Cousin Brenda


There where tears in her eyes. She buried her face on my neck.

"Tom, I'm crying out of joy. I'm so glad I told you about my feelings and that you are my first."

Brenda rolled of me when my cock deflated and slided out of her pussy. She wiped her pussy with her knickers, the white of it now stained with the mixture of our juices and a strain of her virgin blood. While I at my turn cleaned my own cock, a cold fear began to nibble at my mind.

"You're sure it was safe to make love without protection?" I asked Brenda.

"Don't worry, the doctor gave me something," Brenda smiled, "And tomorrow I'm on the pill. I want to be pregnant with your child, but not right now.

We both laughed and started fondling each other.

"Please, promise you'll never leave me, and that you'll always love me always make me happy."

"I promise, Brenda," I told her. "I don't know how I'll go further without you."

Suddenly she grinned.

"You were a naughty boy, touching my little pucker," Brenda declared.

"You... You didn't like it?"

For an answer she shat on hands and knees, thrusting out her ass she looked me in the face.

"I liked being fingered there. It felt like a jolt of electricity... Would you please take my anal cherry too?"

I stared at her, speechless. This was my dream come true completely.

"What is it?" She asked, when I didn't react.

"Nothing, I was afraid to ask you that myself."

"Tom, I want to be a complete woman for you," Brenda said tenderly. "It won't hurt will it?"

"Maybe a little at first, but you must be lubbed up and I must proceed slowly and carefully."

In the bathroom I found a bottle of massage oil. I applied the sticky lotion generously around her anus, fingering her as to soften a little bit her ring muscle and not to hurt her.

I coated the end of my penis also with the oil. Brenda held her ass cheeks as far apart as she could, while I pushed my cock slowly in her rear hole. At first she hissed from pain and discomfort. But once the tip of my shaft was in it went easier. She was to tight there. I knew that I would last only a few strokes.

"That feels good, so huge," Brenda whispered, moving her ass to meet my tentative thrusts. "It's nearly so good as in my pussy."

It took me more than a minute to ease my way halfway in. Then it went smoothly. I slammed myself al the way down and started to fuck her in slow, long moves.

I took Brenda's ass in a tight grip.

"It's becoming to much baby. I'll come every moment now," I told her.

Although it's my third orgasm, I lasted only five strokes. With a cry of pleasure I shot my lot deep in her bowels. Afterwards I cleaned her with my tongue, bringing her to new peaks of pleasure. We took a shower together and walked to the living room hand in hand.

There we waited for her parents. We had a lot to tell them.

To cut a long story short, uncle Jeff and aunt Lydia took it better than we had thought. Brenda's mother told us that it confirmed long standing suspicions in the family. None of them however congratulated us, however not because they didn't wish our good, but because we were cousins. Even if we could marry legally and start a family in our state, people would frown at us and we should prepare ourselves for a lot of negative comment. Brenda answered them that we had already thought about that, but that we planned to look for a job and live in another town after we graduated from school.

As it worked out, Brenda's parents were our strongest supporters. Uncle Jeff told me even that he was glad he could give his daughter away to me. At least he knew she was in good hands. My mother and father took more time to adjust. Communication stopped practically between us when they heard of my affair with Brenda. It took al the power of conviction of the family for them to being present at out wedding at the end of that year. It was a hard blow for me, but the love from Brenda helped me through it. In fact, it helped to keep growing our mutual love.

But all did end well. Did you know what happened? When we told the family that we expected our first child, my parents were the first to congratulate us. The same evening my father phoned us, telling it was time to bury our differences and for me and my wife to take our place in the family business.

We did so. And twenty years later we're still a couple madly in love with each other, but with the additional burden of three more kids. But we don't complain.

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