the natural order of things.

Sometime later, when her right breast felt comfortably drained, she said, "Jeffrey, it's time for you to get up, dear."

He opened his eyes sleepily, "Yes, Mistress," he said. He got up and stood before his client, hands obediently at his sides, soft pin sated genitals dangling relaxed between his smooth muscular thighs. "How may I serve you, Mistress?"

Darla smiled as she re-buttoned her blouse, feeling quite energetic from the warm rich semen she had recently imbibed. Her breasts felt free and easy again, and her pussy tingled a bit. She felt frisky and horny and wanted to play some more with her delicious little slut.

She stood up, "I would like to go into the bedroom and have a little look in your closet, dear." She grinned at the little Courtesan standing before her so pliable and submissive-looking. "Do you think there are any toys in there I might like?"

She loved how the boy blushed, and she could see that there was a tinge of fear in his eyes. "Oh, yes, Mistress, I'm sure there are many things there that might please you." He looked down submissively, awaiting her next command.

Renewed with energy, the curvaceous brunette took him by the hand and lead the naked boy into his bedroom. She looked around and was pleased with the room, done in soft light blue colors, very comfortable and masculine with soft pillows and a plush duvet.

Darla let go of his hand and said softly, "Lie down on your tummy, Jeffrey, and I'll have a look in your closet."

Jeffrey swallowed and murmured, "Yes, Mistress."

She watched as the boy climbed onto the bed on hands and knees, his pink scrotum dangling delightfully beneath the rosy glow on his cute bottom. He settled himself on the bed, finally positioned submissively with his thighs parted adequately to expose his testicles, and his hands above his head.

Darla smiled as she opened the closet door and feasted her eyes on the available toys. There were gags and straps for securing a boy. There were paddles and strops and crops and canes with which to paint a pretty pink and red picture upon a boy's bottom. There was a small package of leather containing various sizes of urethral sounds, and various clips that could be wickedly applied to nipples or genitals.

In the far corner, beneath other things, she found what she was looking for. There were several vibrators of various sizes and shapes, and a few non-vibrating dildos. Eureka! There was an adjustable belt/harness suitable for mounting a dildo, and next to it, a double phallus object perfect for her burgeoning desires.

She chose the double-ended device and the harness. She laid them at the foot of the bed, between Jeffrey's spread thighs and giggled to herself as she got undressed.

Once nude, she returned to the closet and too out a small leather paddle, and a short nylon cane, placing them between the boy's legs as well. She walked to the head of the bed, seeing that his head was turned away from her and the closet in a submissive gesture. "Look at me," she said.

He turned his face and she saw his pretty blue eyes open wide, first in surprise, and then in appreciation. She liked that. She reached down and picked up the leather paddle. It was narrow, and she brought it gently against his testes and started giving little pats, eliciting a soft wiggle of his hips and a little moan.

"Do you like seeing me naked?" she asked, patting still gently, but with a little more firmness.

"NNnnn.. Ahh... Yes, Mistress, you are gorgeous..." Jeffrey responded as he felt the debilitating sensations going up through his abdomen as the woman gently spanked his testes.

"Good boy," she said. "Open wide for me," she said, nudging his thighs with the little paddle.

"Ooohh.... Mmm...." He moaned, as he spread his thighs wide for her, giving her greater access to torment his most tender parts.

"Now, lift your hips, dear," she said.

Jeffrey brought his hips up, bending his knees with thighs wide apart, with his face still buried in the pillows as he moaned.

"Good boy, that's very nice," said Darla as she now was able to swat at his pink testes from beneath, making him groan and wiggle and struggle to hold still.

"Jeffrey," she said, "Which would you like more - for me to continue swatting your testicles, or for me to use the cane to put pretty red stripes on your bottom?" As she spoke, she noted with amusement that the boy's penis was showing signs of lengthening and throbbing - such a little slut, she thought.

Jeffrey was beside himself, unable to think clearly enough to make a decision or even speak - such was the devastating torment Darla was giving him. There was the sharp pain in his testicles when the little paddle swatted his scrotum, even though she was very gentle, testicles are very susceptible to impact.

But far more debilitating was the thick, heavy ache that traveled up the boy's plumbing, from his testes up deep into his abdomen, that made him feel completely overwhelmed and conquered. All he could do was squeeze his eyes shut, grip the pillows more tightly, and moan in response.

"Alright, honey," said Darla with a wicked grin, "since you can't make up your mind..."

She picked up the little cane with her other hand, and laid a stripe across both of his upturned cheeks, low across his bottom, just above where his thighs connected - a very sensitive area, she knew.

That got his attention. "Aaaahhhh!!..." he whined.

She laid another stripe at almost the same spot, delighting in the two parallel red lines that formed in the aftermath of her strokes, and the way he wiggled his cute bottom for her, which she chose to interpret as eagerness for more.

Darla set up a rhythm of torment, using both the small leather paddle and the cane. Swat-swat-swat-STROKE, three pats of his testes for each cut of the cane. Very quickly she had the boy whimpering and moaning and wiggling his bottom wildly, trying to avoid her swats and strokes.

She stopped a moment, "Now, Jeffrey," she said sternly, "If you can't hold still, I'll have to strap you down. Is that what you need to be a good boy for me?"

He gasped in fear, "No Mistress," focusing all his feeble strength to keep his bottom still.

"Good boy," she said as she set the paddle down. "I think we only need a few more cane strokes to make your bottom pretty. Now be a good boy and hold perfectly still..."

He nodded, whimpering with tears in his eyes.

Darla reached into her purse, taking out her cell phone and turning on the camera. She held the phone in one hand and the cane in the other, and made herself a home movie as she striped the young Courtesan's bottom with six more strokes, each one wringing a wail or a gasp or a cry from his throat.

When she was finished, she took a few stills from the foot of the bed, prominently featuring the boy's red-striped bottom and his dark pink scrotum hanging loosely with his tormented and slightly swollen testicles.

She smiled, thinking of all the friends to whom she would send her little mementos, and perhaps she would put them up on her face book page, but then rejected that idea.

She laid her phone and the cane down, picking up the harness. She could feel her own wetness. Dominating the boy like this had made her very aroused. She was about to see to that in one of her favorite ways.

She left the boy in his submissive pose, whimpering, while she loosely put on the harness. She held the two-phallus appliance in her hand. She was familiar with it because she had one at home. It consisted of a relatively small penis shape, perhaps 5" long on one end, the harness connection point in the middle, and a curved phallus, on the other.

The curved phallus was long and thick and mechanical - not only did it vibrate, but the bulbous head could turn and swivel. Properly set in the harness, the woman could sheath 8" of the thick curving phallus in her vagina, enjoy it's vibrations against her clitoris and vaginal walls, and feel the spongy swiveling fat head play against the mouth of her cervix. With the smaller 5" phallus, she could penetrate a boy, and use the curved head to rub against a boy's prostate glade, and thereby force him to gush semen while she mounted him.

Darla put some lubricant, though hardly necessary, on the enormous curved phallus and pressed it into her body as a soft moan escaped her lips. This reminded her that there were truly very few males with a penis of this size and thickness, and that that was a shame...

She fitted the smaller penis through the fitting in the harness and strapped the leather tightly around her waist and thighs. She pressed a button, turning on the large penis inside her, and nearly swooned to the sensations of vibration upon her big clitoris and the 'pummeling' feeling of the swiveling head as it pressed and wiggled against her cervix.

"MMmmmm," she moaned in pleasure, and then she whispered, "Jeffrey, turn over and raise your knees, dear."

Jeffrey had a clue from the sounds of her preparations, and was not surprised when he rolled over to see his client on the verge or orgasm, standing on unsure legs with a little penis protruding from the harness above her mons.

On his back, he obediently clasped his hands under his knees and pulled his legs up high and wide and rocking his pelvis forward to offer his body completely to his client's pleasure.

Darla crawled onto the bed, eyeing his pink genitals, so eagerly displayed between his spread thighs, and the little bud of his anus in a field of white unmarred by the red stripes that crisscrossed his cheeks. She squirted a copious amount of lubricant into her hand and started rubbing it on the little phallus protruding from her groin.

She leaned forward and rubbed some lube onto the boy's bottom, circling and pressing at his little pink bud. She shuddered with pleasure in response to the magic of the enormous mechanical cock vibrating and swirling inside her body.

With lubricant still on her hand, she took hold of Jeffrey's half-erect penis and began to stroke it as she steadied her hips in position with the little phallus against Jeffrey's bud.

She whispered, "Relax, little one, and let me in..." as she stroked his penis and pressed the phallus against his body. She could feel his penis stiffening in her hand as she rubbed it, "That's a good boy," she whispered.

Jeffrey felt the pressure against his anus, and he let out a deep breath and tried to relax and concentrate on the sensations of Darla's hand on his stiffening shaft. Suddenly, the head of the little penis slipped into his bottom, "Oooooh!" he squealed in response.

"Mmmm, yes, that's it," said Darla. She stopped pressing and just held still to let the boy get used to the tip of the invader in his bottom. She let go of his penis and massaged the remaining lubricant into his sore scrotum, careful to treat his tormented testes gently.

She wiggled her hips a bit, letting him feel the penetration, and she inched forward slowly until she had seated her mons against the boy's bottom fully.

Due to the upturned shape of the head of the little phallus, Jeffrey could feel pressure against his prostate gland. As Darla withdrew partially, and then slowly pressed forward again, Jeffrey moaned as he felt his prostate being massaged by the little penis head inside him.

Slowly, Darla began to thrust a bit more, in and out, in and out, making Jeffrey moan and making his own penis become completely fully erect from the prostate gland stimulation.

Darla put her right hand on Jeffrey's penis again, slowly stroking it in the same rhythm that she was thrusting into him. "I'm going to milk you so good, Jeffrey," she whispered, "I'm going to drain you completely as I take you completely..."

"Yes, Mistress," he whispered submissively, "you may have me however you like..."

"I like this," she said, increasing the rhythm of her thrusts and beginning to give the boy a real fucking. She reached down and pressed another button between her thighs, setting the phallus inside her on "high", and shuddering in response to the big stiff pleasure-maker going wild insider her soaking wet vagina.

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