Courtesan Cop Ch. 07


"Ahhhh," Darla purred, "I think I'm going to give it to you now, Jeffrey."

She set about pummeling the boy's bottom, ravishing his prostate gland with the little phallus - each thrust adding to the sensations her over-stimulated clitoris was already experiencing.

Jeffrey gasped and coughed "Urghhh" with each of Darla's thrusts into him. She laid her body down on top of him, pounding him with her hips, crushing his sore testes with each thrust.

Dribbles of semen began to flow from the head of his penis as the prostate massage was doing its magic, forcing the stored semen out of his body with each thrust.

Darla began to thrust wildly as her first orgasm commenced. "Oh my little slut!!!" she cried in the throes of ecstasy and pounded the boy into the mattress. "I'm taking your cute little ass, my slut!! I'm making you spurt little dribbles from your little cock!! AAAAAhhhhhhh!!!!"

Her body tensed as she cried out for a long time, her orgasm extended and re-extended by the intense stimulation of the enormous grinding phallus in her vagina, and the super-arousing thoughts in her mind of literally fucking the semen right out of her little slut's penis.

She looked down as she fucked him hard, watching the boy's semen seep from his head and pool on his bare tummy. Pulse after pulse of his come poured out in time with her thrusts. The view was so erotic to her dominant nature that it drove her wild, and listening to the boy moan and whimper in discomfort each time her body slammed down onto his testicles just put her over the edge.

"You dirty little slut!!" she moaned, "You want to take it in the ass, don't you!" She fucked him harder as she nearly screamed. "I'm pounding your bottom, little boy, pounding your tender little testicles too!!" she gasped for breath, "And I'm fucking you so hard its making you come!!!"

After over a minute of squirming and gasping and saying raunchy things to the boy, her orgasm subsided and she collapsed on top of him, completely exhausted with only enough strength left to turn off the monster between her thighs.

She laid on him breathing heavily and sighing contentedly as Jeffrey caressed her still-shaking body with his hands. He let his legs drift downward a bit and cuddled his client showing her affection as she basked in the afterglow.

He knew it was merely the dominant nature of women that caused her to call him names and humiliate him with her screams. Besides, he was a very submissive Courtesan, which did make him a very expensive slut, and she was in fact forcing semen from his body as she pummeled him with the strap-on.

He also knew two other things:

First, that he must guard the secret fact that he had, as with most of his 'clients' so far, loved every minute of his session with Darla. It was embarrassing to admit to himself that he was truly a submissive slut at heart, and certainly could never admit it to others. He couldn't help it - deep down he really liked the pain-and-pleasure mixture, and the helpless feeling of being a boy toy to whom his clients could do as they wished without complaint.

Second, that not only would he be wearing the red stripes of Darla's cane for a few days, but his testicles were already swollen and sore, and would probably be so for several days as well.

Darla began to come out of her stupor, lifted off of him long enough to plant a big wet kiss on his lips, and then waddled off to the bathroom to compose herself. He heard running water and in a few minutes, she returned beautifully nude but without the harness and it's attachments.

She gleefully laid back down next to him and snuggled her body close. She felt warm and voluptuous, somehow the source of fear at her dominance while at the same time safety in the warm curves of her body, and the benevolent wisdom of her feminine heart.

She let her hand slide down his chest to his belly, and took his semi-erect penis in her hand. "Can you come for me one more time, pretty one? I promise to be gentle."

"I'll try for you, Mistress," he whispered.

"I know you will, sweetheart, you're a very good boy."

She laid her head on his shoulder and watched as she stroked his pretty pink penis. She liked the idea of really wearing the Courtesan out, emptying him, and pleasuring him for their last few minutes together. She thought he was really wonderful and had enjoyed their time together very much, and wanted to leave him with a nice feeling for her.

She would definitely be back.

She worked his penis happily, glad to see him stiffen and begin to wiggle his hips in response. She was gentle, but just forceful enough, knowing that a submissive is aroused by the feeling of being 'forced', and besides, it was her duty as a woman to make him come, not let him come.

Soon her experienced hand had brought him to the brink, and the guided him over the cliff, bringing two little spurts from his penis as he cried out, and then she milked several additional pulses of pearly goo gently from his well-used genitals.

She kissed him softly on the cheek, whispering, "I'll be right back," and sliding down his body until her head was hovering over the juncture of his spread thighs. She carefully and gently bathed his soft scrotum with her tongue, then moved to his gooey penis, and finally licked his bare tummy clean of any and all semen she could find.

She slid back up to wrap him in her arms and hold his head softly against her ample breasts. "You're just too yummy to waste, precious one," she said softly as she caressed the side of his face.

They lay together a long time, Jeffrey falling asleep in her arms.

Some time, during the night, Darla had quietly gotten up, put on her clothes, and left Jeffrey's apartment.

The next morning, Jeffrey awoke to the sun filtering through the curtains of his bedroom. It was then that he noticed the two women standing at his bedside. Mandy, DA Murphy's assistant, and Detective Lieutenant Shelton, his boss.

They were both staring at the middle of his body, their faces looking sad or perhaps concerned. Jeffrey looked down and realized that the sheet was at his knees and his naked genitals were completely exposed - and that's where they were looking.

He immediately pulled the sheet up to cover himself, sitting up in bed and saying, "I'm sorry, I was asleep and didn't know... Please forgive my lewdness..."

He cringed, awaiting the reprimand from his Lieutenant, but none came. Both women looked at his face, still with concerned faces, then looked at each other to decide who would speak and Lt. Sheldon nodded.

Mandy turned to him and as she reached for the sheet, she said, "Lie back down, Jeffrey. Don't be afraid." He trusted the look on her face and laid back down, letting her take control of the sheet.

The two women looked again at his groin, this time leaning in to get a closer look. Lt. Sheldon reached forward and he felt warm fingers gently probing at his scrotum. "Please spread your legs a little more, Jeffrey," she said.

He obeyed, and let the women look as Lt. Sheldon continued to probe and feel him. He could feel her fingers examining each of his testicles, and finally satisfied, she stood up. "I think he'll be fine," she said with a smile.

Mandy pulled the sheet back up to cover him. "I've already got a medic coming, so just wait here a little longer."

Jeffrey reached down to feel himself and realized their concern. His scrotum was swollen, probably from all the abuse Darla had given him. His testes were certainly sore, but felt undamaged. He knew these things happened from time to time, and he was confident he'd be fine in a few days.

He looked up and Lt. Sheldon said, "We had officers watching on the closed circuit, as planned, and since you never made any attempt to resist, they thought it was all ok. Why didn't you stop the client from making this happen?"

This was so embarrassing. First to be seen naked by his boss. Second that she saw his swollen scrotum. Third that she had probably watched the recording of the session, and had seen him submit to many things.

He blushed.

"Well Ma'am," he said in an uneven voice, "nothing was done that was out of the ordinary. A submissive courtesan is expected to embrace the dominance of his client, even to the point of being a masochist. A submissive Courtesan is supposed to enjoy pain. I can't complain every time something hurts or my cover will be blown. Ma'am."

Lt. Sheldon's face showed that she did not approve, but his logic was sound and they were after a murderer. She nodded curtly and left the room.

Mandy sat down on the bed next to Jeffrey and reached under the sheets, cupping his swollen scrotum gently in her palm. "I'm sorry, Jeffrey," she said, "I never wanted you to be hurt by all this, neither did Murphy." Her hand began to gently massage his tenderness, meaning for it to be a caring gesture, not a sexual one.

"I'll be alright," he said, "It comes with the territory."

She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. "You're such a good trooper," she said smiling, "giving your all for the team."

"Yup, that's me," said Jeffrey smiling in return, "sacrificing my testicles on the altar of justice..."

Mandy giggled, ruffling the hair on his head as she stood up. "Don't sacrifice them, honey, they're precious!"

They had a nice laugh together, and Jeffrey felt a new closeness to the otherwise 'always business' Amanda Beckett. He was surprised to think that he might actually begin to like her as a person.

Mandy held out her hand and helped Jeffrey up off the bed. Once he was standing naked in front of her, he blushed again. Mandy smiled, "You'll be fine, I'm sure. Let's just get you into the bath and clean you up."

Mandy lead him to the bathroom and watched as he urinated in the toilet. "The only advantage of males," she said, shaking her head. She ran the shower and popped him in, advising "be careful how hard you scrub down there, my boy..." she giggled at seeing the cane marks across his cute bottom, and left the room.

Jeffrey showered and dried off, looking at himself in the mirror. His scrotum was swollen to maybe fifty-percent larger than normal, and was certainly an inflamed red color, much darker than the pink of his penis which normally matched.

He turned to look at his bottom in the mirror and grinned at the bright pink lines. He felt them and there was just a little bit of swelling that would be gone in less than a day.

Just then there was a knock on the bathroom door and in walked Dr. Charlotte Manning, the Police Department Medical Director, along with her young assistant Tammie Weathers. They both stopped dead in their tracks with wide eyes, seeing the marks on Jeffrey's naked bottom.

He dutifully turned toward the Doctor to let her see his swollen scrotum and both women's eyes widened even more. Then Dr. Manning grinned and said, "Working hard, I see..."

Jeffrey sheepishly replied, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Very well," said the Doctor, "Hop up on the counter and let's have a look."

Jeffrey's bottom hit the cool tile and he smiled. It felt nice on his still warm and stinging cheeks. Knowing the drill, just like in a doctor's office, Jeffrey leaned back on the counter and spread his thighs wide, raising his knees to fully expose his genitals for examination.

If I had a nickel for every time I've had to do this... he thought.

Dr. Manning leaned forward between his spread thighs to examine him as her assistant Tammie leaned close from the side. Jeffrey thought Tammie seemed a little too eager and not very professional, but so it goes.

The Doctor put on a latex glove and began to probe and feel around in Jeffrey's scrotum. She felt each testicle thoroughly as well as the vas deferens and the base of his penis inside his scrotum. After several minutes, she seemed satisfied.

"I don't think there is any actual damage to your body, Jeffrey, just looks like swelling and excess fluid in response to some rough treatment. I want you to put cool cloths on your scrotum, but not ice, and don't wear a pouch for a couple days. You need to let your testes hang naturally without support. And no sexual activity that might cause even slight impacts upon your testicles. Ok?"

"Yes, Doctor," he said, getting up from the counter and putting on a little satin robe, much to the apparent disappointment of Assistant Tammie who was enjoying his nakedness a little too much.

The two women left, and a few moments later he followed them out to the living room to find Mandy still there, standing with the women at the door, then Mandy seated herself in the comfy chair. Jeffrey closed the door behind the doctor as her assistant gave him one last smile and blew him a kiss. He turned to Amanda.

"Looks like you have another new fan, though I don't think Tammie's salary could afford you."

Jeffrey smiled, "I can't help it. Not my fault." He sat on the sofa across the little room from her. Due to his condition, he had to sit with his legs well apart, and the short hem of the robe did little to cover him. He had no choice but to completely flash the DA's assistant a full view of his swollen scrotum and his flaccid penis.

Jeffrey said, "Why are you still here?"

Mandy's eyes looked up from his groin. "Murphy says I'm not to let you out of my sight until you are fully healed and ready to go back to work."

"Oh," he said, "what are we going to do today, then?"

Mandy grinned, "Well, for one thing, I under Doctor's orders."

"Really, how so?" he asked.

Mandy stood and stepped forward until she was towering above the Courtesan with her hands on her hips, smiling deviously.

She said, "Dr. Manning gave me strict orders to take care of several things. I am to see to it that you don't try to wear any clothing below the waist..." She reached down and undid the tie of his robe.

"I am to see that you keep a cool cloth on your testes to help with the swelling..." She parted the robe, opening it so that his naked body was completely displayed.

"And I am to make sure your semen stays at a very low reserve level, without roughing up your testicles in any way..." She put her hands on his knees and pushed his thighs apart as she knelt between them. "That's going to require that I make sure you ejaculate at least four times a day..." She gently lifted his semi-erect penis up off of his swollen scrotum. "Starting now...." She said.

Her eyes were on his, to watch his reaction, as she opened her mouth and took his penis in. She caressed his now-throbbing shaft with her tongue and smiled at him. She lifted off of his penis momentarily and said, "Now hold still for me, Jeffrey, it's doctor's orders."

She went down again, taking his penis into her mouth and vigorously licking and sucking as Jeffrey laid his head back on the sofa in obedient surrender.

"Yes, Mistress," he said.

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