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Courtney Cums and Cums


There is no experience in the world that Courtney Crain loves nearly as much as cumming, and she particular loves it when her orgasms are brought about by one or more of the black men she likes to keep around her. She always has at least three of them, and keeping her sexually satisfied is a full time job, for which they are well paid. Forty year old Courtney is filthy rich, with inherited wealth, a large house in a gated community and an annual income from gilt-edged securities in seven figures, and she has never had to work a day in her life. The black men she employs do work, although some people wouldn't call it that, because their jobs are extremely enjoyable.

One of the reasons for that is that Courtney is quite attractive, with long, dark brown hair, green eyes and a creamy white complexion. Her figure is delightful to look at or fondle too, with large, firm breasts, a rather thick waist and a big, beautiful ass, which she and her studs usually call her booty. Whatever she or they call it, it's not only a pleasure to the eye, it's even better for fucking, and ramming their big cocks in and out of her there is one of the things the men in her employ most like to do, and one of the things she loves having done to her.

That description of their cocks as "big" is really an understatement, because she actually holds auditions to find the black men who are hung the best and want to put their massive equipment to work with her. Not wanting any legal problems, and being aware that some busybodies in the town where she lives would love to see her arrested and prosecuted for what she does, Courtney is always careful. All the men who audition with her must prove they are at least 18 years old.

Right now, she has four men there, and they all love their jobs. Each of them has his own suite in her mansion, and sleeps in his own bed, unless he is with her, earning his salary. Recently, Nathan finished college and left Courtney's employ. He had enjoyed his time working for her, and it paid all his educational expenses, but he also knew there was no real future in it, so he left her for a permanent job. Courtney was sorry to see him go, but wished him well and waved goodbye as he drove away in the new luxury car she had bought him with his pockets full of the generous bonus she had given him.

Willie, the man who replaced Nathan, is currently Courtney's favorite, as is the norm when a new stud comes to work for her, and he and Jerome were waiting to be called to share her bed one night last week. Two is a normal number of sex partners for her, because she likes to suck and be fucked at the same time, and sometimes she likes to be in the middle of a double penetration. Once in a while, when she is especially horny, all four men climb into bed with her and their cocks and tongues and hands are used simultaneously to give her the pleasure she needs from cumming repeatedly.

"Okay, you guys, bedtime," Courtney announced to the two waiting black men while she stood in the entrance to her bedroom and beckoned to them. She was wearing a billowing ensemble of translucent gowns, because she always loves having her employees undress her as a preliminary before they get to the more serious work. "I hope you're good and horny tonight, because I sure am."

Standing beside the extra large king-sized bed, Courtney spread her arms and legs apart and waited for her bedmates to begin the unwrapping. They were already naked, for her visual delights and so she wouldn't need to spend any more time on their preliminaries than she had to. Jerome started by unzipping the nylon zipper on the back of the first garment and Willie pulled it down off her arms. They continued with their work and quickly had Courtney naked above her waist. Willie started licking her nipples, and Jerome pushed his hands through the waistband of her remaining garment, which resembled harem pants, except they had no crotch.

"Mmmm, that feels great, Willie. Keep licking me there," Courtney murmured. "I love the way your hands feel on my ass Jerome. Stick your finger in me."

One of the main reasons she had hired Willie was that Courtney loved the way he eagerly and skillfully ate her pussy during the job interview. Combined with his big, hard cock, which she had started fondling by that time, he had been the best among the applicants. The young man held one breast in either of his hands and his tongue alternated licking Courtney's nipples, while Jerome's hands were spreading her cheeks, and his middle finger was plunging in and out of her ass.

The combination of what the two men were doing for her started Courtney's pussy lubricating, and Willie smelled the delectable aroma. He raised his head and looked at her quizzically, as if to ask if she was ready for his mouth on her pussy, and she eagerly nodded her head.

"Let me lie on the bed, and you know what I want then."

They both knew, so Jerome removed his hands from where they had been fondling Courtney's ass, and she backed up to sit on the bed, followed by sliding across the red silk sheets to lie in the middle. Willie followed her, and knelt between her knees, prepared for his mistress to raise and spread her legs so she could put them on his shoulders and he could slip a pillow under her ass while he did his specialty. Jerome's finger was no longer in her ass, and he thought he knew what she would want him to do next, but he waited for her to give him instructions.

He didn't have to wait long, and he was right in his expectations. "Move over here beside my face and let me taste your nice, big cock," she told him. Before her mouth got too busy, she gave Willie more directions. "Fuck my ass with your finger while you're eating my box," she told him, and reached down to spread her cheeks as she got ready to enjoy another night of exquisite sexual pleasure.

The men in bed with Courtney started to help her meet that goal. As soon as she raised her legs, Willie ducked his head so one of them rested on either of his shoulders. One arm went around her thigh while the middle finger of his other hand was eased into her ass, and he started to fuck it slowly in and out, penetrating her all the way to his knuckle. With that started, Willie got busy with his tongue, starting by licking off all the fresh juice that had spattered on his mistress's thighs and continuing with sluicing it from between her legs into his mouth. The nectar was even more delicious than it had been during his successful audition, and he reveled in the soft, smooth skin of the lady's thighs and crotch.

Jerome was having a great time too. He knelt next to the lady's head, and she held his cock in that hand and turned her face so she could start licking the end. Her tongue laved the head, and she relished the velvety feel of the big mushroom shape. Slowly, loving every second, she opened her mouth wider and started engulfing the thick cylinder, while her tongue licked under the ridge and started working its way down the shaft. It was so big and so hard that it felt almost as if she would dislocate her jaw, but she had sucked off many cocks even bigger than this one.

Slowly, Courtney's mouth enveloped the big, black shaft, reveling in its hard roundness and the way the smooth skin felt to her tongue as she laved its length. She moved her head forward and paused when she felt the head pressing against the back of her mouth, leaving it there while her tongue caressed every inch it could reach. She would give him deep throat later that evening, but she wanted her lips and her tongue to derive some preliminary delight from the hard, thick cock for a while.

Courtney wasn't the only person in the bed whose mouth was both giving and receiving a lot of fun. Willie had started by licking all the fresh juices from her thighs and crotch, and the next place was one of Courtney's outer lips. She had shaved herself there earlier that day, because she knows the bare skin is more sensitive and that it feels better to a tongue caressing her. The smooth skin felt wonderful to Willie, as he licked all the way to her mons while continuing to thrust a long middle finger in and out of the lady's ass.

After relishing all the fresh juices his ministrations had elicited, he started on the other outer lip, licking this one the same way, with short strokes that went repeatedly over the same area, and advanced slowly to his mistress's soft mons again. By the time he reached that point, the exquisite pleasure his tongue was giving her was making Courtney's body squirm in joy. It felt so wonderful she thought she might climax soon, and didn't want to put Jerome out of action by biting down on his cock while she was cumming.

"I really love your big tool," she told him, and proved it by taking it out and licking it as a child might have licked a lollipop. "I'm afraid I might bite you though. Just lick and suck my titties for now, and I'll give you some more head in a little while."

He had no problem doing that, and moved over to start licking her nipples with broad strokes of his tongue. Courtney put another pillow under her head and nestled into it so she could revel in the incredible sensation of two large black men delighting her with their mouths. She saw and felt Jerome's tongue as it caressed her nipples, switching from one to the other, and she felt Willie as he started licking between an inner and outer lip. Bolts of delight shot through her from there and from her ass which was being slowly fucked by his finger, and she felt the connection established between the erect nubbins and her clit, while her body started writhing, and her hips started swiveling.

Willie noted the movements of her hips and how they were making her legs thrust out and back over his shoulders at the same time as her pussy fucked up into his face. He smiled to himself, thinking of how his mouth was going to bring the rich white woman to a great orgasm, and hugged her thighs more tightly so he could bury his face even more snugly into her pussy. His tongue thrust into the seam between the inner and outer lip and he worked his way slowly and thoroughly up to her clit.

When he reached that temporary goal, Willie raised his head slightly to see how things were progressing. His coworker, Jerome, had started sucking on their employer's tits, and she was thrusting them up to meet him as he moved his mouth between the succulent orbs. He looked at her precious man in the boat, and it was so swollen with her lust it had almost pushed its way out from the protection of its hood, and resembled a pink pearl. It was inviting to him, and Willie knew he could quickly bring her to an orgasm by starting to suck and lick her there, but he also knew her climax would be even better if he kept using his mouth to increase her arousal. He delicately stroked his tongue across the top of her clit hood and brought his mouth back to her beautiful dripping pink hole.

Courtney felt as if she were in heaven from the way the two black studs were pleasing her with their tongues and a finger in her ass. She especially loved what Willie was doing to her pussy. During the audition, he had brought her to a tremendous orgasm, and that and the size of his cock had caused her to send the other applicants away even before they had a chance to show their talents or physical attributes.

Willie enjoyed the orgasm at the audition almost as much as the lady did, and he knew her climax that evening would be even better. After licking between the second pair of inner and outer lips and teasing her clit again, he brought his mouth back down to where he started and thrust his tongue into her wet, pink slit. Still moving slowly, he stroked upward, making a slight penetration into the place that was the source of her delicious juices, and wiggled his tongue around in there for a few seconds. The travels of his mouth stopped when he once again reached her engorged clit. He continued driving his finger in and out of her ass, but was prepared to remove it once the lady started cumming, and he knew that would be momentarily.

Jerome was enjoying what was happening too. He was aware the lady's wild thrashing on the bed under him was caused mainly by what Willie was doing, but he also knew he would do just as much as the new man to bring her to repeated orgasms after the one that he knew was about to start. He continued sucking her breasts and licking her nipples, relishing the soft plumpness of the former and the tiny erect ridges of the latter.

To Courtney, her arousal was so high it felt as if it were in the Stratosphere. "Suck my clit, Willie," she pleaded. "And keep fucking my ass! Make me cum!"

He knew it was time too, so he moved his face slightly and his mouth enveloped the swollen pink pearl. With his lips forming a seal, he sucked, while his agile tongue caressed the sides and top. Willie continued his ministrations for less than a minute, until the lady uttered a howl of ecstasy as she started to climax. Knowing his mistress liked to be able to move freely while in the throes of cumming, Jerome moved away and lay on his side to watch the erotic sight.

Her legs clamped onto the sides of Willie's head and her hands went to the back to press his face into her pussy. Nobody had ever tried to remove his mouth from her clit while she was cumming, but Courtney always clutches a man with her hands and legs at times like that. She continued fucking up into his face while her legs thrust out and back over his shoulders and swung from side to side. Willie clung to her thighs, keeping his mouth clamped over her clit while he enjoyed the wild ride and kept sucking and licking.

When she climaxed, all of Courtney's muscles clenched simultaneously, and she rammed her pussy into Willie's face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, she sagged back onto the bed, a happy smile on her face and her eyes shut. It had been great, but it would not be enough to satisfy her until she had cum at least two more times.

Her legs were still draped over Willie's shoulders, and he crawled out from under them and pressed his face to her pussy so he could relish all the fresh nectar that had just been produced. He licked it from her thighs, crotch and lips, but left the freshest juices in the beautiful pink hole that had secreted them. From what Jerome had told him earlier, he knew she would want to fuck after cumming the first time, and they would be needed for the natural lubrication they would provide.

Courtney lay quietly for a few minutes, resting and catching her breath. When she was ready, she opened her eyes and smiled at the two studs in her bed. "That was great, you guys. Which one of you wants to fuck my ass now? Who wants to fuck my pussy, cuz I want a guy in each hole?" She was looking at Jerome when she spoke and, when he chose her ass, she got up and told Willie to lie down where she had been.

Looking at the young man lying on his back with his cock sticking straight up like some kind of black Washington Monument, Courtney almost drooled. She knew his tool would feel as good as his mouth had, but in a different way, and her pussy started lubricating even more at the sight and the thought. "Put on a condom, Jerome, and get out the Aqualube," she directed her other stud, as she straddled Willie's legs and prepared to get her pussy crammed.

There was no fear of AIDS or any STD's, because the men who worked for her had undergone a careful medical examination, and she knew they were clean. She was also not concerned about becoming pregnant, because her tubes had been tied long ago. Courtney preferred a bare cock in her pussy, because she liked to lick off all the semen after the man climaxed, followed by sucking him off, and had no objection to the taste of her own juices mixed with the man's cum. However, she would not take a cock into her mouth straight from her ass, and always insisted the man had to first remove the condom.

Willie looked up at the big-breasted white woman who was about to take his cock into her pussy and smiled at the thought. She was kneeling over him, and her juices were so plentiful they were actually running down her legs or dripping onto the head of his cock. She gently held his shaft with one hand and rubbed the tip against her pussy to spread her wetness. When they were both ready, he held his cock upright while she slowly lowered her body and prepared to envelop it.

When Courtney felt the head against her pussy lips, she reached down and spread them so the tip of Willie's cock was right at the soft, pink edges of the hole where it was wanted so much. When she lowered her body again, the head wedged into her pussy, sending thrills rippling through her body and evoking a sigh of bliss. She stayed in that position for a few seconds before lowering herself again, and enveloping another inch and reveling in how great it felt as the hard, thick cylinder stretched her open.

It felt great to Willie too, because the well-trained muscles inside his employer's pussy were already massaging his cock and, as she moved her body lower, even more of his hard shaft was being pleasured. Three more times she took his cock more deeply into her pussy until almost the entire length was buried and he and the woman above him were already on their way to ecstasy.

Courtney wasn't through, and she looked over her shoulder to see how her other stud was doing. Jerome had his huge cock encased in latex and the open bottle of lubricant was in his hand. She leaned forward and stretched her body out on top of Willie and reached back to spread her ass cheeks so he could put the Aqualube to use. The first thrill was when she felt the gush of the cool, oily liquid into her ass, and this was followed by Jerome inserting his finger and spreading it around. Both intrusions felt wonderful, but she knew they were nothing compared to the sensations she would get when he plunged his cock even more deeply into the same eager hole.

That started happening a few seconds later, and she knew he had used the time to cover his cock in the lubricant. Courtney felt a thumb and index finger prying apart the edges of her ass, followed by the hard, blunt feel that she knew was the tip of Jerome's cock. That stayed pressed against the small hole she and he were holding open, before it squeezed between the pink sides. A bolt of sheer pleasure shot out from where the penetration had occurred and she moaned in bliss.

Jerome had fucked the lady in her ass often enough to know her sound was of pleasure, not pain, and he only hesitated briefly before thrusting forward again and driving almost an inch of his shaft into the welcoming hole. She moaned again, and her body started writhing between him and Willie. Enough of his cock was inside her ass that he no longer needed to guide it, so Jerome placed his hands of his mistress's sides and pulled back when he drove his cock forward again. Two more inches of the hard thick black cylinder burrowed into the delightful pink channel, and he sighed at the ripples of pleasure that were flooding his body from her muscles caressing his cock.

With a few more thrusts like that, his entire shaft was wedged inside her ass, and he moved his hands to her shoulders as he lay on top of her, waiting for the signal to start slowly fucking her. He had instructed Willie in what their employer liked, and he expected them to give her a great time and have a lot of fun themselves. Her ass was tight, especially because her pussy was equally stuffed, but he knew the lubrication would allow him to drive his cock in and out with no friction, just a great feel of being massaged by the highly talented muscles in her rear channel.

Courtney didn't want to start fucking right away. She preferred lying quietly and letting the waves of joy wash over her body from where two of her pleasure holes were so delightfully filled. After a few minutes, knowing that having them going in and out of her was even more fun, she told the two men what she wanted.

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