tagNonHumanCourting a Vampire Ch. 05

Courting a Vampire Ch. 05


He sighed and closed his eyes and covered them with his arm. I looked at his beautiful chest and then looked lower, not surprised to see a very tight bulge straining against his pants. I leaned forward to kiss him, realizing what he was not doing to me at that very moment. He kissed me back passionately before flopping his head back down, refusing to do anything else.

I reached out and touched his chest, my fingers running down the contours of each chiseled muscle. I looked up into his face, seeing his silver eyes glow as I continued to touch him, growing more confident with each touch. I leaned forward and kissed his stomach gently, feeling the contrast between how cold he is normally and how warm he had become, due to his arousal. I sat up and turned, straddling his panted leg, hearing him moan in frustration and I leaned forward and kissed down his chest, making a point that my breast trailed a line down his body too.

Finally I kissed the edge of his pants and I looked up to see him watching me intently. I smiled at him and unbuttoned his pants, and pushed the zipper down. I reached inside and freed his straining member, seeing it stand proudly in the cool air. I looked at it curiously, having only seen one in porn before. It was large, and there was a large vein that ran from the tip all the way down disappearing into the black curly hair at the base. I saw a drop of clear fluid gather at the top and without thinking about it, I leaned forward and licked it.

Damien gasped and I smiled tasting the sweet fluid on my tongue. It tasted wonderful and with no further teasing I began to lick the silky, velvet of the head of his cock. I licked down tracing the vein before licking back up, enjoying the spicy, musty scent of Damien, coupled with the velvety flesh against my tongue.

"Hades Lilly, don't tease me like this." His words were a combined moan and plea and the sound turned me on.

I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around the head of his member and began to slowly slide down him. He groaned loudly and thrust up, pushing himself down my throat. I swallowed and milked him, enjoying the dual sensation of his heat in my throat and the tickly spicy sent filling my nose.

I settled there unmoving savoring the sensation before I started to pull up, sucking hard on him as I did so, he groaned again and before I could pop him out of my mouth, I slid down, my throat swallowing the hard member. I kept up the very slow pace, feeling the heat return to my slit, knowing I was probably starting to soak his pant leg. I loved the feeling of doing this, the control over Damien's pleasure, it turned me on.

Finally, unable to take the torture anymore Damien grabbed a fist full of my curls and moved my mouth up and down, quickening the pace. I continued to enjoy it, caressing him with my tongue, and swallowing him each time. He ground his teeth and gasped trying to pull out of my mouth, but I felt his cock expand and I was greedy for more of his sweet taste, and instead locked onto him and sucked feeling the first blast of the hot seed fill my mouth. I kept stroking him with my lips until he no longer came and when he collapsed back I swished the cum in my mouth and around his softening cock. I loved the taste, I coated my mouth with the flavor before swallowing it and licking him clean, sucking all that was left in him.

I sat up and looked at him licking my lips to taste the little bit I had on them. He stared at me stunned for a moment before grabbing me and flipping me under him.

"Where did you learn that?" He hissed, now suddenly angry. I looked at him confused.

"I didn't do it right?"

He grabbed my shoulders and pinned me down, "Who taught you?"

He sounded angry but also, territorial, and maybe even jealous. I smiled up at him and shifted so I could touch his face, "No one taught me."

He narrowed his eyes, "Do not lie to me."

I was moved by his sudden possessiveness, and I couldn't help but to beam at him, "I'm not, I learned online."

He put a hand on each side of my face, holding it tightly but not painfully, "Who did you practice on."

I closed my eyes waiting for him to let me go and eventually he did moving away from me entirely. I sat up and looked at him, his gaze out of the room, "Damien, I didn't practice on anyone. I just did what felt right with you."

My smile faltered as his face didn't soften, "Did I not do it right? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to not do it right. It seemed like I was doing it right, that it felt good..."

Damien reached out and pulled gently on a curl watching it spring back, "It more than felt good."

He turned back around, his back to me. I looked at him and suddenly a flare of jealousy and insecurity hit me and I said coolly, "Was it not as good as Desmond's?"

His back straightened instantly and he stood up and without a word walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I stared after him for a few moments then closed my eyes and shook my head. I was feeling territorial too, and I couldn't, he had to do this with three other girls, three vampires, with perfect bodies, and endless stamina.

I began to pull my hair down, taking each hair pin out one at a time throwing them across the room muttering stupid to each of them. I was stupid, plink, stupid, plink, stupid, plink. I ran my fingers through my hair and then looked back towards the bathroom, Damien didn't seem like he was coming out anytime soon, in fact I heard the shower start running, so I sighed and wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and walked back out to the living room.

I knelt down and looked through his movie collection picking out a relatively safe action movie and putting it in, bunching myself onto the black leather couch. A soft knock on the door tore me away from the previews and I looked back to the bedroom. The knock came again and I sighed, wrapped the blanket tighter around me, and opened the door peeking out and seeing a servant with a tray in his hand and a box in another.

I opened the door fully and scooted back to let him in. The vampire kept his eyes off of me, and quietly put the tray and the box on the table and bowed low before disappearing out of the door. I looked at the closed door and shrugging, turned back to the table and quietly walked to it and took the silver cover off of the plate. I was happy to a cheeseburger and fries and sighed happily seeing the fry sauce off to the side. I covered the food up, and turned to the box. Before I could open the white box I felt a cold chill and looked up into a pair of soft grey eyes staring at me.

"When did that come?"

I shrugged, "Just a few minutes ago."

His eyes narrowed, "You answered it like that?"

I looked down at the thick black blanket wrapped around me, "Yeah, its not like he knew I'm naked underneath, he probably thought what every other vampire thinks when looking at me. Poor little human has to wear a blanket because she's cold."

Damien straightened up and crossed the floor and I became very aware of the fact his hair was still wet and he was shirtless with a pair of black sweatpants swung low on his hips. I tore my eyes from the sight, coughing and feeling heat flush my face, looking up to see him smirking having noticed my admiration.

"I'll have a servant in here to build a fire for you in a few moments."

I nodded thanking him and his eyes shot up at the sight of the box. I smiled and shrugged, "Probably my aunt."

He nodded and opened it pulling out a long, dark blue, silk night gown. He pulled out the small folded paper at the bottom and handed it to me. I opened it seeing my aunts flouncy writing.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to warn you, I hope it went well. Let me know if you need anything, and try to remind Damien that you need to stay warm. See you tomorrow after lunch.

I smiled and handed Damien the note, ignoring his surprise as he grabbed it and read through it. I opened the plate again and reached down and grabbed a fry popping it into my mouth before covering it again.

"She is very protective of you. She treats you like a piece of crystal."

I looked up and smiled swallowing and shrugging, "Yeah, I think my mother and father gave her the wrong impression of my limitations. Although, I do have to admit that this castle is ridiculously cold."

He nodded and returned his attention to the silk nightgown in his hands, "You seem to like to flaunt how different you are."

I reached forward and grabbed the dress, allowing the blanket to fall from me and I smiled up at him noticing him looking at my body, "I am different, and there's no hiding it so I might as well flaunt it as much as possible."

I slipped the dress on and then put the blanket back around my shoulders and he shook his head, "There are certain expectations for royalty when it comes to clothing, and I'm pretty sure white is not among them."

I laughed, "My aunt genuinely tried to put me in black, but it made me look bad. Which baffled even her, so at the suggestion of a very brow beaten French shop woman, I ended up in white. It was meant to grab your attention."

His eyebrows shot up, "It certainly did, but it would be hard to not notice your body compared to the other three girls."

I smiled and sat down in front of my food, while Damien removed the box and sat down in front of me. I bit into the burger and chewed slowly before sipping at a glass of water and swallowed, all the while feeling self conscious at Damien watching me intently. I looked over at him and shrugged, "You act like you have never seen a girl eating a cheese burger before."

He smiled and shrugged back, "I haven't."

"Are you serious? Did you get turned that young that you don't even remember a cheese burger?"

His eyebrows furrowed and he shook his head, "I wasn't turned."

I tilted my head curiously at him and bit a into a fry, "What do you mean you weren't turned, you're a vampire aren't you?"

In answer, his fangs dropped and I shivered in deliciousness, the chill always got to me when a vampire dropped his fangs. He smiled at my reaction and in a blink was picking me up. I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled at him as he carried me back to the bedroom.

He parted the sheets and blanket and set me between them before climbing into bed next to me. I turned to him and he rubbed his thumb across my full bottom lip, "It was hard watching you eat, all I could think about was what you had done just a few minutes ago with this same mouth."

I smiled at him and grabbed his hand pressing his palm against my cheek. I closed my eyes and breathed him in before settling down and opening my eyes, seeing his eyes turn a silvery storm.

"Are you alright?"

He nodded and laid down with me, slipping his arm underneath my head and pressing me to him. My eyelids grew heavy and I sighed, "You don't have to stay with me, I know you probably have more important things to do."

He ran his fingers through my curls before running a finger down my face and along my jaw, "I find that I would rather be here with you."

I sighed and buried my face into the crease of his neck and breathed deeply before falling asleep.

I heard muffled voices and opened my eyes to see it was still dark outside. I couldn't be later than three in the morning and I reached out and realized that Damien wasn't in the bed with me. I sat up and got out of bed, silently padding to where I could hear the voices. I peeked out of the door into the living room and had to bite back a gasp.

Wrapped around Damien was the long, white haired Desmond. I continued to watch trying to catch bits of their conversation.

"You shouldn't be here." Damien unwound her arms from his neck.

"Who will know? The little human is asleep right? If you had chosen me first, we would still be together in bed doing other things than sleeping." she pressed her body against his causing him to sigh and take a step back.

She snapped her hands out of his grip and glared at him, "Why did you choose her first? Do you actually have feeling for the disgusting little creature."

Damien shook his head and ran a hand through his hair, "its none of your concern."

Desmond laughed, "Are you serious? You are a vampire prince, the first pure vampire, born in almost a hundred years. And you are seriously interested in a weak, pathetic mortal? And more importantly THAT weak, pathetic mortal?!?"

"I choose her because her family has very strong lines, and more power than anyone gives them credit for. Think about it Desmond, I cant just flat out reject her, especially if I don't want a war on my doorstep. Instead I show her favor, and when I reject her, it seems like I gave it an honest shot. And I will do the same for Yuki and Elizabeth, and I expect you to be patient."

Desmond leaned forward and kissed Damien, who pulled her close and kissed her in return.

Now at this point I had two very usable options, the first would be to slink off to bed, and pretend it didn't happen, the human way. The other way would be to contact my aunt right away and let her know of the Princes and Desmond's plans, and have the council figure it out, the royal way.

I, however, chose the short tempered vampire option in that I grabbed the nearest object, which happened to be a crystal vase and hurled it with amazing accuracy right into the side of Desmond's face. The vase shattered and stunned the two giving me time to run into the bedroom and grab the silver dagger that Damien kept at the head of the bed. I gripped the handle and turned just as Desmond was lunging at me. I raised the dagger and she froze, silver dagger pressing into her throat.

Her eyes were a fathomless black in fury and mine had turned into a soft gold in response. I was panting and shaking from adrenaline and I pressed the tip forward causing her to lean back to avoid the deadly weapon. I may have a million weakness in being a human but I knew every single one of a vampires weakness, including a violent allergy to silver blades. Damien had appeared in a blink and was pulling Desmond off the bed, the both of us never breaking eye contact with each other.

She hissed in fury at me and I stalked after her as Damien pulled her out of the room and to the front door. As he pushed her out of the door she lunged once more at me, "Be careful little human, that you don't find your neck snapped."

I looked around Damien and glared at her, "Be careful little vampy that you don't drink silver dust next time you have a glass of blood."

Both she and Damien froze and looked at me shocked and I pointedly looked at both of them before turning around and stomping back into the bedroom, taking a moment to slam the tip of the knife into the wood of the table before disappearing into the room. I walked into the bedroom and flung myself onto the bed, burying my face into my arms. I felt stupid and oh so human at this moment. I had seriously felt pain when he had said what he did to Desmond. I had thought that there had been something between us when he held me as I slept, but it was painful to realize it had all been a ploy to make sure my family didn't get upset.

I felt the bed dip beside me and his hand touched the silk on my back I pushed his hand off of me and turned my face away from him, looking at the wall, "Leave me alone."

He sighed and stood up and I heard the bathroom door click closed and I grabbed a pillow and screaming into it until I felt my voice getting hoarse. Then I grabbed the end and began to pummel the hell out of the rest of the bed with it, thumping it against the bed over and over again until all my fury was gone. All that was left was the raw pain in my chest. I sat looking down at the pillow panting, my tantrum causing me to gasp for air.

"You have a very vampire temper for being a human."

I looked up at Damien, angry quickly returning and I crawled over to the edge of the bed and straightened myself on my knees, "What do you care, you serpent."

Damien's eyes flashed to a steel grey, "Be careful human."

"Of what? You? It seems your more scared of my family than I am of you."

He had his hands wrapped painfully on my arms in a blink of an eye, "Don't presume to know anything about me."

I tried to twist out of his grip but he only squeezed my arms harder causing me to visibly wince before he released the pressure, "I don't presume anything, I listen to a snakes plan and then get pissed about it."

He let me go and I fell backward and rubbed the redness on my arms, "I'm sorry I over reacted." I sighed and looked down on the bedding. Damien sighed and sat on the edge of the bed.

"You shouldn't have heard what you did."

I nodded, "I gathered that. I wish you would have told me before..." I paused and shook my head trying to clear it of the feeling of being with him, "Before we did what we did. If you would have told me I probably wouldn't have reacted that way."

I looked up into his grey eyes and he regarded me curiously, "It is within your families power to start a war with me. That's why we were betrothed to begin with, your family hasn't been in power in a long time, but that doesn't mean that vampires have forgotten that they are descendants from the original, ancient line. To tie your line with mine would solve a lot of the disagreements between our families."

"It sounds reasonable, but..."

He shook his head and looked past me out of the window, "But you're a human, even if you seem to think a lot like a vampire."

"Its hard not to think like a vampire when your whole family is vampire, and your dad drills it into your head how much of a non vampire you are."

Damien chuckled, "You held your own enough against Desmond. I don't think when she saw you running, that you were grabbing the knife. And I wasn't aware you had noticed it when you went to sleep."

I smiled and shrugged, " I felt it when I rolled onto your arm."

His smile faded, "She threatened you, and I realized just how human you are, when I realized that she could snap your neck, and that you would die from it. And how human you are, that the idea of silver dust in a goblet of wine, really could happen. You wouldn't get sick or die from handling it, and no one would notice it had happened until the deed was done."

I sighed and chewed the inside of my cheek, "Yeah, it's the one thing my father always told me was the only advantage I have."

Damien reached out and captured a curl, tugging it and watching it spring back, "He was right."

I leaned back out of Damien's reach and ignored the flash of steel in his eyes, "So what now?"

He stood up and began to pace the room, "I don't know, what are you going to do?"

"What do you mean, what am I going to do?"

"It is within your power to have Desmond removed from the courtship because of the stunt she pulled. You can also reveal what I said to Desmond as well, and then the Council would have to decide what to do after that."

"Wow, that gives me a lot of leverage over you doesn't it?"

He gave me a dark look and nodded, "yes, I suppose it does."

"Is that really your plan? To eventually marry Desmond without giving the rest of us a chance?"

He slumped down and hunched his shoulders over, "I don't know, I have a lot of pressure from each family to pick their daughters."

I inched forward and ran my fingers through his long black hair, "Who cares what the other family say, you should figure out who would be a good queen for your people, and a good wife for you."

He captured my hand and turned around to face me, "Why are you being so kind to me? I betrayed you and your family."

I shrugged and played with a knuckle on his finger, "I know vampire rules say I need to enact revenge or something, but honestly that takes way too much energy. I'm just a little human after all, and that kind of revenge is too exhausting." And if to emphasize the point I let loose with a huge yawn.

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